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  1. Right now.
  2. Again, that's our current understanding. There's nothing about Weaknesses that require them to be player-backed cards. It could be something that once drawn off the encounter deck, enters your threat area and remains there until the end of the scenario; or even has the Permanent keyword and remains there until the end of the campaign.
  3. Not entirely. There is the possibility we'll see weaknesses shuffled into the encounter deck. Until then, that additional restriction is redundant but not conflicting.
  4. Sure, why not? We've spent the past couple years killing their Warg-riders, they've got to be pretty friendly to the Free Peoples!
  5. It has been in FAQ's. Encounter card = scenario card = act, agenda, scenario token reference, weakness, enemy, and location. However, I think that weaknesses in player decks are considered player cards until they're drawn and revealed, though I can't think offhand which situation that matters for.
  6. You can generally rewatch previous Twitch streams on the site itself.
  7. Fair, but it's highly unlikely to find another dragon in Rhovanian so soon after the death of Smaug. We've seen Naurlhug already, so at least in FFG's version, there are dragons living somewhere in Middle-Earth. I, for one, would be disappointed to see another one around Dale. We've already done that.
  8. The game takes place after the events of The Hobbit. Smaug was quite dead, unfortunately.
  9. "A hidden card counts toward your hand size, but it cannot be discarded from your hand by any means except those described on the card." From
  10. I see it takes Very Little Provocation for you to become unreasonably snarky and offensive.
  11. Hey that's longer than some of runs against Carn Dum!
  12. Pic for those of us without FB? This seems to really stretch the class distinction of the Investigators... Why make him Seeker if he can't upgrade Seeker cards? Is there any point to him not being Mystic instead?
  13. That's what I had expected but wanted to confirm. Thanks!
  14. In Storm on Cobas Haven, there's a treachery Taking On Water, that attaches to a Ship objective as a Condition. Can I remove that with Athelas? I obviously can't heal the damage since the ships are immune to player card effects, but is an attached encounter card thus immune?
  15. I don't agree with it as a particularly player-friendly idea, but it is a business decision that makes sense for a business. Chase cards are exciting and do drive sales of supplemental products like fiction. I do also agree that this violates LCG principles somewhat.