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  1. Routed Heroes cant - move, start a duel, attempt a quest and support a battle I can't find anything that would prevent routed Hero to heal or train during his Quest phase. Is it allowed? I assume that would be the same for Commanders. Also - Does hero counts as being in area while moving through it? There are some tactics cards that could be used while hero is moving through area. (I guess not, since it could apply to units aswell and would mean that you have to kill them?)
  2. Scryter

    Beastmen proc?

    And can i place water against water or mountain against mountain?
  3. Scryter

    Beastmen proc?

    Once per beastmen - ? does it means if i have 2 beastmen, special effect can hapen multiple times up to beastmen count even if special is not drawn initially? i have 2 beastmen- 1 draw is empty and 1 is special - Special trigers - deal 1 damage and draw a card. New card is special. Do i deal 1 damage and draw a card again? (since special hasnt hapened up to max once per beastmen limit) Or do i ignore the special? (since the beastmen already used his special, and only initial draw matters) How do i interpret (once per beastmen) ? Does it mean special can hapen up to beastmen count? Or it means specials proc by inital draw? (beastmen op)
  4. Scryter

    Questions - part 2.

    I CANNOT ACCESS AND READ THAT LINKED TEXT YOU POSTED HERE... WHY ? CAN YOU REPOST THE LINK OR TELL ME WHAT THAT THREAD OR ARTICLE SAYS IN BRIEF ?!? THANK YOU ALOT !!! It just is the thread about the same question(mid-move quests). They discuss it and in the end someone asks oficial question to developers and recieves answer: "Yes, you can “pass” the target player and still achieve the objective. Note how it says “at any time during your turn”. As you move, space-by-space, during your movement phase, you briefly occupy each space. Jason Walden Board Game Producer Fantasy Flight Games"
  5. Scryter

    Questions - part 2.

