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  1. Here are some talents I adapted to supplement Superpowers in this system based on talents that supplement magic skills- my version of Signature Power supersedes that in Indiana Walsh's supplement (for my campaign anyway- YMMV). Superpower Talents (characters must have purchased a superpower to purchase these talents) EMPOWERED Tier: 1 Activation: Passive Ranked: No Once per encounter after you use one of your superpowers you may add a boost die to your next social skill check. BRILLIANT POWER Tier: 2 Activation: Active (Incidental) Ranked: No When your character uses a superpower that requires a check (or makes a check aided by a superpower) they may spend a Story Point to add advantage equal to their ranks in the skill used to make the check to the results. EMPOWERED (IMPROVED) Tier: 2 Activation: Passive Ranked: No Your character must have purchased the Empowered Talent to benefit from this talent. If your character has made at least two purchases of a single superpower tree, when they use the Empowered Talent, they may add two boost die to their next social skill check. SIGNATURE POWER Tier: 2 Activation: Passive Ranked: No Choose one superpower that you possess, the first time in a turn that you use this power, reduce the strain spent by 1 to a minimum of 1. This talent may be taken more than once but applies to a different superpower each time. EMPOWERED (SUPREME) Tier: 3 Activation: Active (Incidental) Ranked: No Your character must have purchased the Improved Empowered Talent to benefit from this talent. If your character has made at least three purchases of a single super power tree, after they use that power they may use the Empowered talent to force all enemies within medium range to make a Hard Discipline check or suffer 5 strain plus one strain per threat and use all available maneuvers to move away from the character. OVERPOWER Tier: 4 Activation: Active (Action) Ranked: No Once per encounter, your character may make a Hard Resilience skill check and choose one superpower that they possess. For the rest of the encounter, they may treat the upper limit of that power as one higher than their current limit (if they can grow to silhouette 3 they may grow to silo 4. If they can lift silo 4, they can lift 5, etc. If they can add 2 range bands of speed, they may add 3, and so on). They must still pay any associated strain costs to reach this new limit. The GM may spend Despair or 3 Threat from the check to have them suffer 5 strain at the end of the encounter or lose the ability to use the power again until they spend several hours making an Average (dd) Resilience check. POWER CONDUIT Tier: 4 Activation: Active (Incidental) Ranked: No Once per encounter, your character may spend a Story Point to use a superpower action (including a combat check enhanced by or using a superpower) as a maneuver. POWER MASTERY Tier: 4 Activation: Active (Incidental) Ranked: No When your character uses a super power as an action, or makes a combat check using or enhanced by a super power (such as a brawl attack that gains Pierce from Speed or Strength), they may spend Triumph to trigger up to three different qualities or effects associated with that power instead of one. These qualities or effects must be ones that can be triggered by spending advantage or Triumph. POWER MOVE Tier: 4 Activation: Active (Incidental) Ranked: No If your character possesses the Flight, Speed, or Teleportation power immediately after taking an action using a superpower that requires a skill check (including combat checks enhanced by a superpower) they may spend 3 advantage or Triumph to instantly move to any location within long range. They must be able to reach that location normally (or spend the strain to teleport if using that power to reach an inaccessible location). SIGNATURE POWER (IMPROVED) Tier: 4 Activation: Passive Ranked: No Your character must have purchased the Signature Power Talent to benefit from this talent. Choose one superpower that you possess, the first time in a turn that you use this power, reduce the strain spent by 2 to a minimum of 1. ENDURING POWER Tier: 5 Activation: Passive Ranked: No If your character exceeds their strain threshold through the use of a superpower, their strain remains at their threshold and they are not incapacitated. They may continue to spend strain to use that same superpower without exceeding their strain threshold until they spend a turn not using that particular power (in which case they now suffer strain for using that power normally) or exceed their strain threshold in some other fashion (for example, spending strain in another manner or taking strain damage). VERSATILE POWER Tier: 5 Activation: Passive Ranked: No Upon taking this feat choose one characteristic that is not already a super-characteristic. This characteristic now becomes a super-characteristic, and thus you roll an additional proficiency die into any check based on this characteristic for each Triumph result generated in that check.
  2. Huh, that it does. We've played that wrong for years (since Star Wars which also states base damage- I just checked) always applying the uncancelled successes to the burn damage too. Thanks!
