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  1. True but you are most likely giving up 2 to 4 damage on the shot even with fortunas depending on how far you want to go. Unless you get hit surge on blue you will not optimize like you do when just shooting.
  2. I do like kari in scouts though. Need to learn how to optimize the output but great but I think great potential with board control.
  3. If it was 3 points cough insatiable hunger cough it would be strong. I have made this point before, it is 6 points and you need to spend surges to use. Insatiable 3, and you can just use it if you want. 3 points and you would see probably see this on the board. Attacking at I4 makes a concern to get her into combat anywhere but a flank.
  4. One thing to also take into account were the deployments and objectives. I think they were heavily favored to uthuk. If we had careful approach still in there, or some objectives for not just murdering opponent, would have changed some scores.
  5. I think the majority of us have played it wrong. But the question is, is it better game balance as written? Certainly removes some scuttling horror pain points. If you know that you will have to plan accordingly. Where I see issue is you charge a unit in terrain, kill them, and now you either have to shift away or reform in lieu of going into terrain. But it also would make terrain occupancy more defensive because you need to think twice before charging into it as you may spend 2 turns after getting around or into it. I think we need to think through more examples of pros/cons either way. Or even play a few games with how it was ruled.
  6. Berserker star charge with perfect dice roll and one stable and burn a dude to add lethal 1 appears to work well.
  7. Daqan placed 7th 3x2 scouts, kari, ranked 1x rune golem 2x2 spearman dispatch, rallying 3x1 shows, ranked, tempered 1x baron z with grey haven runelore
  8. Can you take pics of his unit infantry/figure upgrades as well. They are not on table top admiral yet. I dont have my box yet otherwise I would. Thanks for posting these
  9. Has Baron champion upgrade card be posted or shown? I feel like I havetlnt seen figure pr both uniques but maybe missed it
  10. Exhaust card though so need to refresh
  11. Insatiable hunger at 3 points and kari latari training at 6 doesn't make sense. Also scuttling horror at 3 with the scuttle and stun is underpriced, should be one or the other, not both at 3 points.
  12. I think closing in needs to be treated as it's own separate rule and not use standard collision rules. If the original picture it moved forward and was turned to flank, by the same logic if you wanted to square up and move the scion to the side e you would actually have the scion turned so the archers flank the scion and that definitely doesn't feel right.
  13. Cut to top 4 or how they running it?
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