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  1. Caess lowered his voice to avoid eavesdropping, "It's a Sentinel-class ship with some unique modifications. What do you think, will you take a look?"
  2. Caess followed and sat down at the table. He waited until the group at the Ithorian's previous table had returned to their own conversation. Then he spoke "Jaycen told us you have a thing for ships. We have an interesting ship for you to check out, make sure everything is working. What do you think?"
  3. Caess followed Jaycen in, and paused next to him, waiting for him to speak. Rough group, Caess thought to himself, not that you would expect any less on a planet like this. "Yes" Caess said, following Jaycen. "We hope that it will benefit both of us. I'm Caess."
  4. Hmmm, I didn't notice that I had done that. I'll have to pay more attention in the future, thanks to both of you who pointed it out. Also, there's a chance we'll be getting back to Star Wars this weekend, and I think I've come up with a decent way for continuing without changing too much of what happened last time, and allowing for a one-time restoration of the character in question. The player who wants their character back was captured and taken to a nearby planet (in the same system), the survivor from last time tracks them there (I'm going to skip the tracking part, sort of like in episode VI), and one of the new PCs has blackmail as an obligation so they're blackmailed by TBD (probably someone involved with the Hutts) into attending an "event" at the same location that the captive PC was taken to. I do have one question, since what I was thinking would introduce a lot of new NPCs. Is it possible to introduce too many major NPCs in a single session, or does it just depend on the campaign?
  5. I don't really see anything else to do in the ship, so unless someone comes up with something I say skip.
  6. That's game, I think the lack of stimpacks, more soak, or some other defensive means has really hurt me so far. Since someone said in the main thread that if I don't plan on using the thermal grenades I could exchange them, I might look around for something defensive to use. I also think the fact that there's only a 1-3 chance of getting long range also hurts, in addition to low initiative, this character just can't survive at engaged or short range. At least without time to prepare.
  7. Oops, I had figured it out too, but I forgot to put it in my post. I'll be dodging twice and flipping my last DP, so 3 upgrades. Also I almost forgot I think my cover adds another setback, and it adds 1 soak (not that the soak matters much if I'm hit I think I'm dead).
  8. //Ok, that puts me at 17 wounds, I'll use 1 maneuver to take cover then suffer 2 strain to pull out my energy bow, and fire// That volley had come dangerously close to Omega, so he dropped down behind some sheet metal and pulled out his energy bow. This had better work, or I'm in a lot of trouble Omega thought to himself. He as quickly as he could Omega leaned over the makeshift cover and fired at the Wookiee below hoping that his shot stopped his opponent. Firing at Grrawryyhl: 4eP+1eA+1eB+1eD+3eS 2 successes, 3 advantage //One boost for being above you, +1 advantage from Blind Spot. so 11 damage with pierce 5, and 4 advantage. I'll spend two to trigger knockdown, and the other two to recover 2 strain.//
  9. Actually it's my cunning plus failures so 4 wounds no soak. Dodge 1 and a DP flip so still two upgrades. Not sure if it will matter, but how many maneuvers are needed @Nightone? Also will there still be a setback for shooting at a higher target?
  10. Omega had hoped to find an alley that would allow meetings for the alliance that would go unnoticed, he was thinking that this one might work, that was about to be proved wrong... Omega looked up just in time to get partially out of the way of a wave of blaster fire coming at him, from the Wookiee now closing the gap between them. But, Omega had come to prepared in case things went wrong. Pulling the device that the Alliance engineers had designed from his belt he dropped it, the device had been designed to deliver an electrical shock to stormtroopers through their armor so it was questionable what effect it would have on a Wookiee. After placing the device, Omega ducked out of the Wookiees grasp and leaped up to the 2nd floor of a nearby fire escape. Hoping that the device worked as planned. Action is Cunning Snare, then one maneuver to disengaged then 5(2+3) strain to leap to medium range.
  11. That works for me. I'll see if I can post my turn later tonight, if not I'll have to wait until tomorrow.
  12. I think that you may have crossed what player B wanted. In the instance that I was talking about, player B wanted to keep their character dead rather then bring them back. But your response was helpful in either case.
  13. Quick question, for either @Nightone or @awayputurwpn if Omega uses the Cunning Snare action would Grrawlryyhl have to check if he moved, or no? I ask since we are already engaged.
  14. Yup, both ranks.
  15. I finally got a chance to what the video, and I think what I did wrong (at least a large part of it) is not have an encounter that was hard/impossible to win, but I forced them into such an encounter. I think I will tell the players as much next time we meet, that I may give them encounters that are very difficult, or impossible if you do them wrong, but that I shouldn't have forced one on them, especially at such a low xp level. I asked the second player if he wanted his character back, the first player had already said that he didn't want his back, the second player said that since the first player didn't want his back, he wanted to make a new character and combine it with the other (first player's) PCs backstory. Out of curiosity if a player in one of your groups said that since character x died, and that player is making character z, I want to keep my character y dead, and make a new one. What would you say to that? Excellent point. Interestingly enough the character in question is a force user who seemed to be moving at a very high rate towards the dark side (about as high as you can get without murder). There are some options, now if I could just get the player to talk about some ideas, or if they just want to start new campaign or something else. This might be what we do, it looks like not everyone is going to be able to meet next time, so I'm going to suggest a one-shot in another system, then by the time we get back around to starting up again we'll (hopefully) have found a solution.