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  1. How have I pandered, and what did I apologize for?
  2. Unacceptable! This thread must never again be relegated to page 2.
  3. GSP doesn't say nothing but true things though.
  4. Likewise. I further clarify that I competitively play with Star Wars toys.
  5. That's fair Damnit Kdubb, that IS my serious note LOL My gripe about W11 isn't solely balance based. The mechanics encourage drudgery.
  6. I'm really depressed you feel this way. I've always endeavored to be as transparent and direct as possible. I've tried to give back to our community in the best ways I know how.
  7. @Brunas I'd think this was your second account, except that even you couldn't pull this off with such purity of essence. You say nothing except true things.
  8. We love the game and we love its community. And we hope it shows. We do weekly, multi-hour shows, and this does require a certain amount of sacrifice on our parts. I'm very grateful for the response we've had over the course of our run; it's made the effort well worth it. And there are so many terrific podcasts now, I can no longer keep up on all the ones I'd like to listen to! We're in a Golden Age when it comes to X-Wing content, with podcasts and streams and boards that fulfill all needs and tastes. When I started playing, there was a sliver of what we have now, and it's great to not be starved for X-Wing related material. It reminds me of television: when I was young, we watched all sorts of garbage. Now, we have the luxury of carefully selecting which of the quality content we're going to fill out limited hours with. Regarding our Patreon, thank you so much patrons. We're currently putting every last penny back into fulfillment or saving up for equipment to provide more for our listeners. And our regular listeners know that I'm not one to cater to a specific audience OR run out of topics, so Kessel Run can put those fears to rest For those of you who have stated that we've been off our game or off the rails of late, it's likely my fault. I've had a rough go of it for some time now, with multiple family deaths and yet another familial terminal illness currently drawing my attentions. The X-Wingers that knew about this have been a tremendous source of support and encouragement, and I will be always thankful for it. And there was that infamous episode, where I was *actually* angry at Farmer, and it bled into the show. I apologize for those times that I've let you down, and I'm endeavoring to Podcast Better. Toward that goal, I am and always have been completely open to specific criticism. Vague and undefined negativity doesn't help me get any better. I'd greatly appreciate specific comments on what you do or don't enjoy about the show. I can't promise that every suggestion will be implemented, but I always do carefully contemplate all feedback. You can do it publicly or via PM if you're confrontation adverse. Never worry about hurting my feelings; I'm a big boy!
  9. Our Patreon numbers are noise!
  10. Thanks OP. This thread is a good reminder. You quote the excitement of improving in our squadron motto, and the first reply is my comic which I never tire of seeing resurface. OVERWHELMING FUN! Let's not worry about competition and balance in this thread (we've got plenty of others for that), and remember the joy of PEW PEW
  11. One of our Mynocks somehow managed to win Bakersfield store champs with 3 Strikers and a Hux Shuttle...
  12. Thanks. I get static every time I dare suggest that TLT is unbalanced. Your turn!
  13. Oh, and Luke (DTF + R2-D2) was extremely competitive through Wave 3 (before Whisper). There's a 44% chance that Luke's ability procs, EVERY time he's shot at. 58% at range 3. I do hope we get a new Episode VIII Luke. Who knows if he steps into a fighter though...
  14. First, you can't point at Biggs and say X-Wings are in the game. The issue is that there isn't much of a place for straight jousters in the game. Between Whisper, turrets (TLT in particular), and ordnance (am I missing anything else?) how do you "fix" the X-Wing to competitive levels? Integrated Astromech was at least 4 squad points of free value, and it still wasn't enough. How far can you push it? We all saw what happened with x7 Defenders. WHAT HAPPENS TO BIGGS?? I'm sure a fix is possible. It's just crazy tricky.
  15. Whoops, sorry double post.