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  1. Check with @GM Hooly as he has a nice set up for The Dice Pool Genesys podcast. Although it will only be as good as the room and mike set up.
  2. Hutt Crime Lord as a PC - what spec?

    I do like that Enforcer idea... I will let the player decide but I will suggest he ends on Entrepreneur. I like the idea of him starting as a Smuggler or Enforcer. That will at least open up some Ranged or Melee combat options for him.
  3. The campaign I am running took an interesting turn last game. I ran the "Rubbing Slimy Elbows" modular adventure from Lords of Nal Hutta. The PCs went up against the Rodian group in the adventure and also a Hutt Crime Lord and his entourage, which I created. The Hutt was actually a crime lord that was friendly to the PCs, and was thrown into the challenge as a result of yet to be discovered reasons. The PCs won, and as part of their reward, they asked that the Hutt be released to them, rather than be taken away. This left an interesting opportunity for me as the GM, and to the party too. I have another player wanting to join, and the PCs are desperate for a face man to join them. I have suggested the new player play the Hutt! The players are just over Knight level, so we should be able to come up with a pretty good (exiled) Hutt Crime Lord PC. But what specialisation should I use??? I was thinking Smuggler - Scoundrel or Colonist - Politico. Or a mixture of the 2. Any other suggestions? If only Dawn of Rebellion has been released so I can see all the universal specs they have promised...
  4. I went to my local cinema and watched Force Awakens and Last Jedi back to back. So good! After watching both movies, I came to love Poe even more! His taking out of multiple TIES/turrets is a great use of ridiculous number of successes and advantages in a roll
  5. So what setting interests you?

    I am thinking of running a one shot for an upcoming "con" my group do. It will be a mix of Gensys/Shadowrun/D&D. The D&D element will be a traditional favourite module, maybe Ravenloft (just the castle) or White Plume Mountain.
  6. I was trying to think of any moment in Star Wars canon where a stimpack or medkit were used? I am not saying they shouldn't be part of the game, after all, PCs would not last long without them! I am just curious if they are actually seen in any scene?
  7. A new trilogy in the works?

    I think the Old Republic will just confuse the ave Joe Public who is only into the films. I know people who are confused about when Rogue One took place (not hard really...) I think it needs to take place in the times we know already. I am stoked it is happening!
  8. Dang. I missed that! Where do you the status?
  9. Its now 8 months since the announcement! I have gone from excited to getting angry. I wish FFG would just be up front about WHY there is a delay?
  10. Rex is on Endor? Where is that mentioned?
  11. Imperial assault and Legion? What's the difference?

    Will the minis be the same size? I am wondering if I can use minis from both for the EotE RPG as well, or will they be different sizes?
  12. So what setting interests you?

    I would love to do a Saga setting. I love Brian K Vaughan and especially this series. I think Genesys would work really well with the blend of Scifi and magic that Saga has. Plus, its all about the (narrative) story!
  13. Crafting on existing items

    I prefer a level of reality in my games, rather than let the rules get in the way. People modify existing items all the time in reality (custom pistols, modded cars etc). I don't agree with your statement, but do think restricting the mods as attachments is the best way to balance it. If only there were Crafting Attachment rules though! You are probably correct there, but that is really up to how the GM runs the session. I run an AoR game and the Mechanic is way too bust helping with general base mechanics to have too much time. What I am trying to say is that the time between games can be filled with story lines to prevent such nerffing. I think I am going to run Crafting Attachments similar to Gadgets, using "Precision Instrument". Rather than it affecting a chosen skill, it can add an effect. ie in my example above where I want to add laminate to a Mechanic's Utility Suit I was say the aim is to add +1 to Defence and then see how the dice roll to see if anything extra can be added or made worse if Threat.
  14. Isn't the difference between Ranged Light and Heavy whether the gun is 1 handed or 2 handed? That is why the DR 45 becomes Heavy in carbine mode - it goes to 2 handed and thus heavy. It would come down to what he can hide or not really? Maybe look at the modular rifles that he can snap together when needed.
  15. Am I missing something? I am looking in Special Modifications to see how can you improve and existing items? E.G. - my Mechanic wants to add laminate strips to his Mechanic's Utility Suit to give it some Defence. Are there rules that allows this? Another example. I have created a pistol. Can I roll Mechanics again to add some of the extra effects listed in Special Modifications? Or, how do I create a new attachment to emulate what I am wanting to achieve and then just use a hardpoint?