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  1. I'm really late to the game, but denatured alcohol works as a really great replacement to IPA. I also tend to use kitchen gloves over medical gloves and I've not hit an issue.
  2. I prime on black, base coat in light grey, wash with black, and drybrush very lightly with white he he he he. sooooon.
  3. Next two ships available at KDY (well, a ship and a conversion kit - you gotta provide your own MC75). Also, until the end of april use "SHELTERINHOBBY" as a discount code and get 15% off, because you should stay home if you can.
  4. Regarding the possibility of a second edition, the question is what would it improve? X-Wing second edition was a necessity, likewise with Descent 2e and even Twilight Imperium 4e. I think the risk/benefit analysis of doing a second edition says it's not worth it. The things they might fix probably isn't worth both the manufacturing and design investment. Couple that with the alienation factor and I think the math says "we don't need a 2e at this time". I think what we're going to see is a lean into more campaigns and scenarios.
  5. I'm really glad you liked it! For what it's worth, I'd strongly recommend considering if you really want to add the extra hull point. It seems to be obligatory among people who want to make designs for it, but I can't help but wonder if it's really the best way to represent that - a kind of low-hanging fruit, respectfully speaking. I'd recommend seeing what a boosted engineering rating would do :).
  6. I'd consider anything. Mel has one, mind you, but sure, I'll eventually be rounding my collection out in all sorts of directions.
  7. Weird... it should have automatically used the refreshed token... I'll see if I can hunt down the bug. I also plan on making it a bit more mobile friendly. Hope you enjoy it!
  8. Oh hey! It looks like it worked! Did you end up having to go to desktop or did it work itself out? Your 3 Nebulons will be in the post by tomorrow :)
  9. Can you give it a refresh and try it again? there's a heartbeat that pulls a new api token every 10 minutes or so (the old one expires in 15 minutes after page load) you should still be fine, but maybe I didn't code that heartbeat for mobile so great
  10. So I banged out a couple of 3d models a few weeks back, and, well, now I make 'em and paint 'em! If y'all want a copy of your own, I've got a storefront up: https://store.kdyards.com/ <plug> On to the eye-candy! Imperial Nebulon-B frigate designed by ECHenry and Angelos Karderinis, brought to the Armada world by me. Hapan Spectre Space Superiority Fighter inspired by EVE Online - modelled by me.
  11. Oooh! Good catch. I'll fix that as soon as I get home.
  12. Should be fixed now. I was pointing the rendering engine to the old site rather than the archive site. I just tried it with a few of the missing renders and it works now. If you've got some hidden items that need re-rendering let me know, and I can force them to re-render.
  13. DNS entries are updating, I guess: http://robinomicon.com/kdyards_v1/
  14. Update your bookmarks! v1 archives can be found here: http://kdyards.robinomicon.com/
  15. Oh I'm always plugging away at it. I touch it almost every night. As for life being less crazy? Naw - I've just gotten used to it now
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