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  1. After finding either an appropriate mining resource, or pseudo trade depot, that's where a Universe Mass conveyor with any/all ship repair platform upgrades or mining/fuel processing upgrades or etc etc etc goes. Then all the ships you collect/upgrade can stay in orbit/support while you take your first ship that you've put upgrades into out into the universe and continue adventuring whilst your idle ships make money and stay repaired/in good shape. And if the location dries up, you move on.
  2. Howdy fellow Inquisitional fans! A quick question for you. I am not very familiar with the fluff for DH, but I recently saw a picture that I have to know who it is... Now, it may just be my level of mental exhaustion at the moment that allowed me to read right over the answer to my question without achieving total comprehension, but here goes: Who is the subject of the before and after picture in The Radical's Handbook on page 129? Many thanks for reading.
  3. Forgive me, I am exhausted level of tired at the moment, and I kinda skimmed the last couple of entries, but if I don't get this thought out there I'm afraid I'm going to lose it. Thinking about this very topic the other day two things came to mind. They both involve psykers. Idea one was more simple and only required one psyker and the minds of ones navigators to be willing: Mind Link. "A successful Focus Power Test allows the psyker to create a Fettered Strength telepathic communication link for a number of willing minds up to his Willpower Bonus at the same time. This technique does not require line of sight." When the navigators 'navigate' they could see each others processes and match them. I assume this would require home rules/additional skill checks to pull off. Idea two was a more traditional idea taken to a 40k level. It would require each ship having one navigator and one astropath. The navigator gets to do his/her thing. But in addition to all the charts/sensors/etc that are viewed while they work their mojo, the astropaths would use their ability to send messages through space and the warp kind of like a sonar. Something to 'sound' where the other ships in the formation were, if they were drifting too far away, too close, etc. The astropath would then pass that info on to the navigator and they could adjust accordingly. Then I thought maybe one should save the second idea for desperation or emergency measures due to how freakin loud that might be to any/all demon peeps in the area that might be listening... or hungry. Nap time!
  4. Well, I can really only go with RAW since I haven't started in any group for this game yet. The more than likely GM works nights but is available weekends and until we get started has let me take his milk crate of RT, DH, and WH minis books home to blissfully read and dream of all things WH40k. (BK and Into the Storm are quite cool) If anything I have read many folks talk about the light cruiser having a 90 degree turn in another ruleset. If that's effected I'd be more than happy. Heck even if it doesn't I'll still be happy. I don't know how often one gets into space combat vs off world hijinx vs etc, etc, etc. When he told me to fart around and see what kind of ship I could come up with within the rules, I made the following. My biggest concerns aren't turning radius or firepower or even total cargo capacity. Its going out on an exploratory mission or something similar, getting lost and not having enough fuel or enough food and/or water to make it back alive. And demons. Don't forget the demons. Do I have enough extended supply slots to live through an adventure in this thing? (Again, I have no idea how long or short or accurate this whole travelling in the warp thing is...) Emden Hull: Dauntless Class Light Cruiser Dimensions: 4.5 km long, 0.5 km abeam at fins approx. Mass: 20 megatonnes approx. Crew: 65000 crew, approx. Accel: 4.3 gravities max sustainable acceleration Laid low by raiders and left for dead, the remaining crew of the Dresden, a centuries old patrol boat, laid in a course to the nearest friendly system... but never reported in. Written off as lost, the Dresden drifted. She ship was discovered as a possible minerals bonanza in a long range scan of a previously uninhabited world unseen by either imperial or zeno eyes. The Caughain Conglomerate, with its waning resources, pulled the wreck from its long slumber and effected repairs. Caughain Conglomerate's latest son, Warrant of Trade in hand, rechristened the long lost light cruiser as the Emden. Speed: 8 Manoeuvrability: +15 Detection: +20 Hull Integrity: 59 Armour: 19 Turret Rating: 1 Space: 60 (used 55) SP cost: 70 Weapon Capacity: Star-flare Lance (Prow), Mars Pattern Macrocannon Broadside x2 (1 Port, 1 Starboard) Modified Jovian Pattern Class 3 Drive (Power Provided: 60)(used 54) Warp Engine Gellar Field Warpsbane Hull Bridge of Antiquity Voidsman Quarters Vitae Pattern Life Sustainer Mark–201.b Auger Array Void Shield Single array Extended Supply Vaults Compartmentalized Cargo Hold Ship background: Planet-Bound for a Millennia Rogue Trader taking the far right hand path to gain additional Archeotech and necessary SP (edited spelling)
  5. I would think Venk that it would depend entirely on who is giving it out. I would think anyone without immediate access to imperial navy ships and shipyards would be giving out Ambitions (like Spat said) or any other ship that the navy was wholesale jettisoning or mothballing (the Claymore for instance says in its listing that the navy was trying to get rid of them). I would think any entry that talks more about spotting the ship in reserve fleets (and not because they are so rare or expensive that noone wantes to risk it) would be a suitable starting point.
  6. How about a method wherein the conspirators use a form of the 'dead drop'? With a basic idea of where the RT may be headed a scout ship with baffles, running silent, etc could trail the ship and collect dead drop coded or uncoded messages in a ships refuse that it shoots into the void? I can think of all kinds of ways of xmitting a message once you leave the ship if the agent is with you, but while in transit with no leads... not so much.
  7. I'm holding you to your word on the necro thing. I am new to the system and was looking at a few different possibilities for starter ship (knowing nothing at all about the rules) and it seems like the LC could be the standard... well.... LC if prepared properly. It is exorbitantly expensive compared to smaller ships in terms of having an easier time with the beginning wealth factor but... its a light cruiser. Its supposed to be expensive! And fast. And able to stay out in the boonies of imperial space for long periods of time. Why yes I do have a soft spot for historical light cruisers, why do you ask?
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