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  1. Yeah. I have a Demo focussed Droid PC in the game I am running who is frothing coolant at the idea of a Demo spec
  2. I think Fully Operational is well ahead in the queue, and who knows what has happened to that!
  3. I came across this last night. This picture alone will be the basis of my next game
  4. I ran the game Saturday night using the Mass Combat rules from LbE as the overarching story of the combat (pretty much Claustrophobia from SoR). The players actions during the combat helped added bonus dice to the Mass Combat check. Long story short, the last Mass Combat check of the game resulted in a fail with a Despair The roll before was a success, so they took the base they were after, but the facility they were trying to capture was destroyed, leading me to a great plot point to play with for the next game. It was a lot of fun to run!
  5. I recently picked up No Disintegrations and got excited about Unmatched Devastation for my BH:Assassin. BUT, I just also picked up BH:Operator as a second career so I can wail on the baddies with Gunnery too. I was disappointed to see that Unmatched Devastation doesn't work with Starship/Vehicle weapons It seems odd they would create a Bountt Hunter career, that can specialise in starship/vehicle weapons (the whole right side of the talent tree is dedicated to Gunnery) but the signature ability doesn't work for it! I can see mechanically why it shouldn't, other than RAW. What do you think?
  6. Yeah, I have Lead by Example and will run it from those rules.
  7. I am playing with the idea of running a Mass Combat scenario, as a side story for a game. Act 1 of the game will see the Rebel players working with a resistance group gaining info and strategic tips to help with an upcoming battle with the overlords on a planet. Player rolls in their areas of speciality will help build the dice pool for the battle. Act 2 will see the actual battle - but the players' characters won't actually take place in the battle, as they will be busy doing a separate, covert raid (see Act 3). However, the players will be doing the rolls for the battle to see the outcome. Act 3 will be the covert missions the Rebellion actually sent the players to do, using the uprising as distraction. The outcome of the battle will determine how easy/hard their covert missions will be. I was wondering if anyone has run a similar game? How did it pan out? Any tips for me? Sex in advance.
  8. Mace was so full of rage when he died on Coruscant that his spirit went to the dark side and possessed Squib. He now is looking for revenge... In case you are looking for a lame plot for your F&D games
  9. Yep, that is what I meant. Thought that was the case. Ha! It was so stealthy I didn't even see it hiding in the shadows! I think you are right. They must be it.
  10. Does anyone have a picture of the Tallanx-class Stealth Fighter from SoR? Is there a picture in the book? Googling didn't bring anything up? Also, what is it's origin. The Wookiepedia write-up seems to point out that it is new as of the FFG SoR book?
  11. I didn't say they would never return: Yes! A BSG feel to it too for sure! The crux of what I am suggesting is that it is Star Wars, but in new unexplored territories.
  12. I didn't mean this to be a discussion about Star Trek, but of course it ended that way! I should have pointed out that the party won't be stuck in wild space quite like Voyager was. Distance, and heading home won't be the issue. The issue is that they CAN'T travel home. The fear of the holocron getting in the wrong hands is what will keep them away. What I meant by Star Wars: Voyager is more the theme that this will be a Star Wars campaign, but not with the aliens, worlds, etc that they know of. This is a campaign of totally new experiences. Much like what Voyager TRIED to do with them being in the far flung regions and trying to head home.
  13. I have a Jedi campaign idea that I would you input on. It has been a couple of years since Order 66. The players play Jedi (or support crew) that have been tasked to take some of the Jedis' most important holocrons as far from Coruscant as possible. They are to protect the holocron and not let them fall into the hands of evil, especially the Sith. They are not to return to the core worlds until they get word from the Jedi that it is safe to return... The game will take place in the far reaches of the Unknown Region with the players on board a large ship. They will be travelling from planet to planet trying to survive and bantering for food and fuel. Perhaps taking the odd job. All the while trying to hide that they are Jedi. Perhaps they heard the fate of the Jedi and now they fear the same fate will come to them if they return. Perhaps some of them want to return, but others know they are part of a n important mission. I imagine the campaign being a bit like Star Trek Voyager where they meet unknown races and strange locations as they travel around. What would you suggest I add to the campaign? What ship would you give them to travel in? I was thinking there could be NPCs on board too, so a frigate sized ship with maybe some fighters and/or landing ship.
  14. Boom! That's the issue. It isn't reading the A-280 CFE Pistol/Rifle/Sniper Rifle my GM and I created. All good, at least I know the issue now
  15. I added the dataset from my generator so I can see a bespoke weapon I added for my character. I now have an error showing on the Datapad "Cannot open file: private/var/mobile/Contai..." Can see the rest. Any ideas what I have done wrong? The weapon isn't coming up properly on my Datapad PC sheet, so I assume the data hasn't come across.