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  1. I recently ran the following list, and it was a beast. Inquisitor -Sense -FCS -Cluster Missiles 47 pts Inquisitor -FCS -Cluster Missiles 42 pts Scimitar Squadron Pilot x3 -Barrage Rockets 37 pts each 200 pts total
  2. Of these ships, the only one that surprises me is the escape craft. It's still an effective little coordinator, so it's absence must be related to list building, rather than the viability of the chassis. But yeah, overall these absences make sense. I had the Auzituck pegged for the list of neglected ships, but I'm glad to hear it's getting some love.
  3. Seevor is definitely the more powerful of the two, but both are good. I like to fly both in the following list: Captain Seevor 30 pts Ahhav 30 pts Sunny Bounder 30 pts Torkil Mux 38 pts -Moldy Crow Title 18 pts 56 pts 4LOM 49 pts -0-0-0 5 pt 54 pts 200 pts
  4. Rofl! Yeah, that too! Cursed green dice....
  5. I like it. I don't it's possible for an I3 Tie Interceptor to be OP. Sustained fire will pop it pretty quick, which is ok when it's a cheap flanker.
  6. In Star Trek Attack Wing they released a U-turn template with the Bajoran Starfighter. Does anyone else miss Thweek from 1.0 Guns for Hire? He was fun and unique. His ability might need to be altered slightly for 2.0 balance, maybe just keep the init matching and not the pilot ability copying, I don't know.
  7. My casual matches almost always go to time, while my tournament matches rarely do. Maybe we tend to discuss more and be less efficient when playing casually, but I think the bigger factor is in my circle of friends we know each other's tricks and strategies, so we tend to dance around each other a lot more.
  8. This. There's no replacement for spending time at the table. In addition to general x-wing experience, you need time flying against different factions to understand their strengths and archetypes. You also need to put in some hours flying specific ships to really know how to fly them. Don't swap out your list every match. Play the same or similar list multiple times to learn how the ships handle and how they need to fly to confront different threats.
  9. I think Republic needs some point tweaks to be fully competitive, but ho boy are they fun to fly. Mace Windu and Wolffe are both pilots that are crazy fun to fly. Last night I flew: Wolffe -Clone Commander Cody 54 pts Mace Windu -Calibrated Laser Targetting 52 pts Luminara Unduli 44 pts Gold Squadron Trooper x2 25 pts each 200 pts I was nervous about flying a jedi naked, but as long as you don't expect heavy damage output, they're actually really great. Basically an A-wing with force tokens. She pulled her weight and was still alive at the end of the match. I pulled out a win against Darth Mau, General Greivous, and 3 Precise Hunters.
  10. I like these ideas. It's kinda funny that Imperial Tie Fighters have more team synergy abilities than Rebel Z-95s. Teamwork is supposed to be the Rebel ' s specialty!
  11. Tie Aggressors need a serious boost. I'm thinking some very strong pilot abilities would go a long way toward helping them out, something in line with the strong pilot abilities for the Rebel and Scum Y-wings (Dutch, Kavil, etc.) Maybe a pilot with an improved version of VTG. Perform a bonus turret attack after any attack? This would let it double tap with an ion turret, or fire barrage rockets and then turret. Any other ideas for bringing Tie Aggressors back into playability?
  12. Obstacle Selection: When you want to take Asteroids: -You're flying highly maneuverable ships that can navigate the asteroid field better than your opponent and you want to lure his ships onto rocks or break up his formations. -You're flying Mining Guild Tie Fighters that ignore Asteroids when moving. -You're flying Vulture Droids with grappling struts (Also applies to Debris Clouds) When to take Gas Clouds: -You're flying fragile ships and want to exploit the defensive benefit of the automatic evade (Jedi especially). -You're flying ships with low maneuverability or large bases and don't want to lose shots or suffer damage when you hit an obstacle (With certain ships this can happen even with good flying, think YV-666). -You want to deny Separatist opponents the use of Grappling Struts. -You're flying unshielded ships in formation (Tie Swarm), and don't want to risk damage on an overlap. When you want to take Debris Clouds: -You don't want to lose shots when you overlap an obstacle, but would rather take a stress than give your opponent an automatic evade (certain Trick Shot builds, maybe? I feel like most players will want to take Gas Clouds instead). -Again, Vulture Droids with Grappling Struts. When to take large obstacles: -Han Solo (Rebel & Scum) -Dash Rendar -Qi'ra Crew -Vulture Droids -Seismic Charges -Trick Shot -Any other list where you think you can exploit the obstacles better than your opponent. When to take the smallest obstacles possible: -The inverse of above. You want to deny these abilities to your opponent.
  13. This is a great thread, and I 100% agree with the need for more discussion of tactics. I'll echo what's already been said about 1.0 resources on obstacle placement, formation flying, etc on youtube and the aforementioned blogs. If you're new to x-wing and haven't checked out, do it. It will change your life. If I were to quibble with this threads complaint, though, it would be to point out that a true apples to apples comparison would be tactics vs the strategy of listbuilding (which there isn't much of that either.) Discussion of specific pilots/lists is more akin to threads discussing specific game mechanics/interactions, and there are lots of those.
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