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  1. Logged in on the app, just seems to over write lists when I create a new one
  2. Hi, anyone else that's using the app only able to save 3 lists, I keep making lists but it's only displaying the last 3 I made, no option to scroll up or down.
  3. Anyone else find expert handling, engine upgrade, shield and hull upgrade costs 0 on the web app?
  4. B wings are looking good as full on brawlers/ knife fighters now, especially ten numb, though I get the feeling the E-2 mod will be released in the expansion pack to give us a reason to buy it
  5. My favourites got better though, HWK, b wing and a wing are all really good again ?
  6. B wing seems like an even better knife fighter now with the inclusion of the 1 speed t-rolls, while still having the 2k, ten numb looks like a good contender now.
  7. TYCHO - hope he still has his action while stressed ability.
  8. A wing - TYCHO hwks - Kyle katarn b wing - any
  9. I’m bad because I don’t care for meta, vs a meta playing area i took 2 scum firesprays (emon and cath) to yavin last year i insist on playing hwks and a wings (rage tycho) far too often
  10. Never found having to boost/evade 1st a problem, I rage pretty much every turn I need the focus anyway, so still get the evade/boost plus focus that I would with push the limit. once the stress stack starts there is no getting rid of them all so just run with it. since swarm leader is optional and you can choose who's tokens to burn you have seen the game state and know who needs the tokens for defence. Plus at PS3 the green squadron pilots can block well and usually get the actions they need, then burn an evade when shooting at any ship in arc with less or no shots against the blocker. After the initial engagement the formation breaks up and my opponents tend to chase one or 2 a wings while the others can get back around and get the evade for tycho to use. it isn't the easiest list to use and requires a lot of thought in which manoeuvres to use but it's a lot of fun and swarm leader helps push through damage and is nice you can use it more than once vs using proton rockets
  11. I like tycho with swarm leader and rage, with the right back up, he gets a 3-5 dice attack (range depending) with 3 re rolls on attack, plus focus with experimental interface he can boost or evade as required. this list has done alright for me and even got close to beating a parattani list, causing more frustration as those a wings just would die, and those out of arc helping tycho push damage through. All a wings (100) Tycho Celchu (31) - A-Wing Rage (1), Chardaan Refit (-2), A-Wing Test Pilot (0), Experimental Interface (3), Swarm Leader (3) Green Squadron Pilot (23) - A-Wing Crack Shot (1), Chardaan Refit (-2), A-Wing Test Pilot (0), Autothrusters (2), Push The Limit (3) Green Squadron Pilot (23) - A-Wing Crack Shot (1), Chardaan Refit (-2), A-Wing Test Pilot (0), Autothrusters (2), Push The Limit (3) Green Squadron Pilot (23) - A-Wing Crack Shot (1), Chardaan Refit (-2), A-Wing Test Pilot (0), Autothrusters (2), Push The Limit (3)
  12. Well emon may have some new friends in my scum bomber list, and some new bombs to play with, just wonder if I'll be able to fit emon, nym and zuvio in one list
  13. Tycho Tycho Tycho Tycho Corran not in the least bit helpful to anyone but Tycho is the most fun pilot for me, would really love him to be on a ship with a 3 dice primary to make him more viable again, but I just love that little A-wing, he has done so much work for me and can be hard to pin down. corran just because he is the original double tap.
  14. Well at least for stress tokens you need to have a load, if you run tycho or dengaroo
  15. I like hanger bay, but it's kinda disappointing when people bring the big meta lists out in a side event, saw a load of parattani, manaroo/fenn plus palp aces, in what I would say is supposed to be a more relaxed and fun side event, yeah bring those lists for the main tournament bring something a bit different for the hanger bay
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