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  1. Everyone’s opinion is valid unto themselves. That’s pretty much it. I’ve been pretty vocal about my disdain for this film and that’s not changing. Others absolutely love it and that’s not changing. Debating the validity of others opinions is nonsense. Debating the opinions is not.
  2. AnomalousAuthor

    Wild West Setting for Genesys

    SWRPG divides the ranged skill in two. I’d say since Genesys is based on that then it is indeed appropriate given the setting. Genesys is a narrative system. As such, the mechanics give way when the narrative demands. The narrative should never be held hostage by the mechanics. The CRB recommends splitting ranged into heavy and light skills if playing in a setting that features ranged combat. If I was to create a D&D setting to play Genesys in I would have many weapons skills, because I feel it would be narratively appropriate to make distinctions in order to enrich the narrative. The skill to use a dagger shouldn’t be the same as a longsword. In a Wild West setting, using a hunting rifle is very different from using a bow and just because the natives are familiar with both doesn’t mean the Americans are.
  3. AnomalousAuthor

    Publishing modules

    I totally understand this. I didn’t mean he should post it on dtrpg, but this forum instead. Lots of people have posted great content on here for free, and FFG seems to be fully supportive of that. From the OP’s post, it seemed as if they were inquiring about publishing a module as a 3rd party publisher, not as an in-house FFG writer or freelancer. I would think this would require a business arrangement with FFG for use of their IP. I’d imagine FFG would probably balk at the idea, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. Can’t hurt to inquire, and see if a deal can be reached. Odds are it won’t, but I don’t have any clue to the kind of resources at the OPs disposal or their publishing history. One thing to note, a system can’t be copyrighted, just the expression of said system. It would be entirely possible to sell a module that uses the system, just not any of the language, symbols, descriptions, trademarks, settings, characters, etc. Now, I don’t know how you’d market it successfully, without mentioning Genesys or FFG, if you’re an independent publisher. That right there would limit the odds of success, but you never know.
  4. AnomalousAuthor

    Publishing modules

    How would you propose starting a business relationship? I guess one could just create content and hope to be approached but that’s pretty unlikely. The odds of FFG actually agreeing to a licensing deal are probably pretty low but I doubt you have any chance without communicating with them.
  5. This is a pretty cool topic. Just to add, does anyone know how long a building constructed out of carbon nano-fibers could potentially last? I have no idea, but I’d guess a very long time. Now, given that we aren’t nearly as advanced as most of the civilizations in SW are, and we have materials that can conceivably last quite some time, it’s conceivable that their building materials are that much more advanced than ours. A world like Coruscant could only exist if their buildings were made out of materials that are incredibly strong and could exist indefinitely as long as they weren’t otherwise damaged or abused. I’d also imagine that worlds such as Coruscant budget huge amounts of resources towards the maintenance and upkeep of their megastructures.
  6. AnomalousAuthor

    Ghatt's Attunement Houserules and More...

    Thanks for the input. Something to think about. And, like anything FFG puts out, this chart is basically just for inspiration and recommendations, not necessarily the only options available. I’ll probably make a revised version at some point and add a couple more options at various tiers and do some some editing in general, but my main focus isn’t on the SWRPG at the moment, so it could be a bit. In the meantime, I’d recommend using this as inspiration more than anything else. It’s definitely an option that could cause power balance issues between PCs if that is a concern for your group. I’m not hugely concerned about balance issues between PCs in games I run though. But then again, I’m a huge proponent of rolling stats in D&D. I just think it’s more fun.
  7. AnomalousAuthor

    Publishing modules

    You should probably contact them directly. Unlike D&D, Genesys doesn’t have any type of OGL. If I was you, and had a top notch idea, I’d put together a 5-10 page sample, write up a good pitch, and inquire directly, as I really doubt they’ll address this on an open forum. If you aren’t trying to make money, you can just post it, lots of people are doing that already. Anyhow, good luck. It would be nice if FFG would open this baby up some.
  8. AnomalousAuthor

    Creating Talents - Need Help with Tiers

    One thing that sends up a bit of a red flag for me with “What Comes Around” is that with multiple rolls comes lots of opportunity to recover strain through advantage. In game this could completely negate the strain cost associated with the talent, lead to a character recovering lots of it or collecting bunches of boost dice. Seems like there could be a bunch of unintended consequences with that one.
  9. AnomalousAuthor

    Our GM has no Hope!

    You sir are a champ! I’ve found it’s hard enough to come up with material for one campaign every couple of weeks, can’t even imagine that work load.
  10. AnomalousAuthor

    Osmium - Galaxies of Fantasy Adventure

    Honestly, most people who can access a PDF can also access a webpage on the same device. You can also copy and paste or save/print a webpage. Would be pretty easy to make it into a PDF if that’s your thing. The only real advantage of a PDF over a webpage is that a PDF doesn’t require somebody to host it. Webpages can be abandoned, PDFs are more permanent. All said, I like your site. Very navigable. Very easy and intuitive to use. Lots of content. Good work.
  11. AnomalousAuthor

    Our GM has no Hope!

    Lol, fair enough. Love to see it. I’m currently cooking up something I’m calling Stargate Genesys. It’s fairly far along atm. I’ll definitely share once I’m done. The artwork is what’s been keeping me the most busy though. Changed my username because Ghatt was the name of a Star Wars character I created, but since I’m going to start posting more varied material than just Star Wars, I figured I’d change it. It’s also a bit more catchy.
  12. Congrats. Just because it’s the same name, it doesn’t mean your son is named after your character. Just fate. And you can’t fight fate. -Formerly known as Ghatt.
  13. AnomalousAuthor

    Our GM has no Hope!

    The Stallone one was just a standard 90’s action flick with extra cheese. Entertaining in it’s own way for sure, but the Urban one is great. Wish they’d make another one.
  14. AnomalousAuthor

    Our GM has no Hope!

    You got a link to that Star Trek Genesys you mentioned, or are you guys just winging it? -Formerly known as Ghatt.
  15. AnomalousAuthor

    Our GM has no Hope!

    Ewan McGregor, Ian McDiarmid Liam Neesen, Samuel L Jackson, Frank Oz, Christopher Lee, Terrance Stamp, Jimmy Smitts... Looks like the prequels had far more talent on the whole actually. Harrison Ford saved TFA. Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, and Adam Driver aren’t exactly what I’d consider good actors. Hayden Christiansen would fit right in with them. I’d have added Natalie Portman to the list, but to be honest, her acting skills weren’t really on display during those films.