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  1. Jukey

    Little help for a newbie

    1) citadel or army painter are largely the same (some will say otherwise). Both are acrylic paint made for miniatures. I use both, but do prefer army painter over citadel, mostly for the price. 2) Priming is a must. That said, you will be fine with black and white, or even one or the other. If you get both, you can do some neat light effects with the color gradients (watch sorastros painting on youtube). My early models were done only with white, I've progressed to doing some more complicated things over the years. 3) shades can make the most mediocre paint jobs look like masterpieces. I like citadel shades more than dips, as they are easy to apply to models with a brush. 4) Varnish is varnish, I think sometimes you will lose some shine on armor and whatnot, but it's for protecting the paint on the figures. Hopefully some of that helps.
  2. Jukey

    The Ackbar slash??

    Oh yes indeed. Lessons were learned that day.
  3. Jukey

    The Ackbar slash??

    I once saw an mc80 with first activation slash 2 ISDs and then move out of their front arcs, then did it again and killed both. Yuck.
  4. Thanks, I missed that update on deployment. As for meagan in the deepwoods, she did her fair share of work. I got 2 surge spikes totaling 3 damage to the reanimate archers, the Lancers shrugged it off due to armor. Her lethal is always nice, but only had one green most turns, even with malcorne. Funny thing when fighting reanimates with meagan, her lethal damage always is nullified by regen. Really, if you ever have 10 free points and a champion slot open on any unit, meagan is an auto include. She is probably the best figure upgrade in the game for her cost. My preferred units for her in order though are: 2x2 ventala, 2x2 deepwoods, 2x3 ventala, 2x2 darnati, 3x2 deepwoods. For a good time, try 2x2 darnati with meagan, pathwalkers, and hedge, get ready for tilting! If you want a damage bump from deepwoods, tempered steel on the 3x2 is the way to go, gets them up to 9, with potential of 12-15 if you use Meagan and hunters guile (never tried it mind you). The best points to damage build is the 2x1 with fire rune and hedge. They become deadly late round shift/skill fire attackers, or nasty double tapping units. The hedge can make them last longer than a 3x2 in the right circumstances.
  5. My personal take on Faolan is he has 2 builds, aggressive, and supportive. If building for aggressive, use spirit sword and legendary prowess, if going for support, run malcorne and Etharyon. Also, only bring malcorne if you have 2 or more fire runes, or are running a hedge build. The frontline scion is fun, I actually got him to proc twice in the game, which helped my deepwoods and Faolan last longer. It's not a great choice if running meagan in the same unit because you want the surges for her half the time. My preferred meagan deepwood build is on the 2x2, since you can still pack fire rune, but are more inclined to roll for surges to do spike damage rather than just direct damage. Deployment I've always been fuzzy on. I thought first player had to put their first unit down, then player 2 balances unit numbers. If I'm wrong please let us know.
  6. Today neither of us really had a list in mind, so we decided to have some fun. Church took the core concept of @swarmers list and made some church-style adjustments. I grabbed a list by @sarumanthewhite that I liked and made a minor change. Hope you guys don't mind us using them. My list: 199/200 Prince Faolan [36] 1x1 Malcornes Bequest [6] Legendary Prowess [5] Total Unit Cost: 47 Aliana of Summersong [33] 1x1 Packleaders Spear [8] Ambush Predator [3] Total Unit Cost: 44 Deepwood Archers [42] 3x2 Maegan Cyndewin [10] Fire Rune [7] Frontline Aymhelin Scion [6] Hunters Guile [4] switched to close quarters targeting Total Unit Cost: 69 Leonx Riders [30] 2x2 Raven Tabards [2] Metered March [2] Moment of Inspiration [5] Total Unit Cost: 39 I switched Hunters Guile to CQT, because I felt more comfortable running a melee archer block. I haven't run Faolan much with legendary prowess, but I need to break away from Etharyon builds. Church's List: 199/200 Ardus IxErebus [37] 1x1 Dimodian Blades [5] Ardus Fury [1] Total Unit Cost: 43 Reanimate Archers [18] 2x1 Rank Discipline [4] Tempered Steel [3] Total Unit Cost: 25 Reanimate Archers [18] 2x1 Rank Discipline [4] Tempered Steel [3] Total Unit Cost: 25 Carrion Lancers [15] 1x1 Total Unit Cost: 15 Carrion Lancers [15] 1x1 Rank Discipline [4] Total Unit Cost: 19 Carrion Lancers [15] 1x1 Rank Discipline [4] Total Unit Cost: 19 Reanimates [35] 3x2 Deathcaller [5] Raven-Standard Bearer [3] Tactical Drummer [2] Support Carrion Lancer [6] Simultaneous Orders [2] Total Unit Cost: 53 Deathcaller is something you don't see Church run every day (reanimated are rare enough). This will be interesting. Objective and Deployment: We are currently running a set of 3 objectives and deployments, so Encircling maneuvers comes up often. Oblique formation made for a weird setup. Terrain is the Estate courtyard, the Thornchoked Circle, and the Bone Totem. Setup: I placed Faolan first, then Church put most of his army down. I vectored Alliana off