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  1. Hi, We are about to play Heirs of Blood finale - Encounter 2B and there are a few things I wanted to ask: what exactly is Tyrus' resolve? There is no starting resolve, so I thought it is one of the attributes - but they are might, knowledge, willpower, and awareness. Or is it the number of fatigue tokens on Eliza as whenever his resolve increases/decreases, fatigue tokens are added/removed from Eliza? is Tyrus's damage transferred to Encounter 3 as by any other hero? I guess no because that would be too cruel... there is no mention of transferring all heroes fatigue tokens to Encounter 3 as it was by Encounter 1, so I suppose it is a normal transition - heroes keep only damage tokens and remove all fatigue tokens from their hero sheets - is that right? Lady Eliza Farrow is not placed in this encounter although it is stated in Monsters section. If I equip her with Staff of Shadows, I suppose I can't use it, or can I? Thank you for help!
  2. Hi, first of all I must say I really love your d2etracker! I use it to track my campaigns and quickly choose monsters filtered by traits. We started a campaign before you added support of Chains that Rust and I wanted to ask if there is any option to add it to the ongoing campaign - http://d2etracker.com/campaign_overview.php?urlGamingID=139990334. I bought Ties That Bind and wanted to buy other cards from Soulbinder deck, but I can't track it in that campaign One other minor improvement might be to add icons to monster traits on the filtering page as I always confuse e.g. civilized with building Thank you!
  3. Hi, last evening we had a dispute over nanok heroic feat and skirmisher's unrelenting skill used in conjuction - so the question is, can Nanok use his heroic feat (in other player's turn), make an attack, then exhaust Unrelenting to make another attack (with other one hand weapon) and then the other player makes the attack (which is part of the heroic feat)? I played an overlord and I approved it in the end (the heroes had a hard time in the quest nevertheless ), but I was not sure as Nanok is basically interrupting his heroic feat to do an another attack and if he didn't play that round, even if the card is exhausted, during his turn he would enable it again (using unrelenting twice in one round). Thanks for help!