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  1. Hey, just got into Armada, and I have a few questions. I am a "retired" X-Wing player, so I am pretty familiar with FFG minis games. I have a pretty good grasp on the rules after reading through the manual and playing a quick basic game. Now though... I need help going forward. First, what is the standard amount of points for fleet building? I remember seeing 300 in the book somewhere, but I have also seen 400 on here somewhere. Also, max 1/3 of your points can be used on squads, right? But there is no lower limit, correct? Secondly, I want to play the Empire. Something about space triangles that just does it for me. That being said, what should I buy if I want to play many big space triangles? I really like the look of the Interdictor, Arquitens, Raider, and obviously the ISD. I'll probably end up getting all of them at some point. But for now, I want to just get enough to play. I REALLY like the Interdictor, so if that is a decent ship to build off of, I'd like to go with that. I am not opposed to multiples or other ships either. Thirdly, I LOVE capital ships, not so much squads. But I understand that I should probably still run some squads. That being said, how viable would it be to run all/mostly Rogue squads? I love bounty hunters, so if that is a possibility, I'd love to go with that. Is Sloane something I'd want to look into in that case? I appreciate any advice you guys can give me. I can't wait to get into this game more!
  2. Here is my take on the droids, albeit more of the droids. I posted this a while back. There is stuff here for the Vulture, Tri-Fighter, Hyena, and Gunship. I like what you got though. Love the models. Where did you get them?
  3. This is a fun topic. Anyways, sorta related, do you think a Constable Zuvio w/ Targeting Computer, VI, Targeting Sychronizer and the cloak combo has any merit as a support ship to get locks for his squad? It's 27 points, and if you wanted him to maybe do damage you could add a bomb and swap into Scavenging Crane to get more use out of it. Or just leave him as is and Feedback people. Idk, just a thought I had. *Did we ever get a ruling on if you can spend target locks from Sychronizer for just its normal effect?
  4. VI, Gunner, Operation Specialists on Wullffwarro is a good enabler for Op Specs in a squad.
  5. These new Wookiee ships are awesome yo! So many neat things you can do with them. Here are a few builds I've come up with so far: Wullffwarro w/ Experimental Interface, Expose, Kanan, Katarn I call it the "toss more dice" Wookiee. Wullffwarro w/ VI, Gunner, Op Spec This one is the "moral support" Wookiee. Lowhhrick w/ EI, Kanan, Jyn Erso "Biggs buddy" Wookiee Wullffwarro w/ Selflessness, Chopper, Rey "Biggs other buddy" Wookiee (seriously, I think this and the previous one might make a good team with Biggs). Any Wookiee w/ Rage, Kanan, Inspiring Recruit "Angry" Wookiee
  6. Well, Op Spec gives you a focus. One focus per miss. Not necessarily to the ship that missed, but still, one focus for one miss. But if you have 2 Op Specs in a list, you still only need one miss to trigger both. So then it becomes one miss, two focus. That's my reasoning behind wanting two (or more). I'm not super comfortable trading a 2 dice attack for 1 focus. I am much more okay with 2 for 2 though. The idea isn't really for the Phantoms to miss. The Op Specs are so that the Phantoms can get actionless focus. But in reality, it probably isn't the best way to go about it, especially considering how inefficient it is compared to Mindlink...
  7. I have been trying to make Operations Specialist good for some time now. It requires a very unique type of list, and basically necessitates at least two of the card before it's really providing enough to be worth the missed shot. I have decided the best way to go about this is with two sigma Phantoms and something that can shoot really early in the round. The following are three lists I have come up with to take advantage of this. List 1: Major Rhymer w/ LWF, Snap Shot, title, Op Spec, Tactician. 2x Sigma w/ LWF, FCS, Op Spec List 2: Quickdraw w/ LWF, Rage, title, Baffles, Sensor Cluster 2x Sigma w/ LWF, FCS, Op Spec List 3: Rexlar Brath w/ D title, VI, Tractor Beam 2x Sigma w/ SPA, Collision Detector, Op Spec All three lists include 2 sigmas and a +1. Rhymer can take pot shots at dudes with snap shot before combat, QuickDraw can rage/baffles before combat, and Brath at ps 10 will get a tractor beam and a primary before pretty much anything. Then (hopefully) one of those attacks miss and token up your sigmas, or whoever needs it most. These are all probably not super competitive, but if I had to pick one, I'm leaning towards Quickdraw. With that one at least, all the ships can end out the game if they need to. What do you guys think?
  8. I present to you: the mythical 4/4/4/4 base stat line of champions. IG88 B+C w/ Stealth Device, Title, Trick Shot, FCS, HLC, and Scavenger Crane. 4 greens with SD, 4 (or 5) reds with HLC, 4/4 shield/hull. What's not to love. Lost your SD after a round or two of firing? Crane that bad boy back after a successful kill. Probably not the best Brobots list, but seems fun to throw lots of dice.
  9. "We even got guidance chips for free!" *muffled whispering to marketer* "I have been informed that those were already free..."
  10. What if instead, each player has one of each ship expansion in the game, and as you play games, whatever ships you lose you can't use anymore? Would be a cool format for a league.
  11. I once one-shot a Soontir with Bossk at range two obstructed. Bossk tossed three crits after Dengar mod, Soontir blanked... And died. Palp, Stealth Device, Autothrusters, token stack. Nothing could save that poor squint. Next round of the tournament, Bossk got one-rounded by torp boats. Albeit, he doesn't toss a lot of greens, but he could have at least contributed to the game... He did one damage to a boat's shields before he exploded at least...
  12. Man, I forgot how much debate fortressing creates...
  13. That is still only 6... Unless you sharpie over their squad point cost too. But then that is still only 12, right? Cause isn't that the limit on how many ships you can have of one type? Or does that only apply to epic? (Or am I just crazy...)
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