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  1. Luke Yoda build

    There are a lot of suggestions here, so this is what I have come up with so far. E Jedi Knight Luke, 1 Dice yoda (I only have 1 yoda or I would probably try the new luke yoda combo) Battlefield (In flux between outer rim outpost, Dry Fields, Maz's castle and Obi-wan's hut. Also Citadel Landing Zone.) Upgrades 1 Force Speed 1 Ancient saber 2 Shoto Sabers 2 Force Training 2 Force Focus 2 Heirloom Lightsabers 1 Force Throw 1 Luke's Lightsaber 1 Master of the Council Supports 2 It binds All things 1 R2D2 Events 1 Deflect 2 Dive 2 Force Misdirect 2 Gaurd 1 Hidden Motive 2 Lightsaber Pull 2 My Ally 2 Overconfidence. Things in this list I am unsure of Shoto's, Master (resource intensive and dead character), Lightsaber pull (if no shotos), I feel between Yoda, Force Focus, and Force Training with It binds all things that Resources arent much of an issue so thank you guys for that :). Dive is a great against some decks obviously horrid against others not sure if dropping shotos for illusion and pulls for some other 2 cost Mitigation card or endurance... or maybe funeral Pyre with one of those other ones just named Thoughts at this point guys? (also would have loved to put Do or Do not in however from what I am seeing right now Luke's dice are pretty consistent with Yoda and Force Focus and R2 I dont feel the need to gamble on Do or Do not even though I put it in literally every other Luke deck)
  2. Luke Yoda build

    I want to say thank you to all of you. Thus far the deck is coming together much better then it did in the past thanks to all of your suggestions. Still unsure about a couple things here and there which may end up getting shifted around will list what I have going in the morning for more input thank you all so much for your help. You guys rock.
  3. Luke Yoda build

    So far I am hearing Lightbow and Force throw/ Standard sabers with R2 and/or Force Focus for late game special chaining to close out (thinking about adding Mind Probe to this list personally since it has a strong special as well). It binds all things (maybe adapt/ Reaping crystal) to help these get out and Force heal/ Shoto for early game survival. Hadn't thought of Bestow but I like it with the idea of even using the weapon twice in a single turn by rolling Luke and then bestowing it over to Yoda will definitely give that a look see.
  4. Luke Yoda build

    If I wasnt going lighstaber based (simply not sure if I am or not) what would you go for with 2 cost upgrades/ 3 cost upgrades? Or do you think the Lightsaber based deck is one of hte better ways to go? Edit: I will try to set up the deck and let you guys make recommendations tomorrow after your guys advice. Thank you guys so much this has been going nuts for me...
  5. Luke Yoda build

    Heads up you named a couple Red cards (mend and Resistance bomber) which doesnt fit in an all blue Deck also I am running Old Luke so only 1 dice of yoda unfortunately. With so few base damage sides you think shoto is still good? other then that thank you some of this helps a little.
  6. Luke Yoda build

    Having some difficulty putting this deck together. Edit: sorry didnt specify E Luke Jedi Knight 1 Dice Yoda. So far the big staples of the deck I am liking is 2x Force Training.(super good ramp up) 2x Heirloom Lightsaber (super good redeploy weapon) 1x Force throw (dont have a second one but would probably but a second one if I really want to go just buy another one) 2x My ally is the force (Burst can be nuts) Beyond this I am having some serious issues (no Force Wave and 2 One with the force other then that 1 of all other blue legendaries) I know I need to put mitigation in but choosing which mitigation to go with has proven difficult. I like the idea of several of my higher costing upgrades like Luke's saber and Obi's Saber, Mind probe and One with the force, but if I do so I feel I need more resource generation the best of which for this situation I am thinking is It binds all things which to me suggests that my other 2 cost upgrades should probably be blue, but almost all the other 2 cost blue upgrades have modified damage or I feel just dont have enough impact, with the fact that I only have 2 dice that can hit melee damage and both of those dice will be heavily focused for removal seems to make that feel risky. Finally I was trying to find a way to use Luke's ability so far my favorite card with this has been Investigate and 0 cost or 1 cost cards while Luke's protection can also be abused this way I feel like it just makes Luke's ability into a slower versions of new Obi-wan's that requires I use up a card slot in my deck. So far the big issue is trying to find a way to keep Luke alive and not just keep his strong dice in the field but also abuse those strong dice. There does not seem to be many cards in the pool right now that ABUSE strong single dice My ally and to a lesser extent Double Strike being the only 2 cards I can think of that really do this endurance and resilience helping to keep these strong dice in the pool to counter one of their big weaknesses, but that is a lot of card slots for what smaller pointed characters can achieve with much less effort and for less resources, every other card seems just fine enjoying more small dice then less big dice like dice with Modified sides enjoy more small dice over less big dice and pretty much any card that allows you to resolve increasing value and of course even the way removal works encourages you to play more smaller dice then less big dice since the big dice arent actually getting larger overall totals and in fact many 4 dice small teams can actually push out larger totals in both health and in damage then the 1 big character 1 small character set up. I was hoping to see if any of your gentlemen could help be complete this Tier 2 or 3 deck with a good mix of Strong cards for Yoda since Luke will probably die early and resource gen and survival, Survival and ramp being the 2 things I am struggling with the most.
  7. Kallus

