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  1. Thanks for running this game, it was lots of fun. I haven't tried running a 5e PBP, I guess it depends on how much combat you'd want to have, I've found that combat can really slow down a PBP. One thing I will say in terms of combat, is that if everyone knows the system and what you can do in combat it can go faster than combat in other systems. The only thing that I can think of that might be a significant problem for making a 5e PBP is that if you want to use the grid maps you'd probably have to find some website to either run that or hold it.
  2. Knowledge (Xenology): 1eP+3eA+1eB+2eD 3 successes, 4 advantage Nice. Can I use 2 advantage to give a boost to interacting with the astromech, or does it have to be more directly related? Other 2 advantage to recover 2 strain. Also, not high priority but Briar could use some healing 5/14 wounds.
  3. Could a knowledge Xenology check reveal if it's really dead?
  4. Merry Christmas! So is the crab thing still moving after Hale shoots it, or did that do it?
  5. I've enjoyed this game, and will miss it and these forums. Thanks for running this game @Edgehawk. Looking forward to see what happens. On a somewhat of a tangent I love 5e, its my favorite system to run, I've gotten all of the non-setting books (except this last one).
  6. How would one go about determining if there's anything useful left?
  7. So we're deciding what to do next it sounds like? Would at some point Briar have been able to access schematics for the underground levels?
  8. So looking through it, it looks like we found some rebels with a giant crab thing, helped them with it, after it did some damage, then the Death Trooper commander blew up all the rebels before leaving. Does that sum it up, or did I miss something?
  9. Sorry for not being around the last few weeks. I have time now, I'm starting to read through what I missed.
  10. Knowledge (Outer Rim): 2eP+2eA+3eD 2 failures, 4 advantage Nope, no idea. Not really sure what the advantage could be used for in this case either.
  11. So where is Briar relative to everything, and what can she see? I would assume that she would be towards the back of the group?
  12. Computers: 3eP+1eA+4eD+2eS 0 successes, 3 advantage ooo, so close. I'll try Natural Programmer. Computers: 3eP+1eA+4eD+2eS 3 successes, 3 threat, 1 Triumph Yay! What happens for the threat? Not sure what to do with the Triumph for this though.
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