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  1. Vaksai should just be baked into ships with multiple slots tbh. Kihraxz should pay 1 less for the second mod equipped, and for the second Illicit equipped. This could easily be put into the PDFs/app without publishing additional cards.
  2. Back when I ran OL a lot I always had a difficult choice between Engine Upgrade and Stealth Device, because I frequently ended up in positions where I really needed to boost out of arc, so afterburners is an excellent choice.
  3. Intensity, but only for focus tokens, not evade tokens (because easy access to evades is probably too much). Intensity was probably my favourite 1e upgrade and was well below the power curve. TIE/D but it costs an evade token to use it, so you don't need to worry about the interaction with Full Throttle. Glitterstim, but it has two or three charges and only works on attacks OR defences, not both in the same round. Linked Battery (I miss Linked Battery Sunny so much )
  4. Kraken allows whoever holds it to do that, it provides a calculate action to the ship equipping it. It's why it's so good on Wat/Greivous.
  5. Incorrect. Netcalc can take any neighbouring calc. Networked Calculations: While you defend or perform an attack, you may spend 1 calculate token from a friendly ship at range 0-1 to change 1 result to an or result.
  6. I'd hope you can get S1, Impervium, Hate, and Ensnare, and nothing else, but I wouldn't be at all surprised to see that priced a point out of viability.
  7. Yes, you can easily fit a ship in there at range 2-3, range 1 is tight for anything above small base though.
  8. This all works as you expect it to. You can only remove one stress per opportunity, but each token arriving is its own opportunity, so as long as you have range 1 arc when they arrive, they go away again. You can't, however, remove stress ou already had before you got r1 arc.
  9. This would be my bet. I'll be irked if they price them to be exactly a point over together, which wouldn't surprise me.
  10. FWIW, After an attack that hits/misses (i.e. Rexler's timing, IG88B's timing) is not the same, and goes in the relevant Aftermath step.
  11. Guessing, but unless they're planning on doing a LOT of Epic previews, second or third week of September seems very likely.
  12. Also, Ensnare has a lot of synergy with large numbers of moderately-modified moderate-dice attacks, not to mention Discord Missiles.
  13. No most probably about it, unless they change the rule. Salvo uses the highest printed value which for the Nantex is 3.
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