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  1. they only matter if there's 30-50 and they're feral
  2. I have never disagreed more. Why is Vader the only ship you could get a lock from in empire in the same faction as jendon and st-321?
  3. Sadly, because of the centrally planned reaction economy, each of us is limited to a set amount of reactions before having to wait in the daily bread lines to get more. Otherwise, I'd be able to thank every post in that thread. Beautiful.
  4. Yeah, nantex ensnare mirrors about to get really silly really fast
  5. keller is the source of all lists though, we already know this. also is this unironic gaslighting? I had to go back and check - i liked in the first time july 29th and was told you really liked it, you'd been trying to find the right things to add in FO after scorch and kylo. HELP I DON'T KNOW IF I'M SUPPOSED TO BE PLAYING A BIT that would be awesome if you don't mind - any stupid ugly factions you want promos from in exchange?
  6. Does anyone know these people? Can we donate a set of dice? 506 MOV means they played most of the games And yes, thank god kylo is only i5 otherwise I'd be playing supernatural/primed kylo, tavson, and a nice hefty bid What do you mean by "an upgrade faction"? Aren't the majority of FO lists using the fewest upgrades? Is there a theme thing I'm misisng here? I think I was moving when we did those kits neat I'd like to thank Zack for coming from the future to tell me to pack FO stuff to play his list.
  7. Vultures have blue turns, and with him you can lock with all your vultures and also grab a calculate. Just don't miss?
  8. I didn't think I'd get a cameo in a video game ever, but...
  9. good timing, we were doing another thursday but I went to bed instead maybe today instead if I can stay awake
  10. Better example of what I mean: 7B synch'd Anakin: Anakin Skywalker (62) R2 Astromech (6) Delta-7B (20) Synchronized Console (2) Total: 90 Proton torp 70 point ywing Anakin: Anakin Skywalker (70) Proton Torpedoes (13) Synchronized Console (2) Total: 85 could add r2 for another 3 ...would anyone even be tempted to take ywing anakin?
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