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  1. the game is ******* called x wing, so x wings should be useful in some capacity instead of being outdone entirely by several ships which themselves aren't even used. if the game called magic didnt have any magic spells worth using it would be an equal problem tbh
  2. Five waves have been added to the g*nb**t delay due to this post. Was it worth it?
  3. the delay just got TEN WAVES LONGER!
  4. just like the old ones. dont be mean to them because they were built that way
  5. yes. i know there was a plane version (sorta) but no one played it and it wasn't as good. if there was a plane version that was as widely played and talked about, i would totally be in. i would run the red baron and be smug when anyone talked about the flying circus meta and tell them to get good
  6. every time you post gunboat, it's pushed back another wave gunboat gunboat gunboat gunboat. see you all in 2097
  7. ive seen other games have formats with extensive ban lists and the metagame actually gets staler because it reduces the number of options, op. it makes the problem (if you consider optimal list building a problem) worse.
  8. This. All of this. There is no better time to improve the T-65. New canon paint jobs are available. New canon pilots are available. A lot of people would be eager for X-wing upgrades and new pilots, and capitalizing on the Rogue One tie-in would be the icing on the cake. It doesn't matter if they call it Rebel Veterans or the Rogue One Pack or whatever. I'd be happy with 1 Blue Squadron X-wing and 1 repaint Y-wing, or 1 Blue Squadron X-wing and 1 Partisan X-wing. I actually really DON'T care how much or how little screentime the Partisan X-wing had in the movie. I'm betting it had more time before final edits to the film. But even if it didn't, the paint job is COOL. But more important than screentime is that including a Partisan X-wing gives them ample excuse to add in Partisan pilots in addition to Blue Squadron pilots, and lots of new pilots to choose from would make me very, very happy. I didn't spend my childhood building K-wings out of Legos or drawing Gunboats in my margins on my homework. I was drawing and building X-wings. So yeah I'd love for the classic X-wings to get some extra love and attention. And I want those Blue Squadron X-wing pilots in the game! this but y wings also. i loved the y wing as a kid, and seing them kick ass in the movie was a dream come true, so im hoping they get some ordnance prowess in whatever pack gets made (even if it doesnt include a Y, a rebel-only torp option or something would be sick) edit: i mean they did have a y wing pilot in blue squadron iirc so if it was just a blue squadron pack with a t65 and a y wing in blue squadron colors, merrick etc i would go nuts. but i dont think that will happen since they were x/u on screen
  9. i feel bad for other ppl with the "red c3po" avatar bc i just sort of dont read those posts any more. any1 else do this?
  10. ...Yeah. He said so in his post. "The X-Wing's superior dial is further offset by the B-Wing's ability to barrel roll, which requires a 2 point upgrade for the X-Wing to pull off. " i like this. mainlining a mangler and with that title at 3 points (so its just an extra attack at little/no cost, but not free) means you could fit 3 FCS Mangle/Ion (or Mangle/Tractor or Mangle/Flechette if you are one of those people) daggers in 100 couple that with expanding the X-Wing's role from pure jousting (to make up for the B-Wing now being the King of Cannons, First and Last of His Name, Undefeated in the Joust, Let Those Who Stand Against Him Know Fear Forevermore.) would give some different options for sure
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