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  1. Here is my attempt at a Krennic Reaper build Major Vermeil, Advanced Alerons, Krennic, Tactical Officer, LWF The Inquisitor, PTL, Tiltle, Autothrusters, Proton Rockets Valen Rudor, Intensity, Tiltle, Harpoon Missiles, Autothrusters Comes in at 100pts. Its an attempt at making a an Imp list that help each other and has good action economy. Krennic puts the condition on the Inquisitor, making him even meaner with almost as many hit points as a Defender. Tactical officer can let the Inquisitor PTL for two actions before he moves and then dial in a green to clear the stress and take another action. Or he can coordinate for Valen to boost or barrel roll and then trigger Intensity, then take his normal action that will hopefully leave a token to flip Intensity back at the end of turn or use in offence/defence if needed. Inquisitor fires first and gives Vermeil a target lock to use when it’s his turn to shoot. And Valen...well Valen gets extra actions and fires his Harpoons... I tried it out last night against a really cool, but not top tier, Ghost list and won. It’s not going to win any tournaments but I am going to take it to the local store comp because it’s really fun to fly
  2. And what about swapping flechette on Vynder for Tractor beam and Jamming beam? Makes him a bit more of a Swiss Army knife
  3. Thanks @Greebwahn your post has some great advice. I used to use QD with Expertise. Dropped it to make her a bit lighter but now I’ve added The Harpoons I think your right and I could swap back. Just really not sure which would be the best option, and the tournament is tomorrow...
  4. @theBitterFig thanks for your detailed reply. Everything you have suggested makes sense, especially A score to settle over Trickshot, passive mods are one of the reasons I have chosen QuickDraw and that focus to crit on a harpoon heavy list could be really useful. i have been considering Tractor Beam and may well take it instead of Flechette. I played two matches earlier tonight and didn’t use the cannon once. When it came to it Vynder either had a range one shot and hadn’t slammed, so a three dice primary seemed the best option or was disengaging so was reloading and had no shot. The chance to put someone on a rock and reduce their agility for the other two ships to shoot may be more appealing than the opportunity to give them one stress. As for Zeta leader vs Omega ace, I just find that the consistent 3/4 red dice I get from Zeta beats the once, maybe twice a game chance to turn all my dice result to crits I’d get from Omega. I’ve always felt that the only thing the Fo misses is that third red dice and that, coupled with an amazing dial, makes Zeta leader one of the most underestimated aces you can get for less than 25pts. As I said I played a couple games tonight, one against a reble stress/ion list and the other a double Deci squad. I won both games (some luck involved) without loosing a ship and I can say my list hits like a steel fist. It isn’t subtle but the combination of ships, ordinance and being able to choose who shoots in what order means it can tear through whatever is in its arc very quickly. Reckon I’ll be taking it to the regional as is, probably...
  5. Going to try this out tonight in preparation for our local regional at the weekend. Alpha class Star wing - Major Vynder + VI, Advanced slam, XG-1 Loadout, Flechette cannon, Harpoon missiles = 36pts Tie/Sf - QuickDraw + Title, FCS, Advanced Optics, Lightweight frame, Harpoon missile = 39pts Tie/Fo - Zeta leader + VI, Advanced Optics, TIE mk 2 = 24pts Total = 99pts This seems to me a really nicely balanced list. It’s got the support ship that can slam in and deliver its payload, then bug out or offer some stress support. It has an ace in Zeta who can offer a 3/4 dice moded shot and can easily shed stress. And then it has the big hitter in QD, still haven’t decided on Trick Shot or A Debt to Pay yet for EPT. Plus they are all ps 9, I’ve found having all my ships at the same ps is worth more than VI on QD to push to ps11. i know it lacks tricks and isn’t very subtle but I’ve always gone with carry a bigger stick than the other guy and hope you get your hits in. Any thoughts on something I’m missing? Thanks
  6. Ok, one more try. Inspired by other posts here’s a fairly mean (?) Zeta squadron list - Zeta leader + Advanced optics + adaptability = 22 Zeta specialist + Title + Advanced optics + Harpoon missiles + Lightweight frame x 2 = 62 Zeta squadron pilot = 16 Zeta leader always was my favourite Fo ace. Shame I didn’t have the extra point to give him/her VI or Wired but the theme is the important thing...right?
