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  1. Man, I think coordinate with intel agent might be even less fair than blocking jumpmasters... When all your ships are pre-nerf whipser (or not, and you don't have to choose until after you know whether or not you should) you can do some stuff that is honestly obscene
  2. Preparation is for nerds! Just make things up and call everyone who disagrees with you wrong! Hmm, that's interesting. 37 is really unfortunate, 38 gives you the "minimum" kylo shuttle I'd want to run. We can always drop LWF since we're just blinding people anyways, I guess. Worth trying!
  3. Whoops, it started out as the "things that aren't RAC" list. And TIL Winged Gundark exists. Thanks again
  4. Good catch- I'll add Proton Torps and Nonx7 Defenders to the list, thanks!
  5. Hi again forums, we're having a moderately worrying string of content going on, so I figured I'd share our discussion. Here's the actual podcast, but I'll give you the summary too So, first off, let's talk about intelligence agent. Of all the crazy things you can do in combo-wing, intel agent might be the most abusive. Especially on Jumpmasters, there comes a point in games in which a blocking jumpmaster (especially with Ion Projector) devolves the game into a single-player scenario. Your opponent selects a maneuver, and then you are guaranteed to block it after seeing it, with a 50% chance for them to be ionized but even if it doesn't go off they're likely guaranteed to be blocked next turn. I made an approximation of the random scenario I watched last week because it was on my mind, but these scenarios come up almost every game, especially against large base ships. Hopefully this is clear, but the transparent squares are the potential spaces Corran can move by picking any move on his dial, and Manaroo's are the positions of a 1-turn and barrel roll. I just want to note that this isn't a particuarly contrived example or anything, and it doesn't really matter if Corran is stressed here, he just happened to be. You can't see it under the starting position for manaroo, but the two and three turns to the left are blocked by the barrel roll. This scenario is a problem, because Corran thinks he is playing the game, but he really isn't anymore. The Manaroo player is guaranteed to deny Corran's actions and likely just kill him here, no matter what Corran sets on his dial, because of Intelligence agent. If it's a 1/2/3/4/5 straight, or 2/3 bank left: just drop the cargo chute and stress corran, potentially block him or have a range 1 shot with Manaroo/ range 2 with Corran with him in front/behind you when he's double stressed. 2/3 Left Turn: Barrel Roll left/back 1/2/3 Right Bank, 2/3 Right Turn: Barrel Roll left/back If intel agent were not involved here, there would be the potential to outguess/outplay the blocking, but you simply can't now. All Manaroo does is dial the 1 Turn, pick up your dial and decide just how hard to ruin Corran's day. Main discussion point #2: Kylo. He hasn't been the apocalypse the forums predicted, but he probably should be. The only Kylo that was taken to Day 2 of Worlds made Top 16. It's my belief that Kylo actually is terrifying, and we've all basically been lazy finding the best ways to break it. Tyler stapled it to the side of Whisper/RAC because he was familiar with it, not because it's necessarily the best place to put it. Speaking of listbuilding with Kylo, here's the meta-wing link for Kylo: According to meta-wing, Kylo performs about on par with Burnout SLAM and Trick Shot, which are... not particularly good. The short story is basically no one is running Kylo on things that aren't RAC. A massive portion of potential lists out there are basically just not being tested, because RAC is easy, basically. For Empire, here's the list of ways to guarantee or soft guarantee crits: Guidance chips (3+ primary value) Mangler RAC Backdraft/Vader Score to settle Palp Proton Torpedos Winged Gundark Guidance Chips is hard because you have to run a Firespray with munitions, or a non-x7 Defender. There isn't a good place for Mangler in empire (other than maybe an OGP with Kylo + Manger?). Vader (or other pilots with ATC) and Backdraft are decent, but not Tier 1/S or whatever on their own. I haven't seen anyone bother with Score to Settle, though Score to Settle Maarek with kylo might be cute, because your crit generation is "wasted" after you get the two or three key Kylo's through. Here's a couple of example lists that as far as I can tell aren't being competitively tested Decentish Kylo (98) Starkiller Base Pilot — Upsilon-class