    ya but Kallus affects himself in a way to basically make himself a better Luke for the villains. Sure he has to pay for the 3 side, but you can almost guarantee getting a 2 and a 3 side every time you roll him out, and that is with him being 2 points cheaper allowing 2 dice pairings from 11 and 12 point characters the issue is more the lack of 12 point characters on the villain side then Kallus himself. Mother Talzin could be good with him, and so could Bala Tik or even Ciena Ree, Another option would be to go Death Trooper or Storm Trooper with him and have a 2 or 3 point plot. Point is though he is basically a cheaper more consistently powerful Luke for the Villains.
  8. Kallus

    Not to mention he has a 2 focus side (more consistency) and 2 range damage sides. Poe II is probably one of the most consistent dice we have right now. If you want an example of an inconsistent character look no further then JK Luke who only has 2 sides that you want to see ever and even then it is debatable really he only has 1 side you want to see, if it isnt the 3 he aint worth the point cost. (tried so hard to make it ok to see his other sides but really they are a waste at his cost and his ability does next to nothing to help out either which is a shame). Kallus almost promises to give you at least a 2 or a 3 damage side if not both every time you roll him out and that is really good + he does it at 2 points cheaper and he still has the same health. Dark side may be missing some good 12 point characters for him but I still think there is plenty that he can do at that health and cost and die sides.
  9. Magic Spell Types vs. Magic Spells

    Actually I had a question along the same vein. More actually to the point of how do you guys differentiate different magic schools. Like if I wanted a world where you got magic from different places and each one gave you access to a different kind of magic (just to go off the sample character sheet) such as arcane gaining magic from training and knowledge. Or Divine gaining magic through some sort of diety, or even Primal gaining magic innately through nature. How would you guys make these different? would it just be flavor difference and different skills that use them but functionally work the same??? that seems kind of boring to be honest. So what do you guys think would be appropriate? do you think maybe having most magic actions all 3 have access to, but have one of the magic actions be linked specifically to one of those 3 magic school skills.
  10. Another thing is we have to remember that Yoda only appeared before Luke AFTER Luke reconnected himself to the force. It was also implied that Yoda had not spoken to Luke in a long time, so it is highly likely that the Force Ghost must act THROUGH another being. In other words Yoda was not using his own power, but using Luke's power and his connection to both Luke and the force itself to impart his wisdom into Luke. This is also why we never see non-force sensitives interact with them.
  11. rotation?

    I think that depends on the area. My area sees new players every now and again and Legacies is definitely adding MORE interest into it.
  12. Actually Rey's parents being nobodies was HEAVILY hinted at in The Force Awakens. First it was easy to know that she wasnt a Solo, because if she were Han would have mentioned her being kidnapped by Kylo rather then just saying "I saw him, I saw our son" with no mention of the girl he kidnapped. And then Leia ON TOP of that only asked Han to bring him home no care for the fact that they were going to blow up a station with a kidnapped girl on it.... the only one that cared in that regard was Finn. The hug scene at the end was because both of them being force sensitive could feel the others feelings JJ even explained that himself. Second she specifically stated she thought Luke Skywalker was a Myth. We see clearly that she would have been old enough to remember her parents she even remembers to try and wait for them. If Luke was her dad, she wouldnt have thought that he was just some sort of myth. Finally Maz's line "you already know the truth, who ever you are waiting for is never coming back" "the belonging you are looking for IS NOT behind you it is ahead". Right here Maz tells us Rey's parents dont matter. She is to young to be the daughter of kenobi and to young to be the daughter of palpatine, Both died around 10 years before she was born so that rules them out. JJ specifically says Rey's parents ARE NOT in Force Awakens. Daisy Ridley the actor for Rey thought the force awakens ALREADY ANSWERED who Rey's parents were. The only reason episode 8 focused on it at all was because of how much stock the fans put in it, and thus they allowed it to be important to Rey as well and be part of her character arc for the movie. It is just like the scene in RotJ where Luke has to confirm that darth vader is his father with Yoda and Obi-wan because people were convinced Vader was lying. It is SUPER important that Rey's parents be from no where as a part of one of the best messages of the film, that you dont have to be born from greatness to be great. Whether great evil like Snoke, or Great good like Rey you dont have to come from any where to have that potential. Any of us can be the last jedi.
  13. rotation?

    The game is selling very well, 6 sets will actually be a pretty large card pool for a Standard meta as it will contain around 1000 cards legal for play. The Trilogy format allows the game to stay very friendly for new people to join in which FFG has always been pretty good about. They make their games fairly accessible but then get you to have to buy 2 of everything to shell out more money. Nothing rotates out till 2019 probably.
  14. Legacies Starter Decks - Full Breakdown

    The Luke set actually helps out Old Luke a LOT R2 looks AMAZING.
  15. Adjusting Trash Characters Costs

    What about good Old Luke Jedi knight? I see people saying K2 is better than him, Sabine is better, and even BOTH obi-wan's are better.