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  1. A very fair point. And a great example of why I just write about games rather than writing games.
  2. How about: “If you overlap a friendly ship, both ships gain a stress token and skip the Check Difficulty step.” That way, not only do both ships that are fortressing get stressed, they can’t get rid of the stress by doing blue actions. That would discourage them. ?
  3. To be fair, given that Boba died a couple of hours after Han was unfrozen, it’s a fair bet that any ship flying the pair of them is from prior to that in the timeline. Which doesn’t matter at all, because if you want to be strict about such things, you can never have Kanan Jarrus or Saw Gerrera on the same table as Luke Skywalker, or any of the pilots who died at Yavin facing later Empire ships, or Asajj Ventress with anyone from the Galactic Civil War era. It’s just a game.
  4. There may be something in FFG taking a leaf out of Games Workshop’s book. For a while now, GW has been introducing new models to Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Age of Sigmar through stand-alone boxed games, and also giving them rules for the core games. In this case, that could mean FFG producing a stand-alone ship racing game with Star Wars: Resistance branding that also includes pilot cards and tokens for using the six pilots in X-Wing, along with a selection of thematic upgrade cards. I’d buy that in a heartbeat.
  5. I tried out the four TIE/ln pilots of Inferno Squadron today, and I am deeply impressed with their interaction and how their abilities, while simple, work beautifully and give them a very fun twist on how TIEs usually fly. My list was simple: Iden Versio w’ Marksmanship Del Meeko w’ Marksmanship Gideon Hask w’ Marksmanship Seyn Marana w’ Marksmanship 2x Scimitar Squadron Pilot w’ Bomblet Generator I was up against a Scum list based around dropping bombs and rigged cargo around, using Jabba to regenerate charges, and just plain hitting hard. It had Trick Shot Han Solo, Crack Shot Dalan Oberos and Sol Sixxa with Bomblet Generator. All had a bunch of other upgrades as well. My bombers went up the flanks, with the Infernos in the middle-left. Han and Sol came down opposite the Infernos, while Dalan duelled with the other bomber. The opening engagements were calamitous, reducing both bombers to a handful of hull, though I did manage to burn through Dalan’s shields and strip some from Han. Bombs went down, along with some rigged cargo, and the frantic manoeuvring began. The Scum came off worse, with Han bumping and taking damage from two bomblets, while Dalan took some hits as well, and Gideon lost one hull. In the ensuing engagement phase, I lost one Bomber, but Seyn got a crit and used it to push a damage card through Sol’s shields, leaving all three Scum ships with damage and vulnerable to Inferno Squad’s abilities. Over the the next few turns, the second Bomber went down, but Inferno Squadron were able to focus fire on Sol and take him down, before splitting up and destroying Han while reducing Dalan to one hull - at which point the timer went off and the game ended with all four Inferno Squadron pilots still on the table. Lessons learned: - I got lucky. My opponent made some manoeuvring mistakes which I was able to capitalise on, effectively neutering Han for most of the game. - The new damage deck is brutal. Han ended up with -1 red and green dice, while one of my Bombers nearly killed itself when I forgot that a K-turn doesn’t count as a straight manoeuvre... - Bombs are great, as much for herding your opponents’ ships into arcs as for causing damage. - Sometimes it’s good to keep things simple. Rather than loading up on lots of upgrades with interactions, as I’ve done with other lists, I kept this light and was able to focus on flying well.
  6. Six years before, actually. The First Order is just starting to make itself known as well, and Ben is a student at Luke’s academy. The New Republic actually managed to keep the peace reasonably well for more than two decades before it all started to fall apart.
  7. They are indeed. They're not something you can fly on autopilot, which is why I like them. Every move matters, and you really have to be sharp to not be wiped off the table in short order – especially in a turret- and bomb-filled environment. I am genuinely delighted that none of my games were easy for my opponents, and in several cases, different dice rolls could have changed the results. It's something to build on.
