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  1. This is why I'm excited about the game. I only play CCG's casually with friends and non of us are big on deck building, I personally find it a chore and only do it for Destiny because it's Star Wars. When we play Pokemon we always play theme decks or when we want more of a challenge we'll play battle or championship decks. So having another game where we can start playing straight away with no beck building is a huge advantage, then once a deck starts to get a bit stale just buy a new one, same as we do with Pokemon, but with this there are no end to the number of decks available, not just the limited number that get released per set .
  2. If you use EverNote upen the rule books in that on your phone. The hyperlinks in the index and the ones in the related topics of the Glossary all work, at least on iOS.
  3. Didn’t this get cleared up last month by WatchItPlayed who got confirmation by the designer what suppression is from ranged combat only. I seem to remember seeing a post from early March, but don’t know if the ruling has been changed since then.
  4. Is there even a "die holder" any more of have they done away with it because it was never used. Opened my first Legacies box today and not one of the cardboard card protectors had the cross cutout for a die.
  5. Yet FFG aren't marketing it as such, their description states. "No more digging around in a pile of dice; just pluck the die you need as soon as your character, upgrade, or support hits the table!" It seems they think this is a good solution to transport your deck and dice to a game/event.
  6. That very last part, and continue with the game. So during the game you use the grim rule then outside of the game you find out what the correct answer is. If you do invoke the grim rule like you first mentioned in this thread you will get what most of us consider to be the correct answer anyway, that the OP can't choose to only fulfil part of an option. Edit- If I come across a bit abrupt I don't mean too, I've just seem far too many people keep quoting the grim rule as a solution to the most simple of questions. And I sometimes think that the designers decision to call it a rule was one of the worst things they did in this game.
  7. And with regard to the OP question, I'll side with those that say if you can't pay the full cost of one option then you must choose the other.
  8. The Grim Rule isn't a real rule it's just to prevent an in game disagreement turning into an hour long discussion. Outside of the game there is no Grim Rule, just rules and day long discussions about them.
  9. As per the official OP rules, you don't need the tokens from the starters to be legal. "Typically, players use the cardboard tokens included in official product as indicators. However, players may choose to use other items as indicators, so long as they do not obscure significant component information, are resistant to accidental modification, and their purpose of use is clear to both players. " PS. I've only just realised who you are. Your demo of playing x-wing solo helped me to get started with the game last year when I was first getting used to the rules and judging distance etc so thanks for that.
  10. According to a reply in one of the other hypochondria threads, an asset taking damage is the same as your character taking damage. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/238112-hypochondria-and-psychosis-at-the-same-time/?p=2564882 Edit for spelling correction.
  11. I haven't yet come across this in a game as I've only played against Qui Gon once but I would say yes it does. Remove a shield to deal one damage then gain a shield, then with any other shield die repeat.
  12. No character die are the one that belong to a character card, updates are separate. Page 14 of the RR designates that there is a difference between the two, though I'm sure its also mentioned somewhere else as well. All of the dice associated with a character (its character and upgrade dice) must be rolled when that character is activated. A player cannot pick and choose which dice to roll.
  13. Only your opponent discards two cards not the person who claimed the battlefield. It says each opponent because in a multiplayer games there can be more than one opponent.
  14. I understand why people are buying multiple boosters, as it's the quickest way to build a collection, I just don't think that FFG could have predicted just how many boxes etc a single person would purchase in the first few weeks on sale. I just find it highly hypocritical of someone to start a threat calling FFG for not getting enough starters and booster into stores in the games first month on sale when they themselves have purchased 4 starters and 108 booster packs, that's enough for 4 people to get into the game casually and still have boosters left for other people to purchase. When I say casually I'm talking about kids and families that just want to play the game and trade with friends etc, not casuals who want to collect every cards to have a full set.
  15. So you bought enough product for 2 people one could even say 4 people at a stretch, and you are complaining that there isn't enough stock for others?
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