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  1. Given the colour scheme I'd think comparing it to the P-61 is more apt - besides, the P-61 is prettier than the P-38, fight me.
  2. Informing us that the sun will rise every morning does not a prophet make.
  3. Didn't Tabletop get a bunch of stuff wrong with the rules? (aside from generally being trash as a show)
  4. No TIE variant is worth that many posts :/
  5. https://www.etsy.com/shop/CurledPawCreatives?section_id=18639890 Hands-down the only tokens I've ever considered buying, the styling is top-notch.
  6. Netflix is the only streaming service I'll pay for, Disney just lost some of my money.
  7. There's no need to pretend. It's only the card that can remove the token.
  8. Don't let the graphics fool you, VASSAL is far more precisely done than the mess that is TTS. Graphics are the only thing TTS has going for it, especially now that VASSAL handles collisions.
  9. U-Wing complete with Expertise and Bistan spoiled!
  10. So far I only have 1 IG, so yes? 88B and a pair of Ys or HWKs has been pretty fun, or with 88 crew + Moralo.
  11. As a pilot ability, it might work, like "after you perform an action, you may perform that action again. Then, receive 1 stress token.", so it's basically PtL for the same action (tho I guess you could nest it inside PtL for 2 stress).
  12. " we will be thrilled, and then emotionally destroyed." bravo lucasfilm this would make me buy a ticket, just to listen for the screams of agony in the theater so I can dub them over luke in ESB
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