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  1. could simply be studying hyperspace routes through the deep core and the affect clusters of black holes have on those routes. This way he is already an expert of Large black holes before he is called away. Giving a reason why he specifically would be called. Or inversely if he needs to be called TO the core he can be studying the same basic thing in "wild space"
  2. tunewalker

    Super Fighting Robot

    The boss weapons is kind of a game mechanic, and the variable weapon system is unique to X. You could very well not have the weapon copy ability as each player would be playing their own unique reploid. So it would really be coming up with a personal system, and the "weapon get" could simply be a large boost of XP + a new item or something, but that is just my thoughts on that.
  3. tunewalker

    Why do people hate Jedi?

    I have never quite understood the hate for jedi either, or the love of sith characters. Most people I run into just want to play the "bad guy" in everything. Even if they are non-force users I see more people wanting to play an imperial or a unlawful thug than I do other things, but as far as my own jedi character I have always preferred the more "practical force user" side of character. The guy that wants to do the right thing, but also typically has some other form of practical skill. The Force-using character I have made most recently is a Sentinel Artisan that is a computers expert and mechanic first and force-user second. I made him a Muun with the idea that he comes from a wealthy family that simply ignored and hid his force using potential and instead of grooming him for a life of business they made sure to encourage his education in things that would be useful in the modern galaxy, like engineering and mechanics, but would obviously keep him away from the lime light.. He struggles to do the right thing simply because it is the right thing as he has his own strong sense of right and wrong, but would sometimes rather one of the easier more straight forward ways be the right way. I always find that people in general WANT to do the right thing, but can sometimes not be bothered in certain situations so I do not see why my character would be any different. His force abilities are mostly secondary, and that I think needs to be remembered, a character is who they are and why they do things not necessarily WHAT they CAN do, but rather what they CHOOSE to do and why they choose to do it.
  4. I usually give 10 to 15 xp without giving them much of a reason mostly for time sake. They do a different amount of stuff and they know that when I give them 15 or even the occasional 20 it is because they did a lot that week and progressed the story a lot. Even more so when it progresses their characters a lot, but I typically do not bother with the other because I am just trying to get through the story and to the next part and not worrying to much about XP gains.
  5. tunewalker

    Equipment Pace

    I think I did not pose my question very well. I am worried I have given them to much equipment or not enough equipment before I start breaking things. I have been breaking things and letting them fix it throughout the game. Since they are setting this base up, they are the commanders and the quartermasters right now and the only time I give them something beyond the stipends from the rebel fleet proper is when they get a contribution rank up. I am just not sure if I have been giving them to much for their rank, not enough for their rank and what a good level of available equipment to break is, and how much effort I should be forcing them to undergo to fix it. I guess it really is, depends on the story, on that last part, but still I do not want them to be feeling like they can still only do the same things they could do when they were contribution rank 2 while also still having something so much bigger than them that if it shows up they are terrified to engage it. To show that they are big fish in a small pond, but if they get to much attention they will see how small they still are.
  6. tunewalker

    Old School Star Wars

    They do not have to be, sometimes just convenient. Like when starting equipment I always recommend everyone gets a comlink 25 credits so they can stay in communication with one another, but sometimes people have a little bit more left over after weapons and armor so they want to get something a little extra and do not feel like getting stim packs. At 100 credits and higher encumbrance I just let it fit the comlink idea but also let it work as basically a sci-fi notepad as well that they can use along side it, or they can use it to go to a library or some other place that they need to PHYSICALLY plug into that would readily and easily have what ever information they want to download (not something they can hack for, this needs to be information open to the public) and they can download ONE book worth of information onto the data pad and read it later. You know like renting a book from the library is how I explain it to them.... It does not need to be these things, but sometimes it is just nice to have that as an option for something that is worth 100 credits. Still only somewhat useful, and usually if they have one and can find a viable location to get information I may give them 2 boost dice to researching a topic because they can read it at the library or download it onto their pad and read it at home. So they can read even when the library is closed. Edit: basically what ever the datapad is, it should be WORTH 100 credits in my opinion. Slicer gear is 500 credits worth of stuff for computers way more a handheld communicator is worth 25, while a long range or holo communicator is 200 or 250, An insider's guide is 25 credits, a cultural manual is 35 credits, these are single small books that I could see combining with a handheld comm for 100 credits. A Species Database though is worth 150 credits, and a specially designed Datapad (it would NOT have the comm stuff) that contains way more information than a typical datapad on every known species in the galaxy from biology to culture, this is what I would hard classify as what a typical datapad's limits are and what they CAN NOT do, you can not download an entire database onto a datapad..... you need something more specific for that. And trust me they have tried... (I am going to download all the information on this imperial computer into my data pad...... no, no you are not, you can download the map... you cannot download an entire database, I do not care how good your computer skill is and that you broke into it by pick pocketing the captains ID.) Edit 2: I would say if any of my players wanted to have a data pad that did not have a built in comm I might allow them to download a larger amount of data. Not a fricken database still, but more than a single book.
  7. tunewalker

