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  1. Okay, so this came up in a game and I wasn't sure how to answer so I decided to go with a yes then for the moment and get some help because I cannot figure it out. #Isadunce What is the differences between the different types of weapon categories: Basic, Melee, Pistol. I know the obvious differences in how things apply but the minor ones I'm having a hard time with. I'll use what happened in the game as an example. Scum Hiver has a Las pistol, cant use it so he tosses it to the feral assassin. The assassin has a Basic Las training but not a Pistol Las training. Does she still take the penalty? I reduced the penalty by half because I felt "basic" meant "enough not to shoot yourself but not enough to be well proficient" What is the real answer I should have given? So in essence my problem is how does Basic X Training correlate to things that overlap with Melee X and Pistol X training when they are the same type of training as stated in the above example. ((PS Sorry I know this is really awkwardly written but I don't know how to better explain the question I have.))
  2. Something else that has been bothering me a bit. Looking through the Dark Heresy stuff and especially with Edge of Darkness I feel like my group might have a hard time overcoming the fact that this is indeed NOT Pathfinder and Dungeons and dragons. They are NOT the hero and as the book says: They aren't doing this for glory and gain. They are doing it because they must if humanity is to survive another day. A lot of them might find this problematic and a bit hard to wrap their heads around. I would like to explain this to them before we play so they can have fun while still being "in character" Also the game seems to be balanced against the players at the start. Even in edge of darkness some of the more real battles are set to be against the players. Is there a good way to explain this to them BEFORE I play to help them understand that it is the games balance setting and not me being a **** GM (because we all have dealt with a particularly poor GM who did that once before and I want them to understand that I'm actually running the game as is and not being cruel)
  3. Alright. So I should first claim that in the ways of the warhammer 40K universe I am NOT new. I know a lot of the lore: Both cannon and theory and just plain outright stupid. I am also not new to being a Game master, I have run both Dungeons and Dragons and Heroes Unlimited. My newness comes from the Dark Heresy part. I found Edge of Darkness and figured that would be a good place to start as it IS meant as an introduction but I do not know how to start past that. My problems are a bit many fold. 1) I have no clue which ordos (if any) I should place my players. Now I know the core book says "Let players choose but this comes to- 2) I am the ONLY person who knows ANYTHING about Warhammer 40K. Which is the main reason I picked Edge of darkness, it looks like a good introduction to the game. I think one has read the Horus heresy books and another did the actual tabletop miniatures way back when (And he didn't do much with the marine side of things) but other than that I am the only one with full knowledge of the universe as a whole. Part of me wants to simply go a little of each and see what they spark to and just give them an inquisitor who sides with that particular ordos. Would this be wise? 3) I know this might be helped a little when the ordos is picked but I have no idea how to properly create a long running main villian(s). These guys are used to playing pathfinder and D&D as I have mentioned above so they are going to expect a "Main Final Game Boss" type person. If this is not plausible how can I sate their beliefs without letting them down on the possibility of taking down something major when they get up there to the highest ranks?
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