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  1. Me and Kit Fisto will be waiting for you in the parking lot.
  2. What if, and this is crazy right, but what if they had only shown us the Grappling Struts open? And what if there was a wild universe where generally ships with multiple flight modes like the X-Wing and the U-Wing had increased agility on one side? Wild, I know. But what if both those things were true and closed Grappling Struts probably offers +1 Agility?
  3. Call me crazy, but I'd like to see him as the only ever I7 pilot.
  4. My favourite ever list to fly was 3 Mangler Cannon Scyks and Palob Godalhi, all Mindlinked. I'm hoping to fly something that might feel similar to that, but I think it might end up being 3 TAP Inquisitor generics with a support ship. Force points on every ship feels a lot like a pre-nerf Mindlink swarm to me, and it's something I'm excited to try out.
  5. "After defending, if the attacker is inside your firing arc, you may spend a charge to perform an attack against that ship." Or words to that effect. Limit of 1 charge, regen 1 per round. That's my guess.
  6. Mangipan

    New HWK?

    I have a conspiracy theory that FFG originally designed the HWK as a large based ship. It's weird awful dial makes a lot more sense for a large base, and it was released opposite the Lambda. So they design the thing and show it to LFL who say "Woah, hold up, who told you it was that size? It's meant to be way smaller!" Then they switch it to a small base to make LFL happy but don't change the dial and we get what we're given. I believe old legends sources had it as much larger, but FFG work closely enough with LFL that you can take the size we see as gospel.
  7. My all time favourite list to fly was 3 Mindlinked Mangler Cannon Scyks and Palob Godalhi. With them reducing the action efficiency in the game, I can't see a future where I get 4 ship Mindlink back, but maybe I won't need that efficiency to compete and I can use a different EPT instead.
  8. I had the sudden realisation that we might get a Hound's Tooth and Nashtah Pup that don't suck. The party bus was always fine, but I'm excited about having a legitimate reason to run my Z-95 escape pod.
  9. I was very surprised when I saw such negative reactions to the Conversion Kits, because as someone with a wargaming background this looks like one of the best handled edition changes I've ever seen so far. I've got an extensive Scum collection, with much smaller Rebel and Imperial squads and this sucks to a certain extent because it's not going to be worth converting the few Rebel and Imperial ships I have. But they'll make great early Christmas presents for a couple of friends with similarly Rebel and Imperial-centric collections and only got brought out once in a blue moon to demo the game with anyway. The conversion kit doesn't cover me perfectly - I don't own any Aggressors, and only one each of the other large ships, while I have 2 extra Z-95s, Y-Wings and an extra Scurrg. But the ships I have too many of I really do have an excessive amount of due to wanting to spam them. I own four Y-Wings because I wanted four TLTs on the field, not because I wanted four Y-Wings on the field. With the new edition, this spam probably won't be nearly so appealing so I'm definitely going to wait until I know what kind of squads I want to fly under the new rules before I even consider whether I want to trade for or buy some more cardboard for those ships. Meanwhile, everything else I see about 2.0 looks spectacularly exciting and is the exact game I fell in love with years ago that I don't really enjoy at this point in 1.0s life. The future looks great, and the conversion kits aren't perfect for my collection but I can see that a lot of effort was put in to try and make them cover as many players as possible.
  10. My main question is, are you inside your own firing arc? Part of your base is inside your arc - does this let a ship with R3-KT attack itself? Could you use a Scurrg with Saturation Salvo, Accuracy Corrector, Munitions Failsafe and a Harpoon Missile, target lock Manaroo early and pass it back to yourself so that you could fire your Harpoons at yourself as you have yourself locked, cancel all the results with Accuracy Corrector to auto-miss, keep your missiles because of Failsafe then splash to all ships around you like some sort of super-Feedback Array?
  11. I would hope that if we see a torpedo "fix" (Perhaps in the form of vastly more efficient cards like we have seen for missiles), it will make them feel different than missiles. In my mind, missiles should be highly accurate and a great response to high agility fighters like A-Wings and Interceptors, while torpedoes should be a better response to low agility ships like the Decimator or the Ghost. Perhaps a torpedo with an accuracy corrector effect so it would always get 2 hits, but if it hit you could roll 6 dice and deal and hits or crits to your opponent? On the opposite side, a missile that always hit and did exactly one damage would be an interesting tool.
  12. My ability for Hondo in his shuttle read "When attacking, perform the 'Roll Defense Dice" and "Modify Defence Dice" steps before the "Roll Attack Dice" step." Effectively, he cheats and doesn't play fair. Your opponent has to roll and modify their defence dice before they know how hard you're going to hit them.
  13. This is an old design of mine that I think fits your idea pretty well. Hondo's help should be dubious at best, Hondo is here to help exactly one man and that man's name is Hondo. It should be noted that I designed this during the extremes of Attanni initiative bidding, where I saw things like Travis Foss topping a Regionals with a 94 point list. It seemed reasonable to introduce a card that said "Okay, I can't have initiative? In that case, nobody can."
  14. The only sane reason I can think of to leave Hondo out of the C-ROC is that his Last Chance Sentinel Shuttle is on its way.
  15. I just got done listening to your most recent two Episodes, but I've got to say that while your discussion about action advantage with Ravncat was interesting my response was "Well, duh." Dee even brought up the logical fallacy of football coaches who look at statistics and say "Football teams that are winning run more, so we should run more and we'll win", which ignored the reasons behind that, and yet nobody thought to bring up the fact that a winning list will almost always be taking more actions because it has more ships on the field for a longer period. It was mentioned that there is a direct correlation between margin of victory and action advantage, and a higher margin of victory will have you keeping even more of your ships on the battlefield for a longer period than in closer games. I'm not discounting the fact that action advantage is a potent inclusion in lists, but I think the effect of removing your opponents ships from the board was really glossed over - Ravncat mentioned the advantage of removing a ship before it could spend a token that turn, but didn't follow up with all the future actions it could have taken.
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