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  1. Really close to my own, just replace skilled bombardier and seismics from deathrain with a proton torpedo.
  2. In general he is going to depend more on his squad mates than other aces is what I'm hearing. Then the question becomes what list makes The Grand Inquisitor the most frightening. It would probably focus on a heavy alpha strike. Then after that hurdle it's time to validate the inquisitor over whisper. At that point it becomes more of a personal preference question I suppose.
  3. Just wondering what's the general view on this guy in 2.0? He's changed playstyle alot compared to the previous edition for sure, doing what his ships dial is really good at now being a close up and personal knife fighter (suits the character imo). In my games thus far he's been an absurdly useful end game pilot. If he's the highest initiative left he is really hard to pin down. Early game a Prockets attack is a nice little alpha, and then he just cleans up with super natural reflexes and 3 dice attacks. Other than the obvious initiative 6 or 5 with a bigger bid, what are some solid checks to this pilot, or even straight counters?
  4. Redline - Tie Punisher -Advance Proton torpedoes -Concussion Missiles -Advanced Sensors Onyx Squadron Scout - Tie Aggressor -Ion Cannon Turret Inquisitor - Tie Adv. V1 (2x) -Concussion Missiles -Instinctive Aim From having played around with this I'm really happy with how it has worked so far. The Aggressor so far has Ion'd a single B-wing, but that threat keeps people on their toes and he keeps some of the heat off redline. The Tie Punisher is a changed ship. I really enjoy how much better it feels this edition to where it eas in first ed. The Tie Advanced V1 is my favorite ship in 2.0 full stop. The generic force users are so much fun. Always having a soft focus is great, and being able to fire missiles with a focus to back them up at any target is great. Give it a go, I haven't been disapointed yet. At the time of posting this it's a total of 198 points. (Edited for spelling/grammar)
  5. My first two games have been a treat. The rust is real though last game of 1.0 was sometime before the silencer dropped. Both games I played with the same list Feroph in his Reaper and a 4 named tie miniswarm. (Howlie, Iden, Gideon, and Meeko). The first game was comical. I forgot how to fly a swarm, still managed a win through a couple of factors. First my opponent was just as rusty as me, and second those tie abillities are powerful. Also jamming Corran Horn with the reaper before blocking him felt good. Second game was a much more convincing win for me but that is down more to the performance of my dice (a few triple evades in key moments, and iden saying no to an attack that finally got through). So far it's a blast. Tie fighters have to be respected again. With mods being much harder to get, 3 green dice with focus doesnt feel bad and 2 red dice with focus feels good. The reaper is a joy to use to jam and block. Iden's abillity is amazing. Game feels good.
  6. I'm thinking new ways to motivate them will make allot of sense with snow troopers. Allowing up to 4 actions from the unit in a round by dropping a trooper sounds pretty good, a pair of moves + an attack + pick an action would be a good time.
  7. My desert planet Imperials will be calling them hazardous environment troopers. Their heavy protective gear used during ops where sandstorm are possible or in the areas where there are adverse climate hazards like potentailly deadly to inhale gas pockets or dangerous fauna.
  8. Foreword: this list is entirely based off theory craft and experience from other table top games, it has not yet been used to any major effect or tested in the least. The idea is to make use of threat over-saturation to present my opponent with no one best choice to eliminate first, and to use the big beautiful AT-ST model. Darth Vader (230) - Force Reflexes, Saber Throw, Force Choke AT-ST (205) - Mortar Speeder Bikes (100)x2 - long range com-link Storm Troopers (55)x3 - Additional Storm Trooper The only upgrades I think may be flexible are the long range com- links and Force Choke, from my research and personal theory craft so far everything else is near essential. If I were to remove force choke and the com-links I would want to prioritize battle meditation before further considerations. As far as typical play style i see this list playing a bit like hammer and anvil with the 15 storm troopers and the AT-ST as the anvil and vader and 2 units of bikes as the hammer. To be fair I would like additional weapons on the storm troopers, however I opted for a second unit of speeder bikes over more utilitarian troops. Thoughts, comments, concerns, or even personal theory craft that I may have missed are welcome of course.
