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  1. Up/downtown Denver players?

    I've lived in Denver my whole life and literally never heard anyone say Uptown. Do you mean like Thornton? Highlands? Stapleton?
  2. I took it to mean that of your 4 heroes, only 3 collect resources during the first Resource phase.
  3. LotR and other LCGs rotation

    LOTR rotation is..... possible? That's more like a self-imposed deck-building challenge. "Use only cards from cycles X, Y, and Z, to beat quest W." You have to consider that most, if not all, quests, at least non-Saga, were designed with the full player cardpool in mind. So if you artificially restrict yourself, the encounter deck is built with the expectation that you have access to certain tools, and if you don't have them, you're going to be in for a more difficult experience. Plus imagine the uproar if they try to limit which cycles are allowed at Fellowship events. That would fly like an eagle in Moria. The best we could hope for is something like the Ultimatum idea from Arkham.
  4. Come on Fantasy Flight!

    Except after the mad rush to get the first L5R cycle out, they've announced precisely one expansion - a Clan pack that only services 1/7th of the game's fan base. And the Star Wars LCG is officially over. Delays happen. FFG is notoriously bad about communicating why, but I don't think it's ridiculous that Return was announced only 2 months ago and they haven't given us a release date yet. It's par for the course, but it had nothing to do with them pouring more energy into other product lines.
  5. God that 4p map looks amazing... Even for solo play, plenty of room to take over the table for those more complicated quests that require more real estate. I'm looking at you, Blood of Gondor.
  6. Nekrovirus Ground Forces

    That would be insane. My guess is Yes.
  7. Guarded

    Seems quite clear to me the rulebook. "An encounter card attached to a guarded objective is dealt with in the following method, depending on its card type: Enemy: The enemy leaves play, either by being defeated or as the result of a card effect. Location: The location leaves play, either by being fully explored or as the result of a card effect. Treachery: The treachery’s effects resolve, or are canceled. (Treachery cards are immediately triggered when they are revealed.) Once all encounter cards attached to a guarded objective are dealt with, the players can claim the objective in the manner specified by its card text."
  8. Threads of Fate

    I think it's for enemies that aren't defeated. That if they're in play with the scenario ends, you get fewer XP.
  9. Threads of Fate

    1st Mythos Pack in the Forgotten Age has been announced!
  10. Hey guys. 2 questions about Stick to the Plan: #1 - when it says "different Tactic and/or Supply events", does that mean different by title? E.g. I cannot attach 2 copies of Dodge. #2 - Are attached cards eligible for being committed to a skill test? It says they may be played as if they were in your hand, but that's different from committing.
  11. Cover up question(Spoiler?)

    Unfortunately it does not. However in that scenario, the entrance location starts with Clues, and Bystanders who turn Lunatic drop their clues when they turn.
  12. Novella Speculation

    You can't mix-and-match. You can use the original signature & weakness, the Replacement signature & weakness, or both sets.
  13. Questions

    And this is the danger of keeping one massive topic to continually post new questions. We now have a spoiler question (Black Stars Rise isn't officially out until tomorrow) but it's not tagged as such.
  14. I think more likely it refers to the ancient Mesopotamian city of Ur, birthplace of Abraham.