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  1. thespaceinvader

    Launching or dropping a bomb?

    Yup, it came up at a point which in retrospect was pretty obviously playtesting concepts for second ed, along with things like mobile arcs, bullseye arcs, de-epiccing epic actions, etc.
  2. thespaceinvader

    Launching or dropping a bomb?

    And for completeness, neither used the Launch keyword. I'd be stunned if it doesn't come up soon, indeed, there's a lot of new Device-looking things in wave 3 so I would be pretty surprised if one of those doesn't use it.
  3. thespaceinvader

    Declining To Attack

    Which makes it a good thing it's come up here, and the discussion should probably come up on facebook, too. But yeah, if you're playing QD you should probably point it out before the game if you mean to enforce it.
  4. thespaceinvader

    Declining To Attack

    You think incorrectly. 2. Attack Dice: During this step, the attacking player rolls attack dice and the players can modify the dice. a. Roll Attack Dice: The attacking player determines the number of attack dice to roll based on the chosen weapon’s attack value, mrange bonus , and any abilities that add or remove attack dice. Then they roll that many dice. b. Modify Attack Dice: The players resolve abilities that modify the attack dice. The defending player resolves their abilities first, then the attacking player resolves their abilities. •The most common ways the attacker modifies attack dice are by spending a focus token or spending a lock it has on the defender. •Each attack die cannot be rerolled more than once during an attack. Determining the number of dice and rolling the correct number of dice are not optional. You can avoid modifying them, or modify them to make the attack worse (choose not to spend focus, reroll hits/crits), but you can't choose not to roll any dice, either from the base weapon value or from additions like range. I think the OP is correct. If you follow the rules, you can't; you can't measure until after you opt to attack, and at that point, if you have a target, you're locked into shooting that target if you have no other options. It's very rarely relevant, because honestly there's very rarely any point in skipping an attack at all (Dengar was the only case before wave 2, but Dengar was costed hopelessly out of usefulness) - but with Quickdraw now becoming prevalent again, it bears being aware of. If you don't want to shoot QD, but you're not sure if your other target is in range/arc, you may want to skip your shot entirely, to avoid having to shoot QD.
  5. thespaceinvader

    Temmin "Snap"Wexley and Daredevil

    The former. He would do a red boost between his execute manoeuvre step and his perform action step. And thus be stressed before the perform action step.
  6. thespaceinvader

    Ships that are not in a good place if you ignore 1 pilot

    Seriously. I can think of single figure numbers of ships which have more than one really good pilot. Fangs, TIE Phantoms, t70s, silencers... tie bombers but more because of brockets than ship quality... then I start running out of ideas.
  7. thespaceinvader


    Idk abt him but here's how I would have done it: Accuracy die (blue): has no crits, and several double hit symbols, also fewer blanks (e.g. 2 double hit, 3 hit, 2 focus, 1 blank). Double hit symbols require two evades to cancel, but deal one damage if uncancelled. Used for missiles (canonically small, fast, nimble things designed to track and kill light ships, but didn't do much damage against big things with lots of shielding and armour) but also for any similar high-accuracy-low-damage scenarios like flak cannon equivalents, TLTs, etc. Normal die: the current red die. Damage die (black): has a lot of crits, and several double crit symbols, also probably more blanks/eyeballs (e.g. 2 double crit, 2 crit, 1 focus 3 blank). Double crits require only 1 evade to cancel, but deal two critical damage if uncancelled. Used for torpedoes (canonically slow, powerful things that are almost impossible to tag fighters with but can cripple large ships and capital ships) and other high-damage-low-accuracy weapons such as HLC. Cancellation order doublehit>hit>doublecrit>crit Also, addition of surges - depending on weapon, adding extra control effects (e.g. ion cannon could spend a surge for an extra ion token or extra damage once per attack), or just flexibility on damage - most units wouldn’t come with surge abilities, but upgrades and unique pilot abilities could spend them for extra effects. Surges more common on blanks and eyeballs. Surges could potentially also work even if the attack was dodged in some cases. In short using different dice to decouple accuracy and damage.
  8. thespaceinvader

    Once per Opportunity vs Force Charges

    And what does Rey use to flip that blank? An ability. One which allows her to spend a token, but an ability nonetheless.
  9. thespaceinvader


    Eww you're getting all this gross physics in my space wizards and pew pew lasers.
  10. thespaceinvader


    Getting the lock safely is the big challenge with them especially with lower init ships.
  11. thespaceinvader

    Calculating MoV

    Seems about right.
  12. thespaceinvader

    Best Combinations?

    Three fates and flame breathed. Bump an enemy creature into fate range that wouldn't be otherwise then kill it. Or do the same with your own Dust Imp or Grenade Snib
  13. thespaceinvader

    Dash and Outrider

    Ah that makes more sense now lol
  14. thespaceinvader

    Dash and Outrider

    No. The trigger for outrider stress removal is after fully executing a manoeuvre. Barrel rolling is not a manoeuvre. Also how would you have stress to remove anyway? Contraband cybernetics I guess?
  15. thespaceinvader

    A question about Temmin "Snap" Wexley

    Yes he can.