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  1. @GhostofNobodyInParticular, @BrobaFett, @Irishmadcat @PodRacer, @Visovics and I have decided to call it here. Well played all, it has been lots of fun playing with all of you gentlemen.
  2. Dorrin vs @CaribbeanNinja goes to me 164-0 MoV for a 9-2 Ninja won the dice roll and picked second We played his Station Assault. I was able to kill his Motti Interdictor over rounds 3 and 4 with 2 full shots from the Cymoon and a side shot from the Arq. His other Interdictor was able to slip around the side of the ISD and at that point I just focused on the stations, killing both. We called it after the last station dropped. It definitely has been an interesting format. I certainly lucked out on which lists I was assigned. Thanks @CaribbeanNinja for running this tournament!
  3. @CaribbeanNinja Vs Dorrin is set for Tuesday 11/7 around 4:15 pm Central (9:15 pm GMT).
  4. @Dupy Vs Dorrin goes to me with an MoV of 164 for a 9-2. We played his station assault. I managed to sneak between the edge of his massive G7-X field and the board edge with my Demo and my Hondo Gozanti. I blitzed his Motti Interdictor with everything and dropped it turn 4 and then took out the stations turn 5. We called it there because nothing else was in danger of dying.
  5. Good game @Dr alex you played the best you could with the list you had. Some of the lists that were submitted are definitely more flexible than others.
  6. I'm good with the outline we discussed, work has been crazy with the magic pre-release.
  7. @Dorrin314 Vs @Villakarvarousku Goes to me 212 to 185. We played @Villakarvarousku's Open Salvo for laughs. He deployed very well keeping Avenger away from his MC-30. We had small ships dying to Opening Salvo barrages all over the place. Overall a very fun game to end the tournament on.
  8. @Dorrin314 Vs @Villakarvarousku is set to start in about 10 minuets.
  9. I do know Christmas at a retail store (FLGS) is going to be crazy, not sure how much free time I'm going to have. I'll definitely keep you guys posted but I'll have more free time now than in 2-3 months.
  10. With schedules how they are I think that passing off control of fleets to other teammates is the best call. Part of the fun of the AOA is the planing and playing with teammates so I would like to try to find day(s) where multiple people from the same team can be on. Basically with how our schedules are looking: 1 is ok, 2 is good, 3 is great.
  11. I have work at 11 pm GMT every Friday so I need to be done by 10:30 or so at the latest. Depending on start time I might be able to push things around so I could stay till 10:45 or so.
  12. Had done a set up for the top but @GhostofNobodyInParticular's is looking great! This game is going to be nuts, 16 ships 18 squads for the Imps, 16 ships 21 squads for the Rebels.
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