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  1. I can ***** til my eyes turn blue, and it doesn't matter. I know it doesn't matter to FFG for sure. I will either play what games I already bought, or try to get some of my money back on eBay. Just done with FFG's is all. Not one more penny from me.
  2. Quite upset, I found out late I guess about AH 3rd ED. Had spent about $160 on AH 2nd Ed. Checked the "upcoming" on FFG site for Innsmouth Horror pretty religiously, and one day it just wasn't there. Now I read the first few posts on here and I'm understanding EH is a dead system too. I spent about $210 on EH. So all in all since my birthday in March I guess I'm out $370. To my knowledge I never received any warning either game or edition was dead, and I'm pretty mad. Those are the last games I will ever buy from FFG. On another site I heard "you can't expect them to reprint expansions 9.5 years old". My reply to that is WOTC has reprinted the main 1st edition AD&D hardcovers and either 6 or 9 classic modules from the late 70's lol. Most stuff from that era is also available as print on demand as well. Rant over. Bye FFG!
  3. Yeah I just got 2nd Edition Arkham Horror in March. Bought Dunwich Horror for it as I was told that was a pretty important expansion. I really wanted Innsmouth Horror to go with Arkham Horror, but it went out of print, and I'm not paying $125-150 for it. Really disappointed in FFG and won't be buying anything more from them for Eldritch Horror either. Their customer service is the pits too. I've both e-mailed and called to tell them how unhappy I am with them and they haven't answered a phone call or returned an e-mail.
  4. Just wondering if the area needed is similar to Arkham Horror, or smaller, bigger etc. Thanks!
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