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  1. Briar thought to herself, Those are both good questions. then added out-loud "Also sir, do we know what the hand was doing in the Suolriep Sector, or what their mission was?"
  2. Briar shifted slightly in her chair, trying to ignore the Zeltron's gaze by focusing on Sergeant Luks' question, and waiting to see if and how Colonel Yularen responded to it. He seems very determined to wait until everyone is here, that could mean this is very important mission! ...or it could mean he just doesn't want to repeat himself... or maybe both?
  3. "V?" Briar stuttered "Just V?" The Zeltron's response had been the last thing Briar had expected. No Rank? No Title? If that's really what she calls herself that would really narrow down who she could answer to Briar though to herself.
  4. "Hello, I am Agent Briar Ostell, Imperial Security." Briar said in the same crisp manner that she had greeted almost everyone in the Empire since graduation from the academy. "What is your name?" She asked curiosity slipping into her voice.
  5. Colonel Yularen! This must be more important that I thought Briar thought to herself as she took a seat. "Thank you, Sir." Briar paused for a moment to take in the room before continuing "Colonel, can you tell us who else is coming?" Briar asked curios to learn more about the assignment.
  6. As Edgehawk said, my character is based on computers and knowledge skills, so mechanic wouldn't step on my character's toes really, even though both would have high intelligence, so don't be concerned about me if you want to make that character @oneeyedmatt87
  7. "Yes, I'm sure they do." Briar replied before drifting into silence, thinking about the assignment and what the trip to the Executive Building would mean for it.
  8. Briar paused for half a second at a door before opening it. "As far as I know they're keeping their current assignment." Briar was already halfway through the door by the time she finished her sentence. "If you want, it may be possible for you to leave them a message either before we ship out, or after we arrive in the Outer Rim."
  9. Briar Ostell, turned back around, noticed the lack of a cap, close enough... she thought to herself. "Ship in the Outer Rim, you'll be joining an Advanced Recon unit there." Briar said coolly in response to the question. "But, first we must report to the Executive Building." Briar began walking out of the cell block, glancing back over her shoulder to make sure she was being followed. Rather odd for us to have to go to the executive building, I wonder who we're going to meet there.
  10. Destiny Roll: 1eF 1 Light Side @Edgehawk In regard to Den's question what does Briar know about the assignment?
  11. Take 2: 3eP+1eC+2eD+2eB 2 successes, 1 advantage I don't really have any ideas for the advantage at the moment.
  12. @Edgehawk Would a dataspike (or a few), be something that be part of the ISB gear that Briar brought with her? Basically as the "personal item"?
  13. Agent Briar Ostell, ISB: http://swsheets.com/c/oy9i2r9ac-agent-briar-ost @Edgehawk Let me know if you need more background information, or clarification on anything.
  14. Oh, I misunderstood, I thought it was only a day. Then Caess would probably try again. You said I got a boost from the advantage I rolled last time, is that the only change from the last roll?
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