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  1. Please can you post the answer or a link to the BGG forum where the answer is. Thanks.
  2. No doubt this has been asked and answered before; for the Imperial player, when does a special action constitute an attack (as far as the one attack per activation limit goes)? I understand that the Elite Imperial Officer’s Executive Order doesn’t count as an attack. Some are unambiguous, like Tusken Cycler (“Perform a ‘range’ attack...”. How about Vader’s Force Choke? No attack dice are involved - is the use of attack dice by the figure the key factor?
  3. In the core campaign mission ‘The Source’, the mission rules state: “A Rebel figure can interact with the captured officer to perform the following: • The hero and the captured officer each move 2 spaces.” Does difficult terrain affect this?
  4. The Bleeding card states “During your activation, after you resolve an action other than the action listed below, you suffer 1 . : Discard this condition.” As Fenn’s Tactical Movement is an ability and not an action, can he use TM without suffering 1 ?
  5. ‘Use when an attack targeting you is declared...’ Does this mean the strain must be suffered before the attack dice roll? That is the meaning I take, as the wording on other Hero Class cards infer the attack is under way and defence dice have been rolled, i.e. ‘...while defending’, ‘
  6. Does anyone have a list of Figure Expansion packs that only require the tiles and game pieces from the Core set and not the small or big box expansions to play the campaign side missions? So far I've confirmed: Luke Skywalker Ally Pack Darth Vader Villain Pack Chewbacca Ally Pack Han Solo Ally Pack Rebel Troopers Ally Pack Rebel Saboteurs Ally Pack Royal Guard Champion Villain Pack General Weiss Villain Pack IG-88 Villain Pack Stormtroopers Villain Pack Alliance Smuggler Ally Pack Bantha Rider Villain Pack The Grand Inquisitor Villain Pack ISB Infiltrators Villain Pack Any more? Are any of these wrong?
  7. In Campaign, do item cards that are sold back during the Rebel Upgrade phase become unavailable to purchase in later upgrades of the same tier? There’s a distinction in the RRG between returning ‘unpurchased item cards back into to the deck’ and the ‘game box’. I think the answer is yes.
  8. Is this a reasonable interpretation of the rules for the definitions of start / during / end of activation to decide when certain cards / abilities can be used? I’m asking because of anticipation of disagreements over use of Fenn’s Tactical Movement card and Lone Wolf ability, and Jyn’s Quick Draw. Start of activation - the period between declaring a figure active and declaring the first action. After the first action is declared the ‘start of activation’ period has ended. During an activation - the period between declaring a figure active and exhausting the figure’s deployment card / activation token. End of an activation - the period between completing the last action and exhausting the figure’s deployment card / activation token. Once the deployment card / activation token is exhausted, the activation has ended. Thoughts?
  9. By the "A figure is friendly to itself" principle in the RRG, can the Imperial Officer use his ability to obtain double movement point or double attacks (in the case of the elite IO)?
  10. ‘The definition of “moving through a space” is that the figure can enter the space as long as it does not end its movement in the space. The figure cannot enter the space if this would spend its last movement point.‘ Assuming movement ends when all movement points are used or if the figure performing a move holds position and ends its activation, does this mean a figure can move into a space occupied by another figure and attack as long as the attacking figure has enough movement points to move out if it when the attack is complete?
  11. Can this be used to re-roll one defence dice for any hero/ally or is it limited to attacks on Diala?
  12. Can the Imperial player use the Heavy Troopers from Twin Shadows (as an example of a non-unique group) as an open group in a core game campaign mission, or are they prohibited under the 'Component Limitations' rule?
  13. I can't seem to get this anywhere in the UK from the major retailers. Is it out of print?
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