  8. This past weekend, I went to my third System Open in Birmingham. It's the only event I go to that's larger than a store tournament, because I'm really not a competitive player. I just like playing some fun games and getting cool swag (the alt art bounty hunters and Mandalore mat being the real draw this year.) Last year, I had a miserable time in the main event. I took a vaguely meta-ish list and didn't enjoy flying it. So I decided that for the next year, I was going to choose ships I enjoy flying and focus on learning to fly them as well as I could. Friends, I chose the StarViper. I've loved the ship since Shadows of the Empire. I've loved it in X-Wing since Scum were released. I actually flew Prince Xisor in my squadron at the 2016 Yavin Open (going 4/2 on day one), as well as a Top 8 finish with him in a Store Championship. So I practised with StarVipers, achieving a roughly 50/50 win rate with them prior to the release of Hired Guns, and slightly higher afterwards. I tried countless variations on a list, using all sorts of combinations of pilots and upgrades. Eventually, I settled on a simple list to take to the Open: Thweek – StarViper Mk. II, Virago, Advanced Sensors, Pulsed Ray Shield, Ion Dischargers 3x Black Sun Enforcer – StarViper Mk. II That's right – no Autothrusters. The way I fly the Vipers – aggressively and up close – they very rarely come into play except against turrets, so I decided to spend the points on making Thweek a bit more annoying. To cut a long story short, the main event was a washout, with 3 losses – which was pretty much what I expected to happen. However, none of the games was an easy win for my opponent – and none lasted less than an hour. I played a Poe/Dash list where Poe went down hard and Dash danced around rolling ungodly numbers of evades. Another game that I'm pretty sure involved Kylo Ren, but my brain seems to have deleted the relevant details, other than that his wingmates were blasted out of the sky by the might of the Black Sun. And finally, an old friend from the store I used to frequent, whose three YV-666s put up a tough challenge. Two of them survived, but none were unscathed. Satisfied with the fact that I'd had three hugely enjoyable games, and confident that my opponents could say the same, I skipped the Hangar Bay in favour of a good sleep. (Travelling down from the wilds of Scotland was tiring…). Refreshed, I entered the same list into the Hyperspace Qualifier on Sunday. I played four games before exhaustion claimed me once again, garnering two wins and two losses. The losses were both to Rebel lists. One was bomb-heavy, with Nym causing mischief. I struggle against bombs, because I rarely have the opportunity to practise against them, so simply surviving that one for an hour was a small victory for me, even if the game wasn't. The other loss came at the hands of a Ghost/Phantom/Phantom II list. It just TLTd me to oblivion, though the Phantom II went down first, and the Ghost was heavily damaged. The first winning game saw me paired up against another quirky list – Chaser, Lieutenant Colzet and a generic TIE Defender and Bomber. The game was close, with a number of manoeuvres and dice rolls that rested on a knife edge, but great flying (even if I do say so myself) and relentless focus on keeping Thweek alive saw the game go to time with three Vipers still on the board, and just the Bomber left on the Imperial side. My other winning game was a massive surprise – Kylo Ren and two TIE Aggressors with TLTs seemed to be a surefire loss for me. But my flying remained on point, and the two Aggressors went down in fairly short order. I kept Thweek and two more Vipers alive long enough for the game to be a win. The highlight of that game was actually twice being in a position to make Kylo have to choose whether to take the ion token from the Pulsed Ray Shield/Ion Dischargers combo. He elected not to both times. So, two wins out of seven games. Hardly a success story by the numbers. But you know what? I played seven great games of X-Wing – and I think my opponents would agree. I flew a list that I wanted to fly, rather than bending to the winds of the meta, and as a result had probably the most fun I've had at any event I've played in, and I feel that I flew well and didn't embarrass myself (apart from one or two notable mistakes near the start of my last game of day 2). Thank you to all my opponents – every one of you was marvellous. And thanks to Alex, Vince and the rest of the team – you once again put on a fantastic event. See you all next year.
  9. Nope – but only because I've pre-ordered from my local store.
  10. Graeme Lyon

    Fly Backward

    I'll just leave this here... https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2016/11/22/fly-backward/ Edited now that I've read the article: Interesting little ship, and some rather tasty upgrades. Feels like it's designed almost solely to cause mischief and cause your opponent headaches... which absolutely makes it my kind of ship. The ability to tractor friendly ships also makes it a potentially brilliant repositioning tool. Promising.
  11. That's to be expected right now, when the number of cards in circulation is tiny and the full release is still to come. Prices should drop rapidly once Awakenings is in stores in quantity and the secondary market really takes off.
  12. There are enough cards that specifically say "one of your dice" that I'm confident that any card that doesn't use that wording means yours or your opponent's.
  13. Rey Starter and 4 boosters from the local launch party. Pulled a First Order Stormtrooper, General Veers, Scout and Admiral Ackbar, who I'm very much looking forward to using. Don't have quite enough yet to put together a proper deck, so I eagerly await the full release. I think I'm probably going in for a full booster box now, whether my wallet wants me to or not...
  14. Yeah, well after that fantastic scene in The Force Awakens where Kylo Ren pilots a fighter and takes down ace Resistance pilots... Oh. Wait. I'm just glad we have him as a pilot at all. The crew card would probably have been sufficient to represent the events in the film.
  15. Kanan does seem to embrace a rather non-Jedi philosophy of blaming yourself for bad things that happen to you. I think he sees (pun intended) his blinding as his rightful punishment for failing Ezra as a master to the extent that he fell so easily under Maul's influence. The former temple guard/Inquisitor/Yoda (depending how you interpret that vision) may have named Kanan a Jedi Knight, but he's still far from accepting that he deserves that role, and his constant failure to impart the deeper truths behind the Jedi teachings to Ezra is definitely something he feels guilty about. Not that it's actually his fault - Ezra's too consumed with pride to listen.
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