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  1. Andreievitch

    Shantipole Man O'War (sky jellyfish)

    Yep. I did mean vehicle size. We played Sat night and it went very well. The Rebel players flew through the clouds of Shantipole, ND gave them a chance for a perception/sensors, using the Shantipole 2 upgrades on diff due to the atmospheric conditions. The YT-2400 managed to no collide, but the B-Wing took a hit. They jellies then managed to attach themselves to each ship. I had 3 in each minion group. The YT-2400 started to shoot them off with their turrets, but the B-Wing didn't have that luxury. It started to take a fair bit of Strain damage, and the YT-2400 couldn't help as they were still shooting their jellies off (taking strain damage, too). I let the B-Wing pilot make a pilot roll to try and shake them off. He rolled a Triumph and a Despair! I allowed the Triumph to shake them off, but for the Despair I said that the jelly tendrils had managed to get in between the hull plates and a bit of the ship ripped off with them. He took a critical hit. The YT-2400 then managed to shoot the last one off, but with a Despair again! I used the same hook and said that a bit if ship was also ripped of, so they 2 took a crit., but at least all the jellies were destroyed and off the ships This was the opening scene of the game and added a lot of excitement. IT was the B-Wing pilot's first ever game of FFG:SW so he managed to get great experience with the narrative dice. Especially rolling a Triumph and a Despair! I think that is only the 2nd time that had happened with our crew. All up the critter worked really well, and a great twist of vehicle combat. Let me know how you go if you use them
  2. Andreievitch

    Another Character Generator

    I can't seem to get into Oggdude's application today or yesterday? On neither my work laptop or home PC. IS anyone else having issues? It brings up the "Launching Application" but then nothing happens from there... Ignore me. I am a doofus...I forgot I moved the directory onto a USB to get it off my work PC
  3. Andreievitch

    Shantipole Man O'War (sky jellyfish)

    Oh. Look what I found...interesting coincidence...
  4. Andreievitch

    Shantipole Man O'War (sky jellyfish)

    Thanks for the suggestions! I have amended the working - you were correct. Sloppy writing on my part Update now attached above. I thought about making them Rivals, but I decided to keep them as Minions as I see them as a "pest" more than a direct challenge. Kind of like Anakin trying to get rid of the Buzz Droids in Ep 3. In my game I plan on having about 6 per Minion group. That way each group will attach with a decent initial dice pool (2Y 3G vs 2P + any setback), and could cause a collision crit on impact PLUS system strain with Energy drain (and then ongoing System Strain). Shooting/removing from the hull could cause for some cool story telling I am going run these against my PCs on Saturday night. I will let you know how I go.
  5. Andreievitch

    Shantipole Man O'War (sky jellyfish)

    My players will be going to Shantipole in the next game, and I thought it would be cool to give creature challenge. I have created large jellyfish-like creatures that float amongst the storms of Shantipole. I see them as challenging the PC in 2 ways. First is that the players vessel may collide with them, due to the difficulty of flying in Shantipole's atmosphere. Secondly the jellfyfish live of energy and will try to attach themselves to the vessel in an attempt to draw power, much like mynock does, but more powerfully. Below are the stats I have come up with. I would love to hear feedback/suggestions:
  6. Andreievitch

    Garrote stats

    The thing with a Garrote is that you want to: a) trap someone so they can't escape (ensnare works) b) slowly strangle them until they die or are unconscious (so you need to crit them to achieve this, or strain the heck out of them) With that in mind I would make it this: Garrote Skill: Brawl (I think Brawl over Melee as the key task at hand is grappling someone, albeit with a weapon, until they drop. Brawl makes more sense than Melee) Damage: +1; Critical: 2 Range: Engaged Encumbrance: 0; HP: 0; Price: 50; Rarity: 2 Specials: Ensnare 1, Vicious 2* * an additional attack roll is required each round the target is imobilised from Ensnare This way the target gets a chance to break free each round after the first (Ensnare 1). The additional attack roll each subsequent round allows the play the opportunity to trigger the Advantages needed to Crit the target to strangle them (Vicious 2 for the Crits). I would be giving Boost/Setback dice based on the targets Athletics rolls to escape. Making it a Vibro-Garotte might increase the Vicious, but is likely to remove the target head rather than strangle them...Of course you would need to increase price and rarity.
  7. Andreievitch

    Help with a melee build

    Gigoran from Dawn of Republic is a good option. 3 Brawn and a free rank in brawl as a back up to your melee. PLUS a cool fur coat for when its cold
  8. Andreievitch

    Dawn of Rebellion Sourcebook

    Who is this in this pic? I have been scratching my head trying to work it out...
  9. Perhaps you make it that there is a standard of 12 sections (6 per side), with a handling of -2. Increasing above 12 (to maybe max of 20) drops handling to -3. Dropping to below 6 sections (< 3 per side) increases handling to -1. That could also make it exciting during a game. You are in a chase, finding it hard to get away from those TIEs. You drop your cargo to increase your handling to help get away.
  10. Interesting! I will watch that ep again tonight and then tweak the stats
  11. That sounds like a change for rules sake. I would rather keep it as described from the wiki page. I can't see a second gunner helping much on a fixed arc weapon though?
  12. Are rules for crafting explosives included? I can't see that anyone has mentioned that?
  13. I have put this together based on the suggestions of @mcellis Let me know your thoughts. I might add some mods for NPC flair, but I will wait until I get me hands on Fully Operational...hopefully tomorrow, at last!
  14. Has anyone happened to put the stats together for a HCT-2001 Dragonboat-class Reugeot 905 freighter? i am hoping to bring some Trandoshan slavers into my next game. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/HCT-2001_Dragonboat-class_Reugeot_905_freighter
  15. Andreievitch

    Small Rebel Capital Ship?

    I tried to find a piccie with BOTH a Hammerhead and Ghost, but couldn't find one. Do you happen to know where I can find one? Found one! Agreed. A YT-2400 could fit there nicely.