    Dont believe everything that you see on internet, BUT i found this: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1423247/find-traitor-mission-card i am now positive that it should be completable mid-move, since movement is resolved by moving multiple times by 1 space, meaning you physicaly step on all spaces you go by.
  6. A new question emerged while playing game, so ill post it here with the ones who werent answered last time I personally think all are "yes", i just need some approval or dismisal 1)can Canoness pull threat card of any deck EVEN while in non-threat icon (text-box) space during her engagement phase start? 2)there are missions who use statement "ocupy the same space as your target at any time during your turn" does it count if player passes his target by moving? (since your movement is basicly multiple 1 moves until you run out of movement score) or do you have to start or end any of your turn phases on the specific space? 3)few missions offer a chance to take them as ally assets - they count towards asset limit? 4)influence tests - a)affiliations doesnt count as 2 influence here, right? (they work as money only if you want to spend 2 influence) b)and grey skill bonuses doesnt work (since they are only for 3 basic attributes)? 5) does all the turn phases hapen even in iner tier and scenario space? movement? exploration? engagement? experience? i mean do they theoreticly hapen - they do nothing, since you cant go/fight/explore or such, but they still are there in your turn order. so assets/specials can trigger? thank you
  7. I would say with agents of imperium and other human players but not nemesis, because: "When a nemesis participates in a battle, the battle form always matches the nemesis’ attribute type." if 2 nemesis would fight, what atribute would you use? one of them would have 0. when nemesis looses batle , the are rewards for beating him, they usually are non-nemesis character based rewards (influence,wargear etc) which are not usable for other nemesis.. i do not have definite answer, hovewer id say no, since it makes many, many... many questions.
  8. i found some edited version: The psyker has developed his powers to the furthest reaches. He can generate a rain of force bolts that can smash his enemies in a savage storm of psychic fury. The psyker can pick out a number of targets equal to his Psy Rating for each round that he maintains this power. The psyker must make a Challenging (+0) Willpower Test to hit each of his targets., and deals 2d10 Impact Damage with a bonus of +3 Damage per Psy Rating. No target may be hit more than once a round. This attack can be dodged in the same manner as any other ranged attack.” ***** but yeah i kinda got what you tried to explain. in power description it isnt specified that power ends after the test... and usually sustaining power in next turns is free acion, in this case it is not? and requires full action? do i need to roll again in each turn to sustain it if not used to atack?
  9. manifstation... but the manifestation just casts the spell... actual attack comes from sustaining it till the next turn and using the test then. since you can sustain a power as free action (right?) you can keep this power up at second turn, and have full action availiable. you dont need to re-cast it. just keep it up. im asking about the mentioned willpower test, that is used to actually atack - it is not specified that it is free action or whatever ***** from the start: ***** 1. you cast this power at your turn, spending full action. end turn. 2. its your turn again. you sustain the power (as free action), you have full action availiable. and can atack with power USING A TEST (not mentioned how much time the test takes). meaning you have either full action, half action or no action left after using this test.... depending what kind of test it is..how big part of your action it takes.. (this power has parts/sequences which is weird.. forst you cast it, and then next turn you sustain the power and atack, and so on and so on. the test itself beeing what? )
  10. Hi, quick question- how does this power work? You spend your entire turn (full action) to manifest power. Then in next turn you can make willpower test to attack. is the test free, half or full action? is it free or half - can i use other attack actions?
  11. I would love to argue how level isnt skill.... but later in corebook it neatly jumps from "skill" to "attribute". thank you for your information. it now makes a bit of sense since those tests must be skill test in order for a roll to explode. #psykersmeltfaces edit- next questions: can canoness pull threat card of any deck EVEN while in non-threat icon space? blocking stuff if she fails the battle? what hapens if there are enemies on guardian textbox space, can you use your remaining points to enter iner tier or you cannot? in nemesis expansion there are 2 relics using statement "at the start of each of your turns" - meaning your turn starts and you use effect once, right? there are 2 missions using statement "ocupy the same space as your target at any time during your turn" does it count if player passes his target by moving? or do you have to start or end movement on the specific space?
  12. Suprise suprise - more questions. About inner tier and scenario space and power card substitutions- in inner tier there are 7 spaces. first 3 make you roll d6 and do whats told. next 3 are skill tests - so you can use power card substitutions and die explode works, right? last one is level test - can you use power card substitution here, since level is not a skill, but rather a atribute? and i assume die explodes? (#astropathOP:D)
  13. On psychic atacks astroapths get +5 to his roll per psy point used, right? If mentioned psyker is on recieving end, do he gets some kind of bonus too? Saw this weird talent: Bastion of Iron Will He doubles his defensive Psy Rating on any Opposed Test What does it do? What does defensive psy do? As i can currently understand- psykers atacking get +5 per psy and can push. BUT psykers defending too get +5 per psy, but cannot push. (would make sense if psyker vs normal person would get more strenght, but not that much against another psyker, right?) with this talent psyker doubles his psy if defending. meaning that psyker with 40 wp and 4 psy would have to pass wth a roll of- 40+4*2(double from talen)*5=40+8*5=80? anyone? mby someone actually knows this?
  14. Great thanks! One more - X when drawing threat cards do you draw only the amount specified (2 red seals = 2 red cards) no matter what they are? you should right? (meaning if you step on 2 red seals and draw 2 assets you just pick up them up and exploration ends and engagement doesnt start.) when we played we kept drawing till we have atleast 1 enemy or event. someone said that "there must be an enemy or event", is there such rule? so someone isnt able just to get free stuff too easily? i cant find such a rule in the rulebook.. edit: more - X can you choose not to pick up asset thats on your space? X when cards are removed? "After resolving an encounter, it remains on his space unless specified otherwise." Places: Forgotten Portal - how it is used? thanks!
  15. Hi there! A lot of questions about this game 1. Character specials a) Callidus Assassin / Evade / Evasion As I understood- before combat rolls player may split enemy pile into two and not to fight with one of those (Evading one, but fighting the other). But he cannot fight the "evaded" enemies in the same turn. Right? Can player still pick up items / strangers etc if evading in his turn? b) Canoness Player can add 1 card from any threat deck to his space. Works as all other threat cards, right? If its event it resolves first, before actual engagement phase? Seems weird, because you draw card before combat, but it can delay it... c) Commissar (Same question for Ordo Malleus Inquisitor) "Instead of resolving movement phase..." Can player roll movement dice, look where he can go, then teleport if he chooses? Or he must declare that he will be teleporting without rolling movement? "Resolving" means to start and end, if player rolls dice, but doesnt move he techincly havent resolved movement yet, so he should be able to teleport? "Take any stranger encounters.. the cards ability cannot be used". Basicly these cards work as charges for his "Sacrifice ally or stranger to gain 6-roll. Do they count towards asset limit? All it states is - they have no bonuses. d) Eversor Assassin Life from level-ups counts towards maximum life, right? he exceeds 12.. It seems his "loose 1 health to gain extra roll" is op, since he can just go heal, or he loses 1 maximum life? e) Sanctioned Psyker "At the start of experience phase draw power card". Does experiene always hapens? Even if you loose a battle? Does i happens in Inner tier? Does it hapen in scenario space? In each game(-1, psyker character havent won once!) psyker wins because he just keeps drawing power cards every turn. even while in inner tier, and battling scenario. Please atleast say that in confrontation he doesnt get to draw card.. please? 2. Mechanics a) Battle ties, skill test ties If you tie in battle, you dont loose hp, but you dont gain trophy either. And you cant resolve ecounters and pick up items "behind" enemy.Effects with win and loose doesnt proc either. right? If you tie in skill test, you pass? We have been playing like that... b) Enemy and text box After killing enemy, can't player resolve the text box on that space? c) 1-roll Rolling a 1 on skill test fails the test whatever score you have.(Rule doesnt exist in combat right?) If a player roll explodes, does the 1-roll in the next roll fails the test? We played with houserulled " **** no! ". Were we right? I had a lot more question when i started to write all this... but i forgot.... i hope ill remember them later on..
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