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  1. Plus, 3P0 didn't have his gold plating yet. Sure his voice remained the same, but I doubt Owen remembered something like that. 16 years of not hearing a voice, I don't think anyone could remember.
  2. I think it might be an experimental version. Keep in mind, the U-wing was also an experimental Incom design, much like the X-wing. Perhaps they travel to Fresia (those space stations need a planetoid to orbit) to steal it and the X-wing just becomes a happy accident. This could be the prototype, hence the two engines.
  3. Then this battle is classified as a Pyrrhic victory, even though the definition in itself can be taken as defeat. (I find the term rather stupid) I personally wouldn't consider the loss of 15 or so ships, a military commander, and a base a victory.
  4. It should be pretty obvious that most characters are going to be willing to die for this cause. If they think that sacrificing a single ship or themselves for a better outcome is what needs to be done, then they'll be ready to do it, no matter if they're "comfortable" with it or not. If that's what you consider lazy writing, I don't know what would make you happy. I do kind of agree about the Mando-Interdictor defeat, but the finishing blow was made by a bunch of rockets (projectile bombs if you will). These shields aren't designed to repel physical objects as established in the episode itself.
  5. I feel like Rebels treats them more like tractor beams, though. Interdictors "Pull" ships out of hyperspace (If you notice, the first time one appears it draws in every ship around it. The second time a Nebulon is drifting backwards after being pulled out.) When Konstantine went after the Carrier he made it sound like he wanted to keep it stationary so he could shoot it better (or just to keep them from escaping, not like they already weren't preventing that)
  6. I'm surprised no one has mentioned this yet... What happened to the Phantom II in the second half?
  7. I think people are forgetting what a deus ex-machina really is. A deus ex-machina is a plot device that uses a new character or event to solve an unsolvable problem. New being a character that was created specifically to perform only this action this one time. We've been exposed to the Bendu for an entire season, and he's done way more for the series than conjuring up a force storm. Even then, he doesn't do it for the rebels. He attacks everyone as his way of saying "get off my lawn." If it were a true deus ex-machina, we would have never heard of the Bendu before now, and the rebels would be untouched.
  8. So I know this is a stupid thing to get hung up on, but am I the only one who is annoyed by the ship continuity? In this episode we see the Liberator, a ship with 'Distinguishable blue markings (paraphrase)' leading us to assume that its hull pattern is unique, yet we see three ships with this same pattern not only in the battle, but twice it was destroyed. In the end it escapes and we do see it in Rogue One, so I guess that's more of a minor gripe. Then we have the McQuarrie corvette (The unnamed white, blue, and red CR-90 with a white arrow on the bridge section) It gets destroyed as the rebels are escaping into hyperspace, yet we see it in the background of Rogue One. (This isn't the first time it's disappeared from the fleet either). I know that re-using assets is a typical animation technique, but they clearly have another non-unique CR-90 model in their library, so why not use that? Would it really be that hard to switch out one of the two unique ships for one of those, or even a different ship all together? Sorry about the rant...
  9. Wow, that episode. That entire engagement was beautifully done.
  10. I recently was able to head back to the store to buy some 1 new expansions... Went in for an Arquittens, they had none, and came back out with a Pelta and a U-wing. Overall, this was a very fun ship to paint (but the front for some reason is lacking in quality.) Originally I was gonna paint it as an older re-purposed medical frigate with lingering Republic markings, much like the ARC-170 for X-wing. But of course I painted it like Phoenix Home cause I lack originality. Maybe if I buy a second Pelta or actually feel like stripping the paint off of this one, I'll get around to doing that scheme. My Rebel fleet has grown a lot over the past year. It now contains 3 CR-90s, 3 Hammerheads, a Nebby, an MC-80, a Pelta, and 5 squadrons of fighters. My Imperial fleet is going to need some love soon.
  11. Its an A-wing... Getting blown up was its destiny.
  12. I honestly don't know what I expected to happen, but it certainly wasn't what ended up happening. I agree with Tailsgod, this may just be the best Saber fight I've ever seen. This one isn't so much about the action but the feeling behind it. I think it was handled perfectly.
  13. My only problem is that the Empire still hasn't found out the location of the base, and this past episode was the perfect opportunity to do so. If they hadn't destroyed the Gozanti, then they could have sent false information like someone else said, maybe by sending a crap ton of planets in the data. In that, Thrawn realizes that Attolon is not on any of his records and that draws suspicion to the planet. To me, that would have been a much better way to end the episode. The rebels think they've won, but the Empire is one step ahead of them, like it should be.
  14. Is it just me, or was it pure absolute coincidence that Chopper had a data spike on him for the imperials to use?
  15. If you don't want spoilers, only watch until 6 seconds into the clip (or even just look at the thumbnail. )
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