Shuttle 30 Fire-Control System 2 Kylo Ren 3 Intelligence Agent 1 Kylo Ren's Shuttle 2 Ship Total: 38 Darth Vader — TIE Advanced 29 Advanced Targeting Computer 1 Engine Upgrade 4 TIE/x1 0 Ship Total: 34 "Omega Leader" — TIE/fo Fighter 21 Juke 2 Comm Relay 3 Ship Total: 26 Here you have two points left over for an EPT for Vader, or just taking adaptability and upgrading to Stridan and taking Pattern Analyzer. Honestly, I think Crack Shot is the way to go, because you're nearly guaranteed (97%+ and usually 99.9%+ against things that aren't soontir or a protectorate in arc at range 1) to get the crit through, and if you get the Kylo through you don't actually need to spend Crack Shot (70%+ of the time). Guarantees are good! Intensity is also an option. Intel Agent or Inspiring are both options on the shuttle, but if you haven't coordinated out actions with Intel Agent, go try it. Much like the example above it does things that are completely unfair! Coordinate Intel agent actually helps shore up one of the worst matchups out there of bombs, since you can intel agent to see where the K-Wing is moving, and coordinate to either block the K-Wing or just move to a spot that can't be bombed from that maneuver. Another Example: Zack Literally Spent 5 Minutes In a List Builder (100) "Backdraft" — TIE/sf Fighter 27 Crack Shot 1 Fire-Control System 2 Lightweight Frame 2 Special Ops Training 0 Ship Total: 32 "Whisper" — TIE Phantom 32 Veteran Instincts 1 Fire-Control System 2 Intelligence Agent 1 Advanced Cloaking Device 4 Ship Total: 40 Omicron Group Pilot — Lambda-Class Shuttle 21 Advanced Sensors 3 Kylo Ren 3 Inspiring Recruit 1 Ship Total: 28 The common theme you'll see in these lists is using Kylo to cover the weaknesses of the Imperial Aces you don't see much because of their weakness to turrets (or in whisper's case, things that shoot before her as well). I hope I don't need to explain the strength of being able to trade a single action for free reign of being in your opponent's arcs since they can't shoot. A fat Han, Rey, or Miranda, gets a whole lot less scary to these aces without Autothrusters when they can't shoot. Especially Miranda, who just crumbles when she can't regen. And lastly, following up on the illegal list bounty we ran! Congrats? to Robert Meyman, who won a store championship with an illegal list by putting Guidance Chips and Autothrusters on Fenn Rau. So, we're upping it a bit - now it's a regional or above! Good luck! If you win, you'll get an awesome trophy that totally exists and we won't have to panic and get made the day after you win.
  6. Don't bow down to listener pressure, you're the captain here!
  7. that's accurate
  8. git gud
  10. If Europeans are so good, why aren't they good enough to be American instead? Something something something your mom is the elephant in the room. ...Glad the audio quality is better, but this whole content business has to stop. Also, thankfully, I can see no one downloads our earliest episodes.
  11. Sorry about the content, will do our best to cut that down. Audio cable gave me some horrible noise on the line, but I figured it was better to just push it out last week. Should be better this week, let me know if it isn't! The money won't ever be "worth it", because it's a donation to them! If you're worried about the cost/benefit ratio of it, it's probably just better to not be a patreon so you don't feel like you're being cheated.
  12. Git gud podcasts
  13. Dash's PS isn't what let's you arc dodge, it's the pilot ability.
  14. Right, countermeasures is to help against the munitions out there, regardless of PS. But dash pilot ability is going to allow you to play on such a way that you'll eat less torps per game than the single torp dodge of countermeasures. Right, but Dash is out of arc significantly more often than leebo, and when you're out of arc you always roll evades. If countermeasures prevents two damage (either by denying a torp or giving you two evades you wouldn't have rolled otherwise) you're about even with Dash's pilot ability letting you dodge an arc you wouldn't otherwise once. The other tech you have an advantage against is kylo, and unless there's a significant portion of the meta out there that's kylo, I don't see it mastering much. Even against kylo, if I'm playing against leebo I'm probably happy because it's much easier to keep a decimator either bumped or range 1 of him. Dash's ability is an intangible so it's hard to directly measure the effect, but I didn't expect I would be trying to convince people that dash is worth the 3 more points than leebo almost always today.