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  1. You called? Please Great Overlord, make us happy next week
  2. Work on the weekends comrades! We want this preview, and we want it now! Now praise the great Almighty Lord of the Internet!
  3. I'm wondering how would perform a juking SPA SJ Echo?
  4. Antigrapist (Alex) loves this list.Me too hehe
  5. 3x Omega squadron pilot w/ juke + comm relay Carnor Jax w/ VI + AT + shield upgrade
  6. Brobots and regen rebels (shall we call them the regbels?)
  7. That makes me wonder, can I use Navigator multiple times? Say I am revealing a 2 hard turn to the left with Hera. Can I get to the 1 turn left (red), then rotate to the 1 turn right (because of Hera), then use Navigator to rotate to the 2 hard turn right? Same with 4-LOM crew: can I receive multiple ion tokens to block multiple rvade/focus tokens?
  8. Guys men in my family die early of heart problems. If we're gonna be spreading rumors let's see that they are relevant! Sorry
  9. Woops I should have told that I am living in France and that the FO and T70 are not here yet so...
  10. Yep my FLG said it was pushed back to march 7th
  11. I thought that too, but I then checked for the other support ships. You can see that none of their abilities tells "at range #-# FROM your ship". So Zertik's ability only works at range one of him.
  12. Btw I see people talking about 3 days events but the qualifying events are on the 30th of April and 1st of March. That's only two days. What am I missing?
  13. That moment when you like a game but are still a darn student with no money and no time.
  14. Captain Phasma in a FO. At the beginning of the game, remove all your shield tokens. Then, you may throw this ship in the compactor. Cost: - 30
  15. But wired works in defense too, and you should know the importance of modifying green dice
  16. Next time try it with weapons guidance and wired. Best combo ever on him. At least IMHO.
  17. I once had Zeta Leader finish off both Soontir and Darth Vader all alone. I went after Palp, killed him, meanwhile his aces were harassing me. He focused on Howlrunner, then killed 2 blackcracks, and finally El Presidente. I had 2 hulls left on Zeta L, against wounded Aces. Darth Vader is away, 2 straight, survive Soontir, shoot him, full. He throws dices, all blanks. Dead. Then turn to face Darky, he k turns, out of range. 2 straight, focus, 2 straight focus evade. Range 1, hit hit crit, I evade everything. I shoot, 4 dice, hit hit hit. Throws dice, all blanks. He had 2 hull left. Boom.
  18. And another not great one but satisfying me, Kath Scarlett : http://imgur.com/gallery/THxm6
  19. Not the best ones but I'm happy with them, have Omega leader, Zeta leader and a Lambda-Class Shuttle repainted with the FO scheme. http://imgur.com/gallery/44kX0sT
  20. In a way that is pretty fine, at least IMHO. It really insists on the industrial face of the Empire, and on the fact that its soldiers don't have any kind of individuality, while the variety of the Rebel fleet makes you understand they lack money and take ships that are available to them. But I agree that a third (pretty certainly forth if/when the TIE/sf comes out) barely different looking model is a bit too much.
  21. But you can trigger PTL from it hue hue hue
  22. 1. Horn is already a powerhouse, now he's a monster who can make his second tap with up to 5 dice. and fly away into the sunset2. MUAHAHA! IMMORTAL SPACE TRUNKS OF SATAN YV-666 DOOOOOM! 3. jesus... It's like mini-phantom adv cloaking >_> but spoils AT slot for Starviper, EU slot for high-PS Xwings and... ever seen an Ace B? Yep... 1) that's what the weapons disabled token is for. 3) It's a title not a mod. Anyway I like them a lot! Especially the foils for the Starviper, all them green maneuvers!
  23. Backwards movement. Such as a looping action, basically a backwards boost with the 1 straight. Or a ship which has, on its dial, say, -1 bank and straight, and -2 straight, all these being red.
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