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  1. Assuming we take this anecdote at face value, I think this is the wrong attitude. Hanging out with smart people makes you smarter, and I relish time with people more intelligent than me. Look at it this way - we're impatient and short when dealing with people that we deem stupid. Well, that works both ways... We should humble ourselves if it means an opportunity to learn.
  2. Without giving ANY consideration to game balance, thematically this would be great. But before Kallus, we need to make Sabine crew tri-faction. #FREE SABINE
  3. We prattle through a roundup of the System Opens and the Brazilian National Championship:
  4. This is a stunning disconnect.
  5. Wait...doesn't this pilot ability nerf its own pilot ability?
  6. Hah, I'm actually a little disappointed that I'm not crushing this competition LOL. You're complaining about us complaining, so if you open the bucket of worms, but don't dump the bucket, that kind of leaves us twisting in the wind. Speaking just for myself: 1) I can spend countless hours praising X-Wing and digging into the game (Art of X-Wing episodes in particular), but if I share concerns, suddenly I'm a negative Nancy who complains non-stop. 2) It's not burnout. If anything, I'm disconsolate that I wasn't able to participate more in the recently wrapped Regionals season. 3) Life's tough for me right now, but that's only increasing the importance of my love of X-Wing in my personal life. I treasure my weekly FGS X-Wing night to help me crack some smiles and laughs with people I value. 4) The FAQ definitely helped a ton. I've have been railing at Zuckuss and Palp for a VERY long time. Defenders nerf is fine-ish. Manaroo was harsh, but understandable. (I just wish they had removed her ability to pass red locks; I've long felt that the biggest problem was how hard it is to burn her down.) TLT continues to be an issue. Overall, though? The changes are by and large beneficial to the game and that definitely improves my morale. Thank you FFG. 5) The game does have problems. I personally dislike Combo-Wing. This is a subjective judgment, but I do think I should share those concerns. The trend toward Attack-Wing is alarming, and this is an objective judgment. Math bears it out, but you really don't even need advanced metrics or analytics to come to this conclusion (I just had a full health Palp shuttle PS killed by 2 enemy ship combat activations). I believe that it would be a disservice for me to bury my head in the sand and pretend that this issue doesn't exist. 6) I *hope* most people can tell that I *LOVE* this game. It's not like I've spent 4 figures in product, more in travel, hours obsessing over theory/strategy/tactics, and triple digit hours talking about it in podcast form (only God knows how many if you include non-recorded conversations) because I feel negatively about X-Wing. It's instead because of the fact that X-Wing is so phenomenally great, that it makes any problems stand out more starkly. It's my enthusiasm for the game that makes me so passionate about it; and *sometimes* it's going to be negative.
  7. If it's me, feel free to dump the bucket! I wear big boy pants, and will take constructive criticism seriously.
  8. Ours is up today, and I have the best words. It took maybe a year of podcast QQing, but I made Zuckuss and Palp pay!
  9. ALL MYNOCK HOSTS REPORT IN: GHQ has determined a new strategic objective: get tabled repeatedly until Chris Allen is bankrupted and carpal tunneled from painting templates. Aurora Squadron, how about we do up a Vassal tourney and all us Mynocks set up pointing our ships at our own edges!
  10. PSSSSSSHT you didn't get the memo that you're one of us?
  11. This is a thoroughly reasonable response. There's a ton of crosstalk and misunderstanding with multiple conversations occurring simultaneously. My outlook is this: I dislike the growing importance and wordiness of card interactions at the expense of the importance of maneuvering. Power creep is distasteful, but perhaps inevitable. As long as FFG continues to rehabilitate older releases, I can tolerate it. However, the game is fundamentally shifting at its core, and I assert that as an objective statement. Is the shift good or bad? I (subjectively) consider it to be bad.
  12. This was a tough episode. Some peeps are telling me to stop hating on X-Wing! It's true; I have only spent deep 4 figures on product, more on travel, done what I could within the scope of my pompous personality to foster it locally, recorded 100+ hours talking about it, and yet even more on prepping to talk about it. Consistent listeners know that I predominantly go to bat in defense of FFG staff. I would never quit X-Wing to play another game. I'd thought I was done with gaming until I discovered X-Wing. I want to make it clear that X-Wing is the best. But that does still leave tons of room for it to be short of being the best that it can be, and I think it's okay and potentially beneficial to discuss that space, and which way it's trending. The driving force for the episode was not "burnout". I run hot, and I don't burn out on things I love. When I don't play, I miss the game. X-Wing is just shifting its emphasis toward mechanics that I personally love less. I clearly stated that this was subjective. It's not a criticism of the meta. I've discussed metas that I've enjoyed more or less, and the "less" just meant that they didn't particularly suit my style of play. I've never criticized metas for that non-sin (the Fat Han/Whisper meta collapse rather, is my punching bag). My worries (and that's what they are intended to be; not gripes) are about underlying mechanics. Saying something like "it's jumped the shark" does require context and hindsight perspective, but I am deeply concerned that X-Wing might be sliding down the Attack Wing trajectory. If this does indeed come to pass, we'll be able to point back to this time frame, and identify that shark jumping moment when it began. For the most part, this thread has been interesting and informative. Kudos to this community for rising above the baseline character of the internet. If you have a different set of criteria than I do, I totally comprehend how you could enjoy and love the current State of X-Wing. I'm just concerned for the long term health of the game, and I do grasp that much of what I shared lies firmly within the parameters of 'opinion'. Naturally, I believe mine to be valid, but I also held off doing this episode until my conviction in that validity had grown to the point where I felt compelled to share it. And that process took a long time. Thanks to everyone who listens, and thanks to everyone who gives feedback. We try to accommodate all reasonable requests; unfortunately, some are mutually exclusive. If Episode LIV didn't connect with you, I apologize for the interruption. We just recorded a new episode, and will return to our regularly scheduled buffoonery.
  13. Please keep us up to date on this - Mynock will definitely publicize it as long as we're even vaguely aware (and dim awareness is my typical level of cognizance).
  14. I love me some Back to Dials. I want to poach Producer Joe!
  15. As the ingenious originator of the infamous Dengaroo squad, he has several choice words regarding the terms "broken", "overpowered", and "easy mode". We concur that there are several juiced elements in the current X-Wing competitive meta (looking at you Emperor Palpatine), and have a spirited discussion about their respective merits. Jeff holds some of his proprietary secrets close to the vest, but like all of our master X-Wing guests, he shares much sage insight and advice to assist beginner and veteran pilots alike. [00:00:00] Intros [00:04:00] Who is Jeff Berling? [00:09:30] Jeff's Many Final Tables at Nationals [00:29:15] Let's talk/debate Dengaroo and what is "Brokeness" [00:49:50] Degaroo Variants and Stratagies [01:01:30] Jeff's Tips to listeners