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  1. thank you all for the ideas has given me a lot to think about and I'm sure my players will like it I really appreciate this thanks again.
  2. Help me out here I'm making a group that will sort of be my players rivals and not sure what I want their name or species to be the first will be a Bounty Hunter of some sort and the second will be a Scientist/Healer. Any ideas would be appreciated regardless of what they are even if you just throw something out cause you think its really dumb and stupid my players would probably enjoy it anyway.
  3. Right now I'm running a TOR era game with my characters being Force sensitives that weren't with either the Jedi or the Sith things went that they eventually found some old Jedi knowledge that led them to the creation of their Lightsabers but in the process alerted a Sith that was on the planet training his apprentice to them my players killed the apprentice and then were captured by the Sith Master and taken to Korriban where they have been forced to go through Sith training. Where it is gonna go from there I'm not sure as one of my players both in and out of character is really cool with being a Sith and the other kinda hates the Sith so seeing where things go should be interesting.
  4. First thing you should do is talk to your players to see what it is they wanna do and then compare that tot he type of things you wanna do if your lucky like me your players will probably say something like they don't care what happens as long as they have fun. Then you should decide what era or time in Star Wars you want your campaign to be in as for me I'm a huge fan of KoTOR 1 and 2 so I put my characters in the TOR era if for no other reason then I wanted to be able to freely have as many Jedi and Sith as I wanted with out questions being asked. Once you got a an idea of what your players wanna do and where and when you are going to place them you can move on from there for an intro game I would focus on putting players in situations where they could do cool stuff and learn the mechanics of the game.
  5. thank you all for your answers I truly do appreciate them personally I think Heal/Harm or at least the Harm side of it could still work on Droids if you tweak the explanation of it a bit like have you use the force to damage the Droids programing or something but if there is something that is about to come out that is pretty much Heal/Harm for Droids then I'm not gonna bother home brewing Heal/Harm to affect Droids as if I'm just patient I wont need to.
  6. First question can Force Heal/Harm be used on Droids nothing I read in the book says it can't and all Heal/Harm says is the target must be living and when I read the Droid Trait it doesn't say Droids are not alive. Also this is just something I would like peoples thoughts on one of my players brought up using Heal/Harm on Droids cause he thought that the upgrades that used Medicine in some way should be Mechanics if using it on a Droid now I'm perfectly happy to go with that as that makes sense to me as well. Thank you all for your responses.
  7. Question is in the title this came up in my game today didn't matter much cause even with soak the burn damage would have killed the enemy but a player asked what would happen if the enemy was tougher.
  8. I have given my my PCs a member to the group that I will essentially be controlling unless we get another player who wants to play this character and unless that happens the character is going to be taking a very back seat role in things not going out on missions with the party unless necessary and mostly helping out with space and ship related stuff.
  9. something else I thought of was having the Force mess with how they moved there body like for example they try to start walking by putting the left food forward but instead they end up raising the right arm.
  10. I tend to give 5xp an hour a session with me usually goes from 4-6hrs so a session my PCs can usually get 20-30xp just for playing though I do lower it they spend waaaaaayyyy to much time talking out of character by 5xp though that's only if the OOC talk is unrelated to the game. I chuck on an extra 5-10xp to the whole party for every milestone I think they have achieved depending on how big it is. and I give out an extra 5xp to any player who does something particularly cool, interesting or good RP though. But I like to toss out xp so my players can get to the cool stuff that they want. If you are going to do this I wouldn't give the person anymore then 5 bonus xp for that and I would tell your other PCs why he got that bonus so that they know that they have a chance to get it as well if they go out of their way to take a leadership role.
  11. A friend of mine said much the same thing also offer things like having the gravity swap so they get pulled to the roof, as for Sith Spawn maybe likely have some Shyracks attack them or something like that plus the guy they are chasing has some troops of his own that will be being sent to attack my PCs if they make too much noise or do something to alert the enemy they are there. Since this is place is very strong int he Dark Side was sorta gonna throw the visions and maze together into the same thing have them essentially walking in circles but think they are making it further through the Tomb.
  12. thanks for that little piece of advice Garran(not sarcastic I really mean it) I wasn't planning on doing that and was just giving it as an example but it is something I've stupidly done before but still what you've said has given me an idea so thank you.
  13. Yeah putting in some traps was something that literally just popped in my head while I was doing the dishes and was thinking "Man that should have been a really obvious choice."
  14. Hi guys in my next session my PCs are going to be hunting someone down in the Tomb of Naga Sadow on Korriban and I need some ideas to make it more interesting then you walked a bit further into the tomb and haven't found anything over and over. Now I've already got some ideas like finding scraps of the person they are hunting's clothes or signs that they were somewhere and what direction they were heading. Also since this is a place that is strongly connected to the Dark Side of the Force I can do things with that to effect that Morality choices. I'm running the game with only 2 PC a Aggressor and a Shi-Cho Knight atm hoping to expand and get another player or two in soon neither one of my players have invested very heavily in Force Powers. Any advice would be welcome thank you all in advance for ideas.
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