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  1. Wasn't it supposed to be hard? So you may get/need to re-roll. @TheShard Should it be a re-roll or something else?
  2. Better than Caess (2G, 1Y), but if no-one is better perhaps Caess could provide unskilled assistance. Providing any additional information that the rebels gave to him about Imperial squads.
  3. If you think that both will work equally well for you and that both would get him off the street, I think that S'zish would be better off using a stun grenade
  4. @Ahrimon would it be alright with you if S'zish used a stun grenade on the Zygerrian? Or I could try and hit them with the butt of my rifle. Thinking about it both have pluses and minuses.
  5. Fighters are easy to take down, even with shields, their even easier to kill if you treat them as minions, since then crits will kill them automatically. I think that part of the problem is that the ships you gave the pcs are some of the best, the Defender is one of the best Imperial fighters in the game, more than a match for any rebel ship, and they outnumbered the rebel ships. The CR90 is also not a very durable ship. One way to minimize dice rolls if you have the AoR core book (which I assume you do since you mentioned TIE-D) is that instead of shooting normally you can have the weapons on cap ships do a "Concentrated Barrage" it makes you need to roll less, and until you get up to ships that have 10 weapons, it can do less damage if you don't roll well. So you would only have to roll twice for all 8 turbolasers on the Marauder then on a hit with 1 advantage (and x successes), the damage would be 9+4+X-(Armor-2), that helps with not needing to make as many die rolls. I think that if you want you enemy ships to last longer, you'll need to go with bigger ships, even silhouette 6 ships are much tougher than sil. 5 ships. Since players are ment to actually be able to "easily" get some silhouette 5 ships their not that though relatively speaking. I think that is for narrative uses, so you as the GM would have final say over what "something vital" would be. When I look at that line I think about that A-wing crashing into the Executor in episode VI, if that was an rpg roll it probably would have involved one or more triumphs (and a despair perhaps).
  6. Saying that canon is moot is fine, if you never talk about Star Wars with anyone who doesn't share that view. There will always be parts of any sci-fi universe that the fans dislike, or outright hate. That doesn't mean either way if those things will be tied into something else in canon or not. Canon in a sci-fi setting mostly exists for the fans, either as a method for attempting to understand the fictional universe as something more complete than the movies show, a way to have a story told without as many contradictions as some universes have (I believe parts of the old EU, now legends, were like this), or yes a way to get money from them. For myself I prefer Disney's way of doing things to trying to fit new stories into the quagmire that the old EU was, I read about 15-20 books and I don't think I even made that much of a dent in it. I also prefer it to some of the other methods of 'canon' that I've seen in sci-fi, such as what Games Workshop's 'canon' view for the Warhammer 40K universe, which was and I believe still is "Everything is canon, and nothing is canon." Which makes it almost impossible for fans to come to any kind of mutual understanding.
  7. Do you think we should do anything about that conversation @Ahrimon? I'm inclined to say no, just in case their monitoring transmissions. I'm of the opinion that we could head to the gate control, security office, lab, or see if there's anything useful in the dock area since the dock master is missing. What do you think?
  8. Slower pace works for me.
  9. Disappointing it was fun. It was good playing with everyone, I would do it again.
  10. Caess went with the others back to the Sentinel, turning onto the ramp after Dex. He had forgotten about the fallen Imperials. Caess provided Jaycen and Kai, then slightly later Dex as much help as he could. Sathari were not known for their strength so he wasn't sure how much he actually helped. When they were done Caess acknowledged the two droids who had stayed behind with the ship. Always good to have someone watching over the ship. Caess listens to the Kaimer and Dex talking about words that might yield some useful information from the Imperial computers, they seemed to have covered a lot of the possibilities that I can think of. "Good ideas." he tells the two of them "'Fleet' and 'Deployments' might also give us something, maybe 'Storage' but, that might yield the same results as 'Depot.' Unless we can find a new set of codes for this ship I think that Dex is right and we don't have much time to use it in."
  11. I don't think I can add much to the keywords we already have. Perhaps "Deployments," "Fleet," and "Storage" but that last one is partially covered by "Depot." I agree we'll probably have to use the ship quickly for maximum chance of avoiding detection, but as shown in episode VI if we can find the right codes we can keep using it. But, without those we'll need to use it quickly if we're going to.
  12. I think that Caess would probably want to keep the ship. But, wouldn't stick with it to the bitter end if a better idea comes along. As for right now, I would say that Caess went back to the ship with Jaycen, and would probably search the trooper/cargo area while he was slicing the ship.
  13. I assumed we closed it, but in such a way that only our group could get back in.
  14. Caess pauses at the entrance to the bar where most of his crew had gone. He scans the bar to see if there's anything suspicious, he sees various patrons in the bar, nothing of note there. Then he spots a spice vile in the corner not unexpected on a planet like this. After scanning the bar Caess turns his attention back towards his crew. Caess decides to join them, he walks over and sits next to his crew. "Nothing for me." he tells the bartender.
  15. What's Around? (Perception): 1eP+1eA+2eD 0 successes, 1 advantage Not that impressive...