    Old School Star Wars

    The opening door would be a non-locked door. Like basically just keying it open, or having the door scanner scan the ID you have on the door technically in most of these 80's things you wouldnt even need that the door would just open by itself so I guess technically it is not necessary. If you want to open a locked door it is 100% you have to open a panel, use the wires and at a crap ton of disadvantage, the pad is just helping because you have something that can be plugged in to act add energy somewhere or typical 60's and 80 techno babble help with wires. The comlink thing is only on the models that have the headphones and audio pick up available (which are specifically fancy models) and are really just big radios think this: And since that is a WW2 style radio thing and Star Wars is supposed to be like Sciency WW 2 this is how I treat data pads with transmitters/ receivers and headphones.
  8. If he rolled the pips at all, chances are the padawan that is willing to use the dark side lifts the rock and does so consistently time and time again, while the lightside only user lifts it only sometimes. "Is the dark side stronger", "No, no.... quicker, easier, more seductive" when you are willing to do anything for power you will consistently have more power. The dark side even in canon promises its user greatness, but more often then not gives them nothing but pain and suffering and in the hardest moments, the dark side usually fails it's user. This is also better seen with a Force Rating 2 character. 2 characters both that roll a double light and 1 dark, the guy willing to use the dark side will consistently lift the bigger rock, at the risk of conflict, and once he has enough conflict that is when the dark side that offered him so much, now only gives him suffering.
  9. tunewalker

    Old School Star Wars

    I will say that you can actually use the text they use in the book for data pads and still NOT have them used as Story bypass widgets. You can put data on a data pad, but that does not mean that your data pad HAS all the data, you have to go to the library, find the right data pad, find the right file and if you want that file on your own data pad you need to plug it in and download it, that can take up space does your data pad even have enough space to store more than a single books worth of information? Especially when that book likely has 3d holo display. You can have it interface with other computers, kind of like R2 plugging into a door to unlock and open it, but it is not a hacking tool that can do anything. In my game I use it to interface with and open a door, sometimes a locked door with all kinds of disadvantage because it is not the right tool for the job, I use it to write notes down in for my character and I use it's built in headphones and audio pick up to make it double as a com link (basically a short wave radio). Essentially it is a note pad/ book/ short wave radio/ extremely simple computer tool that can only do the most basic of computer things.
  10. tunewalker


