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  1. I’d like to stay, but it’s probably better if I drop out. It’s been fun, but my real life obligations have been keeping me pretty busy of late.
  2. Hey @EliasWindrider Sorry I’ve gone MIA for a bit, but I’m having trouble focusing on the game with everything that’s going on in the world right now. If you want to just narrate the engineering assault I’m fine with that.
  3. Just a heads up but the confirmation email that gets sent when people join is still pointed at the old site. I managed to join by directing it to the new archive site but that might be problematic for less tech inclined folks out there. Awesome site btw. Thanks for making it.
  4. Wraith takes 6 damage, bringing his wounds up to 13 but his armor has a bio support dispenser that applies a stimpack, automatically healing 5 of those wounds and brings him back down to 8. Scrap will use the despair to gain a free maneuver and take cover in the hall alcoves. The droids return fire sending a fusillade of burning plasma back towards the clone troopers. Scrap deftly avoids the blaster fire but Wraith is struck by the volley, driving him a step back. His body scorched, his vision clouded, Wraith hears the telltale hiss of his bio-support dispenser within his armor and his eyes clear. Good ole stims he thinks as he ducks into cover along the hall and brings his rifle to bear on the offending droids. 1 Maneuver to take cover, another to aim for 2 strain. Autofire attacks b1s at short (1 boost from Alpha FS, 1 from Aim, 7 setbacks from droid advantage and 1 more from cover): 4eP+8eS+2eB+2eD 3 failures, 2 advantage Miss, but passes three advantage onto Scrap and Beta. "Target those droids Beta," Scrap yells over the din of combat. Uses incidental to break up squad. Beta takes cover and returns fire at the 3 droid b1 group. Beta attacks B1s at short range: 1eA+3eP+1eD+1eS+2eB 1 success, 3 advantage, 1 Triumph 11 damage with Pierce 1 against 4 soak=7 damage. Destroys one minion and the triumph takes another. Passes 3 advantage to Scrap. "Nicely done men!" Scrap says as he brings his own rifle to up to target the droids.Uses his maneuver to aim. Attacks b1s at short range (3 boosts from Beta and 1 from aim): 1eA+2eP+3eB+1eS 3 successes, 6 advantage forgot difficulty die: 1eD 0 successes, 1 threat 13 damage and 1 pierce against 4 soak=10 damage. That should be enough to destroy 2 droids, and with a crit activated with advantage another should also go down. Forgot boost from aim. forgot boost from aim: 1eB 0 successes, 2 advantage So with the 7 advantage, 3 are used for the crit and the others are passed onto the next ally.
  5. "On my six," Wraith orders as he advances down the hall towards the droids. Blaster fire streaking by on all sides, he raises his blaster and draws a bead on the nearest group skeletal of B1 battledroids. Alpha squad taking position along the hall, firing on the droids. (Suffers two strain to perform the tactical advance incidental) Auto-Fires at B1 Minion Group (short Range, takes maneuver to aim{2 strain taken})): 4eP+2eD+5eS+2eB 4 successes, 2 advantage 18 damage. 2 hits. Should be enough to destroy the entire minion group due to pierce 1. 1 boost passed onto Scrap from the advantage granted by superior weapon cust. Scrap shrugs off a blasterbolt that strikes his chestplate (for 7 wounds) and swings his blaster rifle around from behind his back, returning fire on a group of B1s. fires at b1 group at short range (1 boost from Wraith): 1eD+2eP+1eA+1eS 3 successes, 1 threat, 1 Triumph 13 damage & a Triumph. That's going to destroy 2 minions because of pierce 1. The triumph will be used to grant Scrap 1 ranged defense until the end of his next turn. It's worth noting that Scrap also has Adversary 1. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Forgot to roll boost die: 1eB 1 success, 1 advantage Forgot to roll the boost die for scrap. That should negate the threat.
