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  1. According to Rules As Written, no: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/99220-khorne-berserker-archetype-question/
  2. Hm, I mean not every single typo - it would be very hard and useless, but such things as in my examples (which make uncertain rules questions). I might be better call them "mistakes", not "typos" - as gaining Talent or Skill that you already have (and which doesn't stack) is logical mistake.
  3. Hi guys! I'm not very experienced BC player/GM so I need a some help from you. As BC seems to be no longer supported by FFG, but the books have some typos, can we try to make a list with the most confusing of them? Tome of Blood, Khorne Berzerker Skills: Common Lore (War) - trained, but every CSM already has trained Common Lore (War) Tome of Excess, non-possessed Accursed Crozius has a Daemon Weapon Quality: it should lose +1d10 damage and Fellig (4) Tome of Decay, Plaguemeister Talents: <...> Mimic or Polyglot or Total Recall, <...> Street Fighting or Sure Strike, Totall Recall, Unshakeble Will...
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