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  1. That's GREAT GMing right there! Well done. 👍
  2. I had a player who was a PC trying to dock a freighter into a massive capital ship, at high speed, whist being chased by a couple of starfighters. His intention was to land quickly to drop off some other PCs and then get back out to keep attacking the starfighters. I upgraded the difficulty using a Destiny Point, so his roll ended up something like YYGRPPB. His roll succeeded with a Triumph, but a Despair was also rolled. I told him whilst he managed to dodge the attacking starfighters and enter the docking bay successfully, he unfortunately didn't slow down in time. His ship skidded in the landing bay and ended up lodged under a structure, but not taking any damage. He would need to use the next round to try and dislodge the ship. I thought all up that was fair and a good description of both a Triumph and a Despair. HOWEVER, this play is a die hard WEG D6 Star Wars fan form the past, and pretty much only plays 5E D&D these days. He hated that he succeeded and failed at the same time, and was silent and grumpy for the rest of the game, despite me trying to get him involved more into the story-line. The next day he pulled out of the campaign. Its a shame as we have been role playing together since 1987! He is now no longer interested in any narrative games, whether it be FFG:SW or Genesys, or even other systems. He just plays D&D, which is a shame because I love this system and intend on GMing SW or Genesys sessions for a long time!
  3. I am not too familiar with the camo suit, but does it hide noises such as breathing? I would have given the NPCs a heap of boost dice if they are looking directly at her.
  4. I am getting together some ideas for a one shot, and I would love to hear your ideas for the game! Game premise: Its 21BBY and the Jedi Council send a Jedi Knight and his/her Padawan on long term mission deep into the Unknown Regions. Their mission is to search a Sith Temple for legendary powerful item (Sith McGuffin) that has been the subject of visions of the Council. If this item was to fall into the wrong hands it could spell disaster to the Republic. The Jedi gather a crew (all PCS - with some careers taken from RotS and CotR): Jedi Knight Padawan Clone Commander Clone Veteran Clone Pilot or maybe Arc Trooper Archaeologist - or maybe Jedi Mystic The location they have traveled to is so deep into the Unknown Regions that they had to be frozen in carbonite to get there, to preserve energy and supplies on their ship. The ship was crewed by a droid or 2 who defrosted the PCs on arrival at the location. The game will be a mix of a dungeon crawl through an ancient sith temple, with social challenges to get past the locals to get to the temple, some fear and conflict challenges through the crawl, and battle with dark side corrupted critters, and eventually a Sith nemesis. BUT, just as the final battle starts, the Sith McGuffin crackles to life and connects the PCs back to their point of origin. It is reaching out to Darth Sidious who sends messages back to the PCs. The Jedi get a fearful message telling them to back down, and the Clones receive Order 66. Queue the battle between the PCs, whilst trying to deal with a nemesis too! Thoughts. Ideas. Is there any similar scenarios out there? Anything I can borrow from, especially the Sith Temple. I have been running an AoR campaign so this will be my first time GMing Jedi. I don't own any FaD books, other than the CRB, but would be happy to pick up a source book if it contains some good info. TIA!
  5. I was lucky enough to play test this book, but completely forgot they were in there! Now I have the actual book in my hot little hands I will use the stats for the game.
  6. Make sure you get Dawn of Rebellion too! It is a great resource for that period. Unless you have it already https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/7/11/dawn-of-rebellion/
  7. Please do share the video. I look forward to seeing the smug looks on the faces of the players that missed almost being killed by the nasty Nemesis of the game before, yet still received the XP reward despite their absence.
  8. My Rebel players were using a YT-2400 they "acquired". They have all since been promoted by the Rebellion (Contribution Rank 5 now) and the Rebellion allowed them to build a custom corvette to use as a base. Their 'vette was built on Xorm (just before I ran a modified Friends Like These) with the help of Quarrie. They now have the 'vette, and crew, the YT-2400 as a run about, and 2nd prototype B-Wing as an escort fighter and monitor Imperial activity in the Freestanding subsector. The campaign is currently about 6 months before Rouge One...things are going to get interesting...
  9. Nice ideas @whafrog! My next question...are Nightsisters in any of the books? I am guessing they might be in a FaD book, but I only have the CRB.
  10. I found this thread eye openingly interesting 🤯. Never once in my 36 years of playing role playing games have I seen a player receive XP for a game they didn't attend. i especially find it interesting for this system, when missing a game or doesn't really mean that you are far behind the other players. It is actually one of the reasons I love the system. Over balancing is pretty rare.
