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  1. That's the first thing to follow up with at Stele actually - still don't know how I feel about this Come on, quit your job, divorce the wife, drop it all for X-Wing. Don't be a filthy casual! Funnily enough, we already have a large audience, way more than I would have believed if you told me a month or two ago. They're just quiet, so we're trying to hear back from them!
  2. They are all up now - we talk about the lists in the commentary, but I'll get them added to the video descriptions over the weekend. Hope you enjoy!
  3. We actually hit the amount to pay for it easily because X-Wing players are stupidly generous - there were just other complications at the venue that prevented us from going live sadly
  4. Budget nathan and the worst howard are ahead of me on this list tim. It's clearly broken. How much more do I have to pay you to fix it?
  5. I don't want to get into this massive rabbit hole, but I will tell you Paul hadn't chosen a list to take to Naboo with less than a week to go. It isn't like playtesters are sitting on new meta breakers just waiting for the FAQ to drop.
  6. Tagging @Tlfj200 so he can find the thread, since he is clearly much better at this whole recording and discussion business.
  7. please ignore/delete I would never double post on accident, that's FAKE NEWS
  8. So, our standard podcasts can probably fairly described as fun mindless drivel. But, we have access to incredibly smart and talented people, so we (Travis and I) have decided to try and make use of them and put out a new format and try to do them every month or so. This is the test/pilot run, and we're looking for feedback on what everyone thinks. It's about 2 hours of us talking about what big erratas/FAQs bannings etc have been in other games, what happens when you try and rip part of tier 1 out of a meta, and where we think it's going to take X-Wing and the competitive metagame in general. If you get a chance, take a listen and let me know what you think, even if you hate it! Unrelated, Episode 7 is also out. It is not full of analysis, but it is full of me being terrified Jeremy and Duncan are going to kill me on the long car ride home from Naboo(we recorded it in the car, so the audio quality is atrocious. Sorry!)
  9. Naboo System Open 2017 Playlist: All of the cut is up, Swiss Rounds 7-9 are up/finishing uploading at this moment, and 4-6 will be up tomorrow evening. Big thanks to Peter Fu for helping carry the commentary really hard - as well as Paul Heaver, Blake McKenzie, Jeremy Howard, Duncan Howard for joining us for a few games! And, of course, all of the players for allowing their games to be recorded. Lastly, thanks again to Steve Cameron over at Cascade Games LLC for letting us record!
  10. Here's the playlist for all the Naboo System Open Games I got recorded. Rounds 4-9, and all of the cut. 7-9 should finish being uploaded tonight, I'll need to get some sleep and do 4-6 in the morning. Thanks again to everyone for the help, especially Peter Fu for absolutely carrying the team on the commentary side, and Steve Cameron over at Cascade Games for letting us just set up recording on the fly!
  11. Just double checked against the squad sheets, those are all correct. Eric Zhang MAY have had Chooper on Zeb, but I didn't bother taking a picture of the back of the back of the squad sheet to be sure.
  12. Yeah, sorry the volume is so quiet. Had to upload on a pit stop on the way home since so many people were asking. The rest are encoding/uploading now, I'll see what I can do about fixing the volume when they're done
  13. Here's the trainwreck of a show we recorded in Charlotte after KRAYT CUP 2. With myself, Ben Keller, Blake McKenzie, THE Zack Mathews, Duncan Howard, and Jeremy Howard. I'm proud to have survived the madness with no bruises or missing eyes from flying pens. I should add - we're an extremely bad influence. Don't play in front of your kids. Go back to bed Nathan! AND THE BOUNTY UPDATE! Podcasters are officially too bad at X-Wing to continue the bounty as is. We're going to continue the bounty and send out the Omicron Group Pilot and Hot Co-Pilot to everyone who gets a picture of their score sheet, but the templates are officially all taken! We'll be rotating around the prizes, so 100-0 your favorite host, and do it often! We are collecting the photos of defeat for a cool project we'll announce SOON™ so please keep sending them in! If you haven't seen them already, here's the promos! TO EVERYONE WHO HAS ALREADY WON THE BOUNTY I'm painting your templates this week. They should go out with the cards and templates soon! But it's going to take some time. I have 30 sets to paint! Thanks for your patience
  14. It was legit the greatest thing that has ever happened. Go watch the past broadcast, trust me it'll be worth it
  15. You get templates! And you get templates! EVERYBODY LOOK UNDER THEIR CHAIR, ITS TEMPLATES!