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  1. Awesome!! Im from the southern Indiana/ Louisville region. Make an event on your game store's Facebook and I'll share the event in our local legion groups
  2. The further people travel the more likely it is that they are competitivly driven to win. That's not to say that the guy who lives next to the LGS can't be a try hard, its just less likely that people will drive out of state for a casual tournament experience. I would say 45min-1 hour is the most Id drive to a tournament, even if it was casual. Even if there's no invites on the line, it's a great game, very thematic, fun, plus the alt art and tokens are a reward too.
  3. No, the title is misleading, Luke can walk, no free rides in this space militia What do you recomend I cut to fit her? A sniper or corps?
  4. I want to bring the landspeeder for anti-vechicle insurance, since tanks and walkers are lurking around. I have two versions of this list, they both have the basics, Z-6s, full snipers, Luke kited out. It's the differences which raises a few questions: How vital is speeder jockey? He's nice, but is he too good too cut for a medic and a trooper-to-fleet upgrade? Does the generic officer make up for a lack of Leia? He does some of the things she does, and having improv is more than nice. But is it worth cutting fleets/ a corp to run? Luke's New Ride 789 Luke Skywalker 160Force Push, Emergency Stims, Rebel Troopers 40Z-6 Trooper, x5 Rebel Commandos (Strike Team) 16DH-447 Sniper, x3 X-34 Landspeeder 75Outer Rim Speeder Jockey, RPS-6 Rocket Gunner, M-45 Ion Blaster, HQ Uplink, Luke's New Ride, w/used Space Car Salesman 787 Luke Skywalker 160Force Push, Emergency Stims, Rebel Officer 50Improvised Orders, Rebel Troopers 40Z-6 Trooper, x4 Rebel Commandos (Strike Team) 16DH-447 Sniper, x3 X-34 Landspeeder 75Outer Rim Speeder Jockey, RPS-6 Rocket Gunner, M-45 Ion Blaster, HQ Uplink,
  5. When I started to get into Imperial Assault competitively, I was directed to the IA Slack channel, an active hive of over +250 players that congregated to discuss, chat, and plan for games on Vassal. It contained all of the top players in the game, and the pool of knowledge and resources was unlimited. With Legion, I have found that a similar community exists on Discord, with online games, tournament and practice happening on TTS. As far as Amrada goes, it seems clear that Vassal is the hotspot for online practice, but where is the community? What is the major hub for resource sharing? Am I looking at it here on the forums? I really want to dive deeper into the game. Wheres the clubhouse? In the words of Eric Andre "Let me in!! Let me innnn!!!"
  6. Glad to see you all have returned! Favorite Armada/Legion battle reports
  7. As I said in the Op, I do pretty well in my local community. Somedays I blow them up, other days they blow me up. It's just b-b-b-businesses. I honestly attribute the winning and losing to in game desicions and mistakes, not unit matchup. My question for you is, do you take that lists to tournaments or just standard play? I really do want to run, well, things I want to run and not boring copy and paste. But the fact remains from all the big league result pages that only certain rebel units are performing well.
  8. A more 'fun' version of my list replaces Luke with 2 dish towers, and Leia trades her upgrades and 2 rebel troopers for 2 fleets with scatterguns, as well as 2 medic droids and an officer thrown into the corps mix. Are the dish towers unviable? Yes they don't hit as hard and often as Luke, but they offer fixed control, and the fun part comes incase your opponent brought vehichles
  9. This is more of a list building topic, but also a continuation of LegionOdds discussion on why is competitive building for Rebels so bland. I'd like to preface by saving that in my local community I've had a blast building and playing what I want, to degrees of success that I amount to be in game decisions rather than meta gaming. I've been able to run all sorts of combinations; Full corps with different asortments, dish turrets, full commando team. The rallypoint is comming to my town in October, so my doctrine of 'run whats fun' might not hold up. Yet when I try and build based off of what the community has deemed good, it just seems so cardboard. I understand that Z-6 is good, and snipers are good, and wondertwins is good, though if somone would explain why exactally that would be awsome. The point is, the numbers don't lie, and those 3 things are in winning Rebel lists Luke Skywalker Force Reflexes Force Push Emergency Stims Leia Organa Strict Orders Emergency Stims Rebel Troopers x6 Z-6 Trooper Rebel Commando Strike Team x3 Sniper Should come out to 800 even. I see why all of these are good, it just seems like a boring list. Is there any other winning rebel archetype?
  10. When Han was spoiled, everyone was talking about his distraction card. Being able to only shoot Han seems good, right? I scoffed. What good is a commander if he's dead? Han is lucky, not tanky. Well after looking around, I think with the power of (several) guardians, and a whole lot of stim-packs, I think I have a viable Han distraction list. Han Solo 120Esteemed Leader, Duck and Cover, Emergency Stims, Fleet Troopers 44Scatter Gun Trooper, 2-1B Medical Droid, Rebel Troopers 40Z-6 Trooper, Fleet Troopers 44Scatter Gun Trooper, Rebel Troopers 40Z-6 Trooper, Rebel Troopers 40Z-6 Trooper, Rebel Troopers 40Z-6 Trooper, Chewbacca 110Tenacity, 1.4 FD Laser Cannon Team 701.4 FD Laser Cannon Team 70 Commands: The usual As far as list building, I feel like I've met the minimum and at least got half of it down. I have the required Trooper task forces, I have my Fleets and Cheiwe to make the Han Shield work, and I have my Dish towers for anti-armor. I have my Anvil set up, but I feel this list lacks a Hammer
  11. gothound

    Guardian Split?

    Lets say Han with Esteemed Leader is near Chewbacca and 2 units of Fleets. Chewbacca can roll for 3 of Hans wounds, but can both of the fleets also roll for a wound each since they now have guardian 1?
  12. Honestly, I would say that is untrue. FFG has thrown precident completely out the window in the past year. Android: Releases new core, kills the game Runewars: Has product being playtested, kills the game Imperial Assault: Have a consistent map rotation cycle, throw it out the window and maintain 6+ month radio silence The update might be a sign of things to come, but expect the unexpected with FFG
  13. The rules state that when you add a mini to a group, the added mini may use what ever weapons are on the base card of the group. For example, the Z-22 has his weapon, and even shown by the model there is a rifle slung on his backpack. Acording to the rules, when adding the officer to a unit, you don't add his white+black pistol, but you can use whatever weapons are in the unit, be it a rifle or trooper pistol. Adepticon states that for Legion they are using WYSIWYG, and they made no distinction on "oh this is only for vehicles" So how can an officer use the invisible rifle in his group while following that rule? I think it feels off that a tournament would have players break a core rule of the game just for sake of athsetics
  14. I would argue that it is. The Armada meta is healthy in the sense that it adapts to fight the current top list. MSU's had their time to shine. A brief history of Armada follows: 1) Akbar gunline; out gunning and out running vics. 2) MSU; raiders, Glads, and the like rush to the front of the gunnline line and Jam it up. 3) Rise of the Carriers; Yavaris, Flotillas, and relay make squadrons a threat. You cant arc dodge squadrons with small ships 4) Era of the Titans(You are here); Radus, Cymoons, and Strat Advisors make big ships great again. Carriers can't squadron if they are dead. 5) (upcoming) SSD-BDSM; the next armada meta will most likely be how to optimize the SSD or how to beat it.
  15. Nice try, Ken 😉 The Akbar fleet took 5th and I was able to take 4th with Radus Liberty
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