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  1. Why is that irritating? Luke was right. Yoda done effed up, resulting in the Empire. Same with Obi-wan and Vader. Their legacies are those of utter failure. The Order failed Ahsoka. Some of their core philosophies are just plain ridiculous. The Star Wars universe is much more interesting with different orders of Force users. Personally, this wholesale deification of the Jedi is irritating to me. Also, in my head canon, Ezra -> Snoke!
  2. You present a totally valid perspective NTE, but this gave me a twitching aneurysm! TIE Fighter kept X-Wing alive in my heart at the peak of those long, empty years!
  3. Mynock Delta

    Don't nerf tlt.

    Um, every single mid-range low agility ship (that doesn't have Reinforce) killed by TLT agrees with your assertion.
  4. I unironically love them, but I get SOOOOOO sick of laying down choo choo tracks on the self-bumps over the course of an actual tournament.
  5. Ahem, my variant has a thing or two to say about Expertise.
  6. Not grasping how that's a counter, at least if it's Steven's Raptor Attack meta-dominating version.
  7. As long as you put the goosestepping deckers on trial before Steve and me!
  8. 1x2s would move so fast. 2x1 would have made for an interesting, let's say... Miranda.
  9. Heh, I just wanted to point out that there MAY have been good reasons that we don't have 1.5 x 1.5 baselength ships. We can surmise that at the VERY least, there were bad reasons, but reasons nonetheless.
  10. It's my understanding that they meaningfully deliberated this possibility, but elected to pass for reasons unknown to the general public. I would like to have been a fly on the wall at those meetings.
  11. You'd theoretically draw stronger opponents if you win the games you lost. I've submarined my way to many a cut...
  12. I used to lose games because I HAAAAATED going to time, and would reengage on poor terms. I still hate the expiring clock, but I'm over it. Mostly.
  13. In SoCal, we call this "The Don Chain". Don suffered these exact crits to exactly kill his Fat Han.
  14. "Players cannot take notes or reference outside material or information during a tournament round. However, players may reference official rule documents or game components that do not contain hidden information at any time or ask a judge for clarification from official rule documents. Official rule documents include all rules documents and inserts available on the X-Wing page of our website, those found in an X-Wing product, or any portion thereof." What are we even arguing about? Plus, 3rd time: FFG officials at Worlds gave me the green light to scribble all over myself, as well as MAKE NOTES BEFORE the round starts.
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