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  1. 44 points just loses the title, not the tech as well. He can still get Primed Thrusters and that's more than enough.
  2. Good question. It is an analogous case, certainly.
  3. The thing I think with Kylo and 2 Gunboats is that Kylo and 2 x7 Deltas is almost certainly Just Better.
  4. I concur. The arc check is done when you complete the move, not when you do the action.
  5. You don't need to destroy 50. You need to destroy 1 shuttle and survive.
  6. Nah, the G1A is dead as a doornail and always has been, too.
  7. Not much, and no more than I could have with 4 and a YV. None of the options you mentioned fit the bill of support, particularly.
  8. Why would you be able to? Nothing has changed about your stressed status.
  9. The question was answered. PA does not change stress blocking actions. It changes when you gain or lose stress from moves and when debris and 'after executing a manouvre' triggers happen. NO more, no less.
  10. My experience with PRS on Scyks is that more often than not it's pretty useless. You don't want to do it the round you get damaged, because you're usually in a long range joust, and you're very easy to focus down before you can make space to use it afterwards. But then, my experience with PRS generally is that it looks like it should be amazing but it's only actually OK.
  11. Well you can't do a red when you have stress, so almost right. And in general you can't perform actions whilst stressed, PA does nothing to change that. The other trick with Pattern Analyser is that if you dial a GREEN move, you can use Push the Limit or Experimental Interface and then clear the stress after your Perform Action step with PA.
  12. Yeah, Engine Upgrade (or Vectored Thrusters) makes it at least all work. I'd concur that Intensity on something that can only ever get a single token in a round is jank though.
  13. Given that you have no way to trigger intensity, it's prety frikking awful. Note that decloaking doesn't give you a boost or barrel roll *action* which is what triggers Intensity. And even if it did, you're spending 4 points and 2 slots and you would have a 1/4 chance of losing both every time you used them.
  14. I don;'t think so - the 'reds whilst stressed' bit leaves an exception for effect which change the difficulty of the manoeuvre IIRC. BUt you'd do well to check.
  15. But it stops you treating it as red this turn, including for that effect. Firstly, you don't need the 'while this side is up' language, that's implied by that side being up. Language that's on the reverse of a dual card isn't in play. Side a: when you reveal a red manoeuvre, you may (or must depending on what you intent is) flip this card to treat that manoeuvre as white until after the Check Pilot Stress step. Side b: when you reveal a when you reveal a red manoeuvre, you must flip this card to treat that manoeuvre as white until after the Check Pilot Stress step.