  6. It was late and the math was kinda wonky. I’ll break it down one hit at a time. Pierce lowers soak by one essentially. 1. 18 damage - 5 soak = 13 damage. Minion 1 takes 8 damage to kill, leaving 5 to carry over to M2. 2. 13 damage. Kills M2 after 3 damage, leaving 10 damage to M3 which kills it with 2 damage carrying over to M4. 3. 13 damage. M4 takes 6 damage to kill, carrying 7 over to M5 which shouldn't drop it. So it looks like there should be two minions left. One at max wounds and one completely healthy (I think). When I run it, for simplicity's sake, I just have minions expire when they suffer damage equal to their WT but don't the rules require you to exceed the WT by 1? However you want to run it is fine by me btw.
  7. I’ll edit the post to reflect that tonight. edit: One b2 group destroyed, one down to one minion with 5 wounds sustained.
  8. For what it’s worth, I’ve seen Armada being sold at Barnes and Noble before. 🤷‍♂️
  9. Scrap moves into short range of the droids, Beta squad "dug in" on the wall prominences, and throws the EMP grenade at one of the B2 groups behind cover. Ranged Light EMP Grenade Attack: 1eA+2eP+1eD+1eS 0 successes, 3 advantage Misses but will activate blast with 2 advantage and pass a boost die onto Wratih's attack. 6 damage to whichever droids are in engaged range. Also has disorient 3 and ion damage if that matters against minions. Wraith takes cover and with a second maneuver aims at the remaining group of B2 droids. Alpha squad is providing support fire. Autofire attack on droids (aim maneuver, quick strike, support fire medium range): 4eP+3eD+1eS+4eB 4 successes, 3 advantage 18 damage and activates 2 extra attacks because he gets an automatic advantage from superior weapon cust. Should be enough damage to destroy all but 1 droid that has suffered 5 wounds. @EliasWindrider Updated.
  10. Correct. Sorry about that. Everything is pretty much back to normal now so I’ll go ahead and get that post done sometime this afternoon/evening.
  11. Are we doing initiative for this encounter or should I just take the first couple of turns?
  12. "You okay?" Cog says. "Hey, shiny! Two-Five, you copy?" Shaking his head, in an attempt to focus his vision, Two-Five mumbles, "Umm... I.... uh, sir?" "Oh, kark it all," Cog mumbles as he retrieves a stim from Two-Five's utility belt and jams it into a soft spot next to his fellow clone's shoulder plating. "That should do you. On your feet, soldier." ------------------------------------------------------------- Making their way through the maze of corridors, Wraith and his men find themselves closing in on their destination. He knows engineering should be just right of this next intersection, but he had expected more droids, more resistance up to this point. Somethings off, he thinks to himself. Taking point with Alpha Squad and the others following, Beta taking the rear, Wraith stops just short of the intersection, raising his hand into a closed fist. They’re waiting for us, they've gotta be. "Sir, you thinking what I'm thinking?" Sergeant Scrap whispers. "That depends," Wraith responds quietly, retrieving a MK-II EMP grenade and passing it behind himself to Scrap. "You want to fry some processors?" Accepting the grenade, Scrap grins behind his face-plate "Would be an honor, sir." "Beta Squad." Scrap says as he turns to his fellow clones. "Once we clear the corner, we're going to dig in," he points to the architectural wall prominences, "and I'm going to fry us some clankers." He holds the grenade up before them, stowing his rifle. "Alpha." Wraith says, "we've got fire support." "Yessir," comes their uniform response. "On me," Wraith says as he glances around the corner, and sees dozens of droids dug in behind prefabricated cover. Knew it, he thinks as he leans out from around cover, his carbine trained on the lead B2. Initiative Rolls Wraith/Alpha Initiative (cool): 2eA+2eP 1 success, 1 advantage Scrap/Beta Initiative (Vigilance): 1eA+2eP 3 successes, 3 advantage (once combat begins, Wraith w/Alpha squaded up is going to go first and make an autofire attack on one of the B2 groups and Scrap w/Beta squaded up is going to move to short range and throw the EMP grenade edit: decided to do it the opposite, let the grenade soften them up first)
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