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  1. September 17th 100 point event 18th escalation event http://www.crossroads-gt.com/x-wing.html The crossroads gaming event is always a really great time. Xwing is a new core system addition to them but the team behind it are top notch players.
  2. gjnoronh

    First purchases

    Red box core Second core blue or red Tie Fo or tie fighter expansion Imperial aces and or interceptor or imperial veterans when it comes out I think. That gets you flying 100 points pretty quickly you could also reasonably get three core boxes and one or two epansions and have something to fly.
  3. It's interesting that it's the same approach taken by GW in their upcoming release for AoS http://www.belloflostsouls.net/2016/04/age-of-sigmar-how-the-points-system-works.html Roughly "there are lots of ways folks like to play lets explicitly recognize that" play they way you and your opponent have the most fun, don't forget there are other options.
  4. Found the OT Tolkie discussion very interesting. Here a good read for those interested in that topic http://tolkiengateway.net/wiki/Racism_in_Tolkien's_Works
  5. Put me in the very excited camp for this expansion. While I play competitively I also play with my kids for whom the only star wars movie they have seen in theater is TFA. That's their Star Wars love. You should have seen how excited they were when I showed them this announcement. Anything with Rey is a big hit In our house.
  6. How about this! http://www.novaopen.com/?page_id=5576 nova Squadron Radio and their forums/Facebook is a good place to start in that area.
  7. gjnoronh

    Age suitability

    My five year old is a huge fan of the game and asks several times a day when can we next play. As others have noted I try to tier it to his level with mostly generics but as we have played more games we are adding in upgrades. We do better with smaller games (50 points). My seven year old daughter isn't as excited unfortunately.
  8. 4.5 it wasn't awesome because there were too many "why did they do it that way moments" Poe Mario Karting through ties, weird bits about Han never having tried Chewies blaster, The weird CG space octopi, Han and Chewie only finding the Falcon after it has taken off but in the process of looking for their stolen beloved ship picking up a side business. But that being said it was still really really good and I walked out thinking about space and light saber battles and excited to learn more of this new era story.
  9. Hi I am new to Xwing as well and am in upstate NY/Western NY I have found this Facebook group helpful to find out about events. There is a monthly tournament in Rochester at Millenium Games but th only way to find it seems to be this Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1416842851939296/
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