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  1. Jailbird and the Desperadoes OOC

    I had two successes, so shouldn't I be before Edgehawk and the decrainiated, or at least make it npc npc npc pc pc pc pc npc npc?
  2. Jailbird and the Desperadoes OOC

    So since I'm not sure which Caess is supposed to roll, I rolled both Cool and Vigilance. Well I tried... (Cool): 1eP+3eA+1eB 2 successes, 4 advantage Well I tried... (Vigilance): 1eP+1eA+1eS+1eB 2 successes, 1 threat
  3. Jailbird and the Desperadoes OOC

    Still Talking (Negotiation): 4eA+3eD+1eS 3 failures, 1 advantage Well... that would seem to be that. Can the advantage mean that Caess knows the man is not persuaded and get a boost die on initiative, if it comes to that?
  4. Jailbird and the Desperatos IC

    "My friend here sometimes gets overeager, he simply wanted to make sure that you weren't going to do anything to interfere with our business here, and while I have no interest in interfering with your day I would be interested in knowing the same."
  5. Jailbird and the Desperadoes OOC

    Short and sweet (I hope). Let's see what the dice say... Talking Them Down (Negotiation): 4eA 2 successes, 1 advantage ehh.... if someone is looking forward to a fight, this may be your chance.
  6. Jailbird and the Desperatos IC

    Caess moves in front of Dex "I'm certain that neither of us want this to come to shooting, I think that gentlemen such as your selves would have things that you don't want the Hutts looking into, just as we do. So let's go our separate ways and forget we ever met each other." Caess finished, hoping they would listen to reason.
  7. Jailbird and the Desperadoes OOC

    Would negotiation work? As in, we come to an agreement that we both (assumption here) have things that we would rather not come before the Hutt/Hutts? If it doesn't I would probably go with that neither of our interests are served by fighting here (charm?? Since its appealing to his better nature... in a way).
  8. Jailbird and the Desperadoes OOC

    Is Caess close enough to try and talk them down, or is it only Dex right now?
  9. Jailbird and the Desperadoes OOC

    So unless I'm mistaken that means I can use Kaz's cunning or ranks in perception in my roll. Here it goes then, Still Around? (Perception): 3eA+1eP+2eD+2eS 1 failure What the... No successes, wow...
  10. Jailbird and the Desperadoes OOC

    I could still be totally wrong (not the first time I've done that in an RPG), but Caess is going to head back to the hanger. But, when he steps outside he is going to try and spot those individuals who left after talking with him. Would that be a roll, or just post IC?
  11. Jailbird and the Desperadoes OOC

    I was waiting for someone else to say something, or something else to happen, so I suppose, yeah.
  12. Jailbird and the Desperatos IC

    "So, you see, one of our crew, now former crew, accepted a job without getting all the details. One of which was the name of who we're supposed to pick up the shipment from. Would you happen to know anyone who is expecting someone to come in and pick something up?"
  13. Jailbird and the Desperatos IC

    "Just passing through. We need to pick something up... and get a drink." Caess says lifting up the drink and taking a sip. Not too much now Caess thought knowing his smaller frame can't handle as much alcohol as his other companions. Caess lets out a slight sound and winces almost imperceptibly as the drink goes down. Caess looks back up from his drink, "You seem to know your way around, perhaps you could give us some information that would expedite our business."
  14. Jailbird and the Desperadoes OOC

    So I'm curios, what does the unidentified drink smell like?
  15. Jailbird and the Desperatos IC

    Caess scans the room, can't be too careful in a place like this, perhaps he stands there a bit too long watching. Caess crosses the gap between the entrance and the bar quickly, and approaches the bartender. "What do you have?"