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  1. First ship gets one stress token from Chopper and shares it with all other AM equipped ships. Second ship gets a second stress token from Chopper. No "sharesies".
  2. In this particular case you are able to choose the order. The assignment of the tractor token from the Shadow Caster title is not part of the attack. It is an "after attacking" effect so the owner can choose to resolve it before or after Tactician. If you had something like a YV-666 with Tactician and a Tractor Beam, what you posted would be correct. The forced movement would always occur before the stress from Tactician. Hence prefacing with maybe, Either way it looks like the OP is able to what was being asked.
  3. Maybe, From the Tractor Beam FAQ, p.19 If a ship is equipped with both Tractor Beam and Tactician, the tractor beam token is resolved as part of the attack, then the distance is measured for Tactician It doesn't look like you actually have a choice. It would appear that the tractor beam token is resolved before measuring the distance for tactician. SO the short answer appears to be yes.
  4. Use C3PO as well and you can get 3....Then PTL for an evade action for a 4th! Not quite. C-3P0 does not assign an evade token to your ship. He adds an evade result to the current dice roll. . Correct. So you guess you'll get 2 evades while rolling for Lando, if you roll 2 you add an extra evade result which gives you 3. Lando's ability gives you 1 evade token for each evade result. PTL an Evade action gives you 4! If you declare "Two" when rolling for Lando...you live more dangerously than I. Luck will often save a man, if his courage holds.
  5. "It's important to note, here, that all you have to do is get the critical hit past your opponent's defense dice and tokens. So long as the damage isn't cancelled, it is suffered, and while the damage your opponent's ship suffers would normally apply first to its shields—if it has any—I'll Show You the Dark Side alters the standard effect. The critical damage isn't suffered as the removal of a shield token or as a card drawn and revealed faceup from the damage deck; the damage is simply suffered as the faceup critical hit stored on I'll Show You the Dark Side." https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2016/10/24/fanatical-devotion/ That's from the preview article. This MAY mean that the victim just has to eat what's there. However, when I look at the condition card it states that victim is "dealt" the card from the condition. We'll have to wait and see on this one, I think.
  6. That is a great idea - what kind of glue did you use to attach the runner to the cardboard? I didn't. I use the cardboard on top of a card table or large trash bin (when I'm not at home). The runner I use like a regular play mat. The box gives me two table tops. I have one stored at home and the other at the place where I play most. The table tops are still stiff after two years. I alternate the direction in which I roll the mat to keep it from curling. It has worked great. The board gives me a 6" wide edge on one side of the mat, this is room for most of the tools and cards. cheers
  7. I went to the local big box store, bought a large cardboard box. Cut it into two 3.5'x3' pieces. I also purchased a 36"x36" piece of rubber hallway runner. It works fantastically. Total cost about $7 U.S.
  8. 3'x3' is close to a standard card table size. For casual games, play on whatever you like. Unless it's a serious event, you and your friends can play however you like.
  9. For a nasty (albeit expensive support craft) I like the following: Tomax Bren Twin Ion Mk11 Fleet Officer Systems Officer Tie Shuttle title Coolhand 31 pts At PS8 he's often able to ride behind a formation. Coolhand let's him take a focus or evade token each time he gets stressed. Swoop up behind your formation, give your heavy hitter a TL, pass out a couple foci, and give yourself an evade or focus as needed. You end up with nine different green maneuvers to choose from. Finally, after a red maneuver you can still token up.
  10. Having played through several scenarios with and without expansions ships, I am of the opinion that it really doesn't make a difference. The FAQ give some great suggestions on how to handle some of the big ships. As far as the K Wing or any other ship goes, if you're group is finding the game too easy just ramp up the number of pilots when laying out imperial forces. If you're playing with two players in K-wings use the 3-player AI setup. HoTAC is non-competitive, fan made, and supposed to be fun. Just PLAY for fun. In my group, when we make mistakes or want to pre-measure something we don't care. We always joke that our opponent is welcome to challenge our actions. Play it for fun.
  11. This incident came up at a tournament recently. Lothal Rebel with ZEB crew, no shuttle, no ordinance. Opponent had overlapped in the rear facing special firing arc. The opponent didn't think they would get to shoot. The player controlling the Lothal Rebel believed his opponent would still get a shot and called a TO over to verify this. The first TO did not think the opponent could shoot saying that because there was no shuttle the arc wasn't valid, and called another TO over to verify. The second TO believed that the special arc still counted and the opponent should be able to shoot. Both players looked at each other and thought WTF. The Lothal player insisted his opponent shoot, because he believed that to be the correct interpretation. He promptly lost his ship in the exchange. Thoughts?
  12. I really like Outlaw Tech with K4 security droid on Bossk. That ship is so slow to turn around, but being able to shift that arc in a tight 90 degree turn and still modify shots is awesome.
  13. I still maintain that "choosing not to attack" is not the trigger. The faq for FA explains that it is triggered when that ship is activated during the combat phase. The cost to perform it is ion token and damage. The restriction is that you can't perform any attacks before or after its use. The cards resolve at the same time. I don't think it should work this way, and I was in the "one use" boat before I started looking into it. This upgrade was introduced before we could have two illicit cards on one ship. I'm sure it will be addressed. Typing on my phone so I can't pull quotes.
  14. Bossk VI Outlaw Tech Tactician K4 2x Hired Gun Ys TLT R4 Because some days I just don't want to fly fancy. But when I do: Col. Vessery VI Cluster Missiles HLC EU Redline FCS EM Proton torps Cluster Missiles Concussion Missiles Proxy mines x 2 Guidance Chips I love laying all those upgrades out.
  15. So I dug around a bit in the rules and FAQ, and took another close look at the upgrade itself. Theory 1: We may use two feedback arrays to deal damage twice. This is justified by the rules covering use of upgrades, the player being able to activate in the order they choose. This is all in the rule book. Theory 2: We can only use feedback array once because it happens instead of our attack, and we can only attack once. When we look at the card itself, it reads," During the combat phase, instead of performing any attacks you may..." Effectively, this mean that we forfeit all other attacks during the combat phase in order to deal this one damage. My conclusion: I don't believe the idea that we are spending our attack to use this upgrade is the best interpretation. I believe, after looking at it in the context of the rules and the card itself, that forfeiting the attacks is not the cost of the ability. Rather, we are choosing to deal damage in a different way. The cost of FA is receiving one Ion token and one damage. The opportunity to resolve the card is when we become the active ship during the combat phase. Each card normally resolves once per opportunity in the order of the players choosing (when multiple cards resolve at the same time). So, unless FFG tags it with a Limited header, I think if you can equip two and you're willing to pay the cost, you can deal two damage. This is just my opinion.
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