  9. Got a for fun list using the other (most would say primary, but I really do like Ozzel) maneuverability increasing commander for the Empire. I figured since I just got my Imperial Fighters 2 I would like a list that high lights them, and it seems Jerry is pretty good for moving a carrier that has no time for navigate commands. Here's the list: Objectives: Precision strike Hyperspace assault Superior positions Commander: Moff Jerjerrod (23) Fleet: ISD 2 (flagship) (145) - Wulff Yularen - Flight Controllers - Expanded Hangar Bay - Electronic Countermeasures Raider Class 1 Corvette (48) - Ordnance Experts Gozanti Class Cruisers (31) - Bomber Command Center Gozanti Class Cruisers (31) - Bomber Command Center Squadrons: Tie Defender Squadron x5 (80) Maarek Stele (21) Colonel Jendon (20) Total points 399/400 Should be fun. Anyone see a way I could fit leading shots onto the ISD? What would you do against this on the table? Does it look like fun to play against and with? (primary goal)
  10. I like Tarkin a lot, he is definitely a strong choice if you want to plan gunnery commands more often or if you're running carriers that need the tokens to make up for the fact that they're using ssquadron commands every turn. It's as you say though sometimes demolisher needs to drop to speed one to stay in the fight, and since demo has engine techs and I'm navigating pretty well every turn ozzel lets me drop that speed all at once, or makes demo impossible to plan for easily because it can suddenly jump from speed 1 to 3. I agree that the black dice on the 1 are better than the 2 armament and I can see switching down to that, but for the time being I will keep Montferrat. He is 5 points and with a more experienced player probably superfluous, but for me he makes a good set of training wheels. My Arquittens are built just like yours and they are super efficient that way. The reason I've been using the raider 2 is because it has more blue dice. It can make a nuisance of itself from medium range where it's evade tokens actually work (sorta) rather than being as dangerously close (to ships), the blue black anti squad is also nice for those pesky scatter squadrons, as the blue can roll an accuracy. Plus with the blue die antisquadron I can make use of ruthless strategists from farther away (if instigator has to jump out of the squadron ball then at least I can still deal meaningful damage by poking my own decimators). But I'll definitely give your fleet a shot.
  11. So I finally took the plunge and got into Armada (dropped roughly 400 into it.. but I'm caught up on releases now.. lol). I'm an Imperial Admiral now, field promotion from squad leader (I came from x-wing, where I play exclusively Imperial as well). My collection is fledgling (2 of every Inperial small/flotilla, 1 of every medium/large and a second victory. Squadrons are 2 core sets worth of tie fighters, the villain half of rogues and villains, and 3 imperial squadrons 2. Imperial squadrons 1 are impossible to get a hold of), but I've had a blast so far and I think my favorite admiral is ozzel. Here's the fleet I've been having the most fun with so far: Ozzel says zoom Gladiator 2 Class (114) flagship - Demolisher, ordnance experts, admiral montferrat, assault proton torpedoes, engine techs Arquittens Class Light Cruiser (59x2) - Dual turbolaser turrets Raider 2 Class corvette (56) -Instigator, Ruthless Strategists Vt-49 decimators x5 (110) Total 398/400 points Objectives: Not sure, have tried out many of them but could use some help sorting out what objectives play to my fleet's strengths. The game plan here is to simply outmaneuver my opponent. I love that little raider in tandem with my vt-49's, this ball of pain absolutely melts squadrons. The Arquittens continue to prove their usefulness on the table every game, the "informed reroll" of the dual turrets more than paying for themselves. I'm still mastering the Demolisher, but Montferrat is helping when I make a mistake. By all means dissect and improve this list, you can even use cards I don't yet have access to, cause I don't mind using the second hand market and I also don't mind purchasing more Armada. Thanks.
  12. I like adrenaline rush better than cool hand. Just don't even get stressed and take whatever action you want. You lose the evade option but you also aren't susceptible to things that take advantage of stressed ships (and you could barrel roll out of an arc or 2 at ps8).
  13. So as an Imperial player I get a new list filler option? Nice. I think ops spec is going to get a lot more play in imperial lists (probably on an upsilon) now that we have a not janky option that should trigger it often enough. Tlt carriers will also be decent at dealing with problems on the upsie's tail. Really though I'm most interested in the dual missile slot upgrade and what it could mean for my bombers.
  14. I don't personally think juke is a worthwhile investment for SF's. I personally suggest just going with FCS, lwf, and your choice of ept. Backdraft loves VI. Quickdraw is able to take just about anything, I like draw their fire a lot. If your squad has points they both appreciate pattern analyzers. Take your pick of third ship, I like countess ryad or Omega Leader (if I want all FO).
  15. My favorite way of dealing with them as of late has been TIE/SF's. The auxiliary arc is an excellent tool for dealing with their movement shenanigans while keeping your flight patterns erratic enough that they find difficulty bombing you. (2 dice out the back still stings against agility 1).
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