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  1. Oh, have the Stormtroopers done anything yet? If not can they fire stun shots at the Pirate Queen?
  2. Well then... Briar thought to herself as the fighter headed down the launch tube towards the closed blast door Hopefully that will hold, but just in case. "Captain Hagstrum, a fighter is trying to escape through the forward launch tube, stop it by any means short of destroying it." she said, turning in time to see the boarding ramp to Venlana's yacht close and hearing her response to it, Briar starts sprinting towards the yacht "Troopers follow me, get ready." she says as she passes the stormtroopers on her way to the yacht. Reaching the yacht Briar approaches the key pad and quickly starts working on it, the Zeltron that had been fighting the Pirate Queen offers what they know of the pass code, and to Briar's slight surprise it is mostly correct, she quickly finishes the rest of the code "Get ready, the ramp's coming down!" as the ramp starts to lower Briar leans in slightly to see the Pirate Queen has made her way into the middle of the hostages either on her way to the bridge or using them as cover. This complicates things.
  3. Ok, then suffer two strain to get to the yacht (right?). Then the computers check. Oh, an on the way I'll tell the CO that a ship is trying to escape through the forward doors, and to try and stop it without destroying it. Upgraded 3 times means 5 proficiency dice, then codebreaker reduces hard to normal (unless that had already been accounted for) then the two setbacks after everything (unless I messed up somewhere) so here goes. Unlocking the ramp (Upgraded): 5eP+2eD+2eS 5 successes, 1 advantage I would like to use the advantage to recover 1 strain. Is there anything special I should know before I post IC?
  4. Does the Intrepid have tractor beams, and does Briar still have communication with the bridge? Also, if the Yacht is locked could Briar unlock it?
  5. Reaching the bottom of the stairwell Briar sees how the hanged has descended into chaos there are several dead pirates around bottom of the stairwell, the inquisitor and the Zeltron that had taken Luks to the other stormtroopers, fighting the pirate queen, and she saw the girl force lifted into a starfighter as it prepared to make its escape. Can't let her escape. Briar thought looking around spotting the nearby control console she raced over to it. Got to close them all at once, or the fighter will get away. as she started working on the computer; emergency lockdown. ISB override... almost got it. DONE! as the alarm begins to echo around the hanger and the doors start to close. Seeing the troopers awaiting her orders Briar says "Get those weapons," pointing to the weapons dropped by the fallen pirates "and take down the pirate queen." she says pointing to make certain the target is clear.
  6. I can't think of anything better to do, so upgrade the next attack against the pirate queen, and pass on a boost. I'll post IC soon.
  7. Ah, ok. Can they pick up the blasters then if they are in range of the pirate queen fire, and if not move to get into range?
  8. There's one pirate left near the stairs right? Can I order them to pick up the blasters and fire on the last pirate?
  9. Oh, I forgot about them and the boost. What weapons do the troopers have?
  10. Ok, then the emergency protocol is normal with no setbacks after Codebreaker. Here goes nothing. Emergency Protocol: 3eP+1eA+2eD 1 success, 1 threat, 1 Triumph Yay! Can the triumph make it so that the protocol is in place until I end it, or is that too much?
  11. Is there a chance that the fighter would escape through forward exit on its next turn if I only close the hanger door, or is it too far? Also, would code-breaker apply to the emergency protocol check, since it might involve codes that I don't have?
  12. Is there a console close enough to me where I could close the hanger doors? Oh, and is the phantom trying to do stuff in the hanger, as a player I don't want to lock @bsmith23 out of the encounter.
  13. Got around to spending XP. Picked up a rank in leadership, a rank in knowledge education, two ranks in negotiation, 3rd rank in computers, a second rank in the codebreaker talent, tactical combat training from the cadet tree, and encoded communique. That's the 75 plus 5 I had saved up.
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