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  1. Not sure how they'll put the lucrehulk in the game without a huge base. Seems fairly essential to clone wars.
  2. Figure upgrades could easily use pathfinder, if you use conquest for ironbound it works, they are supposed to be a bit large.
  3. How about this? Choose X units equal to your highest unhallowed card, place 1 unhallowed token on their unit card. Unit gains skill: discard 1 unhallowed token and places it within range 1 of the unit. This gives unhallowed a 'winds of winter' white Walker feel, like the unhallowed aura follows the undead. It also allows waiqar to keep unhallowed power level up even as they lose units. Spoilers, the uthuk are getting a ynfearnal token effect, and latari will be getting more out of overgrow. Each army having a map effect will be pretty cool, but more on that when those go up.
  4. I share your concern of adding terrain to the field. I feel like unhallowed within distance 1-2 of terrain would be fine, but playtesting would be needed for me to know for sure. The theme works for me just fine.
  5. I was thinking cav figures would be cool too. For unhallowed, maybe it needs to be treated like overgrow, and you place X unhallowed tokens on terrain pieces at setup? Further down the road we could experiment with what happens when a terrain piece becomes unhallowed and overgrown. Maybe it becomes dangerous as the vines become corrupted or something....thoughts for a later time. The other option would be to assign unhallowed to units. Thematically an evil power up which will allow these units to act as moving map effects.
  6. The steel legion pack for para bellum is more or less perfect for an ironbound unit (they are basically magically animated metal suits from what I understand). Non kitbashing would be best I realize, but makes finding some models much harder. The descent expansion is actually not severely overpriced, I found a copy for $35, which was the msrp of one Ventala box. I'll keep searching.
  7. Generics: Drilled formation should have 'you cannot perform this shift if your march was modified by charge'. I think Kari and Meagan break gauntlets of power, kari would get 4 auto damage, and meagan would get 2 auto splash. Runebreaker I think needs to be discard, or bumped up in price significantly, it's just too much otherwise. Suppressing fire I would make a discard to give the stun. Field medic could be too strong, but easily fixed with being an exhaust. I like lifegiving ward, but I dont think anyone but daqan should have access to vitality. Darken the skies is a bit overpriced. I could honestly see it being a 1 point card. Coordinated movement should probably exhaust as well, it's a good ability, and should not be spammable. I think inspiring banner could be a figure upgrade. Saying of which, it would be cool if there were a few generic figure upgrades. Simply use the existing figures, just opens up more options. Several of the cards in here would be good candidates. A lot of this has really great potential! I'll keep working thru it.
  8. Bone horrors are nearly perfect for waiqar, 3 come in a mists of gloomhaven expansion (descent). The bone horror unit could be only available in 2x1 and 3x1, meaning you only need 2 expansions, or 1 if you want to run the 2x1 with maro. I posted a yeron rider for latari a few threads back, it's a heavy kitbash, but would be a really cool unit. I can also attest that the sylvaneth will do nicely for dryads. Daqan, I'm thinking there are enough generic armored human figures out there that just settling on a good one is the issue. Units that come to mind from battlelore are Yoeman archers and ironbound. I dont know what else uthuk has, but any demonic minis would fit well. I also have something in the works for some much, much bigger things 😉 further down the pipeline.
  9. Great work on getting these up! I will go thru them again and give you some more input. After a quick scan of daqan, I'm liking what I see. A lot of good additions that dont push the power level too far. One thing I noticed, a lot of the range restrictions you wrote as within. If you want the abilities to affect units larger than 1 tray, these abilities should be written as 'At range X', otherwise many units will never be fully 'within' the range restrictions. I have some concerns about orderly withdrawal, but realize latari are miles ahead in this area, my concern is oathsworn dodging a heavy melee the round after they charge late, and then charging again the round after. Possibly make it affect only the unit it is attached to, or a discard? This all looks really great though! I'm really glad to see it getting off the ground. I'll get thru the generics and waiqar soon.
  10. 1200 pt games are 3-6 hours, though the SSD helps because it cuts the number of activations available down. I had a thread awhile ago working on endor rules, the community really helped flesh it out. You should take a look. I plan to play it soon.
  11. I played a 400 and a 1200, lost the 400, won the 1200 (though I was using the executor 2 variant in the 1200, which is a monster of a ship). I really like the way it plays. Seems to balance well with the rest of the game. The 400 point game came down to my squads being a few mm out of range so I couldn't bomb the last hp off of home one, which swung the game.
  12. It would have been nice if they could have just put the game on hold for a few months or years until they have time and resources for it again. Announcing it is done is a bit depressing. It really takes the wind out of the communities sails. I still am up for doing community created expansions, but have a lot of other games and hobbies that require attention as well. Runewars will always be special to me because it was my first real wargaming miniatures game, which got me into painting, kitbashing, and batrepping (I know, it's been too long since the last madlands tale). Heres hoping the dozen or so active members can still pull a community driven future together for this brilliant game.
  13. Yeh, I figured it was most likely nothing, but also figured food for thought is good for an ebbing community.
  14. This was in the legion forums, some shots from an interview/tour of ffg, seen in the background on a shelf. The top picture is definately some runewars figures, like a lancer and death knight. But some of them look unfamiliar. Possible hope? 
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