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  1. I want a harpoons thread too!

    WHat do you have against Vader and Quickdraw? Seriously though, they're too powerful. Making them faction limited doesn't change that. Make the condition only apply if the target has no shields after the attack is complete. Job done. They're now a LOT less strong on the alpha.
  2. FFG, We're Dying Here....

    I'm pissed with Runewars basically because it's not Star Wars branded. I don't like the mechanics of Legion, and I'm thoroughly meh on the flavour of Runewars. I Want Star Rune Wars Legion.
  3. Bombershuttle with Fleet Officer and Systems Officer and Mk2 is 22 points. But tough to coordinate with the rest of the squad. It's one of those ships that feels like it should be great but just doesn't quite carry its own weight.
  4. Three Days To The UK System Open

    Yes, I believe so. Next most is the previous Europeans with 400+
  5. Three Days To The UK System Open

    The secret is to realise that all pants are lucky.
  6. TIE Reaper with Fleet Officer and Systems Office. Hopefully...
  7. Three Days To The UK System Open

    I think so, thanks for the reminder, and lol no respectively.
  8. Oh, derp, yeah. The Doomshuttle fits into 25, but Astech's post said 20. Another interesting thought is a Punisher with LWF and UGR (and Collision Detector). It's solidly efficient jouster. Just drive it slowly towards the enemy focusing every turn, K turn, repeat. It's not the most amazing thing in the world, but it's big and solid and it'll do solid damage. I've yet to try it myself though, because my 'fill these points' value has always been 23 or less.
  9. Do Scum win any big tournies these days?

    You missed one: Deadeye being made small ship only. E: and @ the OP, scum are a bit on the outs at the moment. They've only really got one top tier ship (Asajj) and nothign amazing to pair her with. Scum Nym was pretty well ruined by the Genius nerf, Dengar is still OK but he lost his killer app status with the trashing of his slots. Scouts are still among the most efficient ships in the game though, so Asajj/Scout/Scout and quad Scouts are both solid.
  10. CR90 vs...any other Epic ship

    As soon as Saw crew comes out the CR90 becomes horrifying. Full mods on that primary plus Finn. It'll be popping fighters left right and centre.
  11. Openers

    I typically use a knife or screwdriver to pry the halves of the ship apart until the glue joints pop open. Kinda wish I had a plastic spudger though.
  12. Bold Predictions

    Yup. Still 3 to 4 months at that point. A month or so for printing, 2 to 3 for shipping and distribution.
  13. World Nerf III

    Coordinate is literally only close to problematic on Fenn. Regardless of past history he simply shouldn't have been PS9. 7 at best, 6 preferably. As so often, the problem arises with giving out free actions at top PS, not with giving out free actions generally. Reinforce would be fine on a ship that wasn't functionally a half turret with too much toughness and a really good dial. If the Auzituck had AGI 0 or two or 3 fewer HP it would be a lot less problematic. Standard play Jam is going to be a totally different action anyway. And I doubt very much we're going to see Recover - not least because regen is already in standard play.
  14. Wave XIV is at the printer

    Imps should get a generic Bomb crew that can be equipped in a missile or torp slot if you don't have crew slots.
  15. How are you getting a doom shuttle out of 20 points? The Lambda is 21 base. I'm pretty sure you can get a decent Deathfire out of 25 points.