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  1. For generics only, not too bad, but could just as easily be applied to every generic ship in the game (except the Contracted FRACKING SCOUT) , for named pilots HECK no.
  2. You know this thread is a YEAR old right? (And also that the post you're quoting, like a lot to so with Special Ops Training, conveniently ignores the 'when attacking' timing. You have to be attacking with your primary weapon from your primary arc to trigger the card at all.)
  3. The 'you' is implied, but still applies.
  4. Putting anything using an epic range ruler in the standard game is almost certainly not going to happen. I could see doing a range 3+ attack, but it would be tough to balance.
  5. Just make it a Huge ship. I.e. subject to the Huge ship rules, but on a small base.
  6. The actually-useful precedent is Xizor's ruling - Xizor can't use his ability with a TLT shot, flat out, regardless of init or whatever. By implication, the same would be true here, and of the interaction with Draw Their Fire as well.
  7. Nym > Fenn, basically. Without Fenn to deal the damage, Parattani isn't that good. But it's still in the top 20 lists according to Metawing, so actually... not a lot really.
  8. That wouldn't even work. TLT cancels *all* dice, including ones that an ally pulled away.
  9. It's linked from this page, go there and follow the link each time to make sure you have the latest.
  10. Find me an arc dodger that isn't welded to PTL and/or VI, and maybe we'll talk Vader might use it I guess.
  11. I can rarely see a situation at the moment where I would take Bullseye over VI even for a point, but hopefully that'll shift soon.
  12. yes, that's what I mean.
  13. WOuldn't need to be transparent, just something that slots into the front of the base could do. But it would be fiddly and inaccurate, so I doubt that they would. I'm also super disappointed that Bullseye wasn't on the Silencer. It would fit the fluff of the thing well and could have lent it some added interest.
  14. It doesn't need to hit just to cancel a result and it is a turret. It just needs to roll at least one good result.
  15. I'm pretty sure you're right, it'll come down to init.