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  1. One thing I've done with mounts that seems to have worked well is that I give them a Speed rating. I also stole an idea from Jarreddw's Cowboys and Dinosaurs and give them an Orneriness rating. Speed rating (typically 1-3) is the number of equivalent moves they take on the first maneuver they use to move in any given round. So a Speed 3 creatures moves the equivalent of 3 moves if they spend a maneuver to move. Any further maneuvers spent they only get a single move for. This makes speed matter and is easy to rule on in combat since it doesn't work like vehicle speed which interacts somewhat less smoothly with personal scale IMO. Orneriness is a rating that upgrades the difficulty of Riding or Survival checks to control the creature, making the skill more important.
  2. I'm just now getting to the point of using this in my ongoing campaign, but for story reasons I need to shift it to magic users riding dinosaurs instead of cowboys, but this supplement is a big help. One thought I've had related to the speed of mounts is that for simplicity the first maneuver that is taken by a mount they move the equivalent number of moves equal to their speed. So as you have it if a rider spends a maneuver to let a Speed 2 mount move it would normally get to move 2 maneuvers worth. I propose that it should move the equivalent of 3 maneuvers (2 for the first maneuver plus 1 for the second maneuver). This is much easier to use in personal scale combat and is easy to track and show how faster mounts really make a difference. Just a though. Thanks again for providing this!
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