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  1. It looks excellent, would you mind sharing the files at BGG. Im thinking about buying a second core set and having a 6 player variant would be nice
  2. Great so only if the place HAS influence before the collecting phase, no influence generated automatically for the units to harvest during the phase. Great.
  3. Hi, quic question, during the collecting phase, do i collect influence for units in every space of the board? or only influence for each unit in the two spaces where influence was placed in the influence phase? I now it sounds dumb, but the rules are pretty vague in that aspect and the errata doesnt help at all either
  4. Hi, my name is caver and im a wargamer(mostly) I would totally jump into TI3 if i find it at a reasonable price(with shipping taken into account). In the mid time im just wondering, how would you describe the TI races, in a funny or serious way? I for example describe the Emirates like my president's(Mauricio Macri) race, because he is called #MacriGato(which translates to Macri cat) and i instead call him #MacriLeon(macri lion), so a race of antropomhorpical Lions whose colour is yellow(same as my presidents political party) tends to just feel like im playing with him jajaja Anyway, what are the ways you would describe the races?
  5. I sent every blister to a recicle station in my home city. I believed it was the right thing to do
  6. Oh really when? I would be thrilled to see that
  7. It was indeed a great event, we had 25 players, which for our community is quite a lot. Some guys even brought custom painted ships, and there where very nice prizes, both for the winners(a medium ship for the first play, two small for 2nd place and a small ship for the 3rd) and all participants in general, since with the inscription you got both an ID card AND a ticket to the raffle of 3 small ships and a Millenium Falcon decoration that was held after the tournament. Jordanus even won a prize that way but didnt like what he got and returned it jajaja One thing I noticed and found curious was the great ammount of corran horns I saw in the tables and there were many in the top ten. Another thing I say bravo is for the TO to disallow Epic expansions cards. This was done in order to make sure the tournament wasnt turned into a pay to win tournament, because our playerbase has still limited economical resources. Our next tournament in 6 months time will be AMAZING. This one was a 4 round swiss format anihilation based tournament. The next tournament will be a 4 match swiss format mission based tournament. We have 6 months to playtest. If anybody has had an experience with mission bsed tournaments, would you care to share? So that we can use some balanced tournament missions as a template for our tournament missions
  8. Thanks for providing me a spine for the generic deck, i'll modify it a little according to the other decks being power or military based. I'll see the plot deck when i have the core set at home.
  9. Hi, yesterday i was thinking about how cool would be to make some decks themed after roberts rebellion. Maybe with just 2 factions instead of 8. One being a combination of Baratheons, Starks, Tullys and Arryns serving as the Rebel faction, while the other composed of targaryen, martells and tyrells would be the loyalist factions. The lannisters and greyjoys could appear serving as neutral cards, especially the lannisters. I think it would be a super cool thing for ffg to do, since roberts rebellions was such an epic and massve conflict that in my opinion could compare to the war of 5 kings in scale. And it presents such a plethora of interesting characthers that i would like to see represented in the card game. Such as the old kingsguard, jon connington, jon arryn, Brandon Stark, and obviously Rhaegar and young robert. I'm sure I'm not the first one to have this idea, so I would like to know who else though about it, and what are their opinions in the matter as well as their attemps to represent such a rich period of westerosi history
  10. Thanks for the answer. My idea would be to play with friends and offer them to play with the house they choose. If i play with 4 friends offer them a primary and a secondary house with an assortment of neutral cards such as superior claim, the kingsroad, varys, littlefinger and superior claim to each. If one doesnt wnat to play with a secondary house, I would offer him to play a fealthy deck in a modified way so he could use more neutral cards than the original fealthy deck allows, because this is a casual game after all. The thing about plots is that it would be hard to make a plot deck, since the plots dont obey such a house especific mechanic. My idea would be to have some generic plot decks with a certain theme like, this is an aggressive plot deck this is a defensive one, this is a resource one, etc. To have ready and make deck choosing easy
  11. Hi, my name is caver and im a wargamer. Most of the time I tend to play wargames or very miniature oriented board games. But i have decided to splash into this lcg because i need some light game for my non wargaming friends and me to enjoy. My idea would be to have 4 decks pre made and then invite my friends to play with them. I have decided that 2 core sets should be plenty of cards to do that, especially if i house rule fealthy to allow more neutral cards than normal. My questions are the following. Which factions are better for casual play? Which plot decks are easy for beginners? I know there is a list for starter decks but that one is with 3 core sets and as a man of limited resources i can only reallisticaly get 2
