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  1. Network57

    Thorin Stonehelm hero

    I suppose the ridiculous boost from Master of the Forge only applied because we're looking for an attachment. I don't think these results are the same if we're looking for, say, a particular ally, or a powerful event, which is our must-win card.
  2. The only one I know of is the latest release, Roam Across Rhovanion. The booklet is correct, but the quest card encounter set icons don't match.
  3. Network57

    Doomed Question

    Why those 2 specifically? It would affect any Investigator equally.
  4. Network57

    Forgotten age difficulty...(sigh)

    Where is the errata?
  5. Network57

    Thorin Stonehelm hero

    for when you absolutely need a deck to prove radioactive decay!
  6. Hey everybody, sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. Just lemme know if this breaks forum rules, I'll gladly repost where it should go. CollectorMania in Parker, CO, has an Invocation Kit for 4 players, and I'd like to get a group together to schedule an event with them for it. Please let me know if there's anybody in the Denver metro who's interested in making this happen. Thanks all!
  7. Network57

    4th Cycle - The Circle Undone

    Fantastic news! Thanks for the insight! It's also possible on such low-res that we're all misreading the Spanish but that definitely looks like an L to me, not a T.
  8. Network57

    4th Cycle - The Circle Undone

    The text says "muévalo", not "muévate". "Move it", not "move yourself".
  9. Network57

    Jenny's twin .45s question

    Of note, X is defined as 0 if not otherwise defined, for purposes of cards dealing with costs of cards in hand, etc.
  10. I'm currently running a Grace of the Valar through this entire cycle with a LeBoromir deck. Can I just use those results for the league?
  11. Network57

    Invocation 2018

    OK, fine, but how about the 99.9% of the population that doesn't live in Minneapolis?
  12. Network57

    Invocation 2018

    There's a possibility based on the dividers that they'll run 2 Events, one for each scenario, negating the need to re-purchase Slumber and netting you the full set of dividers if they give out the rest as swag for the second event.
  13. Network57

    The Lonely Mountain Encounter Icon

    Oh! Man I could never see that until just now. I didn't imagine they'd stylize the Balrog as a winged iguana.....
  14. Network57

    The Lonely Mountain Encounter Icon

    I get my names confused. I meant Journey in the Dark.