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  1. Perfect! Missed it as it was under the spell description and not on Pg 215 where I was looking.
  2. How would you do a fly spell in Terrinoth? .ie a spell that would allow a player to fly?
  3. Great! I have just supported the Patreon, linked my accounts and now I can see the Game Table. I will have a play and test 🙂
  4. Also, I would love to help test the Game Table. What levels of Patreon get access to the Game Table?
  5. I do love this. I am currently assessing whether I use RPG Sessions or Roll20 to continue my AoR campaign in these crazy times. The plus for me for Roll20 is the map and player token integration, also being able to share images, journals etc. @Joress any suggestions on being able to something similar alongside RPG Sessions, or part of?
  6. FFS! Let it go you muppets! Can we please just talk about the game and what we love about Star Wars?!? Stop with this vitriol! It has been going for years and it is tiresome, and honestly not healthy for you. There are countless threads about Kennedy etc. Let's not make this another one. Be that strong person and hold back on any further comments. Don't feel you need to rebut on any comments already said. Bring the thread back on topic. #rantover
  7. The very first game of my AoR campaign started with them all being captured Rebels working in a mine. During the mining they broke through to a "natural" tunnel, which was actually made by a giant worm type creature, very recently...The creature emerged from the tunnel and attacked! The Stromtrooper guards fired at the worm, who then turn its attention to the aggressors. The PCs decided to attack the troopers with their mining tools, picking up the blasters from the dropped troopers, and then attacking the worm themselves. They then escaped through the worm's tunnel which lead to... Stay tuned for the next thrilling adventure! 😉
  8. Pages and pages of opinions with very little Star Wars relevance. Goes to show this board has no moderator...
  9. Without giving too much away, this is actually happening "off screen" during one of the major movie battles. The mass combat rolls won't be needed as we know that outcome. This is more about getting the PCs involved in the battle without affecting the movie plot too much. The Squadron rules sounds a goer!
  10. I am looking at running a large space battle in my AoR campaign and am wondering if i should use the Squad(Squadron) rules or Mass Combat. I am leaning towards squadron as it involves the PCs more. Here is how the sides will line up... Rebel PCs: Custom Corvette (much like a CR90, but a little better) YT-2400 B-Wing Rebel NPCs: Nebulon B Frigate 18 x X-Wings 6 x Y-Wings Imperials: Interdictor-class Star Destroyer 24 x TIE fighters Gladiator Class Corvette 24 x TIE fighters Firstly, does this look like a good match up? There are a stack more TIEs, but they will all be minions so not as tough as the Rebels. Secondly, would the Squadron rules work well here? I haven't used them before, but have done mass combat when I ran Friends Like These. It seems less personal for the PCs, which is why i am leaning on having them control Squadrons.
  11. https://www.reddit.com/r/swrpg/comments/fgnhnx/gama_asmodee_keynote/
  12. It looks like S&S shipping to Australia is delayed and I won't get it in time for this weekend's game. Does anyone feel like sharing the stats for the Bongo sub?
  13. There may well be something along Huey in SW legends, but if you look a canon then I don't think you will find much. Look at the scenes for Yavin IV and Hoth. If there are any such transports then they will be seen there. The U-Wing would be the closest thing?
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