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  1. If you go to starwarsdestinydb.com, when you go to actually build a deck all the characters are costed appropriately. However, if you just look someone up on their card lists, they're incorrect. Example, Phasma2 is 9/13 in the card search but 10/14 when building a deck.
  2. I am looking for a new job in my business, could wind up in Phoenix, Vegas or this area of North Carolina. People in these areas (more specifically Carolina) playing this game?
  3. A friend told me a long time ago that if you use Premonitions, and then your opponent plays a copy before you do, your opponent gets the face down card instead of you. Odds of two people running this card now a day is unlikely though.
  4. Fair, but page 20 of rrg states, "A copy of a card is defined by its title. Any other card that shares the same title is considered a copy, regardless of card type, text, artwork, or any other characteristic of the card." Because the rrg states the "Any other card" part... if I am using a single N-1 Starfighter in my deck, it doesn't seem there is by definition, a copy of this card in play. Even using two of them, it sounds like I could use the special to reset itself, but not the other one in play.
  5. So, this die's special could technically be used to ready itself? Sure, it would slow you down a turn, but if you don't want to pitch to reroll, or can't, it would save give you a reroll.
  6. Putting together a few decks with these guys, question... if I have training on one (hopefully two!), once I defeat a character, am I rolling in both die on that now elite executioner?
  7. One die DJ, two die Maul? They remove a Maul die, you remove one of theirs in response and trigger DJ' effect?
  8. If I remember correctly, people were trying to do draft events before Rivals was a thing using non-uniques as your baseline characters. Does anybody remember which characters these were? Which non-uniques would you consider adding to the available characters in rivals for more variance?
  9. In sealed or draft where this card seems like it would shine... if I pull one copy of say, Rex. If I have another copy of Rex in my personal collection, am I allowed to use this on him and bring in the die to make him elite?
  10. Speaking of IG88, it would be nice if he was priced like Cad, 13/17. I think he is high because he has those two and three non paid sides, and a situationally good special, but you have to roll (or control into) the special. If you don't have upgrades in your discard pile, he basically has two blanks which maybe kind of helps justify a lower price cost. But maybe that would be too broken, especially with Pryce coming out in a week and a half... Either way, I'll keep waiting for a balance of the Force or an IG88 2.0.
  11. I am potentially looking at relocating back to Phoenix as early as next year, is there a lot of support for the game out there?
  12. Ah yes, I was thinking they were both 9 elite, my bad...
  13. Now, I'm not a fan of the Gungans... But had a realization today, dunno if this has been posted here... eBoss Nass, eJar Jar, Gungan, Gungan Roll in Nass two blanks - 2 Indirect Roll in Gungan blank - 1 Indirect Roll in Gungan blank - 1 Indirect Roll in Jar Jar for 2 total Indirect Reroll Boss Nass and Gungans and hit all 2 Indirect sides - 8 indirect. Potential for 14 indirect damage just off activations...
  14. Yea I said something to the extent of discussing the match and that a friend brought the difference between the words to my attention, and that it's something we need to keep in mind going forward.
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