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  1. Believe it or not but people have been raging about it even with the knowledge that it doesnt work as well as these guys said in the video. I linked a video in Running Interference thread that showed the full 100% lockout that was done legally. The recurring from the discard with sabine's ability is still needed but only so you can take the ambush action it gives to claim after rolling in. (basically it goes play ambush card with infamous all yellow cards are ambush, trigger cant play card, activate sabine trigger cant roll character and trigger her grab from discard for ambush weapon and trigger thermal paint last action claim. Opponent doesnt have any dice cant activate and cant play a card unless they have one of the breakers already on the field (like Jango still alive or Cad Bane or Night sister or a support or an upgrade with an action that doesnt require dice in the pool) it is gg.
  2. Ok so the door thing, the reason you should statistically say yes is because once he has opened one of the doors and asks you if you want to change your odds ARE NOT 33% anymore it is now 66%. To better show this assume there are 100 doors only 1 has the prize in it and the other 99 have no prize/ the donkey. At the start he asks you to pick a door you pick one and then he opens up 98 doors with donkeys and asks if you want to change. He was never going to open up the door with the prize the odds of you having picked the right door the first time was 1/100 so the odds you picked the wrong door was 99/100 so that is the odds you have when you choose to change. Same with the just 3 door philosophy, when you first picked you had a 1/3 to get it right and a 2/3 you got it wrong when he opens a door and asks you if you want to change he hasnt changed those odds you still had a 2/3 chance that you picked wrong by saying yes you now have a 2/3 chance that you changed to the right door. Sir christopher I am going to link a couple Luke Decks I am working with. I feel like I am close but in truth I am running into some frustration with it honestly as I feel people are just going to be to fast with some of it. https://swdestinydb.com/decklist/view/13576/mylukekanan-1.0 https://swdestinydb.com/decklist/view/13575/bb-8seesplay-1.0 https://swdestinydb.com/decklist/view/13477/lukeandawookie-2.0
  3. Ya to make everything 100% clear. Plays ambush weapon from hand triggers cant play card takes another action Next action is Roll in sabine, trigger sabine before ability play a weapon from discard pile Plays ambush weapon gaining another action, triggers cant roll in and triggers 1 damage off Thermal paint. Still has one action left before his opponent. Final Action Claim. Play now moves to Unkar player that can not roll out, play a card or claim and has no dice in the pool to resolve they must pass. Rinse Repeat Victory with out the opponent able to do anything at all.
  4. Unfortunately if it hits just right not even the "just claim" solves it at all because they never get a chance to.
  5. My 1 box had 1 Mace, 1 Sabine, 1 Master of the council, 1 Ancient Lightsaber, 1 LR1k Sonic gun, and 1 Chopper. I had 1 Reaping the crystal, no Kanan's though.
  6. So far the only deck I have thought of with lando is Hero Mill with 2 dice Padme since he has a 2 discard and she the mill stuff using lando for early second chances maybe or something..... or put him in a 2 dice Ackbar deck and use the crazy resources for bonkers amounts of powerful supports especially getting a turn 1 5 cost card support like falcon or strike team or u-wing. Edit: if Pyre was 0 it gets hit by rend, redeploying Master of the council or Force throw is also huge, it's not just weapons it makes cards like those more playable and they are already strong. Edit: I like Fearless as a 1 of in a Luke deck since it super fixes your hand and for me its not a 2 cost upgrade for this ability it's an upgrade I am going to overwrite so its an investment that allows me to dig for the thing I want to overwrite with while ALSO keeping luke alive a little longer think of it like Force heal except you dont HAVE to hit any particular side and you get to draw. The new rey combo you guys were talking about turn 1 fearless get it do 1 damage gain 1 shield and draw 1 card next turn you pay 2 for an ancient saber and overwrite with the shoto bam you dug for the weapons you needed got the shields and did the damage and all for what was essentially 0 and 1 card.
  7. the deck I am currently running for dark side that seems pretty even so far with the lightside list I showed is... Upgrade Dark Council Cross Guard Lightsaber Captain Phasma's Blaster Praetorian Guard Force Stasis Jedi Rival Support Armored Support Event Parry Your skills are complete Clash As I have Foreseen Tactical Mastery Intimidate Doubt I have you now Now I do technically have a less experienced player running this deck vs the lightside deck but they are experienced enough that it shouldnt hurt them that much. I have had them go for both Rey first and go for Poe First. In the instances where they go for Poe first it is easier to keep shields on rey and she pings way more often once Kylo goes down it is even easier to keep shields on her and she can start pinging a lot of damage on Phasma, when they go for Rey first Poe usually ends up loaded up Kylo dies usually without resolving his dice on the next turn if not dies to Poe the same turn Rey dies and then it is just Poe vs Phasma which Poe can typically pull ahead of thanks to upgrades. Though occasionally with the right hand and a little good luck on bad guys side and bad luck on good guys side it can be really brutal but it can be so the other way around sometimes as well. Ultimately this deck does well but when Kylo goes down it usually slows down a lot.
