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    Stats for Ewoks!?! Input needed

    Within this section in Allies and Adversaries, Game Masters will find everything they need to add Ewoks to a campaign, including stats for an Ewok Hunter and an Ewok Shaman, and instructions on how to create an Ewok player character! Doh! Lucky I didn't put money down...
  2. Andreievitch

    A Web-Based Character Generator - The Genesys Emporium

    It is possible to change a skill to a career skill, as the result of a talent. For example: If I choose "Years on the Force" (from SotBS) I can choose either Ranged Light or Perception as a career skill. Can this be reflected in the Emporium so XP is spent correctly? Sorry if I have missed this explanation in an earlier post. PS - thanks for the excellent site! I am loving it.
  3. Andreievitch

    Adventures on Jedha

    Here is what I am thinking: Once "Friends Like These" is over, Saw will be requesting a return "favour" from the PCs The favour will be helping him do a Kyber Crystal jump on an Imperial shipment to learn more about here they are sending them. The PCs recently built a cap ship, so they will love the chance for some piracy. Meanwhile they will learn that Saw is a pretty nasty guy, and Rebel HQ will warn them to be cautious, but work with him to gain insights into his operations, and get intel on Jedha. After that they will want to investigate Jedha to see what the **** is going on. Streetwise etc, skirmish with Imperials, Saw comes to help, civilian casualties, PCS learn Saw is a nasty piece of work. Learn of a "backdoor" into the mines - dungeon crawl Destroyer suddenly departs, and large moon sized shadow appears...BOOM and escape. This will prob go over 3 games I am thinking.
  4. Andreievitch

    The Dice Pool Podcast - Episode List

    Hey @GM Hooly - can I suggest you add this link to the Podcast links? This is for the excellent Google Podcast app. I have found it to be the best app for Android phones. By that I don't mean phones that Bioroids use in New Angeles, but instead the phones the enlightened use in real world https://www.google.com/podcasts?feed=aHR0cDovL3d3dy5nbWhvb2x5LmNvbS9wb2RjYXN0cy9yc3MueG1s Keep up the great work with this excellent Podcast! I hope to add my dice to the team's pool again soon.
  5. Andreievitch

    Adventures on Jedha

    Oh, it will
  6. Andreievitch

    Adventures on Jedha

    Excellent suggestions @Sturn Thank you!
  7. Andreievitch

    Adventures on Jedha

  8. Andreievitch

    Adventures on Jedha

    I recently introduced Saw Garerra to my AoR campaign, set shortly before Rogue One. Long story short, we are at the last chapter of Friends Like These and I had Saw assassinate the Zygerrian Prince, and the players have now recruited Saw and his Partisans for the Battle of Xorrn. Once the module is done, I would like the PCs to play on Jedha for a few games. They know the Empire are mining crystals there, but they aren't sure why. I am gathering ideas for games, and I would love to hear some suggestions from the brains trust! Here are some ideas I have already: "Dungeon Crawl" style game where they find a back door into a mine and investigate Liberating slaves (a couple of them have duties along those lines) A mission where their objectives don't align to Saw's, tension flares and social/physical battle could come to head The last game on Jedha will see a large shadow appear over the planet as the DS-1 arrives... Hit me up with any other ideas! TIA.
  9. Andreievitch

    DrainSmith's GM Screens

    Great screen. My only suggestion is to try and squeeze a space in when there are 2 setback dice. e.g. in the Aim (Called shot) description I know its 2 setback dice, but looks like 1 rectangular setback. Not sure I have that die
  10. One of my payers collected the WotC minis, so we are lucky to play with them. If not, I was considering buying these and jut using cardboard printouts: https://www.amazon.com/Paper-Miniature-Bases-Square-Clear/dp/B00RDM0F8U
  11. Andreievitch

    Dredd Lawgiver Pistol

    I want to play a game with this weapon! 😁
  12. Andreievitch

    Another Character Generator

    I am getting the same issue. Windows is just hanging each time I try to update. This is on my work laptop. Work has blocked the Web Installer Unless anyone has a link they can offer other than here?
  13. Andreievitch

    Dredd Lawgiver Pistol

    Agreed. Keep the Lawgiver as kick-***** as it should be. Scale up the encounters instead as a balance. Even Minion groups can be given the Adversary talent
  14. Andreievitch

    Beanstalk to Shadowrun?

    I did find Haakonsen's adaption pretty, but missing large swags of things, especially considering its size! Technomaners were barely covered... That's why I am thinking the simplified SotB + RoT is the answer.
  15. Andreievitch

    Beanstalk to Shadowrun?

    The answer I was hoping for