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  1. Network57

    The Lonely Mountain Encounter Icon

    Oh! Man I could never see that until just now. I didn't imagine they'd stylize the Balrog as a winged iguana.....
  2. Network57

    The Lonely Mountain Encounter Icon

    I get my names confused. I meant Journey in the Dark.
  3. Network57

    The Lonely Mountain Encounter Icon

    For that matter, what's the Ring Goes South depecting?
  4. The swans in my yard are white. Therefore, all swans are white, and all white birds are swans..... right?
  5. Feels like everybody's getting to this quickly! I probably won't have my results until closer to the 10th =/ sorry guys! But I promise I'm in!
  6. I can see the flaws in the scoring system but it's a massive improvement over FFG's. But for something like this, who cares if it's not perfect? The prize for winning is just bragging rights and getting to play your favorite quests next time around. But since we all probably love this game enough to be in a league, I don't think any of us will complain about any cycle being chosen. I, for one, just want to play and having a competition gives me incentive to do so. I fully expect to be at the bottom of the standings. I'm not a very good deckbuilder!
  7. Network57

    Embarrassing defeats

    There are 2 quest cards with victory conditions. You tried the gambling one. There's a second quest that allows you guaranteed victory if you can locate a story asset and survive 4 turns. No random luck!
  8. Network57

    The OathBreakers

    I answered this exact question for you on Discord yesterday, my man As mentioned, there are 2 quests dealing directly with the Oathbreakers. There are 2 entire cycles, however, that deal with the Undead. Both Angmar Awakened cycle and the Grey Havens cycle have several quests featuring ghosties and ghoulies.
  9. Network57

    Embarrassing defeats

    I had an embarrassing play-through last night against Foundations of Stone. Arwen/Galadriel/Cirdan. My opening hand, after a mulligan, was 3x Light of Valinor, 2x Glorfindel, and Narya. First resource phase, I draw Galadhrim's Greeting and Elven Light. Discard Elven Light. Play Elven Light for 1, draw Tale of Tinuviel (the other deck had Tactagorn). Discard Elven Light for a resource back on Arwen, decide to play nothing. Quest with Arwen and Cirdan. Reveal Goblin Follower, engages me. Travel to the Lightless Passage (in staging area from set-up), exhaust the Cave Torch, and reveal another Goblin Follower. With no Sentinel on the board, I take to attacks, and just pray. Both get a +2 attack shadow effect, for two undefended 5-attacks. Lose 2 heroes in the first combat phase.
  10. Network57

    Noob Questions about Galadriel

    So then you never play Vilya with Elrond?
  11. Network57

    Any interest in a solo league?

    Can I propose an alternate tiebreaker? If you lose, you don't have to take a Grace of the Valar token. Maybe your deck is good enough to beat the quest but you just had some bad luck. So the scoring is the number of tokens you ended up actually taking but the tiebreaker is the number of actual attempts it took.
  12. I play blind except for a quick glance through the deck to check for Condition attachments to know if I need to sideboard. Those are so damaging that it's often strictly necessary to include Condition removal.
  13. Network57

    Withered Heath available now!

    If you know you're going to massively overquest and can defend and defeat 3enemies a turn, it's just a matter of drudging until the Caves deck spits out the last Sign you need. At no point did I feel uncertain of victory and I even gave up adding my willpower because 25+ is always greater than the 5 threat added during staging. It's not a knock against the quest. It's fun, although I do think it's an unnecessarily long one in having to fight the Dragon twice, with his damage cap. But these two decks got set up so well that I was acutely aware that there were 4 quest stages.
  14. Network57

    Withered Heath available now!

    Spirit Noldor can drop a ton of allies and generate huge card draw, and Leadership/Tactics Dunedain has very durable allies. Also, Redwater Sentry + Vigilant Guard + Hauberk of Mail + Raiment of War is OP.
  15. Network57

    Withered Heath available now!

    I was playing Noldor too, paired with Dunedain. By stage 3 it was a serious slog. Questing for 30, 4 characters who could defend for 6 each, and 4 characters who could attack for 25 combined. I just wanted that Dragon to come out so I could kill it already.