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    Beanstalk to Shadowrun?

    I am still waiting (impatiently) for my book, but thought I would through this out there to see what people think. How hard would it be to convert Beanstalk to Shadowrun? I was thinking of using the Terrinoth book as the fantasy pivot, and bring in the other races and magic from there. I did use this excellently formatted book for a recent game, but there are a lot of gaps. I am now thinking of instead of having it be set the Shadowrun world, I will instead make a game of "what if the Awakening happened in the world of Shadows of the Beanstalk." That way I can add in the fanatast elements, without needing to bring in the minutiae of Shadowrun lore.
  2. Andreievitch

    Beanstalk to Shadowrun?

    The answer I was hoping for
  3. Andreievitch

    Shadowrun - Paul M N Haakonsen

    I am surprised to see this hasn't been mentioned yet? A wonderfully produced Shadowrun conversion. Hats off to Paul Haakonsen! I can't see this online anywhere other than Christopher West's link on the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/GenesysRPG/permalink/255122858538369/ This is publisher quality and looks like an amazing conversion. I am dying to play it!
  4. Andreievitch

    Beanstalk PDF?

    I wish FFG would give you a free PDF if you purchase the hardcover book. I have issues with paying $30-40 for a book and then half the price again (usually) for a PDF version. I love that Kickstarter games usually include a hardcover AND a PDF to backers. Backing new games is usually cheaper than purchasing existing games, AND you typically get a heap of extra thrown in from the stretch goals. A one off download code, as part of your hardcover purchase, would be appreciated.
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    A quick question

    I played my modified version of Chris Witt's Forgotten on the weekend. It was transformed to a Shadowrun setting. The players all used SW dice as we have about 8 sets of those between us, and only 2 sets of Genesys dice. It was just easier on the brain to use SW dice as they are the symbols the experienced payers (and me as the GM) were all used to.
  6. Andreievitch

    Shadowrun - Paul M N Haakonsen

    So my thoughts for a Technomancer are as below. I am going to try and make it as simple as possible to convert ASAP. Skill: Technomancer - allows player to access the Matrix without the need for a Deck. Acts pretty much the same as the Arcana magic skill. Spells: I am going to add a Spell descriptor to each of the Matrix Actions. For example: Access system will be a Utility spell, Data Spike an Attack Spell etc. The player then uses the Technomancer skill for these actions just as a Decker would use Computer. What do you think?
  7. Andreievitch

    Shadowrun Spellcasting

    I like this. I might have a go at it this weekend. Skill: Technomancy (replaces - Computers) Spells: TBA
  8. Andreievitch

    Shadowrun - Paul M N Haakonsen

    I fear creating Technomancers myself might be a bit hard given the time I have. I was hoping to use them for a one shot I am running. I am converting Forgotten, the Order 66 module by @GM Chris, to Shadowrun. I was hoping to have the Dorn character be Technomancer, but might him a Decker instead.
  9. Andreievitch

    Shadowrun Spellcasting

    The only issue with this approach would be the lack of being able to use programs to help you, as you have no deck! I would approach Technomancers as a spellcasters. The Resonance Library would be Spells, and then use Summoning rules for Sprites. It is probably a fairly complicated task converting though, and finding balance with other spell casters at the same time...
  10. Andreievitch

    Shadowrun - Paul M N Haakonsen

    Am I missing something, or is how Technomancers interact with the Matrix missing completely? Do you have contact details for Paul? I would love to ask him this and a coupe of other questions.
  11. Kylo Ren's shuttle describes the wings as sensor suites: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Upsilon-class_command_shuttle "The shuttle featured extensive sensor suites in its upper wings, while the lower wings were equipped with efficient shield projectors and sensor jammers, which were aided with a jammer modulation node" Perhaps the ILH-KK's wings have a similar purpose?
  12. Andreievitch

