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  1. You just made my evening, thank you sir!
  2. The boat from Indy to the Twin Cities, of course!
  3. arkhamdb has the full player cards from Carcosa. Dunno when Labyrinth spoilers will be out. Check BGG, people usually post pics of card fans there.
  4. Are we sure that's correct? That could result in an SC being untapped at the end of the action phase.
  5. I totally understand and appreciate your anxiety over this, but I'm 99.9% sure that this isn't the case =) I think you're worrying about nothing.
  6. More support that this is the case is that the GenCon sales of TI4 come with a voucher to redeem - for S&H only - the pre-order bonuses. If they didn't come with every FFG-direct order, it seems strange that they'd give them to every GenCon purchaser.
  7. That I don't know - whether store pre-orders do or not. Definitely check with your LGS first. But my perception from that statement is that ordering through FFG will get you the pre-order bonuses.
  8. Christian Peterson, the CEO of FFG, has confirmed that all individual pre-orders through their website will contain the hardcover rulebook and the art prints.
  9. So would that mean they're still assigned during Space Cannon Defense/Offense? Since that takes place outside the framework of the "Space Combat" step, the fighters and ground troops are still being transported, and it matters which Carrier your opponent's PDS targets.
  10. Your Sol Special Ops is listed as co 1(*2)/co 7; for I second I misread that as Combat 1(×2) which is insane =) I think the second co should have been a cm! Also where did we see the Brotherhood's Flagship?
  11. I think my explanation was rather accurate. It can be cured during a scenario, but you'll still always start each scenario with it. Please explain how that's incorrect, short of meaningless pedantry.
  12. It's also entirely possible their starting Carrier cost is 2; but that seems unlikely as pretty powerful.
  13. I understand the need to limit bookkeeping; and I appreciate it this change. I just think flavor-wise it's less attractive
  14. Jenny. Jenny Jenny Jenny. Just throw in every card that gives you more money, and buy Streetwise as soon as possible.
  15. Where did you see this? I'm not sure. Maybe they have a two-planet system? Or some built-in ability to make units cheaper, or a static +1 production value.