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  1. Everyone should know by now, I can't read.
  2. X1/Advanced Targeting Computer would be great too!
  3. Don't lie, buh lak K isn't anything approaching a good guy. HE'S A FILTHY CHEATER AND ADMITTED KANAN/BIGGS ADDICT
  4. This thread is a modern art masterpiece. It's an honor to be present before the lock.
  5. You forgot: 4. Be less bad
  6. It's Monday and this thread isn't at the front, I'm disappointed in you all.
  7. It's important to always interrupt your guests so they know who's in charge.. Seriously though, thanks for the feedback! We'll have to figure out if it's an interview or a conversation next time and actually stick to it.
  8. Yeah, if they could announce the name of that this weekend, it would really help us out...
  9. So, Travis and I had a chance to sit down and talk to Paul about a wide variety of things. Mostly related to the meta and how the design of some older cards/ships will affect the future going forward, and what FFG might be doing in the future to help mitigate some of the design hurdles caused by Biggs, R3A2, Mindlink, Autothrusters, etc. Only a few minutes of this are a Hearthstone podcast sadly, Paul keeps us moderately on topic! Then, when we free Paul from the prison known as my hotel room, Travis and I (and later Tyler!) follow up and discuss the future of the game - potential rotation formats, a ban list, and what some of the real problem cards out there are that are fun for a time, but maybe we've had enough of! Listener Two Point Five: Well Paul Said Bombs Are Fine, So I Guess Bombs Are Fine
  10. How do you git gud? Oh boy, do I have a community for you!
  11. If you watch closely, you can see Jeremy rolling too many green dice against cannon shots. He wouldn't have ever gotten the PS0 upgrade to Manaroo winning him the game if he followed the rules. ...Oh well, can't roll too many dice against the board edge. Not actually drunk, just easily amused and extremely tired. A good combo?
  12. I'm still not sure I follow - sure, some people may like games with lots of variance, but it doesn't need to be there to be successful. Just looking at the top online games (granted, these are video games, but the example should still follow) there really aren't many with notable variance. Counterstrike, WoW, League of Legends, etc don't rely on variance as a mechanic and are getting by just fine. Will read the link in a bit, gotta head out for now. Thanks.
  13. So, I'm really interested in this argument/attitude, because I don't understand it at all. To me, X-Wing would be strictly better if we removed all dice from it and it became entirely a positional game with some flavor variance thrown in so all games weren't the same. I nearly exclusively played palp aces when it was strong, because I could completely ignore what the dice said every turn. I don't mind the variance and don't tend to be one for dice salt or anything, they're just a necessary evil to me to make tracking damage not require decimals as well as add some variance so we're not playing the exact same rounds over and over again. Unless you're trolling in which case well played.
  14. Wait a minute, I don't remember ASKING people to call the commentary bad, just promising they would. Also you guys are savage, ♥ u qt3.14s
  15. Right - plenty of people bring weird stuff and do well with it. Orders of magnitude make weird stuff and it explodes in a horrible fire. Also, most of the weird stuff is still tier 1-2 stuff at worst, just oddball combos of them. Notable exceptions being the 100 point corran horn, heragattor, <imperial jank squad here>, etc