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  1. thespaceinvader

    CIS Examples and feedback

    For me it's more about making it feel mechanically distinct. I'd feel a little let down if it was just another variant on the /ln or z.
  2. thespaceinvader

    2.0 Non-Vader TIE Advanceds

    The big issue with Jendon is that he telegraph your target massively.
  3. thespaceinvader

    CIS Examples and feedback

    No other ship in the game has flappy wings but that doesn't make the x wing look out of place. No other ship is spinny but that doesn't make the fang look out of place. No other ship docks onto the physical model of another ship but that doesn't make the escape craft look out of place. However, all the small base ships (broadly speaking, there are some clear errors and inconsistencies in canon to contend with) are in the same scale, and I know a number of people who would be very bugged if that changed.
  4. thespaceinvader

    Upgrades superfluous?

    Yup. Balance has swung heavily away from massive upgrade salads for the most part which I've yet to see suggested as anything other than a good thing.
  5. thespaceinvader

    CIS Examples and feedback

    I'm sure ffg will send you a bill shortly.
  6. thespaceinvader

    2.0 Non-Vader TIE Advanceds

    They are not good. They are comparable to x wings except their defences are worse (usually 3 dice naked versus 2 dice with focus), their linked actions are less useful (They need locks) and crucially, the x wing can pay 9 points to get 2 uses of ATC off a 3 die primary. They can't get up to 4 die attacks except at r1. Their big issue afaict is that torps are just better than missiles.
  7. thespaceinvader

    Redline double locking a target

    Yeah but he gets the reroll by having and spending one lock. He doesn't need both on the same target unless he expects to spend two turns shooting the same guy without taking any actions at all in between.
  8. thespaceinvader

    Colonel Vessery Locks

    It's not just the mechanics it's the ship. Imps lost a BUNCH of their TL ships and easy ways to get Tos. No more 1e FCS is probably the biggest issue Vess has as you can no longer get locks on faster pilots just by shooting before him.
  9. thespaceinvader

    Swarm tactics question

    Or just because your highest Init swarm pilot died but you still want a lower init pilot shooting first for whatever reason. E.g. rexler with juke howl and del with swarm seyn with marksmanship. Howl dies. You might want del to take rex down so seyn can still shoot first and put a face down card on a shielded ship for rex to flip.
  10. thespaceinvader

    Redline double locking a target

    It's also a lot less useful to have two locks one one guy than in 1e, as Red line gets a free lock with every action and you don't have to spend them to fire.
  11. thespaceinvader

    does "all" include zero?

    That's my preference. The core rule they're going for, put in very loose language, is 'you can't spend a token to do nothing, just in order to have spent the token'. It affects Garven, Ten, and Sunny on the positive side (they want to be able to spend tokens to do zero things to get their abilities to work), and things like Hotshot Gunner on the negative side (it wants to force people to spend focus tokens, but they can't if they didn't roll eyeballs, which makes it a lot weaker than its ancestor). That would be a useful general rule. The whole 'all zero things' question would then be mostly (or possibly entirely) moot. I think it's only Ten who currently would have any meaningful desire to spend a token that could modify dice as a result, for no other effect, that isn't already covered. And it's that fact that makes me strongly believe that it's not intended to be possible to use Ten's ability on zero eyeballs.
  12. thespaceinvader

    Colonel Vessery Locks

    You're not, but with FCS he's got a lot less need to do so, and IME he's WAY better off with two targets so he has two options for who to shoot.
  13. thespaceinvader

    Colonel Vessery Locks

    Vynder is a great choice. Redline is a deceptively good choice because of the double locks, so he can paint two targets andf only shoot one of them - but that does mean that you're splitting fire. Unless you give Redline FCS as well. Redline/FCS/Proton Bomb/Proton Torp, Vessery naked, Jendon with Krennic. All fits pretty neatly.
  14. thespaceinvader

    Escape pod and damage to Lando's Falcon

    Similarly, if the assertion is 'RAW this does nothing, as opposed to what the card says', or even 'RAW this does nothing except in very, very hyperspecific circumstances where it TECHNICALLY CAN DO SOMETHING so it doesn't do nothing, technically', RAW is patently wrong. People are assuming (well, in many cases, I suspect, pretending to assume for whatever reason) this game is written like a technical manual. It's not. It would be nice if it were, but it's just not.
  15. thespaceinvader

    Major Rhymer - Range 0 / Cluster Missiles

    NO. That isn't the range requirement on a secondary weapon.