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  1. Just had a thought--apparently corruption points can be reduced in very very rare instances in game (I dont have the book at hand but I think one example was being visited by a living saint, and maybe a pilgramage?). Maybe the girl was born with some corruption, but the hard pure life of the Schola and the Sisterhood scoured her sole clean (and the extra-self loathing gave her the insanity points).
  2. Keep in mind that players can burn influence to automatically get things, as well as use their Inquisitor's influence. So you could deny them that toy at character creation, but if they have their sights on something and want it bad enough they will get it. I agree with the others saying you should be roleplaying drawbacks instead of just saying no--your story shouldn't derail from just one suit of power armour! If these things were in the game just for NPC's we wouldn't need it in the armoury eh?
  3. Oh man what a good idea! Bloodbowl meets Formula One! I'm gonna totally rip it off for something in my campaign, maybe have a crazy xeno-lovin' Rogue Trader hold some kind of Xeno Olympics.
  4. Home Worlds don't necessarily *have* to be where they were born and raised, right? It doesn't even necessarily represent their life *before* their career started. Penal world for example, could be used for a 40 year old who was sent to the prison moon Gullack VIIX when he was 20, for unwittingly getting caught up in a governor's tithe fraud as a young Adept (he would probably have to be used as a bookie to keep his background, though). Highborn is just someone who's lived a rich and privileged life. They are all just templates--if your character is a waste nomad on the polluted polar regions of Hive World Drullex, taking Death World or Feral World instead of Hive World would make sense. So I could see a "Demon World" character as someone who spent a defining portion of their life on a demon world, not necessarily their whole life. Maybe a young Sister Joan was on her first posting after graduating from the Schola, eager to help the tumultuous feudal world of Stughorf III put it's differences aside and embrace the Imperium, when a mass cabal of witches plunged the world into the warp. She spent the next decade fighting for her life and the dwindling local parish yadda yadda yadda. In this scenario it makes sense to swap corruption for insanity because she was already a young Sister. Again it doesn't even need to be a literal "world" too, I thought a cool "home world" backstory would be a character who's ship's Gellar Fields flickered just a little too long and got lost to the warp. Maybe an Arbite on a prison barge, or maybe a Telepathica blunt on a Black Ship!
  5. Hey, you end up hearing back? Or finished the app?
  6. You don't have to go into too much detail-- the Magos Biologicus(es?) who operated on him aren't known to have much in the way of bedside manners, and wouldn't expect a grunt to understand much anyways. If asked, they could say his veins were replaced by a few "suitable alternatives." Maybe his limbs occasionally become numb. They do have limited artificial arteries in real life now, I imagine in 40k's future some tech-priests with enough time and resources could dig up a tangled bundle of artificial veins and arteries from the ol' basement (beneath the Emperor's Day lights).
  7. For keeping the medic alive: If your Inquisitor is abandoning subtlety, maybe he would generously buy the nice hero who helped save the underhive from damnation a few nice bionics? Also, Acolytes have low subtlety anyways and could just bite the bullet and get a few rare bionics using their Inquisitor's Influence, or just burn influence to make an automatic pass. Maybe they could ask any new Sisters Hospitaler on the planet for help?
  8. Cyclocius! Great work! May I ask how you made that sector map? I'm looking to do something similar for my Dominion Sector.
  9. Hey, has anyone tried porting a Ratling into a DH2 game? I haven't GM'd a game (or even played!) yet so I am unsure about balancing issues. If we get rid of Regiment creation rules, they pretty much can be taken strait from the book; they have one extra talent and two fewer skills than the average DH2 player before XP which I figure might even out. What they miss out on are bonuses. Also, they recieved 300 fewer XP points during character creation in OW. Should I keep this? Or did that only make sense because of benefits in that system. Although that is really only for an ex-IG ratling. I was thinking another route would be to deconstruct the Ratling class, and have a character creation (restricted though, no sanctioned psykers or Techpriests, for ex.) with an "elite advance" at the end. I love the idea of a smarmy little fink working as a low-hive medicae, skimming and watering down drugs for the black market. Selling the patients extra painkillers because the ones they were rationed were watered down. Making the corpse-starch they serve at the caf taste good somehow--so good that the night shift supervisor is loathe to report him. What do you guys think? PS. I know it's uncommon to see Ratlings in the Imperium outside of their own worlds and the IG, but I want my made-up sector to have a lot of Ratling diaspora. I just can't get enough of the little bastards!
  10. Hi, I`m wondering if anyone has any quick and dirty rules for generic Reinforcement Characters. Is there a good rule of thumb for calculating the XP (and thus influence needed) of an NPC character? Or converting an NPC into a PC? A lot have odd numbers for stats like 41, and since I don't know what was "rolled" for the character and what was an advance, I can't easily calculate the XP. It would be nice if the players could just use a guardsman or hired lasgun (or other cool things!) from the back of the book instead of rolling up a whole new character. Should I just guestimate it based on the encounter levels from 382?
