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  1. Disengage lets you run away completely? I don't need to be at a certain range or anything? I may not have been clear before. I'm fighting someone and want to run away. So I use my maneuver to back up to medium range and then they close to short. We keep doing this forever. At what point do I get to say combat is over and I've escaped?
  2. If you are engaged in combat and want to run away or escape how do you do so?
  3. This is all great advice. I've got to get more creative in handling these situations. Really appreciate this community. You've all been helpful. I'm going to try to approach it with the "drugged and left on another planet" option while allowing his character to believe he was transported. Hopefully that gets us the best of both options.
  4. It's part of his backstory. He met a super strong NightBrother that exiled him effectively. Instead of declaring him to be in exile, the NightBrother literally just sent him off to a different planet and the character has no idea how he got there or how to get back. It was a malicious attack in the story. I'm of the opinion that he can't have that happen, but he really, really like the "coolness" effect of having his character suddenly in an unknown environment among strangers. It's effectively how he wants to start the adventure, but he's willing to leave the rest of the story up to me. It just makes the initial meeting very hard to figure out as this guy suddenly appears in the middle of a crowd, angry and disoriented, and through no means that I can explain within my understanding of the universe and I'm supposed to be the GM. He's a new player and I'm a new GM though so I don't want to crush his very creative backstory just due to my lack of experience, hence why I wanted to see what others would do.
  5. So one of the PCs decided that they have encountered a powerful force using character, a NightBrother specifically, and that this NPC has the ability to send them to another planet instantaneously using the force. Obviously, this being a fantasy realm, and the NightBrothers largely unexplored, I can't say that it is absolutely impossible, but on the other hand I have no precedent for anything like this and not sure how to handle it. Thoughts?
  6. Thanks everyone. I think i'm going to run with a variation of what Hurske said above. I tried to run the session with the 2 characters meeting and within 15 minutes the group "blew up". They decided to create 2 loner characters who have no interest in each other really. The one is a human trader and the other is a zabrak exile. The human trader saw the zabrak in trouble and offered him some help and a job on his ship. The zabrak went "no thanks" and walked away. We then went OOC and tried to ask the zabrak player how he intended to be part of the group then and the problem was that he already had a whole story worked through in his head and the last thing his character would do would be a trader. Sadly, I didn't understand from his back story where he was going and misinterpreted part of it and he got upset that I was changing his character even though it was completely unintentional. I talked to them, and since they both have reasons to hate the empire, bonding over running from the empire should work.
  7. I'm a very new GM, and am starting a campaign with 2 PCs. They just threw me a curve ball last night and I'm not sure what to do. They created characters, gave them good backstories, personalities, etc. However, when we came to the point of "How do you know each other?", we couldn't figure it out. I basically got told "That's for you as the GM to figure out". No hostility, they are just leaving it up to me. The first character is a monk like human living out his life on a standard civilized world. The other is a Zabrak that has been exiled from his community and ends up on the same world. I was planning to start "Lessons from the past" from the core rulebook, but it doesn't make sense in the existing context. Do I, 1. Create a simple couple of paragraphs explaining that "You meet and become friends and several months later..." and then start the adventure I had all prepared? Obviously I would add some backstory detail, but it all happens offstage. 2. Create a simple adventure where they meet? Perhaps the Zabrak stole a ship or is on the run and meets up with the human who helps him? Other ideas? If I do this, how far do I go? At some point I feel like I need to go "And several months later...", but I'd love some advice. This sounds like the "cooler" idea, but I'm not sure how to do it well and I'm afraid it would bog down quickly. Thoughts?
  8. We played through the beginner episodes and I feel like I'm doing something wrong (I'm the GM). We are getting ready to start a new campaign now and I want to make sure I'm handling wounds right. My players have soak values around 3 and wound threshold around 12. When they are facing off against multiple enemies that have weapons that do damage 9 or so, it seems quite possible that they are going to be "dead" within one or two shots. Is this how things are meant to be? There are only 2 PCs, so a few lucky shots and they are both laying on the ground bleeding. My understanding of combat is that the NPC would roll their Ranged(Light) for instance (Ygg) and add any successes to 9. So if they roll 2 successes, they are doing 11 damage - soak for a total of 8. This means my PC went from 12 to 4 in one shot. A second shot will finish them off, right? Not sure how to handle this. Any advice?
  9. So I'm brand new to rpgs over all. I've been playing with 2 PCs and we are going through Lure of the Lost. I'm not sure how to handle some issues 1. At a point in the story the PCs have to choose which group to side with. There are 2 sides and 2 PCs and each strongly wants to side with a different group they can't seem to reach a reasonable agreement after 10 minutes of talking. How do I handle this? 2. One of the players seems to want to visit every vendor in every marketplace. I'm constantly having to invent vendors and items as he's afraid he will miss some super cool weapon or armor. He plays a lot of cRpgs. I find it hard to constantly invent all of these vendors and inventory. Any advice? Do I try to shift him away from this or should I play along 3. At one of the end fights in the city, one of the PCs uses a destiny point to run past a nemesis and out the back door completely avoiding what is supposed to be a boss fight. Is this appropriate? Thanks for any advice. The 2 PCs are struggling with each other's play style and I need some help GMing this properly
  10. So, let's say I have Wampa and rule 2 crits, and the defender rolls 2 evades. Can I still cancel at the end or does it not count now since it was evaded?
  11. Ok, so I'm new, but I'm confused by this. My understanding is that the timing is Roll Attack Dice Defender modifies Attack dice Attacker modifies Attack dice Roll Defense Dice Attacker modifies Defense dice Defender modifies Defense dice Determine hits Wouldn't Wampa's ability fall under point 3 above, which comes BEFORE the Defense dice are even rolled? I can see some points at which this could make a difference.
  12. Panda72

    "Saving" a game

    NakedDex, I really like that idea. I will have to try it. Thanks.
  13. Panda72

    "Saving" a game

    Hey Everyone, just bumping this as it's already several pages in. Hoping someone has some good suggestions.
  14. Panda72

    "Saving" a game

    So, I just started playing about a month ago. On a couple of occasions now I've had a game run very long as we get used to new ships/rules/etc. Unfortunately I'm playing on my kitchen table and have to clean up the game mid-session. Are there any "best practices" on how to save the state of the game so we can put everything back later and resume? Obviously, it's just family and close friends, so I want to be accurate, but if I'm off by a couple millimeters no one is going to panic. I tried laying out some rulers and taking pictures once, and it worked, but not great. This time I'm playing with Epic ships on a 6x3 play area and there's just way too many tokens, card, ships, etc. to accurately save this way. Any thoughts?
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