  3. If a PC used Lucky Strike on an attack with the Burn quality would the damage inflicted on subsequent turns also benefit from the boost due to Lucky Strike? Example: A PC hits a target with a flamethrower for 9 points of damage and uses Lucky Strike to add 3 damage to this (dealing a total of 12 damage). If they activate burn would the target suffer 9 damage or 12 damage on subsequent turns? Thanks! Fin
  4. I completely forgot about Polymorph! Great catch and an excellent reference point! Thanks I'll go with that!
  5. Hey all, I'm GMing a superhero campaign and we have a spellcaster in the party. She uses Divine. Before the EPG came out and created the Mask spell and the Teleportation Talent we had already allowed these to be done using Divine. I've resolved how to fit in Teleportation with the way the talent works (the talent let's you do it in structured encounters, we had only allowed it outside of structured encounters), but what would be a fair cost for a talent to add Mask to the Divine Spell list. Normally I would not be in favor of allowing a spell to cross types, but this is a case of maintaining story continuity and won't affect anyone else (she's the only spellcaster). I could do nothing and just let her use Mask, but I feel like some cost should be paid to balance this with the other PCs who didn't get an immediate free benefit from the arrival of the EPG. I was thinking maybe a level 2 talent (10 xp). Thoughts anyone?
  6. Ah, makes sense. Really like the Disbelief modifiers and symbols (I'll just substitute Perception for Discipline). I'm running a whole session focused on illusions very soon so it will be super helpful.
  7. This is a great product! Highly recommended! I do have a question, under Perception, the Disbelief Sub-skill calls for a Discipline check. Why then is it listed under Perception? How should Perception figure into seeing through an illusion?
  8. Thanks for doing the research, your effort is much appreciated! So we're left with a story point used to allow a check is considered to be modifying the check whether its by talent or ability and so a second story point may not be expended to modify the check or activate an additional talent or ability to affect the result (such as Lucky Strike). It might be worth noting that this is consistent with making an impossible skill check. The story point allows the check to be made, but it expressly does not modify the die pool of the check- and does not allow an additional point to be spent to do so.
  9. Thanks, that's very helpful and clear! Nice to have one's gut response validated by the rules 🙂
  10. Thank you c_beck, the once per check perspective is helpful for adjudicating these things. I'm not sure I'm seeing the distinction between Conduit and Brilliant! though. Both are an incidental that modifies the check (one treating ranks as equal to Intellect and the other treating it as a maneuver instead of an action). Basing it on the one Story Point per check premise I would think they could not spend an additional story point on either of the checks. In both cases, I would think the activation is the only allowable use. Prepared to be convinced otherwise though!
  11. Found one! Finding the Narrative Episode 3: What's the Point of this Story? Please let me know if you are aware of any others. Thanks!
  12. Thanks WolfRider, I'm inclined to rule that way also. But occasionally I feel like the intention might have been 1 story point per turn (especially listening to some of the developer pod casts interviews). Does anyone know if any of the various Genesys or Star Wars Podcasts has a show/segment focusing on this topic? I haven't found any, but some of them are kind of hard to search (lots of clicking open extended show descriptions to see if story points are covered in a special segment or the like).
  13. Just as a follow-up this question was answered by Sam Stewart on the Forge Podcast- a crit is NOT a spell effect so may not be triggered using Masterful Casting (not even once, let alone multiple times).
  14. Hey all, How would you apply Pierce against a target with an Armor value? For example, let's say the target has Armor 2, would an attack with Pierce 5 reduce incoming damage by 15 or does the full point of armor still apply? In other words would Armor ignore Pierce of less than 10. I ask in case it follows a similar paradigm to how doing personal damage to a vehicle works in which case 10 points of damage are needed to inflict a single point of Hull Trauma. 8 points of personal scale damage would be ignored. My personal decision for my game is to apply Pierce and lower the effective soak value of the armored target, but now I'm interested in how the rules should actually be interpreted. Thoughts?
  15. Indiana Walsh's superhero supplement provides the following benefits for size growth per increase above silhouette 1: +1 soak, +2 brawl damage, lift silhouette one size lower than you with no Athletics check (so Silhouette 2 can lift Silhouette 1 with ease). This has worked really well for our game and even up to Silhouette 4 seems appropriate (well for superheroes anyway). IMO it's important that Brawn not increase so that die pools aren't thrown out of wack with other players.
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