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  1. Caverius

    6th Player expansion

    It looks excellent, would you mind sharing the files at BGG. Im thinking about buying a second core set and having a 6 player variant would be nice
  2. Caverius

    Collecting phase question

    Great so only if the place HAS influence before the collecting phase, no influence generated automatically for the units to harvest during the phase. Great.
  3. Hi, quic question, during the collecting phase, do i collect influence for units in every space of the board? or only influence for each unit in the two spaces where influence was placed in the influence phase? I now it sounds dumb, but the rules are pretty vague in that aspect and the errata doesnt help at all either
  4. Hi, my name is caver and im a wargamer(mostly) I would totally jump into TI3 if i find it at a reasonable price(with shipping taken into account). In the mid time im just wondering, how would you describe the TI races, in a funny or serious way? I for example describe the Emirates like my president's(Mauricio Macri) race, because he is called #MacriGato(which translates to Macri cat) and i instead call him #MacriLeon(macri lion), so a race of antropomhorpical Lions whose colour is yellow(same as my presidents political party) tends to just feel like im playing with him jajaja Anyway, what are the ways you would describe the races?