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  1. Clenching his teeth, Captain Wraith watches as another LAAT, in formation with theirs, bursts into flames, bits and pieces of burning shrapnel from the doomed craft richocheting off of the front of their own. For the republic, he thinks, closing the transport’s door, returning him and his men back into the gloom of artificial lighting. ”Hang on” he shouts over the comms to his men, both with him and to SGT. Scrap’s squad in the LAAT to their port side, as their transports are violently buffeted by anti-aircraft fire and desert wind. “Stay on course. We have a job to do.” His thoughts return to his fallen brothers, the first of them to fall, but surely not the last. (copy and pasted a line in editing. Not sure why the font changed.)
  2. The LAAT/i’s hull plating rattled, the transport bucking under the turbulence of the Geonosian stratosphere as it descended towards the orange hued desert world. Its vast, rocky hardpack soon to be replaced with the blasted wastes of war. Gleaming under the small ship’s interior lighting, CT-6987 stood firm, his white armor immaculate; firmly gripping the crash webbing with one hand, his DC-15a blaster in the other. Under his helmet, a miniscule grin formed. Today was the day, he thought; his excitement, his anticipation building to a crescendo he had never before felt. His men, his brothers standing nearly identical to him, exemplars of discipline, each and every one. “Captain Wraith,” General Yoda’s voice crackled through his helmet’s internal comms, “at the arena soon we will be. Prepare your men, top priority the survivors are.” Flicking the helmet comm with his tongue, CT-6987 responds, “copy that, general.” “Troopers,” he turned towards his men, their helmets swiveling towards him in near unison. “We have our orders, we have our duty, we have each other. Those clankers down there don’t stand a wampa flea’s chance in an evaporator if you ask me. Am I right, brothers?” They answered in a shared voice. Their affirmation echoeing throughout the LAAT/i transport’s durasteel compartment. “That’s what I thought,” Wraith laughed out, giving his men a moment’s pause for their raucousness to die down. Their discipline to be restored. “Our orders are to secure the surviving Jedi. Everything else is secondary. Boots down in 3 minutes.” Securing his blaster, his now free hand slammed down on the door release. With a swish, the oppressive geonosian wind blasted through the transport. Sand and grit peppered his polished armor, rocking him and his men, and for the first time, Captain Wraith, CT-6987, took in the massive earthen arena in the distance. Its monolithic size growing larger by the second.
  3. Sorry, wasn't aware the troops had arrived yet. How close are the drop ships to the arena?
  4. Bit late to the party but heres a destiny roll Destiny pool: 1eF 1 Dark Side
  5. I feel for ya. I got knocked out by food poisoning for a few days a couple of weeks ago. Sucks so bad.
  6. Just the standard toolkit requirement for modding attachments actually. I’ll go ahead and take a look at the one you’re referencing though.
  7. Captain Wraith, CT-6987 http://swsheets.com/c/pggzmiw4s-ct-6987-%E2--wrai Since his decanting, CT-6987 has always striven to be the best of the best. Even amongst his 'identical' clone brothers he consistently exceeded design parameters; beating the odds, and outpacing them in most training exercises. "Extraordinary," Lama Su had said about him, "but well within expected variances." And so, CT-6987 found himself subjected to harder and harder training exercises as his 'education' continued. It wasn't long before the cloners realized that his true talents weren't just as another trooper, and he found himself transferred into a new 'batch.' A batch born to be officers. And, although he was decanted a lowly trooper, CT-6987 once again rose to the top of leaderboards amongst his new brothers, earning him a spot in the coveted ARC trooper training program. CT-6987 didn't know what the ARCs had in store for him, but he soon earned their grudging respect and was accepted by them as an equal. This was where he had always belonged, he thought. He wasn't decanted to be just any trooper, or even an officer; he was decanted to be an ARC and that much he was certain about. It was in company of the ARCs that CT-6987 had earned his name. It was in their brotherhood that he had become Wraith. Of course, infiltrating their lines and reaching his objective completely undetected and claiming victory for his squad during a live fire exercise certainly didn't hurt, either. When the day finally came that he and his brothers were called into action and he was commissioned as a captain within the Grand Army of the Republic, he was ready, eager even, to test his true mettle in combat and defend the Republic with his last breath if need be. Geonosis was where it was to begin. The war he was bred for was finally here. Sidestory Wraith has always known that serving the Republic was what he was created for, what he was trained for, but in the back of his mind he can't help but wonder if his choices are truly his own. He feels as if he has free will, but does he really? Is he a man or an automaton? These are the questions that wrack his subconscious mind when he closes his eyes for sack time. These are the doubts that haunt him as he fulfills his duties. He doesn't doubt his loyalty towards the Republic, he'd never doubt that, but is there something deeper, buried within his mind, that compels him to act? He doesn't know, but he'd like to find out, perhaps with the help of Mireska, perhaps on his own. Ultimately, this should lead up to an opportunity for Captain Wraith to discover the biological control chip in his brain and attempt to remove it in order for him to truly know if he's a man in control of his own mind or if his will is nothing more than an illusion.
  8. Mine was aimed at modding armor and blaster attachments moreso.
  9. Fair enough. It was more of a joke at all our expenses anyhow. This game can be pricey.
  10. Do we have access to a toolkit for modding purposes or do we need to buy one? Also looking at making my character the rank of captain. For your campaign, what kind of duty/contribution score would best represent that?
  11. Probably a combination of sense, influence, and misdirection depending on what you’re doing. Might be a better idea to just handle it in a more narrative way though.
  12. As far as my character’s side story goes, I’m thinking I’d like to explore what it means to be human. Is he a man who has been conditioned from “birth” to be loyal or just a preprogrammed automaton with an illusion of free will? Does he ultimately have control over his actions and decisions or is he being controlled at the most fundemental level? That kind of thing. In the end run, it should probably lead to him discovering the existance of his biological control chip and removing it (or attempting to). Not sure if that’s good enough for you @EliasWindrider or if you’d like something more in depth. Just let me know, and I’ll do my best to accomodate. Edit: Just took a look at @Bellona‘s. I’m totally down with you intertwining them together. They are fairly similar after all. Maybe @Bellona‘s investigations and questions are the trigger for my character’s own self doubt.
  13. If you're hesitant to drop $60 then this game may not be for you. lol. Also, look around online. You can probably find it for cheaper elsewhere.
  14. Yeah, I’ll get cracking on it once more this evening. Been a bit busy this week.
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