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  1. Should be 18/210 ~= 8%. 1 way to get 4 single clue Haunted Woods, times 6 (because the Arkham Woods is irrelevant - any one will result in a shortage) = 6/210 12 ways to get 3 single clue Haunted Woods and Quiet Glade = 12/210 Total of 18 combinations (NB not permutations).
  2. Yes but the way the instructions are ordered doesn't quite make that clear.
  3. The words black and bleach have near opposite meanings but the same etymology. Why is that not something we care about anymore? Because that change happened centuries ago. And centuries from now, the word "literally" will have two completely opposite meanings but nobody will care because language changes and that's OK.
  4. Yeah i noticed that too. It would have a lot cleaner to say, add the new locations to the originals, randomly choose 1 of the 3 copies of each by title, then randomly select 5 of the remaining 6 to put into play.
  5. Oh my gosh, it's almost as if language changes over time!
  6. I think by literally he meant literally because it's impossible read something after your eyeballs have been literally dragged across a table.
  7. Do you have any examples of why you find it unreadable?
  8. And if we want to be pedantic, it's pedantic, not pendantic. 😝
  9. I have everything double-sleeved and can fit all of Dunwich and Return to Dunwich in the box.
  10. I can stop by my local store Sunday if you want me to check. They had everything but KD in stock last month.
  11. Where are you located? Which packs specially do you need?
  12. Honestly for the difficulty with the stand-alone bag, just remove the -6. The remainder of the bag looks pretty similar to a Standard/Hard setup for a full cycle campaign.
  13. It's a reference to the Arkham Horror LCG. The latest cycle for that game just wrapped up, and if you complete certain conditions along the way and recover some time-travelling artifact, you get to play a Super Secret Bonus Scenario, which is basically travelling back in time to undo the events of the 2nd scenario in the campaign.
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