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  1. We haven't yet received them here in France, so you are not in the worst case Nor in Italy At least I'm not alone. I do hope they arrive in time though, because I really want to fly Omega leader and Zeta leader at the store championship.
  2. If I understand right : 1)Bet. 2)Roll green dice. 3)CHECK FOR 3PO. 4)Juke. 5)ADD ONE EVADE if the bet was good. Right?
  3. Okay so you better bet one or not bet at all, right?
  4. We haven't yet received them here in France, so you are not in the worst case
  5. What does C3-PO actually counts? Is it counting the number of evades results in the "defender modifies defense dice" step, or right after the rolling dice step? I'm asking this to know if, when playing Fat Han (which I don't, just good to know for store championships), you should always bet 0 when facing a juking ennemy?
  6. I once had Zeta Leader finish off both Soontir and Darth Vader alone. I would roll full hits (with rerolls) against a turtled Vader, and he would roll nothing but blanks. I was happy
  7. You are absolutely correct. I somehow completely mis-read the card, even when I went back to look at it during the game. Apparently I need to pay more attention to card text. My mistake! Hey don't worry, I know that feel. I somehow believed for a very long time that there was a Turret with the [action] attack: header x)
  8. There's doctor paul but it is on vassal so it can seem a little fast when you don't know the thing.
  9. I guess it wouldn't stop us from playing. Look, Warhammer community created his own version of the game when GW stopped printing it. That could happen in our community too, and with all the talented people here, I'm sure new expansions would come out, maybe as a kind of "convert your TIE advanced to a TIE aggressor", with custom rules and cards.
  10. Simple: buy EVERYTHING. Then buy everything A SECOND TIME. Then you MAY stop. Until a new expansion is realeased.
  11. This is the proof that the Inquisitor prevents AT from working: it depends on the range of the attack, not on the distance between ships.
  12. Proving that AT is using attack range, not ships to ships range. Thank you buddy.
  13. How about someone mails a dev to exactly know what they wanted to do?
  14. With the Inquisitor it's just like your range ruler is a huge 1. So ATs do not work.
  15. The first time you should be destroyed, cancel remaining damages, discard all your damage cards and assign four facedown damage cards to this ship.
  16. French guy here so exact translation :zuckuss : when attacking you may roll 1 additional die. If you do,the defender rolls 1 additional defense die. 4Lom: at the end/beginning (not seeing it) of the end phase you may assign 1 of your stress token to another ship at range 1
  17. MalanTai

    Soontir Hunting

    Empire Kath + Mangler + Gunner. Come on Soontir evade this.
  18. A Glaive Squadron Pilot with tie/x7, juke and stealth device is an untouchable beast, and you can freely perform a focus or TL action.
  19. I personally love Imp Kath with mangler, LRS, Gunner and Lone Wolf.
  20. Actually, a 34 points Glaive is fine for me. You can fly two of them with juke, tie/x7 and stealth device, plus Omega leader. This is an untouchable list.
  21. Uhh there's no crackshot in the hound's tooth. Or is there?
  22. A spare 26 points that you haven't immediately spent on Omega Leader with Juke and Comms? I thought about him, and tried, but he got rushed by Soontir before I could set up my evade and TL and died turn 2. I think I poorly played it, but this is a bad first experience.
  23. Gonna try both versions tomorrow, I will tell you how it went. What I particularly like is Kath in the current palpamobile meta. Come on Soontir evade this crit >
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