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  1. ThatRobHuman

    Old Starwars Rebellion Ship Classes

    Saaame. I have a copy on my work computer that I keep running on very slow in the background.
  2. ThatRobHuman

    Terrain for Armada?

    I'm telling you - magnetic stands/bases are where it's at!
  3. ThatRobHuman

    Officer Ozzel and JJ

    I think that second rarrrrgh wasn't conjugated correctly...
  4. ThatRobHuman

    Old Starwars Rebellion Ship Classes

    Mel has several of these models up on his shapeways and some of the cards can be found on KDY.
  5. ThatRobHuman

    Mel Miniatures Wishlist

    A conversion kit for the interdictor ISD variant would be a dream, too
  6. ThatRobHuman

    Terrain for Armada?

    Agreed. That being said, I'm looking into getting some lava rocks and molding and casting them and attaching them to a laser cut base with magnets for easy removability. Dust clouds are probably going to be made from some cotton balls and debris fields from some styrene cut-ups, sprues and parts of an AF2 I don't want.
  7. Oh i see I see. This makes more sense. I dig it.
  8. I'm very fascinated by the turn dials in particular. Are they static it or do they have some mechanism for turning?
  9. This should do it: http://v1.kdyards.com/hold/armada icons.zip
  10. @Karneck - made this for you. vector (SVG) format icons - if you use photoshop or anything worth it's salt for your previews you should be able to use this and scale it up without any kind of distortion. upgrades.zip
  11. ThatRobHuman


    OH, one other thing: after I put the stencil down I'll put down a clear-coat and let it dry before I paint the stencil (usually Matte or Satin, whatever matches the current finish) this way the clearcoat will kind of "seal" the edges of the stencil, makes for much cleaner lines once the real paint has been put down - prevents paint from crawling under the mask.
  12. ThatRobHuman


    Probably not worth it, as TheWampa said, but if you really want, you can throw down some masking tape on a vinyl cutting machine - that can get you some precise stencils, maybe?
  13. ThatRobHuman

    Always with the negative waves, Moriarty

    I could not find the articles for waves 3, 4, and 5 release in the search index on FFG's site that I was using as reference. Is it nitpicking? perhaps, but I find myself, even if it is "normal" - I still think that more Community Goodies from FFG would be a good idea. Status Quo is not necessarily the same as Good.
  14. ThatRobHuman

    Always with the negative waves, Moriarty

    I agree that Disney has a good amount of say in what products FFG can develop relating to Star Wars, I'm not certain if their input is as granulated as to completely prevent what I want to call "Community Goodies", such as the interviews, community article spotlights, staff strategy blogposts, the Corellian Campaign HoloNews casts that I mentioned - things like that. If it did, then we wouldn't hear anything new for Legion or XWing either - and there's been plenty of that in recent weeks in those games - even Destiny.
  15. ThatRobHuman

    Always with the negative waves, Moriarty

    I was pickin' up what you're putting down - Hyperbole is a thing and I get that - I just wanted to get that thing about the middle-folks in there because it's way too often overlooked of a position amid ... passionate discourse