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  1. Dunno if this has been mentioned before, but since Holdings don't have a Fate cost, who's to say that once they're revealed after being dealt facedown from the Dynasty deck, they just sit there until discarded? They don't have to be purchased or anything.
  2. Yes, it's an English word. It's the name of a flower. Kiku, in Japanese. They eat it in salads, I've seen.
  3. This is why we need sticky threads. I think this has been asked and answered, by my calculations, about 63,472 times on these forums.
  4. Anyone in SE Denver? I'll probably not have time to drive up to Thornton.
  5. On the Mythos Busters discord. People post e-mails they get from Matt, but I don't think they're collected anywhere.
  6. This has been addressed by Matt: "Terror from Beyond can cause weaknesses to be discarded, even if you are the one making the choice. Terror from Beyond has the player optionally choosing a card type, and then all investigators are obligated to discard all cards of that card type. In this case, you aren’t optionally choosing to discard 1 or more cards; you are selecting a category of cards and all cards of that category are being discarded, and the discard is mandatory."
  7. Morae, not syllables. It's essentially 2 syllables, but each is heavy (assuming you agree the first symbol is romanized as kou). Japanese has pure central cardinal vowels; English diphthongizes them. It's hard to pronounce a pure /o/ without making it [oU]. Similarly with /e/ being realized as [eI]. So ironically, don't try to pronounce it as a Japanese word. Just regular canonical English "long" o and e.
  8. There's probably a way to add Fate to attachments. But yes, Voltron personalities depend upon cards staying in play once they're there.
  9. I like them both just fine but I wouldn't say either are my favorite things. I enjoy them and will gladly partake but I won't get up in arms against people who know more or care more than I do.
  10. Having one main character you rely on and put every attachment on them. Just suping up one guy to be megastrong.
  11. Phoenix can also be about avoiding conflict. I.e. letting your opponent break your Province undefended in exchange for some benefit, or benefits for not declaring your conflicts on a turn.
  12. To be fair, I wrote that before pre-order status was known and based my opinion off their press releases. I agree, optimism needs more caution in the light of current information.
  13. All of their LCG Core Sets follow roughly the same pattern. He doesn't mean you can have all 7 starter decks built simultaneously. Just the Core Set contains enough to build each of the 7 decks from one box. Generally the Cores allow you to have 2 pre-built decks at one time.
  14. I think you mean phonotactics. The phonemes found in Japanese are found in thousands of languages throughout the world.
  15. You cannot ever choose to discard a Weakness, either from hand or in play. They can only be discarded as part of a random discard, or if milled directly off the top of your draw deck.