  11. 2: If they are taken, who pays for them? Would we have to take on that burden, or would the imperial guard continue to pay them, or some other option 3: How often would imperial guards even get paid? They are often deployed for months/years at a time, so I can't think they would be holding all their money with them. I always wondered about the way salary works, but there's no concrete "canon" answer (there rarely is lol) so we have to use our imagination. There IS a paymaster of the Imperial Guard, it's in some chain of command trees that I can find in the future. The paymaster is at the highest levels, and since there is no unified currency of the Imperium I have always imagined it to be given a kind of scrip, "IOU" from the Imperium to the government of the planet, or lump payments in land after a disbandment, etc. Gelt is exclusive to the Calaxis Sector and I wouldn't imagine a distant bureaucracy paying in Gelt directly. I remember a funny in-universe book about the Departmento Munitorium. Basically, when IG units are stationed on a friendly planet, it is that governor's duty to provide for them (at least the basics, like food). After all, they are being provided for the benefit of the planet. If the planet is hostile, or hesitant to pay for room and board, well then the IG can take it by force. For off duty R&R, I could see IG troopers handing "legal tender" scrip (that is printed by the quartermaster general or whatever) to disappointed shopkeepers. Eventually, that scrip can be traded in for the local currency. Maybe on worlds with big garrisons, that scrip can even be a parallel currency, kinda like the USD in Mexico. Now if it was a regular Inquisitor requisitioning them, I'd say yeah, the Dep. Munitorium would be worrying about the scrip. Since it's more low-level unofficial stuff I'd just roleplay it depending on the number of troops. A whole regiment would probably have scribes accounting for all the scrip they are printing out, so they`d just keep printing and sending the receipts to the higher ups. A company wouldn't have that capacity, but the regiment CO could be persuaded to keep them on the books for the adventure, since it's "only" a hundred men, and they could use some seasoning.* Your PCs could be either given the scrip in advance, or the guardsmen could be given a lump sum on their return. *fun idea, maybe have the colonel clean house and pawn off the worst troops in the regiment.
  12. Instead of having the players create another backup character, can you not Requisition NPCs as in the rulebook? They wouldn't get XP, but they can be recurring characters every time **** goes down. Enemies Without even has rules for requisitioning playable Orks and Eldar!
  13. Thanks guys! Ok, so the real advantage of quick draw is that you could use the Concealed Holster with no penalty then? I liked the idea of being able to instantly withdraw grenades, knives, syrnges, etc from your vest, but I couldn't get past the image of a nerdy bureaucrat quickdrawing his stub-gun and cocking the hammer like Clint Eastwood because he has a holster that somehow differs from the holster the gun already comes with RAW. Maybe it's my mindset, and I should be imagining it taking a lot longer, but not long enough to be a half action in-game. The cocking of the gun would be overlapping with the attack action. And if they are smart they will be running for cover anyways, and pulling it out on the way. I hated not being able to pull out weapons will moving in D&D lol so I'm sold. The rules confusion was more because the free draw of non weapon items did not cover the "ready" action needed to use them, and since Quickdraw specified both "draw[ing] *and* ready[ing]" I assumed the vest's Free Action to draw rule was just to distinguish it from the backpack and concealed holster's extra time to draw an item.
  14. I got a copy of "The Frozen Reaches" adventure for Rogue Trader real cheap at a comic book shop. I plan on cannibalizing it for an DH2 adventure, it's got great rules for giant, strategic battles. Basically, you got a distant outpost with a lot of different uncooperative factions that is going to be invaded by a billion ork Freebooterz. You need to smooth things over, then lead the defence during the weeks long seige. Doesn't even have to be orks, you could just swap them out for Chaos cultists from the neighbouring hive world that disapeared in a warp storm and was thought lost, or nurgle zombies.
  15. Hey everyone, RPG newbie and future GM here. Just noticed something in the core rulebook, wondered if anyone else is a little confused. The combat vest allows "items" held in the vest to be drawn as a Free Action during the Character's turn. (p.170) The Quick Draw Talent allows the character to "draw and ready" a pistol or basic weapon as a Free Action. (p.131) The "Ready" action is "draw[ing] a weapon or retriev[ing] an object stowed in a pouch or pocket" (p.223). Does this mean the Quick Draw talent is unnecessary if you have a combat vest? I'm thinking that the combat vest will only cover the drawing of the weapon, but Quick Draw will be needed in order to flick the safety off, cock the gun, etc. The fact that the Quick Draw talent specifies "draw AND ready," even though the Ready action is described as just drawing an item, makes me think this was the intent. What do you guys think?
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