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  1. Theory Crafting the Maxima

    I'm not that great at ship design. Squadrons are more my thing. That being said, I see the Maxima as a gladiator/arq hybrid. Well rounded dice pool with a slight bias towards red. Lemme think on it some.
  2. Anyone else play Star Wars Commander

    I have a doppelganger, then, because that sadly wasn't me... Time to start wiping out my clones: there can be only one FoaS.
  3. Anyone else play Star Wars Commander

    Wait, what did I do?
  4. Would rather see the Maxima-A for the First Order lineup, myself.
  5. [KDYv2] Development Blog Thread

    I have added @Wes Janson's version of Cloak back in to KDY (it is the same thing as the current Evasive keyword, but I like this as a cloak more than the official one). I've also added SLAM as a keyword, which is the exact same thing as the official cloak keyword. (I'm sure this is confusing, but this is what I've chosen to do :P)
  6. [KDYv2] Development Blog Thread

    That may simply be a caching issue. You can hit Ctrl shift R to force a cacheless refresh.
  7. Why no Happy Friday!?

    That presumes that any of my for victories have any still on them. Poor @Cubanboy is gonna come back to so many mentions...
  8. Armada Shipyards is DA's site. I'm all about custom content, but I follow what other's have said. It's not surprising that there isn't any armada news, sad as it makes me. I do think that a community edition could and would be fun, but I don't think that we're at the point where where the community edition needs to take the reins, yet.
  9. I like Hobson - more accuracy effects are always welcome. I feel like the title for that ordnance card should be "Fire AT maximum range" instead.
  10. For what it's worth, There are a few Free Virgillia-class on KDY. I'm a fan of Samukai777's version.
  11. GAMA Trade Show starts today!

  12. GAMA Trade Show starts today!

    They're talking now. Time to shine.
  13. GAMA Trade Show starts today!

    loosen up? I'm tuned in to that stream. They are just standing around, but soooooooon™
  14. GAMA Trade Show starts today!

    I imagine that the folks who streamed it on Facebook that Dras linked earlier will as well, but chances are we'll have to find a stream as it comes up.
  15. GAMA Trade Show starts today!

    I'm on my commute home, sadly. Lemme know if anything exciting comes up? I'll tune in as soon as I get to mine.