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  1. After I saw the new Phasma when it was a rumor, I thought if it's real, will try that with eCad... hopefully it doesn't suck.
  2. I think it was Knights of Ren had a podcast with Lukas (spelling?), he said there were 17 in the set. Had thought about it since seeing the unofficial spoilers of Cad and new Phasma.... nice solid 30 points for four dice.
  3. I don't wanna post a spoiler here in case people want to avoid em, but Knights of Ren at least have servant on it. https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1165626066850487&ref=content_filter I have seen Gammorean Guard spoiled. Knights of Ren may have it on their Facebook page. I saw it a second or third time on the Double Blanks podcast with Rebel Grey (I think).
  4. Am I mistaken, or is Cad Bane the only character that we don't officially know what he does? Sure, we see his die sides and it seems his ability is something with playing upgrades... But does anyone else find it interesting that we are less than a week away from release and he still isn't fully spoiled?
  5. The amount of total legendaries may not change, just the number of characters. I get what you're saying, but if there are still 16 - 18 (?), it's not all that different. I personally don't necessarily agree with their choice of characters they make Legendary.
  6. I still think this means we'll get a fourth legendary for villains now to keep it even. Boba Fett, Maul or Grand Inquisitor would be my guess, and with Fett being on the box, he's my guess.
  7. Then it's probably safe to presume there will be a fouth Legendary Villain... maybe it will be Boba after all
  8. Saw a post on Facebook saying Ahsoka is Legendary? If thats the case, we may get a Legendary Maul, Grand Inquisitor or Boba Fett.... I haven't seen anything official, so take it with a grain of salt...
  9. If Grand Inquisitor is in the set, he may have ranged sides, thematically as a lightsaber throw? Think he did that in the show, and he has that ability in Imperial Assault...
  10. So I found a store in Michigan doing preorders... should I be concerned for some reason that they're doing them already?
  11. I asked a buddy of mine, he thinks it is one damage because all three from the special would resolve simultaneously...
  12. So... if you have a Force Protection special and already one shield on Qui-Gon... because you distribute shields as you wish... could you essentially use this for three damage?
  13. I was trying to get IG-88 and Nightsister to go together with intentions on playing holocron into Force Push or Lightning on IG-88. Was nice having both characters ranged damage and the rerolls from Nightsister were nice, but realized she dies real quick. Haven't given up on this idea though.
  14. Let's say in a hypothetical scenario you have two copies on the same character. Would they then both resolve giving the character 10 health back?
  15. My bad, I didn't see that image when I posted.