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  1. Keep an eye out on Ebay too. Ive seen several sales go up for good prices. I got my F&D core for $25 from Ebay as well as a $38ish copy of Empire core. The F&D was perfect so no idea there why the dude sold them that low... he had like 10 of em. The Empire had a defect and just didnt have the obligation chapter from printing. FFG has killer customer service and they just replaced the book for me. Sadly I havent seen deals for the source books so Ive bought them all from a local game store. Regardless with a bit of patience and some luck you can find some pretty good stuff out there. All that said I think the biggest thing with the PDFs spreading is that they are way easier to use in groups. I love my physical copies but Im also very anal about how they are used. I dont like people passing them around roughly or spilling things on them etc. They are $60 books. PDFs are a bit easier to navigate with search functions and my groups are a bit more careful with electronics. I used to do D&D and we had physical copies and PDFs that we pirated of those same books because it was easier to play that way. Still bought the books just not 5 of em.
  2. Yup thats pretty much what I was figuring. TFA does not have enough to warrant a new core book and theres no point in consolidating the current three since that would cut profits by making them obsolete. And honestly I like it that way. They each have a "flavor" and I appreciate that. Even if it does make it expensive and in places a bit redundant. I like the idea of a couple Adventure modules and maybe a locations/modification/bio type book for some of the newer stuff from TFA. That said if they want my money for sure, they better be releasing that star map. With grids and distances so that its easier to determine flight time with ships. I would buy that in a heartbeat.
  3. I could've sworn Harm said it ignores soak. You are correct. Harm does damage based of Int and bypasses soak. Unleash on the other hand does damage based on Will and does not bypass soak. As per the core book.
  4. Personally I give conflict based on choices not on dark side pips. My game is set up with a dose of Grey Jedi inspiration. They can use dark side pips up to the amount of Force die they have (1 die=1 opposite pip, 2 die=2 opposite pips etc) with no consequences. These are not Jedi nor are they Sith. They dont operate like Obi Wan or Vader. The black and white isnt as stark. So in my games I allow them to use the dark/light pips in this manner. If they want to use more than that they take strain. Now if they are using Move to save people with dark pips.. cool. If they are using Bind/Choke to remove enemies... again fine. If they are using move to slide a vibroknife into a prisoners eye... conflict. If they are choking a villager for information... conflict. I feel that the rules gave a good starting place and for my games I moved it around how I like. I personally enjoy using Force abilities and being narrative in how I deliver conflict points. Its in what you do and the meaning behind it not how you do it sometimes.
  5. Not sure if this is a known problem or not but I cant seem to modify any of the existing entries in the data editor section. Every time I try to it gives me a Unhandled exception error. As follows: ************** Exception Text ************** System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at SWCharGen.SourceControl.cbcSource_CheckBoxCheckedChanged(Object sender, EventArgs e) at SWCharGen.CheckBoxComboBox.OnCheckBoxCheckedChanged(Object sender, EventArgs e) at SWCharGen.CheckBoxComboBox.Items_CheckBoxCheckedChanged(Object sender, EventArgs e) at SWCharGen.CheckBoxComboBoxItemList.OnCheckBoxCheckedChanged(Object sender, EventArgs e) at SWCharGen.CheckBoxComboBoxItemList.item_CheckedChanged(Object sender, EventArgs e) at System.EventHandler.Invoke(Object sender, EventArgs e) at System.Windows.Forms.CheckBox.OnCheckedChanged(EventArgs e) at SWCharGen.CheckBoxComboBoxItem.OnCheckedChanged(EventArgs e) at System.Windows.Forms.CheckBox.set_CheckState(CheckState value) at System.Windows.Forms.CheckBox.set_Checked(Boolean value) at SWCharGen.SourceControl.SetSources(CharData data, String defaultSource, DataItem item) at SWCharGen.frmAddArmor.SetKey(DataItem existingItem, String newKey) at SWCharGen.frmAddArmor.GetArmor(CharData myData, IWin32Window parent, String newKey, Armor existingArmor) at SWCharGen.frmSWDataEditMain.ModifyItem(DataItem item) at SWCharGen.frmSWDataEditMain.btnModify_Click(Object sender, EventArgs e) at System.Windows.Forms.Control.OnClick(EventArgs e) at SWCharGen.ImageButton.OnClick(EventArgs e) at System.Windows.Forms.Control.WmMouseUp(Message& m, MouseButtons button, Int32 clicks) at System.Windows.Forms.Control.WndProc(Message& m) at SWCharGen.ImageButton.WndProc(Message& m) at System.Windows.Forms.Control.ControlNativeWindow.OnMessage(Message& m) at System.Windows.Forms.Control.ControlNativeWindow.WndProc(Message& m) at System.Windows.Forms.NativeWindow.Callback(IntPtr hWnd, Int32 msg, IntPtr wparam, IntPtr lparam) and it will do this for anything. Even if I have just made a new entry. As soon as I try to hit the modify button this is what I get. Ive deleted the program and reinstalled and still nothing.
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