  11. I am wanting to bring some Fear into a game and also some Force users. It is an AoR campaign where we haven't had any force wielding enemy as yet. I have a thought for a game, and am looking for advice/ideas: The campaign is set shortly before Rogue One. The players are Rebels and on their way Jedha to find out what the Imperials are doing there. I have introduced Zygerrian and Trandoshan slavers into the campaign, and the PCs have learned those groups are supplying slaves to the Imperials on Jedha. The game idea: The PCs pick up a distress signal while they are on their way to Jedha. They learn it is a slaver ship in distress, but find out little else. Knowing the PC's motivations, they will want to check out the ship, in an attempt to save the slaves and free them. When the PCs arrive, they actually find 2 ships at the site, one is the slaver ship, which looks in bad shape, and the other is an ancient ship, docked to the slaver ship. The ancient ship is a old ship carrying Nightsisters, who are on their way to discover the crystals of Jedha, chasing an old legend this banished coven discovered. The slaver ship unwittingly discovered the ship, and have paid the price. The witches have transferred the slaves to their own ship planning to make use of them as their own slaves/toys. The players must now battle through the witches to free the slaves. Thoughts?
  12. Back in the old West End Games d6 days there was a space on the character sheet for a character quote. Out group took this a step further. If the players used their quote in a game appropriate time, they gained an extra character point at the end of the session (XP). It added some extra fun to the game, and was very Star Wars (eg "I've got a bad felling about this", "We're doomed" etc) I am thinking of bringing this into my AoR game. Instead of XP, I will give the player a Boost die for their next roll. Does anyone do anything similar?
  13. 1 Droid 1 Wookiee 1 Falleen 1 Mon Cal 1 Clone 1 Mandalorian 1 Human ...so 3 (kinda ) humans and the rest are non.
  14. We use maps for my game, on a LCD TV built into a table. I agree with the above comments that it is best to keep abstract, even when using maps. Leave the square counting to D&D. In my game the players make suggestions on where they can run to, I let them know range weapons ranges, and we have never had an issue with this format. The story is what is important. It isn't a board game.
  15. This is going to be amazing. As someone who was 6 years old when ANH was released, I feel this is the Star Wars I have always wanted. I should say I am a fan that never says anything bad about any of the films/shows. I love them all. I have a feeling I will love this the most though...
  16. Don't forget atmospheric encounters too. Start the chase in orbit and take it into an atmosphere. I made up these critters to make cloud battle pretty exciting. The players loved it too. I have created large jellyfish-like creatures that float amongst the storms of Shantipole. I see them as challenging the PC in 2 ways. First is that the players vessel may collide with them, due to the difficulty of flying in Shantipole's atmosphere. Secondly the jellfyfish live of energy and will try to attach themselves to the vessel in an attempt to draw power, much like mynock does, but more powerfully. Below are the stats I have come up with. I would love to hear feedback/suggestions:
  17. I am currently running Friends Like These for my group with MAJOR changes. As @HappyDaze pointed out, the module itself isn't great. I have added in Saw, who helped the Rebels defeat the Zygerrians instead of recruit them. They have convinced Saw to join the final battle, and lasr game they worked on recruiting the Mandalorians. I also cut a heap out of that section of the module and focused on Social combat, rather than the meaningless side adventures. The big battle is next game! My point...don't necessarily run a module "by the book" Take the elements you like and make it fit with your campaign. I introduced the Zygerrian slavers earlier in this "season" of the campaign as a few of the players hate slavers. It seems odd they would try and recruit them as allies. The players also know the Imperials are doing something big on Jedha, hence me bringing Saw into the game. The next few games will be set there.
  18. Its not video, but the Order 66 podcast live play sessions are great. They really helped me understand how I want to run my sessions.
  19. That's not a bad idea. The detention centre could easily be moved to have been built under Jedha city. Perhaps it is where the Imperials detain the mine workers, and other city prisoners? Otherwise, the game could easily be moved from Trivar II to Jedha. I like it!
  20. That is a pretty good idea. Maybe Saw gives them the order to do so, and then the Rebels get pissed off with the PCs as it screwed up what Leia was trying to achieve?
  21. Useful? Probably not. Fun? **** yes!!!
  22. Within this section in Allies and Adversaries, Game Masters will find everything they need to add Ewoks to a campaign, including stats for an Ewok Hunter and an Ewok Shaman, and instructions on how to create an Ewok player character! Doh! Lucky I didn't put money down...
  23. It is possible to change a skill to a career skill, as the result of a talent. For example: If I choose "Years on the Force" (from SotBS) I can choose either Ranged Light or Perception as a career skill. Can this be reflected in the Emporium so XP is spent correctly? Sorry if I have missed this explanation in an earlier post. PS - thanks for the excellent site! I am loving it.
  24. Here is what I am thinking: Once "Friends Like These" is over, Saw will be requesting a return "favour" from the PCs The favour will be helping him do a Kyber Crystal jump on an Imperial shipment to learn more about here they are sending them. The PCs recently built a cap ship, so they will love the chance for some piracy. Meanwhile they will learn that Saw is a pretty nasty guy, and Rebel HQ will warn them to be cautious, but work with him to gain insights into his operations, and get intel on Jedha. After that they will want to investigate Jedha to see what the **** is going on. Streetwise etc, skirmish with Imperials, Saw comes to help, civilian casualties, PCS learn Saw is a nasty piece of work. Learn of a "backdoor" into the mines - dungeon crawl Destroyer suddenly departs, and large moon sized shadow appears...BOOM and escape. This will prob go over 3 games I am thinking.
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