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  1. It's not quite as simple as that (of course). Cards can override 'cannot' from the rulebook. Missions can override 'cannot' from cards. But cards can't override a 'cannot' from another card - if two cards are in conflict and one includes 'cannot', that one wins.
  2. Norra Wexley's pilot ability when used for defence, for example. Or R7 Astromech. Would not work with TS, as Norra isn't attacking at the time, so TS doesn't activate.
  3. He's a couple of points more expensive than I'd usually like to go, and he doesn't fit into my RAC/Ace list as a result. But yeah, 2 aces at about that level plus a budget ship (now possibly just a 23 point TLT to bait the hook) is still solid.
  4. Not in any casual play I've ever done.
  5. Yup, he's expensive at 39 points but super worth it.
  6. You have the wrong impression. Each player has their own damage deck, and never assigns damage cards from any deck but that one.
  7. No denying that. I've generally found that I can use PRS in such a way that the 'penalty' doesn't matter too much. Even then, 3/focus/evade is still the gold standard.
  8. Your opponent's. You use the deck of the person whose ship is being Shown the Dark Side.
  9. 3 dice with TL/focus and regen is pretty much the best you can get outside specific pilot abilities.
  10. Yah, IMGUR. But Instagram or Google Drive will also do.
  11. Assaj is good for more than just PTL aces, with focus/evade and her ability she's reducing a minimum of 2 damage per turn, quite likely 3 or 4. Fenn should be taking 3.5ish damage with focus and title, or 2.5ish with focus/autos. But beyond that in Scum is Brobots or Scyks.
  12. I mean... the only Scum ships that can really defense-tank that hard are Fenn and Assaj. Which to be fair, has been a big chunk of the Scum competitive meta for a while...
  13. Nah it's not just you. He's pretty unimaginative and not easy to get anything close to full value out of, as well as being poorly written. He's a spectacular disappointment. I guess they didn't want to risk another palpatine.
  14. Most of mine are arguing about barely-relevant things, so thanks, I think. I'd prefer to see more painting and modelling posts though Me too.
  15. Note that the 7th word is 'rolling' not 'rerolling'. There are two different discussions going on here: 1: If Sunny has focus/tl and rolls hit hit eye, can she spend the focus, then spend the TL to reroll 0 dice, and add a hit? 2: if Sunny has no dice at all (e.g. 2x Weapons Failure, Weapons Failure/Kanan pilot, old Blinded Pilot etc), can she roll 0 dice, and then add a result because all 0 of the dice match? You're answering the latter with an argument about the former.