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  1. #ThanksGoldSquadron
  2. Looks salty! Also, just published the normal episode 43, now that any of it will make sense (held up by objectives, not TLJ). Should be back to a "normal" schedule now.
  3. You can target an objective with tractor beam - but because they can't be assigned tokens, basically nothing happens. I agree it is cool, but we don't really want people building for specific objectives - as someone said earlier, you don't get to plan or pick what you're playing, so you need a well rounded list to handle "the field". That quadjumper needs to be able to justify it's existence when it isn't doing what it was actually made for (toot toot!)
  4. 1) 100% agree. It's very much a last resort thing. At some point, we can probably go back and unban seismic torpedoes, but it's going to take a lot of thought and testing basically. 2) I know, stupid timing windows! If we add a new one He's on the "Have our eye on it" list, but (pre gunboats) it was hard to meaningfully abuse his ability because... you're bringing dormitz, basically. This is not intentional - my last second editing screwed it up there. We'll go correct it soon™, hopefully in a couple of days. The short story is only the deployment ranges specified in scenarios should be "within", everything else should be "at". Sorry about that! Basically this, yeah. Gotta worth with what you know after all!
  5. I'll push out the ruleset we had at some point, as it was fun, just too unwieldy to carry around the pieces all the time. For now though, there are wordings and rules that need to be cleaned up still!
  6. BUT THEY WERE SO FUN I'm putting it back in @Rytackle you aren't my real dad anyways
  7. Some of the early prototypes were, so there's still a remnant in the deployment maps: the lambda icon and YT2400 icon are mission control. Everything else @Rytackle did the painful way!
  8. Here's the final result for all the objectives stuff. Mega massive shoutout to everyone involved. Also means we can actually release episode 43 now
  9. We proudly present to the X-wing community a new alternative format for the game we all love: X-wing Objectives In 2012 Fantasy Flight Games created the Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game. Its strong and unique mechanics coupled with the power of childhood nostalgia has made it one the most popular miniatures game in the world. However, after 5 years and over 12 Waves worth of ships, the “Standard” competitive format has begun to show some weaknesses. The primary win condition for years was to destroy all of your opponent’s ships, but now with so many cards and combinations available there are more win conditions that make the game less enjoyable. These include having a single, expensive, and unkillable ship win when time is up or staying in your corner the entire game and winning on a Final Salvo tie breaker. The X-Wing Objective Format was created by a large number of members from the X-Wing Community in a massive collaborative effort. Months of testing went into creating six objectives that have alternative win conditions. The hope was to eliminate some of the negative play experiences and get us back to the kinds of dogfights that leave us cheering and excited. We also sought out to create a format that would not only appeal to casual players but also be viable as a tournament format. Please download & print all the materials as needed and enjoy this new format. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Enjoy! You can view all the objectives in an imgur album here:, or you can see the splash page for everything at If you're just looking for the printable version of everything, the link is on the site or just here: To learn more about X-wing Objectives listen to the “Intro to Objectives” episode on the Carolina Krayts, Gold Squadron, or Mynock Squadron Podcasts. Video Tutorials will be made available on the Gold Squadron Podcast Youtube Channel soon™ Lastly, if you're running or participating in a tournament with this format, you'll want to use the rules here: The short story is that you can run it as an Imperial Assault tournament in Tome or Cryodex, and you should be fine! Here's an example page, if you want to save a click:
  10. Speaking of, I need to drop a #ThanksGoldSquadron for our episode dropping late this week, which is absolutely not my fault and definitely for sure 100% their fault, absolutely. Believe me. Which is sad, because people need to understand who Bob is and what he's about.
  11. Nope, because I'm amazingly slow. Soon™ though (I believe the set is being cut tomorrow)
  12. Everyone round is round won if you're drunk enough
  13. The secret for optics is basically that it lets you do this as well. How often are you moving, taking an action, and pushing to focus? Optics says you're still unstressed, and in addition you get to bank focuses every turn of no shooting (which happens a lot).
  14. Yeah, after some testing, optics is basically what lets you do it.