to the side, while using the Leonx redeploy to take them from a front on fight to a wide flank. Church piled in to go straight for my deployment area. The deepwoods and one lancer are held back by the objective. Round 1: Church pushes forward aggressively, and catches Faolan with a deathcaller, inflicting 2 wounds. Knowing his time is limited, Faolan pushes forward to meet the reanimates and exact revenge. Alliana takes off and sprints into the thorn-choked circle. The Leonx make a wide sweep of the terrain. My deepwoods best deployment option is in my own deployment zone. It gives them plenty of targets, and keeps the lancer from deploying behind me. Church adds his lancer behind his forces. Round 2: Faolan holds his charge to i4 to avoid the Reanimates counterattack, but Church is devious, and uses his skill to blight my deepwoods. Bye bye fire rune. Faolan does an underwhelming attack, taking a tray. Ardus and two Lancers press in towards the deepwoods. The deepwoods fire at the reanimates, taking another tray and spiking 1 damage to each undead archer unit via Meagan. Alliana pops out of the terrain and shifts into easy charge range of Ardus. The leonx turn to run between the obstacles. Round 3: 4 red runes get cast this turn, which makes Alliana get a near auto kill on Ardus even with Church using his i2 armor up (built in mortal strike, ambush predator charged at 3 lethal, packleaders spear gives lethal 3, the bone totem gives lethal 4 due to runes, totalling a wound plus 10 lethal). She rolls the 2 damage necessary. Faolan gets the reanimates down to one rank, when the reanimates swing back, they get a total blank on their roll, leaving Faolan to fight another day. The reanimate Archers take a shot at Alliana, who falls victim to the bone totem as well, as the archers put 10 damage on her. The deepwoods get flanked by a Lancer, who rolls 4 surges and 1 damage, plus 2 lethal off bone totem. 7 archers fall. Thanks to CQT the Deepwoods continue cutting the reanimates down. However the blight prevents the fire rune again. The other free lancer gets a blight onto the deepwoods to prevent the next fire rune. The Leonx close in on a target. Round 4: The Reanimates score a wound Faolan, but are losing power fast. Faolan cuts a few more figure out (namely, the deathcaller). The Lancer flanking the Deepwoods gets the back rank off. The deepwoods fire into the reanimates and disengage Faolan by cutting a tray out, leaving only the lancer. The Leonx slaughter a Lancer in one shot, but take 2 wounds and a blight from archers. The last Lancer lands a long charge on the Leonx and gets a surge-heavy roll, cutting the cats to one tray. Round 5: Faolan flanks the reanimate lancer and kills it. The Leonx roll a weak attack (had 2 blight) but score a wound on the Lancer. It finishes them off. The deepwoods get a surge-spike attack on the Lancer, killing it and 2 archers out of each unit. The flanking Lancer cuts the deepwoods to 2 trays. Round 6: Faolan is trapped, he can't shift out of range of the archers before they shoot. They drop him in a hail of arrows. The Lancer chews up Meagan and the last archers, just the scion now. The Deepwood scion double shifts and scoots away. Round 7: There is no escape, the lancer corners the scion. However, the scion stuns the lancer with frontline scions ability. Round 8: The Archers pop the scion by revealing their dial. The surge with tempered steel is enough. Waiqar wins! Afterthoughts: That was a fun match. Both lists were a bit different from what we normally do. The blight synergized Lancers were really good. Several times they got multiple mortal strikes. Plus the blight skill kept the fire rune out of commission for most of the game. The deathcaller got a critical strike on Faolan on turn 1, which really made me have to close the range with it, or lose faolan before he delivers any damage. The original plan had been to flank right with everything, so charging Faolan headlong into the battle was a bad, but necessary choice. The 2x2 Leonx did well until it got slaughtered by a blight drooling lancer. I generally do not like this unit, but it has its perks. It has more offensive capability than the 2x1 rank cat, but is a bit clumsier in tight spaces, and is a higher point sink. If I had been able to bring it in on the archers, it would have fared better. The Bone totem did a lot of damage. This is why terrain can be the most influential part of a battle, and is sometimes best to put off to the side of a battle and ignore it. The totem was influential in killing Ardus, Alliana, and the Deepwoods. The place Church hurt my army the most was by blighting the fire rune out. The 3x2 deepwoods with meagan is a heavy damage-slinger. When it launches 2 attacks per turn it can bring an army down in a few short rounds. Most of the early and mid turns had 4 red runes up. A rally battery could have solved this, but then half the army is deepwoods. Plus, more attacks could have provided more surge spike opportunities, I was 1 surge away from cutting Church's archers down to 1 threat. In summary, great battle, with interesting moments on either side. Waiqars Archers really swayed the late game, but the Bone totem was the mvp this game. Thanks for reading!
  7. Jukey

