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  1. Honestly I'd rather them rerelease old ships and bring them up to a higher power level to even the playing field instead of adding new ships. They can give them new paint jobs, pilots, upgrades, and all those goodies and I think the vast majority of people would buy them.
  2. Useless ships by faction. Rebels X wing, y wing, a wing, b wing, hwk290, e wing, z95, arc170, u wing, stolen tie, resistance bomber, wookie gunship. Imperials Tie fighter, advanced, bomber, interceptor, aggressor, phantom, punisher, striker, defender, adv prototype, FO fighter, shuttle, upsilon shuttle, firespray. Scum Z95, y wing, hwk290, firespray, scyk, khirraxz, star viper, g1a, aggressor, quad jumper. So yeah 36 ships are competitively garbage and only worth upgrade cards in that sense. They need some x wing 2.0 or to stop releasing new ships and go back and rerelease the old ships with new pilots and upgrades to help them out.
  3. FFG's fixing measures are abysmal and outdated.
  4. These guys need to do what corvus belli does for infinity. They have an army builder online and a mobile app that 99% of the player base use. I've been playing infinity for a long time and never heard of anyone writing out their army list on paper. They either get on a computer and make it and print it out or use the mobile app. The great thing about this is we could finally get rid of the stupid cards. Using cards for upgrades and pilots is only to make people buy expansions for cards. With infinity the devs can balance the game, add units, whatever they want like a video game patch so it has a ton of speed. I'd love if x wing could adopt this so we balance the game faster and better. Imagine if they added new pilots or upgrades to existing ships and we didn't have to wait years for an aces style pack. If you'e one the few people who don't have access to a computer or printer or a mobile device than honestly I'm willing to sacrifice your ability to play for a better game for the masses. Sorry not sorry!
  5. There was a pretty big applause last year at wither gencon or origins (gencon) I believe when they said they weren't doing coins anymore. I hated the coins they were just dumb. Only practical use I could think of was to use them for stoning FFG OP members to death for terrible faqs, pathetic artwork choices, and lack luster prize support. Glad to see them gone and hope they never come back. Sold most of mine. Did get a top 4 ones for Regionals in x wing and armada which was cool for about 10 seconds.
  6. No you weak hippie scrub learn to get good and win tournaments. Campaigns and casual gaming is for pansies who don't know how to fly and blame there losses on balance. Obviously sarcastic even though I pretty much do only play competitve, it's generally not hard to find casual games and people willing to do campaigns.
  7. All wings standing by has nailed it. Thematically a 3rd faction, call them what ever you want, could easily be in the game. If the next wave was a pack that gave scum a small ship plus the cardboard to convert a cr90 and nebulon b, a medium ship, a fighter pack, and a rogues pack then they would be caught almost completely caught up. As far as how they should play I think they should definitely be more objective based. I think in a stand up fight against star destroyers they should have a hard time. I wouldn't mind if they had a focus on more small ships either. They should be the janky tricks faction. Maybe they have a ship the when it's destroyed it deals damage to other ships around so the scum player tries to dive it into the other players fleet while the other player tries to destroy it at long range or while it's closer to his own ships. Maybe they have ships that can deploy mines or rely on its rear arc? There are tons of possibilities and the design space is there. Plus you can use seperatist and empire at war ships for inspiration.
  8. Lol at all these people saying armada might die if scum was introduced. The same thing was said about x wing and it's incredibly popular with a huge tournament following.
  9. That ships looks dumb, and of course it's gonna come with upgrades that are incredibly powerful in dogfight that you'll want to have to stay competitive. They should have just let epic die and did this with an aces pack.
  10. That's what everyone said before scum for x wing came out. Believe it or not there are people who care more about the crunch of the game instead of the fluff wouldn't mind a unique third faction. I'm sorry if that view hurts your immersion...
  11. It would be so easy to do a scum faction and I bet they most likely will do it. I think they'll do what the did when the first released scum and have a pack that comes scum cardboard and let's you use rebel/imperial models. They most likely would have an entire wave be dedicated to scum like they did armada and obviously put really good cards both factions could use. They'd have there version of a most wanted pack that would probably let you convert a nebulon b and cr90 corvette or 2. They'd have the cardboard and you would use your rebel models. It would most likely be packaged with its own scum ship and there's a ton out there they could use and they could draw from empire at war or some of the old clone wars ships. Maybe have a keldabe class cruiser as a medium ship and the cardboard for a nebulon and 2 cr90s and boom that's a 4 ship fleet right there of 1 medium and 3 small. Or let is be another small ship like the crusader corvette and maybe the cardboard for 2 nebulon b's and there's a 5 ship fleet in a box right there. They add in some fighters like the star vipers, kirahxz, Scyk, vassal, cloak shapes, or what ever. Then a stand alone ship or 2 and call in the next wave. I believe it would sell and I know I would buy into it. It isn't hard to think there are forces that could have the kind of fleets we have in armada. This is not large scale fleet combat. The biggest thing you can have is 3 star destroyers which is in no way large scale. Even if scum doesn't have ships the size of mc80s and star destroyers who cares? That could be there thing where they are the force of small ships or small and medium ships. Check out empire at war forces of corruption for a list of possible ships and some look really good like the interceptor iv frigate, keldabe cruiser, and crusader corvette.
  12. Garbage scyks are still garbage. Yay another useless epic ship to try and get rid of that will come auto include crew and upgrades for the rest of the game...
  13. Why do you have predator and fcs??
  14. I think people are just having a real hard time accepting that the striker and U-wing were the rogue one expansion... I mean they even came out special with wave 10.
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