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  1. I have kinda made the same list but wit PTL and BB8 Poe and Rey with PTL, Wired, Kyle, and 3PO. My quick question is how does Kanan effect Rey, I'm super confused because it say friendly ship range 1 to 2, not the ship itself?
  2. I play DnD and man my last game I rolled 5 1s, that die is no longer with me.
  3. Thanks I have been thinking about repainting ships but I used Celstine Grey and I didn't like how it turned out.
  4. Astel

    Wedge AAY

    I like Wedge and and Poe, but Poe is always spammed. But I'm jumping between the two. Would a Z95 be an viable replacement from 1 A-Wing?
  5. So first I made this list with Poe in mind... but since it has been a while since I have flown a T65 I chose going with Wedge. Reason I went with Green Sqd Pilots is so if anyone brought predator they wouldn't get 2 rerolls on 3 of my ships. Then BB8 on the Y was just for shenanigans reasons and was actually pretty fun to do, helping with keeping the Y at a little farther distance and moving the Y out of the way of my own ships. So honestly this list I want to get a little competitive with but I want too much cheese. I have played this list once against Kavil and Bossk and Kavil almost manage to take out my Y with TLT but with the help of Wedge and 1 A Wing we took Kavil out Bossk took out an A wing about turn 3/4 I forgot that the VY666 got not move and that position that A wing right in arc. I was thinking about switching an A Wing with a Z95 but not sure. Wedge - Engine Upgrade, Predator, R2-D2 (40pts) Green SQD Pilot - Chardaan Refit (17pts) Green SQD Pilot - Chardaan Refit (17pts) Gold SQD Pilot - Twin Laser Turret, BB8 If you could just tweek this list just a bit I think I want to stick as close to this as possible, but go at it.
  6. Man dude, its been like a couple months and you complain. Try playing 40k were you are waiting 4 years and still waiting for your army to get a codex update. Just be patient, if they release everything way too quickly this would be a rich man's game, learn to appreciate what you have. And go from there. Fly a list that no one flies, there is so much to do in this game, but everyone just wants the next big bad thing to win some plastic or paper. I understand the competitive side, but this is also suppose to be a friendly game. Plus I just came here because of Star Wars.
  7. Astel

    Poe Dameron.

    I'm surprised you guys haven't talked adaptability or whatever its called, too lazy to look, But the 0 point card were you can either reduce or raise you pilot skill by 1. Poe is just lucky, the Tie were mainly focus on the ground and then x wings come in and they were all ****! we can't fight on two fronts, because on the starkiller run the Tie's destroyed like half of the sqaud.
  8. Wedge with marksmanship and r2d2,out rim smuggler, jake farrel with push the limit wired from what I remember
  9. Just you wait! There are FO Ties and those things are something else.
  10. I always hate just watching my ships slowly be hit by TLTs
  11. Alright guys thanks for all the advice. I'm going to run the list how I have it and see how it goes. I'll let you guys know what worked and didn't.
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