  8. If you already have 2 dice luke now just run 2 luke 1 Rey I am working on a potential ELuke Kanan deck right now in theory as well as some other ones but ya now that you have 2 Luke dice no need for the second 2 player box really.
  9. I'll post the villain deck we are using a little later, I didnt have to take out any of the intimidates or anything and right now it has been pretty close as long as the good guys go for Kylo first because they seem to ramp faster thanks to cards like logistics and the aforementioned dilemma that villain faces of who to target leaving them either taking 1 damage each turn thanks to shields on rey or dealing with a very consistent loaded up Poe.
  10. So currently the deck that I am running just using the 2 boxes for Rey Poe that has had some success is..... 2x Teamwork 2x Poe's Blaster 2x Rey's Lightsaber 2x Inner strength 2x Medical Droid 2x Honor Gaurd 2x Luke's Protection 2x Sound the Alarm 2x Distraction 2x Concentrate 2x Evade 2x Direct Hit 2x Defensive Stance 2x Logistics 2x Do or Do not The strategy is to target Kylo first since you have no way to remove his melee damage besides Honor Gaurd any way and this way it also turns off the + melee sides slightly on Praetorain guard and Cross guard Saber sides slighty, it also means that it doesnt matter that Phasma's blaster has redeploy further it stops Kylo pinging you every single turn. Also sometimes I save taking shields for AFTER I have taken damage in the attempt to get around them just getting removed other times I play like Rey has no ability but the ultimate goal is to get 1 or 2 upgrades on Poe and get Rey's Lighstaber onto Rey. When it redeploys you have hopefully done at least 9 damage to Kylo and he has already rolled in with a team work or Innerstrength in addition to Poe's blaster and a Rey's Lightsaber on Poe he can start pushing out some major damage finish off Kylo and in most cases from what I have seen just outrace Phasma from there especially with the help of a medical droid and Evade's that can target her range damage.
  11. Honestly I think the key to making Hero work against the villain deck is to cram in the Honor Gaurds the Evades (since you are killing Kylo first) and maybe even the Flank and or the sound the alarm to have some mitigation then actually take some of the damage to the face with Rey since you KNOW villain is going to get damage off kylo's ability and the like then shield up and go for the damage on Rey, by turn 2 or 3 stop worrying about Rey's ability hope that you were able to get her saber on her before she goes down and hope to have a teamwork or a Poe's blaster on poe and hope he can carry you the rest of the way.
  12. Poe hired Gun, and either Ezra or Rookie Pilot. Poe Takes Mothma's spot, 2 more health then mothma still has the 2 focus side the special side acts like he just combined mothma's 1 focus and 1 shield into a single side traded a resource for a 2 damage side and then went well I saved room by combining 2 of Mothmas sides into 1 so I will just through another 1 damage side on there. Heroes also got Honor Gaurd which is a support that has removal.
  13. Spot on on all of it except using reap the crystal to get out Fearless for cheaper, reap only works on 3 cost and over blue cards other then that ya I think Fearless will see play in some decks it may even see play in a deck with K2 since you cant put weapons on him but can still put abilities on him drawing a card allows him to get an extra reroll if need be when you do get his once a game reactivate though likely you play Makashi on him, then play something on Rey and then use bestow to move it over to him after you resolve all the dice and reset him to go again.
  14. Hey if you are going to use 1 dice Luke 2 dice Rey might I suggest the new Rey she has 11 health and her dice are much better as well as having a solid ability when played at 2 dice. The old rey works better as the 1 dice partner with Luke. You could also try out 2 dice New Poe with 1 Dice Luke for some fun Red Blue action hat has card draw damage and maybe with the right cards you can get out launch bay and or Strike team for some crazy plays with Poe or Luke. It's probably not good I am just saying if you only have 1 Luke Dice I would definately go with something that could abuse his ability more then something that abuses his dice Like Old Rey wants to do. (Next set you can look at Rookie Pilot + Rebel Trooper to keep look safe while you go for big launch bays..... or something along those lines.)
  15. Even when given to Luke though Obi-wan says "this was your fathers lightsaber" honestly I think it should still be called anakin's if you called it Luke's it would get confused with the one that he built and had at the end because THAT one was definitively his but Anakin's well at this point I think if anything they should call it "the legacy Lightsaber" as it basically will let just about anyone that has hands use it. I mean even Han and Finn who arent force sensitives got to use it.