    Chris Witt's Forgotten adventure advice

    Thanks @Donovan Morningfire. I love the idea of them feeling symptoms early. I might do that via a Resilience check after each scene, that increases in difficulty during the game. Failure adds Setback at them to show the seriousness, but I will allow a stimpack to "temporarily" remove the setback. So far I am thinking of dropping the following to shorten the game Space combat in 1st scene - I wont drop altogether, just make it shorter Cut the Garbolla scene considerably Condense the last act I have my editors pen out and looking at it now!
  13. I would like to run "Forgotten" as a one shot, and am looking for advice from anyone that has run it before. The problem I have is that I need to fit the game into 5 hours, no option for longer, or to break into sessions. it needs to be one 5 hour session (its for a mini-con). For those that have run the game before, what sections do you think I could drop to have it run ok still? TIA
  14. Andreievitch

    Chris Witt's Forgotten adventure advice

    Email sent already and awaiting a reply
  15. I know you you mean. I really did this on the cheap as I knew it would still be effective. The TV was my wife's old LCD and I bought the table on Gumtree (kinda like Craigslist) for $50. Go cheap to start and level up later
  16. It works a treat! None of the players have had issues with the angles. It is an old TV though (only HD not UHD), so its a pretty non-reflective surface. My word of advise is to not get too big a TV unless the table is massive. The space for books, character sheets, pizza, beer etc is much needed! Don't leave too skinny an area for those on the edge.
  17. Well, mine isn't quite as impressive as the rig @Varlie uses, but it does the job. Note: we play outdoors, even at night, because we live in Queensland Australia, where the average temperature is 20C/70F
  18. THIS LOOKS AMAZING! I run my sessions on a table with an 40" LCD screen sunken into it. I really need to try these maps out on there....
  19. Andreievitch

    Alternative Social Skills

    This is how I would play it. Via a scenario: A mechanic is wanting to talk his way past a security guard in a junkyard so he try and scavenge for spare parts. He has no ranks in any social skills and has 3 Intelligence and 2 ranks in Mechanics. I would allow him to make a difficult Mechanics check first, to gain insight into how a mechanic might be able to talk his way through. Adding in Boost or Setback based on relevant circumstances. For the sake of the environment, he has been here before, so 2 Boost added. Success might mean he understands what social check is best to use, and Advantages will add Boost dice to the Social checks, Triumph might mean no need to check, or an upgrade for the Social check (depending on my mood at the time) He rolls 1 Success and 3 Advantage! He knows the best way to get past the guard is to pretend he is a Mechanic from a gang allied to the scrapyard owner - it will be a Deception check. He has a Cunning of 2, and he is taking 3 Boost from the Advantages. The guard has a Discipline of 3. The Mechanic can add a boost as he knows the rival gang well, so can talk the talk. The guard is naturally entrusting, so add a Setback. The player really needs these parts so he flips a destiny point. That makes the roll 1 Proficiency die + 1 Ability dice + 3 Boost versus 3 Difficulty dice + 1 setback. He rolls 2 success and an advantage! Not only does he succeed, but the guard tells him where to look. Add a Boost to his check to find what he needs. This is why I love this system. It allows the players and GM to think outside the box to help add to checks. It is important to play the scene, not the stats. This was discussed in a d20 Podcast and I took it to heart...at least I would have if I had actually listened to it...
  20. Andreievitch

    Environmental Set Pieces is back!

    This is great! Well done! 👌 Just in time for me to use the Battlefield section for Friends Like These too
  21. Andreievitch

    Our GM has no Hope!

    Watch the scene in TLJ. She jumps to hyperspace, the ship accelerates, she crashes into the Supremacy. Proven.
  22. ăƒ™ă‚€ăƒ“ăƒŒăƒšăƒŒăƒ€ăŻă‚ăȘăŸăźăŠć°»ă‚’ă‚­ăƒƒă‚Żă—ăŸă™
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    Corellian Bar name

    An Ithorian walks into a bar and the barkeep says, "Hey! Why the Long face?" The Long Faced Ithorian?
  24. Andreievitch

    How Corrupt Was Your Republic?

    Thanks for the inspiration @HappyDaze I am currently running Friends Like These with my group, which I know you're not a fan of... In the next game they will be starting the Zygerrian chapter. I might add in a Republic Senator into the room that can help the players get a meeting with the Prince. He will seem helpful, but of course, he is corrupt and is just manipulating him for his own purposes. He can then be an NPC in the broader campaign... The campaign is set approx 1 or 2BBY, so this will work well.
  25. Andreievitch

    Ship art

    This ship is so ugly! I love it 💖