    Ardus Ix'Erebus VS Baron Zacareth

    The trouble with war crier is that it requires a skill to activate. Most units skill on their left dial (modifier/bonus action). Due to how banes sequence, the stun is spent after the units dial is revealed, but before actions occur, so unless you have an inspiration token, the skill will always get stunned out, or the bane will be cleared, and now you have nothing to war cry. It could work ok for throwing blight back at waiqar, but I've never seen it happen. The two lists will be fun to bash together. I think waiqar might have a slightly better build, but I forget how painful oathsworn are when using mostly just the core. Let us know how it goes.
  8. Jukey

    Ardus Ix'Erebus VS Baron Zacareth

    Your waiqar build is on the right track. However, for the 3x2 reanimates you should focus it to one or two functions. If you want a golem slayer, use the deathcaller, support lancer, and simultaneous orders. If you want something less support style, go with an executioner, raven standard, aggressive drummer, lingering dead. For the archers, if you are looking for mobility then wind rune is fun, but you will be cutting the auto blight (dialed in surge) to use a skill. It's also a massive point sink on a very fragile unit. The usual blight generator archers are just combat ingenuity sometimes paired with tempered steel. A good damage combo is rank discipline with tempered steel. And a final option is Fire rune and rank discipline for a double attack. Carrion Lancers do two things, act as blockers, or find a flank on a blighted target and deal massive amounts of mortal strikes. They run fine without anything, but get better with rank discipline if you want more reliable dice. Ardus is as good as you can get him with the upgrades you have. If you pick up lord Vorunthul, he comes with a card called dimodian blades, which makes ardus significantly more potent. For the Daqan, Baron Z is a cool, well rounded hero, and he will give those rune golems some much needed extra hp with his vitality. Rune golems running solo are swingy on damage, but will be a pain for low threat units to kill. The spearman rally battery is good. The oathsworn is where you'll get the most damage from, so you want a solid build. I am not a daqan player, but something like tempered steel, raven taberds, column tactics, would serve them well. War crier is unfortunately a dud card, I've never seen anyone get it to work well. Most importantly though, have fun, try things out, see what works, and try again. This game is very deep, and will keep you busy finding new combos and unit synergies for a long time. If you dont have every card, tabletop admiral is great for using proxies, since it's got good pictures of everything.
  9. Jukey

