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  1. Only if the character's ability cost include bowing. Otherwise you can use abilities when bowed, making this card meaningless against those characters.
  2. FFG didn't buy the rights to card images and text of AEG's version of the game, did they? I don't think you can prevent encyclopedic dissemination of information, provided applicable copyrights are cited.
  3. Aww man don't plagiarize the Professor!
  4. Of all the playthroughs I've watched on YouTube so far, Imperial Advisor has the best. Good running commentary with little dead air; plenty of mentions of card effects instead of trusting the viewer to have 2 decks of unreleased cards memorized by name/image alone, and a very friendly, casual, non-competitive vibe. I think music or effects would be distracting.
  5. She's an airbender?
  6. I've had a Brood with 4 Towering Beasts and 2 Altered Beasts, so yes, go ahead.
  7. I can't copypaste on my phone for some reason but it's in #encounter-spoilers from BD Flory on Apr 17, 3:19 p.m.
  8. +2 Willpower for each Clue on the Broods, too. If you get a lucky draw ok locations, you can put a ton of clues on.
  9. If you resign Blood or are defeated, you do not get to do Interlude II, which is where you get the Powder. So in this case even having Dr Armitage, you still get no Powder.
  10. Dragon might be adding Fate to an unclaimed ring. Phoenix could negate ring effects of a conflict. Scorpion could be as simple as dishonouring a character during a conflict.
  11. Have you tried a subscription service?
  12. Link for Ep 6 seems broken? Links to pinecast login page.
  13. If committed to a buddy's test, it's an Unexpected Courage. Unless that test is a Willpower test, then it's a 3-WP skill card. Otherwise, ignore the WP pip and it is just 2 Wild pips.
  14. I've already got 3 L5R casts, 2 for Arkham Horror, and 2 for LOTR:LCG. Don't ask me to add another!! No matter how good it is.