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  1. During these forced holidays, we set up a race with some home rules: 5 X-Wing race against each others, all in base configuration. The start line is set up in an abandoned village. All the ships are modified with lasers that can disable the engines for two rounds when shields and hull reach zero. After that the ship restart a full charge. Obstacles (mostly 3D printed) are like asteroids. To increase the difficults for pilots, we add a training fake-imperial outpost: The 4 turrets have 3 hull points, no shield. They roll 2 attack dices, at distance 2 with no distance adjustments. I race against my 3 sons and my wife, it was really fun and a bit less bloody as first experience to attract the wife and the my young daughter in the first X-Wing contact !
  2. I've printed it on my old but hard modified 3Drag. At that time I had an old extruder.
  3. Another old project: Do you like it ? If you wanna try, it's here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2753104 Thanks again to NovaDenied.
  4. My new big-project is running slow, meanwhile I share with you this old one: I like very much the Wild Karrde and Talon character.
  5. scale 1 : 1. I have a big 3D printer. 50 cm x 50 cm x 60 cm (20 inch x 20 inch x 23.5 inch).
  6. Here's a new big project: The level of details is amazing ! Many thanks to NoveDenied. Have a look at these STL files.
  7. After the big one, a really small experiment....
  8. Two years ago I did something big... It's a bit wrinkled due to my old printer's extruder. But I love this model because is pretty good detailed ...and really fun to paint. Only turrets are maybe a bit too WWII style... but the back is a masterpiece of modelling, IMHO also the front is really good: I really like this big ship... Now that we received the Huge Ship expansion. we have to invent new home's rules. Many thanks again to David Bogaerts for the STL files.
  9. Due Corona Virus, last weekend I had a match against my two sons: We was inspired by the new turret card in Epic Battles set. We print 3D five objectives: one main power generator (hull 6), two small power generator (hull 3) and two secondary objectives (hull 6). All are strongly defense by 9 "tiny turret": 2 dice - 360° attack, hull 3 There is also a Tibanna tank (hull 3), if is destroyed all in radius 1 suffer an attack 3 dice. We repaint as obstacles the plastics case of 4 small ships. :-)))) 5 tie fighter are patrolling the area. -------------- HOME RULES -------------- We introduce the concept of quota: 2 pegs means high level: no obstacles impact, no turrets impact, but the distance is augmented by one. So if you are at distance 2 it means 3 if you are at different quota. If you are at 3 it means 4 and you can't attack. If you are at distance 0 (one ship above other) you can't attack. Only straight manouver can change the quota, but it will reduced by one: a 3 manouver will be long 2 with peg change. A bomb will fell down to the lower quote. Instead rockets, torpedoes, etc. need to be launched at the same target quota. ------------------------------------------------ A small group of Rebel's heroes try to destroy the power generators and the secondary objectives. We start the match, considering the 9 tiny turrets at value of 10 point each. Both the factions have so 300 points to spend. Let's start the dogfight ! After a front assault the rebels ships suffer a lot.... They destroy some turrets and a Tie Fighter, but only two of the three primary objectives blow up. Only Miranda survives, escaping to continue the campaign...
  10. Here's another ship, ....I've just paint it: 3 different shade of gray, but two of them are too similar to appear in photo The idea is a smaller and passengers version of GR-75. I've found this nice model here.
  11. Just finished my Razor Crest... Painted and unpainted version.
  12. My very first test... more than 4 years ago. I think it is the oldest !
  13. Another old Labda experiment... This side appear ok, but... (pre-paint finishing image) This wing is bad... I've fixed it in some way.
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