    The Land Endures

    Welcome to the best rank and file minis game! So, to summarize, FFG announced discontinuing organized play. Since then, they have been silent. We are still in the dark on if there is more to come, but I wouldn't get your hopes up. That said, this game is awesome, and if you have a friend to play with, you will get hours of enjoyment without end. Not certain if the game will go out of print, but there are a lot of great deals on the minis via Amazon and whatnot, so buying in is only about half the cost of when the game released. I recommend if you already jumped in to stick with it, play it, and promote it. That's what I'm doing.
  10. Finally solved my basing problem. Could never get the figures to pop out before. (Very bad lighting!)
  11. It kicks in pretty often too!
  12. April 11th is my guess now, if they dont release it for celebration then they really are missing a sales opportunity.
  13. If church is playing uthuk and bringing Ravos or rippers, I have learned to keep the terrain as far away from me as possible (uthuk love their springboards). When he brings waiqar there tends to be a bit more latari terrain dickery going on. The 2x1 ventala is really asking for rank almost any time. Its gaurenteed to get some decent shots and roll better for it. I need to see how annoying a hedge build could be, but that then requires a hero with malcorne, and a unit to pack an overgrow implementation. The 2x1 rank Leonx I have been finding more useful than the 2x2 because both usually die after the first charge, so I'd rather pay 22 vs 30. Ravos got most of his wounds from arrows and javelins, I think he ate himself once. Currently church and I are still playing the game as is, with no community nerfs applied.
  14. Jukey

    Cow-like Beasts and How to Use Them

    Interesting, it could be that I just see too many rippers and warsprinter zerkstars, so my opinion of that unit size is skewed. I'll have to try running a few 1x3s next time.
  15. I feel I'm starting to get a pretty good feel for Ventala. Here are my musings on the best uses for them. 2x1: This is an expendable support/striker unit. The only upgrade it should have is rank discipline, allowing it deadly 2 threat precise attacks. A case could be made for durable hedged 2x1s, but it's not going to deliver the desired damage output. These units should be run in pairs to triplets, 4 seems like overkill though. 3x1: This formation is the one I've tried the least. It's just bad... In order to capitalize on the 3 threat, you have to bring flank fire, making the unit 29 points. It has no reroll, and swings between 0-9 damage potential (usually 3-6). In almost every circumstance a 2x2 with TS is going to drastically outperform the 3x1 for 4 points more. 2x2: The very best Ventala unit size. This unit is a true swiss army knife. Best results when running tempered steel and hedge shroud. This unit can consistently put out 4-8 damage if it has 1 or 2 inspiration. Meagan also embeds very nicely into this unit. The unit stands right between annoyingly durable, while being squirrelly enough to mess with the opponent and make the best of most situations. Tempered steel seems like the best equipment due to ventala having no surge effects and a tendancy to roll surges. Hedge can also be replaced with rank, LotL, or even CQT, but each is a bit more niche. 2 of these units perform great in tandem. 3x2: This unit is a powerhouse, but can get pinned fairly easily due to its size nullifying the agility of the Ventala. Flank fire is almost a must have, same with embedded Meagan (lethal 1-3 is great). Tempered steel really brings the power up, with 3 threat capability. Rune Ventala: If you have a fortress build, Ventala can make a nice rune thrower, with an i8 ranged attack and white skill. Fire rune does well on them (especially with Meagan). Corruption rune could do considerable work. Wind rune can make them almost uncatchable. However, the skill is harder to dial in than you would expect. Ventala generally want to move and shoot, sitting stationary and double tapping is only really viable in the first 3 turns in most games. It does give them early initiative options, as they normally can do nothing attack-wise until i5 or later. Thoughts?