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  1. Rotation is not the same thing as a banned list. And early 2016 seems more likely. Early 2017, perhaps. It's too late for early 2016. And they're banning previously-tournament-legal cards. So yes, it's a banned list.
  2. Not yet, but they've announced that the first two Netrunner cycles will be banned once cycle #8 comes out (late 2017?).
  3. There's nothing in the film, but if they aren't brand new then you have to explain why there were no A- or B-wings on Yavin. The old explanation of their being new models was the simplest approach. (Although even the old canon didn't adhere to that 100% - you can claim the ones in Droids were R-22 Spearheads, but that won't fly for the ships in X-wing the computer game.)
  4. The English design would have been finished first (because you start with the English text then commission the translation into other languages). It's possible they didn't start producing the English versions as soon as they were designed and locked, but that seems silly.
  5. Because they didn't show enough cardboard for there to be another side. (You would need bases as well.)
  6. If I do the math, the Imperial Corvette and the CR90 should both fit, as long as I put them in diagonally. Am I missing something?
  7. Per the strategy guide: Keyan was in the Y-wing that escaped (along with Luke, Wedge, and the Falcon), and you're actually playing Luke for those three missions over the Death Star.
  8. The First Order TIEs can't be solar based, not with their white wings (too much energy would be wasted by reflecting it back out). They have to have some other power source.
  9. The announcement said "late Q3". Considering that FFG had finished copies in hand at the UK Games Expo today, I have no reason to doubt that they'll be able to get it on store shelves during the next three months.
  10. The Bacta War said that Incom had at least come up with prototypes that can fire backwards, but I'm not sure if they ever made it to production models.
  11. Q4 or Q1 next year. The announcement says "late Q3", though... They'd almost have to already be printed and on the boat to make that schedule, wouldn't they?
  12. I doubt it. You have a good argument that your use of copyrighted material is fair use - it's minimal, transformative, and non-commercial. I certainly wouldn't expect the Mouse's lawyers to come after you.
  13. It's not like the covers ever had the ships painted in the right colors, though - they've always been "generic X-wings". With their red stripes they're closer to the Rogue Squadron livery than the Wraith Squadron livery!
  14. You could have die cut cards instead, no problem. Sounds about right based on my SWCCG days - you'd get maybe 30 cards for that price but they'd be randomized.
  15. I know you don't want to go down the Attack Wing route of "any pilot on any ship", because at a 1-2 squad point penalty it was still worth it to do that with certain pilots. But rather than flat-out restricting pilots to certain ships, maybe penalize them by 1-3 PS when using a non-preferred ship instead? I mean, canonically Luke in ANH should be "T-16 Skyhopper Only". But he was still able to hop in a T-65 and do a reasonable job. And I want to be able to put Wedge in a YT-1300 as in Solo Command.
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