    NVM read the last half. Honestly this could actually be a reason why people start focusing more on cards with lots of base damage sides like Luke's lightning rod and move away from dice with modifiers.
  11. Ok so now let me explain how I believe you should be applying weapons at this scale using the actual numbers. Yes 1 gun crew for 1 gun works for Sil 5 and lower as soon as you get to full on capital ship vs capital ship this no longer works even something like a Nebulon B frigate can near alpha 1 shot a Victory class star destroyer, and easily destroys anything Sil 5 in the first action of the first round if you count a single minion group for a single gun and just multiply the attack, but treating each group of guns as a single group of that many minions DOES work. For example a CR 90 would have a 2 groups of 1 for their main guns and 2 groups of 2 for their small guns, while the Nebulon B would have 2 groups of 6 for their main guns and 4 groups of 3 for their minor guns. These ships are comparable enough in size that they should be able engage one another and in canon as far as I know they did with the Nebulon B having the clear advantage and that is also the case here, as the more upgrades caused by the larger crew means more chance at success, but this also means the players have time to DO something. Let us apply this to the next scale up Nebulon B vs Victory Class, Nebulon still has 2 groups of 6 for main guns and 4 groups of 3 for minor guns, while the victory has 2 groups of 5 for their quads, and a group of 10 for their forward guns (or 2 groups of 5 if you want) a group of 10 for their dorsal, and a group of 20 for concussion missiles (or 2 groups of 10, or 4 groups of 5). Again the victory has the clear advantage here, but you are still only having to deal with 6 turns on one end and at most 8 turns on the other combat does not get bogged down and neither group is getting blown up in the first round of combat. The system is fine, capital ship combat is still boring if you are just doing a slug fest, but that is true of combat in general in this game. Environmental stuff and other narrative things make it more fun. Edit: if anyone is wondering what the die check looks like for a group of 10, it is 6 yellows and a green. Chances of hitting are pretty solid, the chance of triggering linked is even better and the chance of critical is also solid, BUT those are things that make the fight more exciting as they are things that a mechanic player can try to deal with and other narrative things can happen like this. Edit 2: also using this method also partially solves the difficulty problem with Bigger ships and Silhouettes while also not risking 1 shotting your pilots or you can always take the capital ship action of blanket barrage. Edit 3: found a thing in the book that actually covers my entire method much easier, and gives insight into how combat like this is supposed to be handled. Check page 248 of the age of rebellion core rule book. Overwhelming Barrage, capital ship action in which a single player can attack with an entire array of guns facing the same direction and of the same caliber. Given this is possible, then it is also possible a single gunnery crew is manning all of a particular facing of guns and again solves the whole capital ship combat problem.
  12. This is FINE as long as you attack with each weapon separately. The problem with firing them all at the same time and multiplying it is just as I illustrated up above with the storm trooper vs bounty hunter analogy. There is to large a consequence for a single successful roll and the system is not meant to work that way. Either you will have to roll initiative for each individual group for each individual turbo laser or at scale like this you will have to treat a group of turbo lasers as a single minion group and have a single success count as a single of those turbo lasers hitting. The other option is to give it the linked quality and force advantages to be used to make subsequent attacks hit like you would with two weapon fighting. Just multiplying this is exactly why the system is "broken", there is nothing in minion rules ever about multiplying a hit, none of the rules account for that and adding it simply breaks a system that was not broken.
  13. correct, but that misses the OTHER point of minion rules. Which is to allow the players to fight against a bigger group then themselves. In this case they all roll at the same time because they are all acting as a SINGLE entity which is also why the group upgrades their check for the number of members within the group. If you are both getting the upgrade AND hitting with multiple things then the minion rules are not being used as they are written nor as they are intended. He may have stated that I have nothing to add to his game, but this single change in understanding of the rules could have opened an entire genre of capital ship combat up to him instead of continually thinking it is broken. Edit: again this is no different than throwing 4 storm troopers at someone and having them roll 1 check with 3 yellows and a green and having a single success count as 4 hits and calling it broken, that is not how minions work. Edit 2: essentially it is meant for a group of minions all firing multiple weapons to be able to accomplish the same level of competence as a single rival firing 1 weapon. Edit 3: applying it one more time, compare those 4 storm troopers to a Rival with Agility 4 and 3 ranged heavy with a blaster rifle, 20 health 5 soak. Using the same method HD is suggesting for space combat and applying it to ground, these 2 have the exact same roll. If they miss there is no difference, if they hit the 4 stormtroopers just did a minimum of 20 damage to a person with 5 soak and the rival just did 5 damage to a person with 5 soak. If their is a crit the stormtroopers just hit for 20 damage to a person with 5 soak, probably dropped them and essentially did 5 crits, while the rival did 5 damage and 1 crit. The rival is supposed to be much more dangerous than the minions, but in this example the minions far exceed him. This is the method HD is using for capital ship combat. This is why you do not do this, this is why this is not the way it is meant to be used. This is why that interpretation is wrong. Any time there is an issue apply the same reasoning else where and you will see why it does or does not work.
  14. if you did so you would still have to treat each one as a single shot action though, and roll for each "minion group" individually. Just like in ground rules if you are firing multiple weapons with a single action a single success does not treat it like you were hit with multiple weapons only 1. I have no problem with the idea that a minion group is handling the batteries I have an issue with the idea that all the minion groups as a single Mega minion group within the same action and all of their weapons can all hit at the exact same time with a single roll. That is not how minions are meant to be used. I mean when you put them in TIEs, you have a group of TIEs but you do not triple the damage when one attacks because their are three TIEs or have 12 storm troopers and have them all fire at the same time and count it as 12 hits of a blaster rifle to the same person. Using a group for a single battery is fine but each group would still have to be separate and rolled for separately.
  15. They do not have to be grouped, but if they are not you do not use the group skills and you use them as each individual which basically treats them as rivals with no skills. Which completely defeats the purpose of minions. You can apply everything you are saying to ground combat and the same problem would occur. If you set out to break the system you can absolutely do so, but that does not mean the system itself can not handle these things as long as you remember to use the system as it is intended to be used and don't set out to break the game by ignoring key points that it specifically makes like a minion group hitting with a weapon counts as all of them having fired all of their individual weapons and one of them having hit.