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  1. Network57

    Finn Edwards loadout

    I think it's phrased that way so that if Survivor or Seeker ever get any Illicit cards, that Finn can grab those and not count them towards the 5.
  2. Network57

    Massing at Osgiliath back cover typo

    They need to make sure you know you're not fighting Sauron Goblinfingers from Archet.
  3. Network57

    Wilds of Rhovanion available now!

    My Ent deck failed miserably. Waaay too slow. I'm trying a Haldir/Silvan tonight to see about clearing the staging area enemies, with Hithlain for the locations.
  4. Network57

    Wilds of Rhovanion available now!

    Bring ways to kill. That quest spits out a lot of enemies, and I'd forgotten how obnoxious those Core Set Wargs are.
  5. Designer ruling: "The first Thing stays in play and the second Thing is discarded without effect."
  6. Yes, which is very specifically what his question was about 😃
  7. Sure. Only The Thing That Follows is unique among Weakness, I believe.
  8. Network57

    The Road: The Ring Goes South

    Been looking forward to this!
  9. Network57

    Forgotten Age Serpent from Yoth - HELP!

    They introduced this idea in Lord of the Rings LCG as "Toughness", but it's way more punishing here because in LOTR you can way overkill. In Arkham, you're not going to be totally screwed but it's way harder to kill. You'll need Weapons or Spells and Vicious Blows. But again, you'd probably have either of those easily. Or grab Monster Slayer?
  10. Network57

    The Metagame

    But that's precisely my point. The effect itself is good - static +1 WP - for Mystics, but that doesn't mean any card with it is overpowered. The very fact that there are 2 cards fulfilling that same function but are competitive in that slot means the cards aren't OP, because you could easily make a case for either in your deck. A card becomes OP when it's almost always strictly better than other cards in the same role. Dr Milan is a better example than the Rosary.
  11. Network57

    The Metagame

    My last 2 Mystic decks - Jim and Mateo - didn't use the Rosary. With less reliance on Spells from having such a strong, balanced, stat line, there's not a huge need to boost Willpower. And often, this is outclassed by St Hubert's Key in all except cost, which for Mystics, isn't a huge drawback. And most of my level 0 Guardian decks rather run the Guard Dog than the Beat Cop. He can cause more damage, and is cheaper - which is not insignificant to Guardians who run rigs heavy on expensive assets. The +1 Combat is super nice, but most Guardians can get that from their Weapon choice instead and 4/5 Fight is usually strong enough.
  12. I don't think a couple of your points are accurate at all. I certainly doubt most people leave an entire campaign up on a shelf until the full cycle has been released. I would suspect that's a small minority. If you want to play Arkham more frequently, then have multiple campaigns going through each cycle. That way, you can fill your month by playing 4 or 5 different sets of decks against the most recent release. And including cards that you don't know how they upgrade is a bit of a gamble, sure, but by now we know that they're all more than likely going to be able to be taken by Seekers or anyone who can take the traits of that card. I think it's fun going for that campaign note and hoping it works out. But if you don't want to, it's hardly a poor release model if there's 1 card out of 10 that you "can't" play until next month. At least those untranslated Assets are useful on their own. Not in a great way, but you still get some benefit for completing the objective, even if it's minimal, at the reward of getting to upgrade to something cool eventually.
  13. Network57

    Why is this forum so quiet?

    But if you build 4 Very Specific Decks and get into a Very Specific Board State against a Few Specific Quests, Scorpagorn/Merry makes combat too easy!! It's like this game was intended to make players deckbuild to beat a quest, jeez!
  14. It would be more clear if it were worded like Finn, something like: "Reaction: After you move to a location, gain an action for this turn that can only be used to Investigate that location."
  15. Network57

    Curse of the Rougarou Tips please

    Is this true? Cunning Distraction is still a bold Evade action, which I thought still requires a valid engaged enemy to target. I didn't think you could play it without at least one engaged enemy.