  7. I’ve also been considering - Omega Ace + swarm leader + Advanced optics 3 x Omega squadron pilot + crack shot + Advanced optics Epsilon squadron pilot Its got one big punch, three decent stings and one little annoyance for blocking and setting up the shot. It’s just unfortunate they aren’t all Omegas...
  8. With each new wave of upgrades I keep on coming back to my favourite X-wing obsession , creating a Tie/Fo swarm that might be able to pull its weight (at least win a couple games in a tournament). List 1 - 5 x Omega squadron pilots + Crack shot + Advanced optics = 100pts List 2 - 4 x Omega squadron pilots + Intensity + Advanced optics 1 x Epsilon squadron pilot + Hyperwave comm scanner = 100pts Any other ideas?
  9. So I tried out my squad last night and I really think I've found the team for me. Valen with Intensity is good, maybe not the strongest combo but definitely made him more unpredictable and dangerous (plus I'm sure at some point I'm going to be able to pull off defending with him and then using one of his abilities to fire his missiles). Deathrain was a sight to behold, able to move in so many directions that my oppents had no idea were she was going to end up. This made her great for blocking, in fact I got the kill shot on Fel by boosting, then dropping a bomb out the front guides and then doing a one straight to land on top of the bomb. This blocked Fels two bank and meant we both took the blast and let the Inquisitor finish him off. Flying in with Deathrain to break up formations and then using the two ties to split off and take out isolated ships with their munitions seems to work really well. Not a competitive list maybe but really fun to use. And with some practice, who knows ?
  10. I'm planning on running the exact same Deathrain build but with two Tie advanced prototypes - Inquisitor, push the limit, title, autothrusters and prockets Valen Rudor, intensity, title, autothrusters and cruise missiles Should be some insanely manoeuvrable ships. I'm particularly interested in how Valen with intensity works. I'm hoping to take a Target lock, gaining an evade, as his action most turns. Once he has defended, using the evade if necessary, his ability will trigger letting him boost or barrel roll to get out of arcs plus gain a focus/evade from intensity. May also help get range to fire off his missiles. Not that useful to you I know, seeing as you don't have any prototypes at the moment. Just something I'm thinking about trying out.
  11. Drop Vader on RAC and Sensor cluster on Quickdraw. Invest in Hotshot copilot. Shoot first with RAC to strip tokens, then shoot again. Then shoot with QD and if they shot you, shot again. Also gives you a small initiative bid. i used it against a rebel and then a scum list. It was brutal, now I understand why people hate Kylo and Hotshot Copilot on RAC, it seems almost mean. But then we Imps need something mean at the moment...?
  12. Inquisitor, ptl, title and either prockets or cruise missiles. One of meanest, independent and nibble aces out there. With consistent damage output, good defence and a massive sting in the tail with the ordinance
  13. I'm entering a team tournament next month and I'm thinking that seeing as we Imps are lagging behind a bit at the moment I'll bring the muscle- RAC + Engine upgrade, Hotshot copilot, Gunner, Kylo Ren, Adaptability Quickdraw + Expertise, Title, FCS, LWF Leaves a point for initiative or tech for QD. I know it's dirty but I just want to hit hard and leave smoking holes in someone else's pretty space ships. Am I missing anything? I don't think so but I'm sure there may be a better use for the points. Thanks
  14. I like it, think I'll try it out tomorrow night! My usual load out for the SFs is Expertise and sensor cluster on QD and I'm thinking Cruise missiles on Backdraft (plus FCS, title and LWF on both) just so the other guy will have trouble deciding who is the biggest threat.
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