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  1. Couldnt you run 2 hunters, her as a commander, and have her become and op at the start?
  2. Whew, thanks! I probably should have double checked the RRG before clogging the forums.
  3. So when R2 and 3P0 were spoiled, I, as well as many others played 3P0 as an optional attachment. Some people claimed that based on his wording that he was in fact not optional. But no, we said, his counterpart text simply meant if you added him to your army, he must be added to R2.....right? Well take a look at Iden's droid counterpart. Its text is different than 3P0s. So is goldenrod in fact not optional???
  4. THIS right here. The Rebels faction identity is high mobility, hard hitting singular pieces. The Rebel's good units all are scaples; you must choose the right place and time to strike, and make it count. I've had games where my opponents red dice have failed him, and I've look at the end of the table and realized "Wow, I've taken out half of his army. He can still win this." While your Hero units, Tauns, and Pathfinders do the damage, now you are left with the corps. As you stated, they will wither under direct fire. Keep them out of sight, and complete the mission. Your entire army could be decimated, but as long as youve used your selected strike to weaken your opponent to the point he cannot score the uperhand, and you've preserved your corps so that you may do so, then you can achieve victory for the Rebellion. I also recomend you try R2 for more scoring options
  5. Where in the new update does it state that? There was no change to agile. NTFS gives a move which gives a dodge, two other moves give 2 dodges for a total of 3.
  6. As a Taun player I feel like this is a fair nerf. No more engagement swimming; you gotta be smarter using melee as a shield. Super glad they keep the rest of their keywords. I still foresee a point increase in June
  7. The free move give them a dodge, which combined with their other 2 moves, is a total of 3 dodge tokens. 3 dodges, plus light/heavy cover via placement is a strong defence, combined with their relentless attack, which NTFS gives them extra range to achieve, is extreamly good.
  8. Recon intel is great with them, it allows you to set up the Mk2 even further out of deployment range. The CM-09/3 is great, and has gotten a points reduction. For your next purchase, consider a specialist pack, the comms technician with hq uplink can give a guaranteed order to it and the turret, which means a free dodge and fire support
  9. I think it was cleared up in the other thread, but look at it this way. A Rebel Trooper Squad can be fielded with no upgrades. A Z6 model can't come in by itself, and based on its card text and upgrade slot, if it is to be added, it must be added to a rebel trooper squad. Counterparts dont have an upgrade slot, instead they must be fielded with what ever unit they are listed if they are to be included in your army.
  10. A themed list with legs! Lots of repair with R2 and the astros; those walkers are not going down easily! Just remember that infiltrate should be a super recon intel, not a "sacrifice your units into the fiery abyss on turn 1," and you should be able to pull some games.
  11. You can run R2 without 3P0, but you cant run 3P0 without R2
  12. I cant wait for them to announce a Spectre Cell pack and have the rebels wipe the floor with an all heroes list. Seriously Tubb, you've made it clear that this isn't the game for you. Just leave, or at least stop fouling up the discussion of people who do like the game.
  13. Snipers can and will underperform, but their presence still matters. Having a cheap activation that can hold rear objectives or hide a crate is very valuable. You can also corner peak them if they get into combat. Just hide the non-sniper out of line of sight, so if the sniper goes down, his buddy gets promoted into the unit leader and is replaced by the sniper. This also gives the squad heavy cover, no need for duck and cover.) Don't expect snipers to be gods of death, use them for objectives, long range pokes, counter sniping, and most importantly, high value red dice like death troopers, and eventually you'll see why people still bring teams of 2 and 3.
  14. 2 secret missions?? This might make a Republic player out of me...so long as Cassian doesn't add one for the Rebels
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