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  1. Really? Locked Door specifically limits 1 per location.
  2. I think he was answering that question humorously. There is no hand limit, so it's theoretically 40, which is the number of cards you (typically) have in your deck. So if your whole deck is in your hand, the limit is 40 =)
  3. I think a simple FAQ or RR Erratum that "eligible" in this case means "eligible to have conflicts declared there".
  4. Using a valid English word with meaning appropriate to the situation? Sure, I have no problem with that.
  5. The argument was that this, by strict readings, means no attack can be declared against Strongholds, but that the Unicorn seeker/keeper cards move an attack, which isn't a declaration, predicated on the fact that the world eligible isn't defined in the RR. Pedantic argument, but at least it wasn't completely baseless.
  6. It's more that you're using a professional printing company to reproduce copyrighted images. Some people have done it before with fan-made Arkham scenarios, but it's kind of a grey area. The printers themselves might have issue with it. But if you print them just for yourself, I highly doubt anyone would care. IANAL however.
  7. They've never had any problem with it at all. In fact, one of FFG's main LCG designers got his job after making fan content for the Lord of the Rings LCG. Make away! There's even a repository out there somewhere of all the fan-designed custom scenarios. I think the only issues would be if you try to sell it instead of giving it away free; and printing them professionally, since the images and card layouts are FFG IP.
  8. No because you never "play" The Painted World. It's played directly as a copy of another card. So you can use it with Uncage if and only if the card you're copying is also a Spell.
  9. Massive enemies never engage you. They're just consider engaged for the purposes of Attacks of Opportunity or Machetes bonus damage. So the effect of Stealth is meaningless, since the Massive enemy was never going to engage you anyways.
  10. I feel like there's some fundamental misunderstanding since I can't figure out your question, I'm sorry!! Weaknesses are assigned randomly, if that's what you mean by draw? I didn't mean "select" as in choose. Poor word choice on my part.
  11. Nope, that's just your Basic Weakness for the duration of the campaign. Just like any other one, once you select it at the beginning it stays with you. This one is special that it starts each scenario in play instead of shuffled into your deck.
  12. Although technically "after" could literally mean anytime, even 3 turns, after, but in FFG rules it's only immediately after.
  13. Nope. Whenever you're offered a choice, you have to take one that has the potential to change the game state. If you have no clues to move, then that option cannot change anything, so you must take the second option.
  14. Am I missing something or is this not downloadable as an mp3?
  15. Mmm, yes, shallow and pedantic.