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  1. Jailbird and the Desperadoes OOC

    Terrible sorry for you loss Shard. Take your time, we can wait.
  2. Jailbird and the Desperatos IC

    Caess sat down in the co-pilots seat, "Looking good." he responded to Dex "Jaycen," he said turning "if you could use the coordinates to figure out our destination before we get there, it will help us avoid surprises, most of them anyway. Kai, I can't think of anything for you to do during this trip, but if you think of something to do that will help bring it up. Caess turned back to Dex "After everyone is seated, it's whenever you're ready." And let's hope that we're not in for a bad surprise.
  3. Jailbird and the Desperadoes OOC

    I'm ready to go, I want to get to whatever is going to happen next.
  4. Jailbird and the Desperadoes OOC

    I'm ready to leave if everyone else is.
  5. Jailbird and the Desperatos IC

    Caess looked around the room, he had less than 200 credits. "Jaycen." he called, not sure where he had gone to "We seem to be a little short still, do you have enough?" Caess thought to himself depending on what we do next, we're going to need more credits.
  6. Jailbird and the Desperadoes OOC

    So I looked at my character sheet and discovered I forgot to spend my xp from last time, so I have 20 more than I thought. So, I'm going to pick up Let's Ride (5xp) and the second rank in confidence (25xp) along with my second rank in discipline (10xp).
  7. Jailbird and the Desperadoes OOC

    Does anyone have an opinion? I don't mind either way. Or, is everyone away for the holiday season...
  8. Jailbird and the Desperadoes OOC

    I'm not sure what's supposed to be next. What's the address, is it a place to pick someone up here, or the destination? And, where is it? Also, are we supposed to be waiting for someone, or is there something else that's happening right now?
  9. Jailbird and the Desperadoes OOC

    Thanks, I think it did go great.
  10. Jailbird and the Desperatos IC

    "A ride?" Caess said with some suspicion "Where to? I wouldn't think that a ride to just any place would be full payment." he hoped that the Ithorian just overvalued how much getting of this planet was worth, but he doubted it. And, if Caess' doubts were right then either their passenger wasn't your average galactic citizen or his destination was not going to be easy to reach.
  11. Jailbird and the Desperadoes OOC

    I'm back, should I post IC or just let the rest of you pick up where you left off and jump in when I see a good point.
  12. Sorry About The Mess: Arena A

    I agree. But, I have a feeling that my next opponent won't. That wound thing is a bit odd, but every system has its quirks. This appears to be one for this system that most of us (including me) haven't discovered before. I've played with a GM who made a bunch of house-rules (combined with fiats) that made character death a lot easier to reach than as it is in the rules. As for the match well played, it was a close one.
  13. Jailbird and the Desperadoes OOC

    Just wanted to let you all know, that I don't think I'm going to be able to post IC (or much at all) until this Friday with finals going on.
  14. Jailbird and the Desperadoes OOC

    It is possible that infiltrating an Imperial facility with this ship would work, but it sounds like high-risk, high-reward. I like the idea of infiltrating an Imperial facility, however, I think it would befit us to come up with a few other ideas. A. Trade the Sentinel: This will get us another ship, one the Empire won't hunt after, but it may not be a military ship so we might end up having to spend a bit more time re-building (not necessarily a bad thing) before we go after the Empire, Hutts, or Black Sun. B. Use the Sentinel: @Cartergame's "Operation Punisher" idea, which would give us supplies/information and a ship to take back to the Rebellion. C. Give the Sentinel to the Rebellion: Not sure what the Rebellion would do with this option, I would think that they would either assign us to another cell or give us the supplies to start a new one, which could be very interesting. D. Trade the Sentinel for material: Not my favorite, but it is an option. But, then in my view this will essentially leave us stranded on Iego, but we'd probably get some good gear for an Imperial ship. E. Destroy the Sentinel (somewhere else): I don't think the Empire would hound us to the end of the galaxy over a Sentinel, but if they do we could fake our deaths by crashing the Sentinel somewhere and making our way back to the Rebellion. My vote would either be for B or C, unless there's a warship for trade, then I might vote for A, B or C. EDIT: Hey! I just noticed that one of the pictures posted by @TheShard came from a mod I played when EA still supported the servers for it. EDIT II: I forgot to ask if anyone had any other ideas for the Sentinel, chances are I missed something.
  15. Jailbird and the Desperatos IC

    "I don't know if the Empire will track us here, but if they do the less you know, the better, I would think." Caess responded "But, if you really want to know I'll tell you." Caess looked at the grate and shackles, so that's what's special about this holding bay, I wonder why a standard detention area wouldn't work for what they were doing with this ship.