  12. Hi, my name is caver and I'm a wargammer.Next week I'll be taking part in the annual argentinian x wing tournament. It'll be my first tournament and i wanted to field a list that suits my playstile in other games such as warmachine and warhammer fantasy, which foregoes agility, maneuvering and tricks in favor of brute force and toughness My first idea so far is this Z-95 Headhunter: •N'dru Suhlak (19) Glitterstim (2) Y-Wing: •Kavil (32) Veteran Instincts (1) Twin Laser Turret (6) Unhinged Astromech (1) Y-Wing: Syndicate Thug (25) Twin Laser Turret (6) Unhinged Astromech (1) Z-95 Headhunter: Binayre Pirate (12) Z-95 Headhunter: Binayre Pirate (12) Total: 100/100 The idea behind the list would be to use N dru in a central position away enough from either of the two wings (made of a y wing and a z 95 each) to use his ability and provide support to either in case the wings get into a thick fight. The wings would be used as damage dealers, with Kavil being deployed in front of the thoughest ace the enemy deploys. The z 95 are here so they can help the y wing when the enemy closes into their donut hole, so they would go a little slower than the y wings. My greatest doubt with this list is ether to use glitterstim or not on n dru Other options would include: Using VI insted and using the point to upgrde one pirate to a soldier, to accompany Kavil Upgrading both Pirates to soldiers Using lone wolf instead(since n dru would be flying solo if everything goes according to plan) Does this list stand a chance(probably not i know but my style is really basic sometimes), what are right away its main weaknesses? Would you change N dru for another pilot? So far in my scummy shipyards i have: Most wanted set Starviper K Fighter Firespray HWK 290
  13. I think we should file a petition to ffg so that they allow printed deployment cards at tournaments, that way we could finally finish of this unnecessary rambling In my case i play both, luckily in argentina we care about our community and also ffg doesnt provide us coverage, so proxying is allowed and encouraged, and most certainly nobody really cares about deployment cards, we use tokens to simbolize group activations and deployment cads for stat reference rather than game use. In a way the "advantage of underdevelopment" in my gaming community is that card rambling is meaningless. The box art is AMAZING, i dont care if bosk is not in there, all the other miniatures are awesome, and so are the tiles. Buying multiple boxes of an expansion is not bad at all. For campaings players it helps us to have more than one campaing map already built so that we can speed up the gaming sesions so its not a bad idea, you can also outrule components limitation rule because in my view that rule is sort of ridiculous, i want to run 4 units of tuskens in campaing play godammit
  14. Miranda doni+ tlt blue ace+ bb8 poe+ r2 d2 not very imaginative but itmworked out yay
  15. Punishing one, it simply provided a lot of scummy favour at a better price than the hounds tooth
  16. Not seeing the purpose of the tittle really??? Okay, with no Turret it adds nothing, but it also doesn't worsen the ship. ​It plays identically with or without the free title, so why not add it? It also serves an intimidatory purpose. If you mention the tittle people might think you actually have a turret and try to evade you or something which is useful
  17. Not seeing the purpose of the tittle, but guidance chips could be great with the ordinance yay. Im juts thinking that this ship could be the god of alpha striking(ok not the god but it could be fun) go 4 forward, TL and missile away on turn 1. Plasmas are good, but protons i think would be great since they give 2 guaranteed hits thanks to protons own ruling Only works in the first turn if the opponent is lower PS than you and has attempted to zoom forward. This is usually not the case, so those target locks won't happen - and you'll be stressed for the next round, so it's either straight-ahead-or-no-TLs. I won't say it isn't possible, but nor is it a good idea. Love the last phrase jajaja it kinda epithomises most of my ideas. I play more for testing possibilities and fun than for any ambition to win. An idea doesn't need to be good to interest me ;D I just thought it would be a fun little trick. also target lock doesnt get spent so you could fly stressed until you find a good position
  18. Not seeing the purpose of the tittle, but guidance chips could be great with the ordinance yay. Im juts thinking that this ship could be the god of alpha striking(ok not the god but it could be fun) go 4 forward, TL and missile away on turn 1. Plasmas are good, but protons i think would be great since they give 2 guaranteed hits thanks to protons own ruling
  19. I'm thinking does the targeting astro and extra munition make loading a y wing with missiles viable now? Has anybody tried it? Does this ordance buid work well in a turretless y wing?
  20. The solution to that is called target lock the problem is he was flying stressed all the time I ended calling him "Humosvaldo" in honor of a soccer player from an argentinian futbol club(boca juniors) that suppossedly is going to deliver a lot of success but ultimately always misses the target. It was fun and i won anyways because thanks to Humosvaldo and his insane dogging ability everybody ignored N'Dru and his actually uite decent jousting jajajaja So add distracting to his list of abilities
  21. kirahxs is my go to ship most of the time when i play scum and i have run out of z 95. I like its straight style, not many tricks just sheer ferocity, the 1 turn is a very nice maneuver indeed. Talonbane is my favourite pilot, if only he didnt run into botching every single 5 dice attack he makes(5 dice with glitterstim and he consistently rolls 3 blanks). I think the ship is underrated due to our current paper effectivenes above all meta. Believe me real games are nowhere similar theorymachime
  22. Things I am not buying because of looks A and B wing (they are ugly as hell) Tie bomber(its ugly specially when compared to the piece of beauty that is the tie punisher) Punishing one Things im not buying because i dont feel the need Imperial aces(I only one 1 interceptor not 3) Scyk Things im not buying because poor Hounds tooth Decimator Ghost Things im not buying because i dont like the arms race feel of this game ALL epic ships, i find it disgusting that one has to buy any of these to remain relevant in the meta
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