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  1. big true ...in my defense, something something something I have no defense
  2. when nothing matters people care a lot more about fun I guess, I sure can't explain any of it any other way
  3. Is there someone that thinks optics omegas are too good? That list was mediocre even when it was popular, and now it's... terrible. Did I miss this?
  4. wait why would it have a rear ar- oh. true!
  5. Not really - just broadly speaking, evade is rarely to never useful, and the rear arc is also (usually) a trap - SFs w/ gunner have to sloop for uptime, which means their arc is facing the wrong way and you're better off just not shooting for a turn just like an xwing would anyways, rather than rotate arc and then risk having to sloop with your arc facing the wrong way. Just having access to boost is significantly better.
  6. yeah, SFs w/ gunner are (usually) worse than xwings, it's pretty silly that they're more expensive.
  7. I mean, yeah, that's what I've been trying to get across. If someone thinks they're not fun - great! There's clearly a not-fun tax, look at supernatural reflexes and luke gunner. It's just important to be clear that that is the situation.
  8. I think you've missed my only point. X makes up Y% of lists in faction Z, therefore it's too good isn't a good argument. I don't care about RZ2s at all - I don't play them, but I don't mind playing against them. It's OK to say you don't like playing against them, and you think they should be more expensive so they're played less. If Zizi were unfairly costed (she might be, but there are so many worse offenders out there that this is a very odd fight to pick), the correct things to be pointing at would be things like winrate, swiss performance, matchups, etc - not how often they are played. There are cases where how often something is played is useful, but generally only when they get popular enough that the mirror match is a real concern, which RZ2As are very far away from.
  9. It's totally fine to not like specific ships or actions, but your justification scares me. Effectively, you're saying I don't like X regardless of balance concerns, but then actually look my evidence is I think Zizi being in 128 of 315 resistance squads is demonstrating a game balance issue. Luke Skywalker (pilot) is in 133 out of 451 rebel lists. Vonreg is in 100 out of 322 first order lists. Are they a problem? Are they telling?
  10. You're back to the same problem that people that think there's a conspiracy that every ship being good is thematic have - there are so many thematic things in the game that it's impossible for all of them to be viable. Every single named character is someone's favorite pilot.
  11. I'm in the middle of a rewrite (editors note - procrastinating) of ATC, so none of this is on the side yet, but since January of this year, for tournaments with at least 10 players and 65% of lists filled: Bottom two are sorted such that better performances are lower because I'm lazy. Basically no matter how you look at things, resistance doesn't escape mediocre. Even A-Wings overall: tl;dr what is even happening, why is anyone yelling at a-wings, they're middling at best. Is the rabble rousing going to be over stock t65s next?
  12. No idea, but happy to take credit for it. Also, how are you all fighting about whether or not RZ2s are too good or not. Events stop for 3 months and people are mad at... Resistance?
  13. It's only hyperspace at the moment - like others have said, there's not really anything in hyperspace after March or so. Kind of waiting to see what FFG is going to do to see where to go with it.
  14. All it takes is 2 months of not having real events and everyone is back to playing fun stuff instead of imp/republic ace vs boba vs vulture spam. X-Wing Co-op RPG WHEN
  15. same team, the alarm is by far the hardest opponent to deal with for xwing events
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