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  1. hobomagic

    "Breakthrough Condition"

    Yea I said something to the extent of discussing the match and that a friend brought the difference between the words to my attention, and that it's something we need to keep in mind going forward.
  2. hobomagic

    "Breakthrough Condition"

    Ah yes, definitely makes sense. I feel I am equally in fault for not catching this whilst we played. There seems to be a big difference between AT range X and WITHIN range X, it's interesting that the card and presumably everywhere else, these two words are not italicized or in bold or something, as in a case like this, it's literally coming down to this wording on who won the match. Now this was a casual learning thing, but if it came down to this in a tournament, it might be a bigger issue?
  3. hobomagic

    "Breakthrough Condition"

    Yes I am curious about my own misplay? Not in a sense of getting defensive, but in that I am definitely still learning...
  4. hobomagic

    "Breakthrough Condition"

    It was a fun matchup, the deployment and the condition, but turn one was pretty uneventful. I opted to run both Veers and Vader, and first command card was the Long range hit from Veers since everything is basically range 4 or farther at the get go. I also learned not to waste that on an Air Speeder, and presume not to on a Commander. Definitely seems best to get a hit on a group of troopers, speaking of course from only one game of experience.
  5. hobomagic

    "Breakthrough Condition"

    ****... yea. I have played Destiny with him before and he hates to lose, plus he knew it was my first real game... But these are good to know, I dunno how to present the information to him without him potentially getting huffy about it. Thanks again for the reply!
  6. hobomagic

    "Breakthrough Condition"

    Interesting... thanks! Should probably break the news to him eh, so he knows the technicality for future games...
  7. hobomagic

    "Breakthrough Condition"

    So, just played my first game other than the tutorial... we had the Long March and Breakthrough as the set up and objective. We both wound up with three unit leaders in the designated areas on turn six: however, my opponents AT-RT was not 100% within the boundaries of the goal, it's butt and part of the base were out. Does this still count as his unit being in the boundaries, he said yes, I wouldn't know any better. Also, if a vehicle is on a piece of terrain, when it stops it's movement, the units base needs to be completely flat on the piece of terrain? The AT-RT had to walk over a piece of terrain (height 1) to get to the goal, and wasn't able to fully rest on the piece of terrain. My opponent says as long as it can rest part of it can hang off, but he couldn't even get it to stay with part hanging over. Not trying to take the win from him, but both things were questionable to me, and seeing as it was my first real game, I would like to know it was played right. Thanks in advance for the reaponses.
  8. hobomagic

    Red Legacies spoilers from FFG

    I do find it interesting that the end of the article doesn't say anything about 2018 (unless I missed it somewhere).... even though they just did in the yellow article. I would think each article they publish would mention this...
  9. hobomagic

    Legacies ETA?

    Article says Q1 2018
  10. hobomagic

    CCG or LCG with a bigger price tag?

    Well, I probably won't ever play draft because A: if I happen to pull more than on Legendary in my six packs (have gone 3/6 before) I probably don't want to lose the value of those cards. But secondly and actually the main point I intended to make, is once I have my full play set, what justification is there to spend $18 on six packs plus cost of the local tournament if I am still playing for tokens and alt art cards that I could get in a standard game? Edit: admittedly, this is my first attempt at playing a CCG other than Magic when I was 9, so I don't know how fun a draft or sealed tournament would be.
  11. hobomagic

    Two Clarifications

    Yes, it seems like it just gets better with time! Well, until December 2018
  12. hobomagic

    Two Clarifications

    Sorry if this has been addressed... but lets talk Sabine / Infamous. Sabine says "Before you activate this character, you may play a weapon from your discard pile on her decreasing it's cost by 1 if it has the world thermal in it." Infamous: "Before you play a yellow card, you may exhaust this support to give it the ambush keyword." So since I am using her ability to play a yellow card, if I say bring in Thermal Detonator, could I use Infamous to give it ambush since both Sabine and Infamous use the word "play?" Also, since I'm on about Infamous, if you're playing Han, essentially every time you use Infamous with him he gains a shield? Thanks!
  13. hobomagic

    Two Clarifications

    Awesome, I thought so; thanks for the clarification!
  14. hobomagic

    Two Clarifications

    So I was playing a game with my brother, he had a differing interpretation of two cards than I. First is Master of the Council... I rolled a special, paid two resources, resolved the die and exhausted the support. I was under the impression that when I rerolled in my character I can roll in the die for Master of the Council, but he declared that because the upgrade has been exhausted, I don't get to roll in the Master of the Council die. So who was right, my brother or me? Second clarification, and I am 99% sure I know the answer, but he may want to see this in writing... but Force Illusion does NOT block unblockable damage; so whether you use Vibro Knife or a card effect like Synchronicity, unblockable stuff gets past it right? I ruled in that it does not block Synchronicity, he says it does because the card just says "before you take damage." Thanks for your time!
  15. hobomagic

    RIP: Fast Hands?

    Aurra Sing is probably one of the best options to use it still...