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  1. Pure sabaac in a phantom. You either have 5 dice or are dead.
  2. Evady aces died from bombs, so gunner is not really needed anymore.
  3. It will mandatorily be written as [stuff] and [stuff] upgrade icons though
  4. Whatever the text is, it needs to be a title: TIE only. Title. You cannot equip this card if your shield value is 1 or higher. You may equip two different titles. So you don't leave Interceptors and Strikers in the dust
  5. I don't see the point against a X-Wing + TIE Reaper expansion. Sure there are some one factioner (I'm kinda one of those, or at least I have like 3 rebel ships), but I mean even if you are a rebel only player, you have at least 2 TIE fighters or TIE/fo fighters, and more probably at least 2 of each, so one more (cool-looking) ship would't be such a pain, would it ?
  6. Nope, only the latest PS modifier is taken into account. And I'm sorry but I really want my TIE Reaper and Krennic.
  7. But they are not the same ship. You could take the Gunboat in order to, say, have infinite ordnance, allowing to pack a punch every other turn, and be a control ship the remaining turns.
  8. TIE/D also are rarer than TIE/x7 (they do see some play, certainly less but still) because the cost of the title is in fact 2 points + whatever cannon they equip, and because of the opportunity cost of the evade, which is quite helpful on the Defender. But we should wait for some actual informations before deciding the strength of the ship.
  9. There are rumors about the XG-1 title allowing the ship to fire a 2 points or less cannon even with a weapon disabled token, which would be crazy with the PS7 ace. Shoot your (cruise) missiles on the opening round, SLAM to reposition, reload with advanced slam, and shoot your cannon, while having +1 green die. That seems quite good to me.
  10. My favorite squad at the moment is the 3 named strikers with a palp lambda, and it is both a blast to play and quite effective. However, I don't think Strikers and Interceptors fill the same function. Strikers are some kind of evady jousters (by that I mean they can sometimes dodge arcs but they can joust fairly well with most lists*) and chasers, while Interceptors are really 100% arc dodgers who NEED their reposition to be safe. *Though jousting a Guri Fenn Vobra mindlinked squad was not a good idea
  11. Hum actually that wouldn't work, rocks don't prevent you from performing free actions, nor does bumping. The only case it would be useful would be when a multiply stressed ship performs a green manoeuvre, since it can't take actions when stressed, but Dengar has rarely more han one stress anyway.
  12. I'd like to join but I'm going on holidays for 17 days and I'm not sure I'll have an internet connection. Is it still fine or should I pass ?
  13. Thanks for the replies guys So if I understand it right Pattern Analyser removes the Check Pilot Stress step from the execute manoeuvre step, allowing not only actions but also anything taking place after executing a manoeuvre to be performed before checking the manoeuvre color right?
  14. Is there a fixed point in the manoeuvre process, like I don't know, before the check pilot stress step, when the "after you execute a manoeuvre" abilities all happen? To me, it'd be after the check pilot stress step, but then why would lightning reflexes explicitly say "receive one stress after the check pilot stress step"? So it must be before. But then could I boost with Snap Wexley even after a K-turn or T-roll? Or could a Stay on Target Rey with the TFA Falcon title rotate 180° after rotating her dial from a 3 straight to a 3 bank and thus double stressing? And then Kanan crew couldn't clear the stress from a debris Cloud since the debris stress comes after the check pilot stress step. So when? When does it happen? I need dem answers!
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